The Kind Gesture That's Slightly Creepy

Tuesday, November 14th

A woman at work did the nicest thing ever for Duffy's daughters when they came to visit, but from an outsiders perspective, it looks really weird..

A misunderstood kind gesture can give you a bad reputation if you're not careful!


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What do you think back to what you're kit got. Electric think back to those kind adults that you knew that would go out of their way to do released recently by about a much talk of family. I'm talking neighbors we're talking friends teachers and teachers maybe even it's about things like that. How great did you feel secure completely innocent stuff. Also watch it think if you told a story to someone today in the climate we live in protecting children. How bad that story wood sound it is happening to me and my kids something happened on Friday eight kind generous statement as it did from iTunes bet my buddy was a rude you can't do nothing no more. The break much to classic rock that is expire at UC and that satiric Clifford works for the country station the nicest person on the men I cannot overstate what it kind sweet woman Terri Clifford is it like she makes you feel it degrades personal world everybody every day I love seeing Terry which is weird because you as a kind of related you're the opposite of that. There we are trying to causes. And you're the worst person that's you know that's what happens in them with McLaren itself. I'd little girls my 57 year old came to visit daddy you work after the show on Monday it Terry love my kids married and my kids love to air sure Terri has now like it'll come in like three or four times a year. Yeah and every goes out and buys toys. Believes that under the boarded the radio station just wait my kids come to work now to my kids always get a toy from Terry when they shall. And eighty it's believable. Which is she's a sweet that so I am so taken aback by this gesture of kindness that on Saturday that with a buddy of mine. Tell them what happened. Yeah. These were added to your levels say this if I didn't note Harrington. I might add the same opinion of my children leaks but knowing Terry IA understand where you're coming from but this guy who doesn't know. This person. And those are great the arm I can kind of see that I think woman it's creepy well woman like. That's a different story I think I only think she had any bad intentions read I do give a woman a little bit of a has completely if you tell me. Guy same age always had toys for your daughter and I go yet that's agree yes OK his men are horrible people. Like most of the horrible things you hear about in the world. Usually there's a guy be involved okay you Clark keeps getting off the yes there are bad women out there I think to. If you wanna do a total global headcount of bad men in bed women and guess and it's a blow out on the guys. So as funny in this particular instance I went yesterday to talk to Terry picture she was okay told the story it she was horrified by threatening to take its late so I think I'd let it ruin Terry for all of the rest of the tour. Which is Tara. Sorry did I fueled by Ed she created a situation where she's apologizing to meet her being a nice person the kind of person or future NFL bad about it but. It goes to the back in the day. It isn't things. That worked Humphrey was child by adults that look terrible. And write the things that we're giving you. The opportunities headed do you think that would save you by neighbors or teachers or parents friends aunts and uncles that if you totally touched. Are handled by an adult Baghdad was completely different. Mean. It. So. I remember so I it was a troubled kid and I had learning disabilities so my parents having to him I think was a psychologist who was certificates in the tenth. And wherever he was as big. Guy would German accent. And we made models that we did stop legacy was evaluating my ability to handle things so one day I came into the into the office. Any picked me up he set alone in the big hug and any sent me down this year is I think they want to see a buy have like issues of late tonight artistic it's going to be touched a shirt that says. He just did debt. Depict him a hug become a surprised in any put me down a charitably senator clay and he said did that make you feel comfortable and it's and now every time a German touch has been in by what it feels. You know I mean like I told you now that I want to sit and psychologists Elvis as a kid in the first in big idea was picked me up and hugged me. Big about the ground hugging them put me down a chair of credit to my parents are not there yeah. It by mother job me up and she went shopping came back and think emea and and was told us all citizens totally innocent but if I would've said something in right now he can't touch kid your 100% right. You not touch a kid your neighbors as we are sexual some light just basically turned out. It this is what happens it's it's shows like yours they can hold people back digital zoom into leadership strategic. Which now Scripps to protect its fixed. This statement that happened he was a kid completely innocent kind adult thing. That it Utah lead story today your cotton too much like Tommy just was girls of the great group a C about pay curl up but it. Hey Axl or how little my my place stopped offer sportsman club your mom's a lesbian. She played she. Now. And it's it's that usually think about me because I'm black I. I don't know this year personal preferences aren't that it no big deal but and I it's not your problem now being. Yeah. So fired. Saw it this guy he is namely that he ahead. How is stranded in Europe and there was that you do. Like any buyers agree he's got everything entirely on the into the bar after it stopped bugging my did you drink and the guy won't and it. Free ski. Outsource in my sister. And they're I like you know and that. Did you pass out you wake up an hour later about relievers. That's a tie toys kids you're getting candy at a bar Arnold. Earlier this Obama's levity at cocktails inevitably linked fence in the back to you guys think about all that that was going on it's it's nothing happened was. I think it was good they are and usually I'm on like Ehrlich whether. And our character it was a friend. Other guys that he actually that the not looking like the score keeper and we knew Steve schooler now I mean yeah I would yeah but think about it now and at that guided it. With my kids. You know I found that happily for. Church or are they took all money really appreciated it didn't go to the bar for dating gay is a mom has her have to exhaust seat you. Duplicate back everybody has at least yeah right so I think. I think a big one was the pull back in the day aren't neighbor Fred okay you went to debt and it was a community hang out magically get seventy year old man inviting twelve. Yugoslavia's pool today it's but it did have him back then it was just sit and never did it. News booted. It was. So he like happened from my house that can do grandkids are trample the great couldn't Kabul. Twice a month and he's kit which is if he does its job Tripoli Tripoli used must give it which is rare birds eat this anytime you can jump trampoline. What's in fat little boy you can't save acts. He invites us over Tripoli like what I guess he felt little boy okay. If we get as jolly much job it was Heidi you know it easy when you try to hailing yellow while at the strictly go I mean if you grandkids it's less creepy to me can be imagined. I shirtless young plump I don't. I'm sure we won't tell. Journalists and had a popsicle is about 200 of them Tripoli early this cuts that this every game up on this trip every. It's partly Italian opera to know we follow up as we get shot. Pop costs the trip was the water but it felt that you have better felt I could a lot of people keep bounced through and nothing ever happened was the kindness and it's hard to see I can tell that story and he's definitely a sport would watch it you man but it was just think it was that happened back in the bunker. Yeah bucket on to my neighbor had the garden hose going and Tripoli was shirtless young boy it's a big. What if only it was. And there are so many reasons now you can't do that anymore not even just the creepy nose up at the like the lack of ability yeah yeah yeah schools trampoline zealots of but it is great man I got lower. Our personal Tripoli and usually have wanted so I can remember. Getting sick at school and make and om sometimes people that I did not note gave me rights around we see that person before. There we go also and so is going that way and we can't get a hold your mom. Mom's home now all. Okayed dish Kinchen day you will sinuous so and so who. I and other stores they're part of the school. They generally know them and they put me to congress indicate we don't have sick. It is funny look what has to happen for me to might as a parent for me to get my child out of school I've the buzz in the school they look at my picture they ask me when their point to goalie and I decided to school I decide my daughter out of school I'm not want to go to class to gear right state in the office like. To date TV's this guy's car. Yes. Secular I don't think there was many rules about going and getting your kid back in the day I mean I've ever let's say your mother was picking you up percent like just. Hey I'm picking Tommy abbey gave the note you walked out front and you got a car to mother I think. There is nobody seeing who scar you got in or anything that could have been them wanna use to get abducted all's. Could also so they're disciplined when I showed up well and on commentary comes Selig is happy uses German speaking psychologist he gets to touch begins. For example you were a kid looks appropriate and was completely innocent tops of the frequency and that top boy but. It Earl they use the art women. And bit. When I was like. While you're all that they would be you know start it in actual bank and it was like they were learning that the same thing or you're just there's you your job. Sir you were getting touched by a sixty year old girl when you were twelve year old boy. Well I'd day and the guy that I. That's a submarine that's definitely not that's actually. It is actual robbery case begin to interpret that. It didn't have I'm not and I am in the minority I think there's as it happens to a lot. By the way does are probably really fond memories yeah. All. Our. It takes Copeland is that it ought to because there are. It was appropriate it's diet it is so psychological damage for a sixty year old girl to touch twelve year old boy. Given that kid that the title of his life just when he's becoming a man yeah there's little manhunt is awakening. And she's gently. Introducing him to man what's wrong with that and she's sixteen so it's kids she's responsible for his safety all she's sixteen reboot movement yet that's what they asked what she was taking care business who was actually helping the kid OK so he can train and she has. Written teams to a moment if you found out that the sixty year old gently shield her twelve girls. It was excellent day. Heidi Heidi I have to understood it was the right it is why we try to explain it to it that way that there's no such as they're. But there's no damage to use our bodies and I know I can't I'll I'll lose the argument but I'll fight the fight you. I'll fight my fight that I would have myself away. As you can't tell me like they can go look he's he's fine your buddy but you're such a key measure viewer twelfth. And you was a sixteen year old girl that mr. issues Cutler and they gave you any attention. You would be insane. People I was also twelve right. I also played like fight jumping off it was a good it's super cool especially if I could.