The Key to a Long Lasting Relationship Is..... Something You Probably Never Do

Friday, July 13th

It seems like a relatively simple solution, but do you have the patience to do it?

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This might be the definitive. Study the information that we need is meant to make sure marriages are right. You're not gonna like what they found don't get involved would not matter okay. 'cause if you really look back. Saddam the citizens agent in falls on your shoulders our shall produce men gasket like why is everything on the man who screw everything else you'd like punch all right we like control. If you let me control it if you keep your mouth shut you can control this in nag and an outbreak or much to class brat but it's not that UCL -- it's called the magical relationship reach. So that's doctors have been conducting research since the 1970s. He'd just concluded study its rapid and let me guess what I'm saying it throughout. Time to spans generations DC's thousands of couples that they've talked to care used to seeing how long it is a black and they crunch the numbers are what make up they have determined. That when you are having a discussion. Something that might be a little tents trying to figure something out. Debt for every one negative thing that happens in that discussion with your wife needs to be five. Positive. Five positives all day for example now if you're like attacks or mend leader Tony lake she's beaten dramatic in this discussion. To discussion trying to figure something let's say futures yet hot button you know I'm gonna pitch Asia yes listen I agreed on estimate. You wrestler so hot right now and on this stuff. That's why set a prejudice and I think it falls on us rightly we pride it's all would agree wreck may be if we pride ourselves on our control and and we are able to take the situation. Keep the calm head. And keep just 15 racial planet comment I would be pissed that made him a sense. I go to people double calmed down by Hud dot com. This is beyond you yelling and he just didn't use the semi forty years of research is a great hat. You're likely. I think you might have to cut the tension it's just don't have it in me it's confusing it's unnatural. But it's hard to beat this stop it and throw a compliment I guess he tried don't. What it's done not worth a try nature what you say why would you because this is the resurgent they've -- show that this is how marriages last sleeps forty years' worth of researching these doctors out there taking that have been nature when a lions he's busy breezed are joining by the late may but have a really good fight on meet your head off so you'd figure you're waves at all to me that's not that Jay walking into it. Fighting you aided by the way when you fight you went away like when you and your wife I rate yet but he kept his stop of you know when it. The engines amplify things to try to win it because you lose control. Ray you control your emotions to creditors up this stuff averting lost control doctors don't get pissed off of banks could write that down. Don't ever get meant that's possible that's like saying don't ever laugh. Doctor dot in blood when you have got a little got it got all your money dvds crappy resurgent Guttman what does this cluster. Well it cause you don't tax dollars went to describe you think get doctored got beat the decision goodness of his heart to be a compliment. Maybe of the personally Smart decked out targets a compliment to break grow breasts look fantastic today they are Perkins a little cold so. I got the man who conducted all these sweatshirts all the all the easier this is quote that I want to let them or did he says I quote. With the masters of marriage are talking about something important they may be arguing but the Russell laughing and teasing and there are signs of affection because they have made emotional collections do you believe that. Because it does make it we Irene and are you would do well let me ask you got tense situations which you make light of OK I understand have been let's say I'm trying to I'm China gets of the I want. My wife is blocking me from set picture. OK where's a joke. The joke is saying get an okay. Are. Spreading give Mike pistol and a team my wife tried this case it can only be used for calling it a pistol and that's what it's called. The president source remember I wanted the pistol on for my eight. Christmas for your Christmas yes I still got the funny. To give me a toy go mine and a box spotted there wasn't funny at this me a fatal heart. Contagious market my dream of someday defending myself what a console may be Biggio of the emotional connection you think. Maybe that's a that leads quietly she mocking me. Mocking me it's just beyond cute they would think it's funny you can't fight flip that around if you flip that around it did get to your wife is set did she want to and you gave percent. Plastic toy. You also now Q do you also know the second that she cracks a smile it's followed her like she can't be serious anymore acts like she she breaks in laughs. I think it's cute he's actually rightly second you get a smile out of my attitude leaves it up I guess even if I'm extremely orderly room now. Yeah I'll still be detected it. Once when she laughs like edges I think like she realizes like points down well that's it I've ever the just fight me don't but it was that there are no wind out screw it I don't like it cost as much about us Biden to state pissed off for me. I didn't do did primal he'll warm there are no that's not true by the way. He'd be married three to your wife that was the case scenario our story. That's study forty years thousands of couples they. Kept an eye on the what's the fight when they watch these people fight and his doctor has found the deep sea formula just too good marriage went having. Discussion a fight an argument trying to figure out something happening. Yeah with your wife for every one negative thing that happens there needs to be five positive things for every alcohol one bad thing that he said. Or negative body language five happy things need to happen in a discussion that I says when he's witnessed that within the couples those marriages that were happy and went longer as a lunatic Justin's on CM FA adjusted boy body. A gadget so I got married about seven years to go to my current light and I can add to get out there want it or help on. But I'm 32 ill and she and had a master's in social work. And that was one thing she broke me at first year married to it that I'd ever iPod as to what negative and I've pretty much dodge is ridiculous. On. Delhi get its I'll bet it was just really quiet neighbors like all the guys who she is ridiculous about that. And I've I've improved on over the year. I don't look at the iPod yeah yeah. And so many of my. Being my pose a woman. In each. But does go and literally had a big. She's worried everyone wrote you Michael Leon invisible fence you moron you know it's not good silica that. It works just and he had just rigidity they are. Sand well actually it I don't enter up to deploy amber she walks away a lot just opener don't per couple ours and I managed to get a couple positive stop and yet that's helped us. Our our house. He go in and away it does work but it. You know you've got they actually have your mind ready to go and act on it yet to have a mindset or at. They are my sang he relaxed. Create your bank I think guys that curl up with older sisters and all that they understand this crap more than lead you are an older child all my sibling bury me. Like I've been in charge interacting and doing everything like that my whole life and my wife is also the oldest side of all first siblings. And. Her brother is the youngest out of spore it has all older sisters and he'd get hit he'd done that without even thinking it because via the manage girl's hole. Brainwashed or that it is the theory that is a really agency period when you are the lowest man on the totem pole also girls' breasts aren't. You learn how to innings and and managed yeah. Right I think guys that grow up with all older sisters and how that Condit didn't fire may actually how they're bringing cool and a little bit more emotionally getting guys that aren't are not. And I just noted that my brother in laws like a perfect example Ali you know exactly how to handle situations with girls been. Dramatic and emotional but don't stop looking at everybody illiquid like cock eyed look go out why and how will you be talking about. Adjusted to actually called and I really appreciate that it was that you're a ticket I can help you here. Because he's currently do this was the get go ahead master X related through there are Einstein or five points this doctor gave out after observing that the thousands of arguments between married couples are in items of that watch it was arguments are you a ticket information needs to be do. I'll let you know at the so I. I want to be interest. What I'm not be interest to fake it well be interest I had to take okay you're just a bad husband do not interest him which is. But what I'm not okay you should be it's too late to say is I'll get that they've achieved senator survey that comes out of my mouth number 20. Express. Affection. It's competent now tell them what you care about him Illustrated's get neck. Three demonstrate that the matter. Want to sit there are what did I pay half the mortgages or enough number for intentional appreciate you Shia and what that means you take your partner influence is how you treat them so what you your head I appreciate dispersant it's going to change that we speak to why I appreciate you that's how we got married over the hoping with a priest and god. That you didn't have that with you should they don't there was backyard that all with a bow tie. Our big town. We did the darker and and finally. Find opportunities for agreement look for a place we can both like on which expert is classic cocktail hour I think it's the biggest problem for guys in our drink no. Is it looking to poke holes in argument instead of finding the place we both mutually agreed. Is that because as mentioned we're trying to be competitive correct if I guess and so it goes against our grain because like. When you can and a football field or anything you daily news in position elegant look of a crusher competitor. Ray this is now you know but that's how we're taught as men to be competitive and to win I got so what I'm saying do you and when I say this whole time did you not getting from IBM can't imagine staying in the senate. Russell he got a brother so little muscle. They are you guys do among the solar that would fourteen years three kids they're all grown up now are pretty Barry bought out per year. And I totally believe that true are at the end my first merit a lot in there didn't pay attention. And it not that I did hear her lover I never thought we but it. It it it it turned into every thing that fight and I didn't her I didn't receive any bank. Now at that time around we still yet he still gonna Becker you're you're or or two people on it you focus Cho had stripped. And that door back pertinent. Mummy can't break all that I guess you're all right. Like do you all eight I didn't hear why are. You've got to play the game I mean I'm not gonna seniors say every Melvin is the list now that's not only but I need some Dicey get aids gay keep the peace rate I think that's yeah. I like. Archie at that. Batter out it meet chill Kamal wanna talk about it I bet all I have a beer now in the conversation. And it it battered. Wait so we see other all taught you about somebody at work that you don't know. And it looked utterly wrong way you curl up in its home honey tell me more about him today. I'm not tiger I like I doubt that the you can tell me up the girl and Indiana get rain one night and put the iPod. Yani and curve ball I it would go shell exploded my taste of the house ways and looked cute in his conversation that no kids at house anymore. Now no kids and how it. It brings download. The tension as you know all right so let's say he's an empty nets are on a second life no kids. They just keep to peso is Italy look I changes minds today's point and and I guess you get light and into your defense. Would children you never get a breather. They say it's 24/7 where kids and I guess my question you would be getting get rid of them can't what's your excuse I Erica I've bond. Kids. No no but I've very good marriage upload. Was there joke and or something. Oh my so talented that it increasingly humans. You have multiples. You probably not decadent and don't fight okay now all right. Find out eventually. Your pets is grieving for twenty minutes that you don't fight we don't phone book now I am. I don't like you that I don't believe it on the soft touch and easy go. Because it may he go into a blind eye. Ours off to maybe they should have been not going to be for forty years have figured out all right we're gonna take a break.