The Key to Happiness is... Something You Probably Can't Do

Thursday, May 17th

It sounds easy, but you might be awfully bored if you tried it.

Could you succeed in the happiness challenge?

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It breaker glad to drag its exact duties that we the secret to happiness yeah it's easy speed will do all day okay and nobody seemed to banks would be. Be able to do it as your door and work or. And good shortly we're Tibetans can't have the secret to happiness is not your phone at 10 PM. Okay I'm. Before the of the phony to Austin did come. People world so miserable the case citing the phone and probably because they were up on my PU but the exit peaked at the grand OSHA has phone. The commitment miserable. There are also forget that it was bound to when you lose your fellow usually in ten want it messes with your body's rhythms and what goes along with that including your mental health. People he's opposed late at night before bet most most were much more likely to all sorts prods including loneliness depression sleep issues. If I don't yes they found they did eight double blind study found for two months folks that put the phone not portend. We cover poured it how they waive it it's blind having no work. Reported a way increased satisfaction let's loneliness less depression and an exit lost weight so I'm always. Bad mouth and upon you guys left the game maybe I was autism widget exodus of stupid answers from literally it would it would what AB ILA at 10 o'clock at night down now manageable what about new known and I mean can do it unhappy with the phone 10 o'clock a miserable doing the same thing getting better sleep for the big part of it there a couple days ago in his right you've read these articles before the blue light from your phone is what keeps you awake so much so they. Apple incorporated the latest update sleep vote without the ladies yellow uploading aren't it's so they knew something was up on top of that see look you did. Do you read your foot after ten you ought to be. One. Civility as its basis sale late Kim. Johnny Carson was a reason that in it's there's a way of America. Is sleep deprived his estate until you watched it tonight joining used to go for ninety minute okay yet but they they always talk with his cock Mimi said here's the thing. We'd like stayed up licking it stuff so no matter. If you take the phone away I'm gonna turn on and a fire of the TV. Our awareness or watches subtitle I'll got to be looking for something this to me is like I like watching TV talk falsely getting to you you know. I don't think it does ending to it I think it's appointee trying to make if you get to bed at a reasonable hour every night a lot of things like all gonna miss this show will different. Teams all everything via campers at the same ice sports call eight. Oh. Mean the same rhetoric 200 this year I mean they're actually cute sleeping on the eyes Digital's equivalency here. IA would have to. Turn off the phone and hide it from life for myself because if it ultimately America or. Yeah. It's sitting there and I ages like it's just a variety wallets off unlike now I'm stressed worried about what I am missing what text Amazon and Colin is saying. And if you and I am telling you man. You'll find something else is stimulate your I'm and to your title and you're missing the point out my sewing is your they won't work in your Friday because. And I don't think as ending the route to happiness. You tried it yet. And based study these people that were in bed every day off at 10 o'clock much happier much happier less depressed less lonely and losing week how are you lonely. I have your wife exactly. There. You now fulfilled when I aegis discussions with the way perhaps we should listen right now. I don't know as we. The sense that America really is to keep sailed to be to talk about everything we try to. To a degree. We can watch amount exactly that Iran is laid out that night that's depressing than. I doubt we geeky guy could not do this is no way in hell a militia Obama can do by 10 o'clock I mean I guess even if you didn't get used to it. To doing it. You'd have to also convince your significant other to do it as well glad it can't count and plant a lesson that day that you're gonna which of Saudi Richard and a pick up your laptop or your iPad or something. Yes at all just be gone yeah yes NA gonna happen to be an amateur at the TV. None it's okay. It took. Blue route boot tiller Bernard bloated code through yes that's what people used to now nobody went to sleep like that back in the old days they read books delivered the newspaper something what happened before people could read. They do then I don't think did Nick Cave. BC projects to secrets through a total to all right they stared at an all night if you wake up what do you stared at its stick big Hydro earlier. The -- at the Armstrong. The secret to true happy it is having your vote up at 10 o'clock at night needed double like study found that people were able to do it too much Natalie happier list price less low leak they actually lost weight skipped work Tommy's mad it is for yeah he's an even though he fully admits that sustainably to watch television attributes I think about is if you're a sports fan almost. Anything you wanna watch sports related. Doesn't start till my article I saw Kia are you like your biggest pitches Monday Night Football does and even that by the time it's halftime and Thomas African in the bullet right now miserable I love basketball love hockey and 9 o'clock start time they'll last nothing answers early before 880 so they have the West Coast East Coast nights together. For some reason so last night hockey game starts at nine. Basketball league starts and it does he go when it's like ninety teens speed that fall asleep I mean so much Vegas to guys are gonna watch to stop him tonight he sucked into both of the games. Both LeBron nine or number. Once again it's an asset or your parents are but he sucked the ball easily and navigation. Is a huge tower. I'd say you discipline because the long wait for the event that discipline proper area happy well adjusted. Huge. When he went out well adjusted book kiss my says there will just know people think you've heard someone describe how people like unveiling and I'm angry Gumball Joe's no problems as you well. I'm not as. Well adjusted Elliott I tell you said loaned me as a done and I am not only have a wife. You I sometimes find myself getting a little bit jealous of people who. Dell are happily the very basic of basic Smartphones. Early clamp down yet because I have I have a friend who is she just. She is never really got into the Smartphone thinks she went to the Euro range yet she has a basic phone she's like in all the comments threads but never answers and Mike. Am like she's missing a list that she's not missing anything like good for her. For just like being disconnected from average average duration should be and all this crap in Missouri busy all the times he just doesn't she. I'm beyond clams oh no severely clamped down just yet he's not worried about as much for some reason she's also not cool lobes woods is not to worry about answering anybody right away on her phone. He's right the unnecessary anxiety comes in his phone and like to speak away from it makes you feel anxious for no reason and I can't. Up looking at that he's a good point too you know you have to keep your partnered agreed to this is well and they ain't gonna do it consistently that I can't. Bring my wife to do this issue but he's a doctor she's got to say in a connect all the time now it has nothing to do with a work. There's an emergency at 98. When we're gonna bet my wife he gets up later and unused she stays up brand new and she will sit in bed with her phone lately without headphones watching her show that's on Amazon Hitler and I'm trying to sleep. Gutsy pat mascot. And sexy roar go late and always keep your late but I don't be dead right colonel and it's deserved downtime or you gotta have her downtime to. She does everything for us for the program. Well that we in my family now this freak and trampling your friendly she kills herself from the program. Did you 6000 khakis and the breaker. On CNN at the. I belie a OK I know you're gonna galloping American election clearly don't yell at my car. I don't care how late he used it what I care about is. I don't want that on the dinner table or neglect or last time I don't want the phone and cable and checking the tax return on somebody that. At least he eats your husband your kids I want to. But thank you can give me that like dinner like twenty minutes are all gonna vote. What do you wanna talk about it lately I have guys there retaliate. Here that there are there lately talk about it what are you missing out on what you want an out. I wanna know how well they saw that I'll look it up my thoughts shut up I just days gone you keep running it do your job as a filibuster Alan I told you would yell and hearing about how you bring in economy can tie. It's time Cy Young couple at a dinner table both on their phones you drove fit. Yeah I think it's everybody's like don't every young people and their phones that cat he's trying to battle that injured. Getting angry Kathy for. Now premieres at bingo right this is typical women make it a lid on the stock would you wanna talk about it and they got nothing she just wish. How much Dana talked only onion. Let's take a little further 201 couple that we go out with socially beaten and 90% of the time I am not exaggerating. Ball at the bar waiting for the cable and enacted cable box so he eventually. Hamburg aren't out I will be answering acts she actually interest I can help you had a conversation. And I held a little bit. Out they don't like you. They're looking for other couples that go hang out. Is all you do he's trying to nag about that your husband all night. The gag gag gag gag about angry. He's angry about it gets heated now know they call you cats that nagged about that the bar. The day wore on they've have a drink aimed at do you detect it and Eric Niles shot. Creator Dave price so that her name. At the that you the only reason. Oh goodness today. We don't we've got the phone at the dinner table yet and it's used to working our house like I I exceeds talked to kids. Tommy thinks it like his wife would be okay with him being on its founder and dinner are you and your thundering. About why I'm a matter fact lake Malawi for Ruiz to have cocktails the super around and by thirty. No anyway other news honors of like kind of background who were talking and having cardinals actually I assembly senate side everything is our treatment about you live by but I I do not old school cocktails cigar is. There were I don't worry more very fine pitchers available it just happened you slide them too terrified to escape attempt against these Leo equality White House regards.