Keep Your Pants on, Kid!

Thursday, April 26th

Is there an age your kid should no longer be running around naked in the comfort of their own home?

Duffy thinks his daughter is well past that point.


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Yeah the breaker righteous classic rock and 65 WC a map so. My girls five and and my five year old is due to things but she's always done brown I think she's now passed. Not every second. That she's inside our home now she must be quicker original. The public should coming out of the house school closed the door hey how would you guys and you make it. It's basic it's it's like comfort but it's just when it goes terribly close and I to be at the clinic there's nights on drug which I don't know. Melissa Huff confident solely. Parent she wakes up. See tiny little butt cheeks walk downstairs to go get breakfast and I to tell clothes on and like what tried I've been trying to do dig secretly. To get her to stop being mentally got to the reporter britches on no more barest I tried it that it didn't what you did what you bridges our location will put pants on and a half hour later make it again then I went out and I got a Little Mermaid row. A guy Q now let big that would put your body weight rubber on the house melt takes the puts robot takes off completing her. And I eats its weakness at saint Nicholas and she's five now she's kindergarten. I think it's time we have to seriously teller to stopping naked and my wife doesn't see a problem with Nico. You know how much oil and ago I don't know we didn't really needed that. I wanted to stop now like you're a kid aren't you fully school. What you could not stop me Nagin topped up. So hold your righteous who wants it to happen naturally this is. Like she just is tired of being nick just a G she'll figure it out is what she's you know let's say shows like friends over finishing it dropper britches notes at Claire's coveted. When people come over close they got its only when it's my wife myself tonight dead at its governor I gotta put pants on. Yes they get people. Like she's two she'll be make it for me in my life man my sister Megan who watched the Molly she's comfortable yet but like everybody else up close but still even alone in our home make it five year old first volley not ready for it it shocks you. Doesn't it first right there and it. I don't elegant feel like if I don't stop it now I'm gonna something noble buildings tiger where this is okay it's gonna Alter light on pelvis so. Point lake. You know she could ago. We'll have the older one and tell the younger one and cash you know I mean yeah somewhat as well as us. I don't think they don't listen each other people think that the daily doesn't abuses of deal with a double to one look up to the overall now really shipments that we have you. You're an idiot Hillary and we've actually been taken interest. Honor but I kitchen work dealer won the hammered to the egg plant that seed I don't think it'll work I think Jesus could be naked there's what do you do about it. Nothing that we could do about it unless we start telling your clothes. On the problem is too now that she's going to school year note she's telling other kids about which doesn't skip town. You know gap yes you read she thinks it like tells other kids to see things all those other kids go home again makes it DO. But to leave the second that you are in school and goes regardless of credit Jamaican thing that was Mike doesn't know she's Jamaican was still but it's like it's neat it's a little kid saying no but she also has. Some Jamaican island Florida. And all of the people go around that night and is it a thousand degrees ain't crying and now with a speech in a jobless though he got a lot of air conditioning and import country. Those people are pretty much have Peres when you go down and say she's more Irish and she's Jamaican littlest beside make an irishman. Saint patty's day drug guys that eventually. They detonate it on your side to bro it's actually you know you have. Right demanded hold on I'm glad I got a wrong way you play it's. It's all. You letter rule the used to go around they can run your house and she made you stop them on bare ass on a furniture so this may be hard wired in from your side that's when we were liked single together but I'm saying I do. I was single. Ice did not walk from my house naked all the time. I would be they must be taken all the time but I children there to have a society here at saint Clinton. Claire five years old out we need an apartment at eighteen you limiting your meat and all you want you tiger is don't encourage an eight year old Renee go inside your old apartment even that kept. Anything over the age of four years old making its policies we are because of outlets are gonna stop to did you 6000 and our other people going through this. But what is the age we get nudes the picture of life what it's cheats just think she's always be here. What do you make it's comfortable right okay. Well how about this all get naked. Why didn't make it it's my seven year old crazy. Ice may largest ever wish you try to CBS show my house out I mean. Good luck run naked in your house and from I don't. Let me like that's setting legal I don't know if it's illegal to be Oscar French duo got kicked me. If I don't you like David tomorrow it's at I walk around naked in my own house by seven year old sees my penis would you issue with you don't say sees my plot that's what would happen you know sees it. And yeah that's and we anti illegal but it might cause Serbian complement the but some britches I've not gonna risk facts for Rebecca wood connected. You ever had vacated but it children at what's yours. Show that like we knew worry it's all horribly yes it sounds terrible when you put it in my context that is fine. Is like sometimes when you start doing it they don't want to do it anymore. I'm not know it's terrible lot but he's sort around bare chested lie I do that. I don't do for help them recruit from me I think you're just encouraging it and now the sometimes like when your priorities at the that is so cool you know to do it anymore. Gates right now that's just I don't know if she's still in the stage where like everything her parents do are cool now hey love yes it's a loss its entry descent stage but I wiped clean she's the senate soon but believes if we forced her to a close laden it's gonna teacher that her body is wrong and should be sheet. Should be shaped body in my what does it do. She's a dermatologist friend yes she did want recently gave you gonna get ration it's a much like girls can believe that she's she said doctor is she wants upped her mother gone honey. If you sit like that you're gonna get a sore ass a idiot sores on your hands and you backe lakes and go on parents that's like you or make some medical okay. And he can make up whatever you want Adidas have such entities about this wintertime I would on outside my ultimate clothes and you like a shot. Now if you don't I don't crack at a second blast to be frozen well. Neighbors say they are that was one caller suggests might just turn the heat down in the household mingled. Let's Chile fanning she leaf fans need to defend its britches. Was my favorite member of Grateful Dead to the fans of the candidates that have. Is it. My five year old daughter. Is make it all the time in the house I think it's time to put close I'd like to say she will be shamed urge wishing everybody let it happen naturally just CM FA Jeff a boy but. Howard today. They were and I got harder away from their well man I mean I understand you're gonna department front but. You know I got to work I'd come home. I happen the shower so far I'm in my shorts you know no big deal as the wife and I and our side story. Now he does good runner on all day long and underwear there is time to elect. You know all the trousers often does it. We hit noted that we we taught him to hey you know build the best mind your own history he peed on his own egos you don't like don't ask all night. They. Are you got it's elvis' little ones safe is as. Like your wife says you know she might be ashamed of it but. Now there comes a point of gas over honey can hear your clothes off he got to have a mock you just do. The reality is though it does happen naturally I mean and the utilities are to mature a little bit I don't know I can't where you don't know closed today obviously can't. I Jeff here's a date. I appreciate the call you say happened naturally there's a story to tell immediately told me a long time ago that thinks maybe it will happen naturally thinks it's gradually appreciating what to a party. Trooper you gonna Bubba barbecue party yes and some naked rear its ugly head yeah. Yes it sure did so lake and I'm thinking in the the little boy it was probably like 67. And it was a pull part of you'll ones. And lies ahead of some his buddies over and he got naked in the pool put his buddies on disclose their clothes on. But he was her embarrass the parents or file an anomaly. This is like 67. In stone naked. Did you take blood of the parents. Less of them out. I want debt within and they're like these happy people in an online community got to dial back a hippie. We let them all go to sixties for reserve to put their clothes I don't want to work in the seventies and big cocaine. I don't want to rate average day when you took this table and I don't Woodstock over here for Christ sakes even the last Woodstock people put forgot their clothes on. If if even if like split numbness in my life and I we went to what our daughter and said I gave one thing in my late Deaver another of my daughter is critical of my wife she always does it might like to say let's get going a little body shaming is a good thing and that's a little down a great girl yet it's a little bit. Don't you always say you don't understand why when women when they're like bodies exposed and they feel uncomfortable here is why should you be a shame your body. The flattery. To occur if the don't insult me because I made good points. Choose a side. I'd just say like a little bit a little bit of shaming just to get your britches on there for your own good a year. A fighter please explain why should a fighter unit uses of my package you would we're gonna go to church on Sunday it would of Jesus currency mega mountain peaks of tiger be naked again tell us a -- taking showers are close yeah we've still this AG's decision can't can't have it Jesus said do only certain energy gimmick or use genius is used to power the lowered. To discipline said child here's the weird part. Spare the bare ass thrown child. The Bible says a fighter will still likes to be naked 27 around the house I'm trying to stop my wife thinks that it'll cause problems if we close on tractors on C IMAP trash. The loan. They go to Google and that would probably going to do you. Continue to believe. There could barely walk alone in the locker room. Well we'll check the ratings and CB 62 yeah. They've got by average it. Well take weird but I think that I would have thought you had a bull were loose idea of what's okay naked because some sneak it in high school wrestling him. It was naked to get out of water. Right up when the class which grows on. Yeah I'm uncomfortable being naked but laid eyes are cats and coos. You can you know I don't of their partially nude I appreciate you not be taken us that's great but I am I'm very comfortable about it. Yet but it's just whenever it (%expletive) I am convinced that when kids show up. You're no longer comfortable when did you game changer it's not even the fact that your body changes it's that you know consciously do you White House naked giving your apartment utterly. Just. I don't like it. Being naked. Adult like I I feel like I would I'd would give my boyfriend the same role year. Oh wait gives you about being on the catch snake like that the grosses me out nobody your boyfriend decided to walk around my house swinging out naked then that would have a Tom Knutson. You pretty checkered. Series it's going to be so much fun eurozone tonight. Okay. Pakistan is a loser country of Cuba stands yes. No replace him is there aren't stitched. Can't stand you can then. Can't stay in your parents sustain not sit in the winter coat in my house. I think you're making its point I think and just grow up with that woolly mammoth in Dayton. You really did Q did you ruined my wife's right you ruined when a neighbor and you early nudity you were shaky now sue and I just enjoyed being closed it made on this dangerous or just have chemical and this is actually showed. You achieve what you base your fathers as is Ben. Saying he would not but it's this blue and yes there are a liar and her Family Guy guy. Let's let the dog and account Bradley will naked and I would deny us that the dog and downtrend on Duncan about his says has been all over the wilderness. These dragon his ass over there he's in this over their minds coatings as. We are going. Up so Haley can you have a dog you have on the couch now. Ali daughter couch you you don't come WWI Steven he's he's at some. Wow are sick monster you are horrible and suddenly gonna catch on cannot host. Just talk bill she would keep keys on the couch Ximian because we can't let him on account of Debian improvements you've referenced that yeah.