Keep The Hipsters Out Of My Town

Friday, April 13th

Once the old people retire and pass on... the hipsters will make that place their home!


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You know the way you write a story it sounds like it could take him when he get deeper too hot not so good. Because nobody has any money this is a terrible negative effect of these communities and Monica so. Article can't comes out early this week that talks about the best places to retire in New York State and if you would want to retire in New York State if you could retire your. And it turns out. Airport is the best place to retire in the State of New York rooted out and that Webster shows up on the list to let people are retiring and that's just it. David it's like people are moving to a web Kansas City at Webster retire at that that's not it people just aren't leaving out stock English happy where they are price that it really should say. Places great places to be stuck. The best as I can't afford a house in Florida I or Arizona I. I don't even have a happy they're there can at airports for example super low the taxes are terrible the electorate was electric threes cigarettes sold there instead. Redding where LCD gets a threat and tonight's tilt out. It's the best of a bad situation and the problem is it was seeing it happen it's important school district has had to cut jobs the last two years. Because it's an old yes everyone's EG out of the oldest layups. This isn't negative for the east. Because the wall or folks that they're kids. I mean no podcast kids it's going to be so nice to drier. Around in for airport on a Saturday when not being bombarded by ten car washes the cookie stand. Please byte is the new guys support the band cheerleaders do the wrestling crew give me god damn break is gonna be paradise they'll pox. What happens at those businesses and things like that they changed indicator to go away don't jump to get money yet but that the deal but McCain's story is as a whole hype restored right. And app and a hearing aid place in a cigar shop. CA just like the 1950s. When public people and it's also I said why don't raise cubs that was the magic 51 black people and report. A couple of them. You need to be more forward and why is adored him. No overtime let's be forward thinking goes forward means that that. I tell me where I'm wrong how many due to stereotype where you tell me where. IE straight here that matter from so long loud burglar right older folks who are retired not fixed income yeah which means less disposable income to spend the detail leader. Also you write these businesses start to change cater old folks medical's top diapers caves signaling that are self serve yogurt stuff. A frozen yogurt place so it's gonna happen 1020 years and all those old people are gonna die aren't. Which means businesses that opened up to can't Ozal people. Or to fail. Right a you know it's gonna happen which then the the Milan schools were agent up become and am by up to join Daniel have your. Craft beer bar bag came huge. And you stupid as some vinyl records or. Paying your old school whatever they're cracked urine through airport demand bonds store. Airport at Webster skinny jeans shot could turn it negates because this is exactly what happened to gates throughout your ticket gates every neighborhood was an old Italian and I've been an age out didn't he. Right they all stayed. They all died all the folks keep it didn't have as much money and look what's going on each right now. Evidently it you don't know how it's gonna flip bread because let's all those guys get at Attica and come back to deal neighborhoods with new skills that they learned in the joint. You know might be nice. What person wants to retire. Just talk bulletin. Here's the thing about retirement. Forget about retiring in near New York let's SRK and you re tired yes he ran and then you hope you can just retire in the how she got. They acted ticket think people go you know what goes well we'll be reliable MI a bunch of a cell phone that's exclusive. Recollect crap cause buddy man. But it Florida isn't free night yeah through the Carolinas are cheap sure. You know to pick up and move and then we got Greinke is here you get your irons social network of friends and stuff and they can't go to where so. Let's say let's see that on a South Carolina. Orient their. He would offer it and go for as yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah you buy a boat maybe that. The hospital that all of south coast bank can and does them work any any. We year my ancient. He bombard you with this stuff. Like moved to Southern California. Check out the desert hey how about a second home and rent out this way are you kidding me. LA daily show you these these goof ball pitchers a late this couple that retired and opened up like some got to bed and breakfast and it being your attitude issues. Well crashes like farming and running a hotel. That's fallen. What I mean forget even moving out of state who's picking up and moving within the state ARD Olympic break let's understand what this study. Airport Webster two of the best places in New York State to retire and it's kind of misleading because they're eight stirred up people aren't going to say because I can't okay. I would pick it gonna retire with him the greater Rochester area you would go to place. The cost us but why don't take irrigate your house for half the price now you're right current. Makes more sense to me. Don't moved to the cheaper neighborliness the best places and ironically it crystallized but they're not Georgia YE. Why the last time broker any sign you know. Does she read that here's they once you get. You grow roots as they always say you know you ought to move I don't live one of the most heartbreaking things are you still remember. Was getting my parents add that condominium that they had been in since 1975. It's 2005. You know it. That was my father's world and you know he paid for he owned it they decorated now they want it and you don't wanna leave and they can I mean it like. Sox I would wanna live there but that's is reality right using the same line. Don't ever leave the house I mean now you don't like move an iso managed by civil you know it's what are your status on a place and go over here you don't know man Lila and Odom up route. I gotta be like on other way it means for crises and I don't like because of you know that. How likely that is over there my place it's only fair alleged use of the town you're in and the convenience. Of the town your in right creatures that have yet like everybody. Everybody gets a bit of mourning a pretty much does the same thing every day and that's kind of how we'd like it. Here's statement the fact people are leaving Rochester interleague died contributing to something else Reese I told him at negates it happened this is this. Have to do the city and you're not gonna likeness but I don't know who's gonna get that out we got the old guy brigade radar guy Don outlook on it done keep dot dot dot decked hampers the breaker like Jared. I. I. A little bit. Now I'll. Well I'll. He moved me very create now. And then and the owner and eat well. I immediately did Tennessee Yang you're also an. They sorry inbred hillbillies. And he had been there. You'll all night. Yeah yeah yeah I bought there are ought. On going case you get up right skulls smokey mountains I. I think that's true smoker I'm. But set to open the Tennessee it's fully idiots. Of all it. Even Corzine at that age. Palm. Thanks in port embark on. Well. Beach area. Oh. Everything simple but it advocate that brought it up and it takes a retreat there the second man field man gave out there dons the break CNN's Ali brother. Actual growth potential chuck coroner Terry Liza. Acts four irked some idiot compared gauge Turk or registered medical institute in June oh my cat. What what world are you living in tech. Reports are great general. Reporters forward thinking that's wider that's workforce makes a movie right now schools just. They're so they relation people all get any I was OK they're all the parents were. Important to go to my point is Donna it's gonna get. It works right look at these plate people are staying design don't have. Our guys which we you look at it count my cup visitors to running the prisoners okay. You make adjustments. Right. Street you don't end up broke. Her port equity in this Monday as well little sister Alicia leading cops aged earners and altogether leave me this or that greatest. OK I don't think he says suit thing too they get their underground economy and like mark. It is due bay a bit under the table all you have to ask our recorder ought to be two years bodies out this help may be gates in forty years is a paradise for you to. I'm. Spotlight return ever straight at the movement are so glad it did it. On my daughter went to our school for Bridget a two for cheaper scorching Medicare until I got married. They were they set up house they're about to garner but thankfully they came back. He takes the Albany have good I'm glad you're sticking around at the view you borders every day it's too. That's it's the sub tropics and. Humidity man peculiar way he do. Happened was or. And when Webster for airport and all coalesce their hometown and collapses it's already happening who's moving in right. Just there they go is ranked as one of the best cities in the old world or all four are sterile is they come. Right that's why we are right it's gonna be the vinyl records show. And bringing business back a hipster shake shy of its chief. This TV Jean stole or. And of course are awarded it to men bundle eased up for the weekend Rochus ranked sixteenth in the world that I'm best cities for pictures and they taken. Count. Record stores beat at restaurants tattoo parlors in your laser people Bally's a thick stuff. Europe Alia get ahead please apply again you get dim electric got a scooter let's listen what is happening at its airport you recombinant bicycles what's happening at the airport is what happened in the south wedge is what happened out. Avenue off those neighborhoods there were people stayed until they died in the young kids came in here gold plated subjecting got elects. I am really interested to see twenty years and what Webster and what's airport looks like compared to a reduced down. To be bullet enemy slam would do today art to town and in a G and a B do shoes and smug slots that's good whether it's all going to be what do you think you look like in the Al figure where right now. It's a sport code in and her shoes. Well look like this huge thing just gonna say it's a typical. Taking it to supplement didn't stroke. Honestly let's get mixed clinic each each island agreement but you don't it was telling every other countless right. That's how I grew up in just how I mean I didn't that was a place you drove through quickly only within the last couple of years is this negative connotation to teach I really think it's because of Tom in mile acts yeah Arizona life ball all the rest showed up and potholes ultimately it immediately. And it will back. Evident airport that can happen Webster your peace with the stars. Are you make money as protesters now to the south ledger allegedly moved to describe around edit and produce little. You should kids we now. Now whole page it's your body buyers who had a house the city voted a bit when he went of those. Those political gesture application with the to eliminate it from bad to good candidate just moved up to where to buddy. I believe he's somewhere in me. He's in for. It's just take. Eighties it is the only stones can exceed it it's typical of hinted that he listens to vital and I thought she wears his converse chuck to work every day I just can't he was on Twitter today. Commenting about. Craft Beers echoing other guys your murdered so. He's the editor it's already happening so I'm gonna be followed. It's mug of beer honored guests epics he laughed at me you wanted out of my mind if I could carry east that it does make sense but it's already there. Are you after the weapons but I'll have to deal with a long I'll be Ghazi but I do think the reason why this is the last of the great news greatest generation will be gone. It's just to set. The reason why. The generation he gave you free pornographer mrs. cupcake U and becoming a bigger problem is the longer. Right so you at least be your watch is. Well. You want to be struggling students over your head around on my self driving car drug got a mama don't be as high on painkillers. In August I had a cell drug scooter you have noted daycare you zeal is being paid while people watch you scooter but I agree we. What a homeless guy that's virtually homeless are going to be always mean it's. I had made but the global warming almost won't be so bad but apparently I heard that particularly central Georgia a project is I very Isaac Miami.