Kane-O & Ian Cattell Intv'w-pt. II

Thursday, April 13th

Kane-O talks (some more!) w/ BRIT FLOYD Bassist/Singer, Ian Cattell

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We're born towards the end of the sixties. Which you know may jewels enough to enjoy Pink Floyd at the time when there are still current probably about the time the wall in the things that came yes afterward I. Discovered them through the law absolutely. Glad that's that's a great way to discover so when you first heard the wall did you go forward in their history or did you go backwards to the previous albums. Well hit it. The walled definitely it was my way yen and to apply Ike I could I I have a time machine at the time so I've worked backwards like when I got wall. I'll definitely a good point thank you admit that at a. And it just let it. Let but the funny thing of all it's I I want it in in Syracuse so long time ago and my mother would. The album for me in the year we don't need no education supply on the radio on the way that I'm not gonna get for and so she got behind fidelity inspect. Speak act. Yeah not too much of the market for up Oreo tribute bands too as well Oreo speedway is still out on the road but we won't even get into that has she come around since then you know to your way of San. Well at least she's she comes up and I suppose every time the equipment and you know you are striking distance absolutely. Props to you mom for at least you know willing to help you in your rock and roll education beat Pink Floyd or RE SP legacy to have worked out okay. Now I I guess you probably already answered the question you discovered Pink Floyd through the wall but other than the wall what would be your favorite Floyd album. Oh boy that's like picking appeared child I think. Apart from the wall and really partial animal. I'll what a great great disk that was animals is a great out would look at the played as often because the songs are of such epic length would there be any selections from animals in the show or is that tipping your eye and. There will be and we're not worried about a clank. And I are they have well our show with a twenty minute in remission so we have we have some time to play with him and prince since last year beat retort back. So the show with Brit Floyd and his total Immersion is tonight at the auditorium theatre I believe tickets still remain available. And don't be like I was last year and pooh poohed the idea a go to see the show because if you check out there website Brit Floyd dot com or search for Brit put on YouTube. You'll see probably as the commercial says the greatest. Pink Floyd tribute band currently on the planet and I say this in without even having seen the band but I've done my homework in I'm very excited about the performance. On we're really excited to play Rochester I've got and a family that are going to be coming to the and it's it's always great place for people you know and and then burying it so. Gonna be all the holy night for Ian to tell and his family and friends and for everybody else who likes Pink Floyd when we enjoy the Brit Floyd experience. In itself thank you very much for taken the time we look forward to the show and great success which are already enjoying well deserved to. Well thank you very much and thanks for having me on.