Kane-O & Ian Cattell Intv'w-pt. I

Thursday, April 13th

Kane-O! talks w/ BRIT FLOYD Bassit/Singer, Ian Cattell!

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That is six YWCMFDA. Came here on the old workforce and you know. Sometimes you'll hotline brings in the studio I don't know who it is but today I knew who it was we are very pleased and privileged to I have on the phone with us a member of the bricks Floyd troop. That will be in town at the auditorium theatre tonight for the brits Floyd total Immersion extravaganza. On the phone is bassist and singer in to tell me in thank you for joining the program today. All right thanks for having me on. Now I said. Bass player and singer but it the truth of the matter is you are a multi instrumentalists having already shown your proficiency on piano and trumpet and also a is reading your bio singing outside of the shower. William that's that was mine moved to beat from being on not that much of a vocalist says onstage to 22 stepping out and and being a front man. Previous to that it was system. In this hour. And do you credit your shower scene with your eventual a sense to us singing on stage for brits loiter. Well yeah I spoke when you graduated fifteen in a car and yeah. All right yours so you you've paid your dues you went to the whole process that yet but the sides but you are going to be playing bass and singing when the show comes to the auditorium theatre. Yes yes it is sensors growing secondly yes you don't basically yeah. You don't it's it can't do both at the same time that was kind of like me now you right. I couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time till I was about fourteen so. That now in you are up to one of the singers in the band do you do the lead singing on any of the songs did you Roger Waters parts David Gilmour reports of just background singing. I do both. Drug watch order significantly more I do all the Roger Waters I certificate more parts with that in Dolly. Very nice now I should also mention to people that in. Is not they brits even though he's in Brit Floyd know in his brother actually our neck of the woods he's from down near throwaway west. In for don't you isn't that correct. Yeah that's where I went to school. With high school out or refuse. So I I I kind of got that run to cover them all sides. And how did you happen to get this major feather in your career cap. Well it it actually it was the Internet but it was pre YouTube. The bass player. Organization time decided he didn't want a tour in the US anymore. And they these. Went on the Internet search for somebody who could do the Roger Waters to. I know you had experience doing some other rock tribute things like zeppelin thing and and some others where you doing any kind of Pink Floyd tribute or. Any kind of flour related musical work. Yeah IE I was in. The Pink Floyd ban in the it. Indeed so we were doing a big time schedules all time venue and it thank you know we're going coast to coast coming out bars and small computers. Are you the only yanked in the ranks of the band. What used to be Alicea with the Tokyo Munich in the band but at least pick up. A couple of years so we've got an American tax on player and one of the bankruptcy uses its from up from Alex. And when you when you were the only American Indy a British out there was that a little strange was there any kind of cultural differences. All absolutely but I got. I got here at mount grounding and that pop culture up compete yes you know and yet watching out mighty python right. And and all the other English comic that they would shall put some yeah I like I got relentlessly teased my accent and you know and it appears the peculiar. I think a lot of Americans myself included learned a lot about England from shows like you know Monty Python and in silly things like that so I know that you've acclimated somewhat to the English culture is reading also that you take your tea with milk but I guess the important question is do you like your toes done on one side. Yeah yes I had neck. I'm just been an American in New York rather than in English at Bjork so I I like my took the American. All right in a nice little not to staying there so we are I should also mention upfront that. I did not go to the performance last year for a number of reasons one it was set in a somewhat big headache and a west today you know I've seen the original Pink Floyd a couple of dozen up the original with Sid Barrett but the line up that we're familiar with some sort of a god doesn't god need to go see. A Pink Floyd tribute band but boy howdy. Did I find out that I was wrong when I heard. The ecstatic reviews from the up people who went to the show the next day. I was kicking myself and saying they come back I'm not missing the show so when you guys play at the auditorium I'm I'll be there. Not great. So good you look a look report to see. Yet to be funny you know we've done not contests are some people are gonna enjoy India. Enjoy the VIP experience to meet the members of the band and ask questions and I'm really looking forward to the performance because. When I saw the original Pink Floyd they were doing things at the time that nobody else was in terms of the light show and the projections and all the other special effects that. Truly made them stand out and I would anticipate that there are probably few other bands tribute or otherwise. Port doing these same kind of lights and projection type of presentation that Brit Floyd is gonna bring to the auditorium theatre. You know we we do our best suited to basically feel that record that stage is something and some pieces. Technology lighting and lasers and at that stage is because we evidently they that we bring out. So it's quite a show if you're ever curious about having a look at what it looks like content like we've ever YouTube dot com slash Rick which show. And we got loads of stuff on me and check out. Should also mention that people can find out information about the show at Brit Floyd dot com and Ian you have your own website Ian. Can tell that's two tees in two l.s. Dot net and you could tell dot net you can find out about the. Dot com actually it's a thought out so well you better change and web site people and Huckabee. Ball really well should go there anyway but reply. So the first couple of times that you played with Brit Floyd was it something that you stepped right into and were able to fall in step portage you have to kind of find your way a little bit in terms of you know your chemistry with the other musicians and players. It was a little bit of both because at the time I mean I tried to work full time in the ninety's but it I kind of went back at the age opting for quite awhile and so. It would it was interest in stepping in understatement people who not only. Have been you know full time positions for decades but also. Had been playing this material that maritime so. It took a little bit it shelling by sub. I jumped in both speak to end here and today twelve years later.