Just Because It's Cheap, Doesn't Mean It's Right

Monday, March 20th

Tommy says he's doing a guy a favor, but who's REALLY winning in this situation?


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Tell everybody knows. And britney's I know exactly I don't again. Any businesses survive. 'cause there's no way anybody does anything for full price is everybody knows where a guy that helped out Aston. And I actually felt like I premier. Try because he doesn't stuff from me there's a difference I understand. What most men understand that anybody does the sultry aren't you over picture you tipped. There you take care something extra go the extra protection give them extra month rent or something that the you know they would appreciate you got low boo okay baby. You know something biggest attribute to a restaurant okay that would work Norway at risk of cars are doing good idea tickets no. What you did. Any way that he wasn't gonna find out. Ehrlich probably but in talking about you know the breaker Muncie so last week got a guy comes over this plumbing work for I played phenomenal job and my wife has grizzard who works here beside us was doing handyman and so. Are you asked me over and over get them about. How much do you pay him re we comes up do you how much do you tip I told her you go. This is it okay school you to care Katie was at your house for how long to talk. To these kid will give you price that is weight weight lower and and if you add up money to make sure AEA. This kid calls me on Saturday. Music and what do you do when on next week. When I go to whatever skate. Today energize. A game of people. Program works. He's not hockey person and so yeah sure why anyone and actually use all off after I was done fixing Tommy stuff. He paid me what I asked him. That he gave before hammock stick yeah nice. Which it doesn't stick its front. Bear Merck's. It played again they guys they paid form. ALI. Of it to the the thing. To keep the tickets did you take the free tickets from the station. But that would be stealing. But would be right. Did you do it for him tickets from the station and given to a guy that also works at radio station should have also gotten them here. Well no because you can't. Seoul. IAE. I look connection upstairs. In my connection upstairs to scare me and I could security kid. I kick it back at the stick its business in connection. Broke out. I think everybody's gotten I guess everybody has that connection no. You know took free tickets now they're not their price tickets. Some respect. And. Well he did give the kid the value of what his work was right I mean like that that is equivalent when. Rampage that give but it job yes four when it was super low which was Tommy we ask me about it and I told and I got a nice for packed any art not a relevant bill and nothing on the east you're bored you these scum bag seriously. Lake sport guy didn't keep he can't ever tickets. Nobody can go take is mine up is under about what's keeping you might miss kitty blood on to make stupid anyway okay is does justify it. About a way he's coming out Leone give me the kid too much you still producing guys coming up. He's doing sentencing Rupert the second decision that he still came to speak where it's all right. You know I mean you know like it's repeat such a bad recognize that does stuff like this happens in. Summer all Hamas police achieved I gave him something he did she was solid and you keep him radio station tickets. Also gave mum mambo shirt. Oracle Oman. And a couple of weeks kick cancer says braces that it looked over. She just because you key the key to deal. Doesn't mean you take that deal why did you do that to these two pilots particularly because I've felt finally give them money got to shoot at you funny giving you money service that he performed I gave up pay impetus service but you know disciplined diet tip that's the only. Co workers and seem like this in thirty minutes is this just were tipped. But kinda been more of the gifts this and it went into putting a price cap and so impersonal or this is like saying please god and enjoy a Friday today. On and may if you are a guy or this station clerk hi years a body. To take care of something for you whether it's a deck with its plumbing whatever and Al mechanics. You have to at least try to go in year old pocket in over pay that person it's the right why did you go would year old pot it would just take care of its. The man date and it's easy it's easy just throw cash at the situation that. It takes about a little more thought. The main us young male and enjoy a nice nine Al watch and a quality ark I can't believe you man I can't believe you used or Cashner. The basis of problems letting. We did get a tree coming and it said I offered my buddy. She dinner for two restaurant tickets for work he did for dream about her. But it came out your pockets on if you paid for that big fine even if you won something got a Beaver Creek and the other person couldn't get it right. What are the prize closet. He can't get the OK okay when we get the directions you he would get a Gagnon said I've got stops. You got a guy that did not have that the little guy down you guys well. The it just shows do you think of all I'm out cold cash dumb. 2226. That can't happen cavities are gonna godly people. Celebrate. The over the weekend Tommy had a body just see how does he noise about ten. I mean maybe I don't like him. Flight eight got to try the first time we had a guy that we know was any income and fixes plumbing last week the key charges weight low the property to do is I don't. In many low loan I don't know if you look way way low so we we don't know Wayne Lowe is okay unity of it all low in his. Tommy pays him what he asked they gave him free tickets to an emirates. That happened that guy and I free. Prefer radio station okay you didn't pay for the I like to spread goodwill with the radio station says sometimes I hand out tickets right so I encourage you to listen to Wear show until won't go support him 2226000. Phone calls coming BC you don't hear that there may be movers in this remain last in the atmosphere you are men did cynical and your ticket you sent company for years Trenton and if you're stand up comic. Like we are cannot people can be all the times they were doing charity of this and we would like to do the show. And it colonies very heart and it's very long time to prepare. And ask you do the stuff for free all the time awfully all all for you oh we have a gift card just it would take it shows you had to take them. I gotta rest at one of them. Was. Will sit and bitch about people who go to charity. Jokes. We can't. I mean why should they take advantage is something that I have access to. Be foolish to be talking about the tickets or the kid you took advantage of Rose Bowl site 2226000 focused coming exposed to a man who's in this kid's boat John what do you do for everybody. I'm worker okay go ahead. When I go to someone's house and people like give me a gift. When you get your gift of a movie ticket or a meal ticket. Screw you. You what I wanna do what money because now I've gotten to go to a movie you're lucky EY one did you all right. All of the kid did get money forests that job he gave you gave a low and money that he asked for 'cause he's a friend of yours. Haven't finished up going to a movie or uber hockey I don't give a about couple what I wanted to. They have ledges support the local hockey giving it may be going away we don't support this thing. I don't give a couple bought back a little feeding my Campbell. Yeah I'm sorry but that that that kind of a Dick Wolf could nonstop and a hockey game that all finally got. The kids up the common you know like you're you're you're you're a season electric but when you're coming up you know little different. I am ready made a start to wires until well goddamn house. You know economic go back and do it. It's the governor every kindergarten I was what I wouldn't give the kid more money yes absolutely must advocate more money. Yes but if thousands of talk about this today because like you do I file now I know I. I told you this morning here Euro you know week. And snoop and I can't believe you haven't gone that reminded them is that I can't believe you haven't given him money already and I gave her money money that he. A connected to do 6000 outlets such as Frankie Frankie no anybody. I'm doing good so I'm associations including uniter and Jewish in my blood east I can't believe what should you are meant. Did you give. Him something that's. Sorry I used to used to be Euro bed I'll let it go upstairs and thought to the kids. Absolutely the rockets are behind their back. You don't really document you like them so don't sound like you're doing something there that that's listed here are morsel. They got it better to delegate lead and I got throughout that you work on. Alexi might need to exhibit the adversary in the. And I got to hold base that's got to be done but brilliant out an old days and has got to be done and all the outs. But it's human either frank. All right hook it takes a nobody really breezy and I take other not everybody picture monster. And there's a one person who will talk to 12 in Tommy can come over these handyman work plumbing work the key charges weight low the appropriate and an easy job Lisa really ease column Posey and house. Two hours but I think he enjoyed my company then I am running rebel radio on how were considerate thing it was very exciting because he's an up and comer radio to rent. You know so you know it sees a seasonal warlords is hang capital broadcasters house today wiese was there. He's editor house now though is that they are sure to get out of my toilet I. Used to it's it's radio career. Can't get no where else out ache right charges so I'll be appropriate to go is due. It is not tip and he gives him three that's it they had picked that it happened movie sanctioned and let's talk to Terry and Jerry ally yeah. Bet are unnecessary Terry lets up on. They got they own animal shoot. I'd answer was that thing with theaters it's right. I understand that ad in the bag tags inebriated young. That it has Lopez. All right Terry let me explain at least explain man world during OK here's men do when we're buddies and I may do something for you was a man that I know why did you that you don't at a knock rechargeable Europe it is that's appropriate to the new Derrick but in the back. I I am expecting you also was a man too tightly because I am giving you break it there's one thing okay man there. Here's the thing about giving people breaks rate so let's say he gives me a break but then I overpay all the technical support wreckage just call regular rest sanction. Bonded plumber a coming due to seven v.s get a run my rates. Place is going to help the kid how does that mean geez I admire all NG you know fell under the T you wanted to cheat on the table wanted to cheat I. I. That breaks like that. Does that come out of warranty doesn't need to pay act. I have but this you know paying a tax on that and either 'cause I was under the table and get to go enamored described red. It got a pretty good deal and I think about it Terry thank you for the call I appreciate it under the table free tickets are yeah. Comedy the world's worst person. Two of us that the report not to if you wanna do for Tommy. Whatever the price class is getting up so he has a nice price cause of Leo yet and yeah. Cheesy yeah act like on the bush topic is instant. Offer currency and ideally are the probably to generation which got him spoiled as spoiled back in my Davie get to go to the hockey game we be happy to do but die he can eastern and as a betterment Ella back in the daily it's an out he's a plumber when you do that for a guy I shall not getting taking it may only get. Working under the table which is invented last week. You always welcome to table its hey does this is built our. The information for the big man the leader impact on Kent.