Judging A Man's Summer Lawn

Friday, July 20th

The tides have turned on Tommy Mule... His lawn is no longer the "Oak Hill of Pittsford"

He's now the one being judged.

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How about this matter a drug well last night like 7 o'clock at night and apple in my neighborhood and ice even as husband and wife in when houses in my neighborhood put. Running around the house. Outside that would something's wrong and they both Japan put holes go so light drive around to the front there how's the industry goes. There law does on flight. Seriously so yeah apparently they had it looks a pitcher goes cigarette out I did not throw a cigarette aren't. They did chart coral group chuckle on the front lawn and around the charcoal grill but the flames of substance fell down oh wait. It's like two or three yeah. And it's pretty deep part of the law wholly crisis and solid waste is running around six hole with a hose keys like stumping trying to stump on the flame me and I made it worse is I've heard you ask. And you'd help I made eye contact with the you Rowan vine yeah. Likely hell that we've got to do though I just got delegate outlet. That's double the players grabbed the whole news I don't know these guys all went to receive an average credit but get his law is not alone I drive men's extra raw. You said you lost the battle with a long and media. I'm shocked witness because you got that comes on the air and you see that your home is who killed Pittsburgh even though it was good for and you don't understand work out and Javier Baylor from it why don't want every year long I am putting its I don't think it's is diets. We haven't had any rain bands you've got water all you want but he viewed as the Rangers screwed. Down Oneida blond pretty green long but he also life. He doesn't have anything to do after the days of Q will sit outside. And move the sprinkler. Every ten minutes to make sure the entire thing is covered masters its problem list view of paradise over there you go all the stuff to do during the days you can make. Television. But there are two men in this world right mental looking for any reason to get off the hook for Kia and who want Jude too and beat them and I was confident that you were an NV guide tell him. Partly not because there with a sprinkler moving at every ten minutes. What actor Wallace is like a dark. I gave up what do you mean there were repelled you hear he'd be crap for all that you. At first I don't they don't even try I doubt I'll admit I didn't try if fact it's the greatest it's ever happened to me because I haven't had to mow my lawn is like three weeks. Debbie siblings dead just just like your long. Might it's that is brownie you're actually pretty good life this way it works out it's still kinda green gifts deep shade. And gets injured I think it's the way they hill goes down the back at my house quarterly Atlantic yes I looked arrogant good. If you. I don't Portugal ruled America damn bill that I I drive in my neighborhood I see that nobody else is doing anything so I don't have to do you think there's nobody in my. Like track might suburban track whatever. That is trying to take it all everybody has given up so my neighbor that when nations get bedding grounds sprinkler system yet. I hate that woman all hosts you even have the best one of the are coated in a hole that little hole out all the I heard on looks later carpet. Loan and animated to sticks out ice stick out to. But the ones that you had the one that you had is now gone right now does it make you feel. It sucks to did you 6000 Teddy thuds the of that they Teddy call anybody. That it's up. That might look like pudding and kick in the still morning. Let Tito doesn't count to Bebo have a natural. Tendency for landscaping. But immediately tied at 27. I'm an equal all let them and one half hour by the I have all and that he's got a pretty easy. Cool you'd take debt Ted Stevens you ought. Stop it takes on a regular guy lit up a Latin Teddy. And. And on and on about are your. Thoughts. I. Sucker sucker move I decide to vote but I got it I love your weight guy president's listening to the president whether. The Teddy elegant as the identities that guy who's not giving up did you guys out reads this all the chestnuts and that's. I applaud our once Tommy is probably being judged by his neighbors and they've probably relative they probably feel like Teddy audience to do it just set a timer and it buys sprinkler and it'll be fine. Get out lazy act ideas. But my wife likes like things have insane with the law as it is rate of it some water water waters Ali. She does its act get any better just don't put all this water under it's I get a better so Mike I am done evaluating my wife and my wife and the quite well. Just her being as cold as it is and eat as long as it is here on its how many guys are. George. Guys take their yards series easily do because you had such a short time. Again it did to enjoy it and you know it may turn out on it's like golf I like how. For with the weather we have we have some agreement golfers in this time of loved ago we only golf courses you can even uses seven months eight months out of the year redshirt you're right now it's funny you bring up. Golf and you get big tournament this weekend did you watch any opening round yesterday the practice round of one's. It was a car earned incarnate steel wood and I don't know any of this out. It is they're big golf term it's going to. Probably isn't around it is nice to have a button that looks like everybody's lawn in Rochester so I guarantee you a bunch of guys whose launch a burned out Korea checked it out it is fetus be at the PGA can't keep up and why am I why am I sticking it out I have. And the west side yet everyone knows that the best ones were on the west side is guys take their once very seriously and actually do them themselves. Well she well I get it I don't was I don't have. Some water in my yard I'd bet you. That the lawns in deeds in Greece right now the way better than pits for for airport and and it's a million books JA yeah that's wrote pristine yards those guys take it so seriously you know all those old Italians are about their grand old Italians they keep up you gotta update picket Arden yeah. Yep policy marry and have shown that. It's funny you drive my parents' neighborhood that's like a mix of family but mostly like older older people like kind of downsized. It's guy after guy sitting in his driveway lawn chair watching his sprinkler system. Engaged yes you know anything about your boyfriend's tendencies for stuff like I don't I don't. Is this tour dubbed nobody does do you buy a house like yes I did know anything to you by Alison it's like a very expensive education my my point is like what he's going to end up all night to do your erotic silly Eddie that new you do when you bought a house this could be you yeah right at you do you think your boyfriend's gonna be one guy or I don't care. I don't know because you are you ready program has had occurred. If it's in Cuba much physically waters is that he used to. He's denial is kind of line but she made him stopped doing it he was doing it wrong so now visitors health may wait it gets Rehman are fired yet. But I. I grip me. What I did admit to one take care she would not let him dividend in the I its use at your wife if you blink you wait for stopping water in the bush because its second any better spatter analyst money so do we care about how the law look like to meet when you get a house of and if you're on his brow. Do you care. Not really under. It's a hole that's orders on many united we look. I would say it is about my life my wife. Doesn't really have an opinion but I do as she tries and the Russian pointed out I you know what I heard that poor line. Told that have been like yeah. Should look I go well Alex oh that's that rate get a fix that. I think getting cancels and a 20 yeah oh yeah amend broad but what was positive and broke my my Brothers who were just like we would. You know editing yet be rapture so their wise this anyway but I have a sister was like if it's awfully like a tenth of an inch to go Jerry get a going to fix that that's right take it down so do care about this. Well they don't care but they cared they like the presentation of yes like it when it's all the Olympic and outlook and that's off. It doesn't look great dad doesn't go at this. He can move this over here. So we talked about this mild drop or in everybody's long looks like crappy drive early damaged drowning death everywhere right. Lake there are bad right now whose wives are looking at the on going fix it and there's nothing you can do it is now and ultimately started a new grandmother Scrooge. I wonder how many husband and wife fights are happening over the long it is not to Fargo because your wife does not lower because of. It has started it by a house because my dad planes and mom for breaking the sprinkler. You loved it now is not moving anymore. So like they've had to go through like two sprinklers cosmetic discipline and Aminopterin. It's a terrible in zebra did what she does like it touched a fake like Sonoma. Marriage is so much forums. But it's you you become accustomed to is totally destroyed just now. Become accustomed to which houses postal like it was what it does look that way somebody's getting blamed for your wife is gonna blame you for network as well on when you were you were do you think ready if something goes to do you get attached to your wife your fault how to. Do that the but to say you know it has that Gorton. Oh yeah AA and she's been out at night now outside just trying to get distinct characters been so dry and I don't know portables and directed us to point out with a dog crap in the yard. But not pick it up yes. I had to guess about. Cody did it over here okay gotta generate. Not a -- out that had about a glove on and we even have. One of those who were super idea but it could just go. And I don't give bright they're meant just what it into the woods but with. We did he was treated at W racist kids you you. You've cleaned children men change what I got to do is to keep these that keep. Did you end up Andre just went up. Under the Smith. Pretty shocking that Tommy gave up on his lawn. And is losing the law school or two QB senior Tommy tip it's your talking a little longer. Portrait selected me immediately you know and president and you know it didn't matter it said Charlie are now. Carol it's like Charlie that change exit instantly Charlie Charlie and yelling the it was the guy to put this quickly could see what can we regulate me a couple of weeks the president as is gonna get is get us at the BC enough for the break from FaceBook page Greg writes I'd love Summers like this I hate doing lawn work but I feel like I have to keep up the rest in the neighborhood as soon as my neighbors all went to crap I stopped trying and I'm now spending that I'm drinking beer instead of mowing the lawn and trimming that is. And that about British minister Brit that but the one thing is great and we've got a great summer I've raised rise greeting. Barbecue hang out nines. The that you the golden brown and dreary yarn I have returned so fast man out of shape if you and a little bit and things done my goal yard and dumb idea shame utilities on C amass a Donnie. Mare. We view 88 charter. My lonesome. If I had the only site I mean yeah it's salaries. Every hour operation. Yeah it was liberate hockey or hi could recruit recruit her. Demonic attack on its. You're only stupid it's better to grant Felicia beaten narrated evaporate straight. Don't know this stuff works better finisher tonight waterworks. As were other happy extra product to our ships which are beasts and where. Alitalia which is good there's no water works on your blog apparently you don't either to public view it. I got it figured I got to pick and choose where Watergate source that it is here we put we were at Corning a question in its right. He's got a rain the water hasn't to a during the election match. So we got patches all over your backyards in your backyard looks like Tommy's back. Like what I capped a quarter pound German shepherd the current sixers. Morning in afternoon European order please sort it's that you make it worse. Did you brought it over thought. That. I feel like water audio we did does he went and loaded you're an easy burn redeemed in Europe. This negative the dog. My doubles followed with a dog grow with the hose and spray every time right now and I thank god I would like athletic. He's worried he's gonna kill the plants. So ball on the ground but the Hosni them. Get a neighbor does is in my brother has sent a heaps of balked at a water he gets it out of the pool. NN. He'll legs. Wash today and I go he's got this he's got a weird freshwater pool which I didn't know exist no school I don't know that chlorine and as a way to sell out all right and I don't always got to be ready just Bernie yard did you just ask if the freshwater pool was on Sunday eight days cell small amount assault to clean it it's weird tea. That we're gonna move does it look you just gusty.