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Wednesday, August 15th

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Welcome to Joseph knows where we ask attorney Jo Stanley of Stanley law real world legal questions visit them online at Stanley law offices dot com welcome back Joseph our first question today comes from Tristan in Webster a contract employee. Who was working as a labor on a construction job. Injured his back while carrying some materials of the latter. He hasn't been able to work for two weeks now and as doctor thinks he'll be out longer since he has a herniated disk any suggestions since this may be permanent injury. We're here contract employee or otherwise secure her warfare on the job it and of course you're employed medical workers compensation case that you need to. File workers compensation claim a bigger medical bills and lost earnings covered by a worker's compensation. And then depending on the circumstances in your case when your heard at a construction site. It's something and we always go into detail where the juiciest. Your injury and the circumstances are covered by the special provisions of the bigger construction law. Up next Chris from Webster was riding his motorcycle and a motorists are soft drink container out the window causing him to crash his shoulders broken he's missed some work. A witness says the plan as the license plate and has filed the report should consult an attorney for the lost wages and potential long term complications. I almost absolutely certainty because. I've rambled he's got a case before people who do your dad. Almost universally and I. That they did anything wrong and so. You're gonna have to. That's about education has to be you would almost a major compile a claimant to negotiate with the insurance companies but. People who do those things start generally contested. So yes he may be should talk to lawyer and so explain to our to start a bailout could go works. Time and it seems a key part of that is there's a witness also own fault so there's. Yeah out you don't have the plate and they're you know he can't identify who that it sure it really big trouble I've had a very I just think it's sort of motorcycle where. Police. Investigated and investigated correctly there was a witness we've followed almost a year later. Verified. Person or suspect closely tied off it was a really serious accident. It's worth it to take that extra step. Marisa from ironically recently was in our driving and to brief the garbage truck flew off rector windshield and caused her to hit another car. She filed the report was to the truck number on it but isn't sure she should if she should seek an attorney since her insurance premiums are likely to go up and it was not her fault what do you think. I'm sorry it is no guarantee year. Church premiums go up just because you have a clamor there's actually that if you have actual eye of the tiger false it's not a charitable accident itself. That is not a politician worried about anyway but I always tell people if you have a substantial injury or substantial loss that's what insurance plus four. And if you're worried about your premiums going up. What you're gonna lose by that doing it is going to be far more than. Any possible. You know increasing your insurance premium if that ever happens so. Absolutely should contact a lawyer and talk about what your rights are at about a perceived that kind of case Nancy and I really don't get a cases are happening more often than you think I just have somebody in my office said the same thing happened to home and they were drive another road out. The wind chill got cracked fortunate they get hurt but. I read somewhere that a happened somewhere out that way at an acceptable stole the banks don't from Chara went through window kill somebody. He's that's why I always tend to leave mobile space from the driver in front of me and historical item quickly it happens. Yes but under the speed and Richard. Well you know what if it's related technical situation that stopped coming off the truck tried to say that speeding ticket as far more about a third I. And Alexi from Webster recently bought a house and got permission from the seller to drop off some furniture prior to the closing date. While she was entering the steps collapsed and she suffered a compound fracture which needs surgery and has are out of work for six weeks does she have a valid claim to recoup her lost wages and expenses. Yeah so that's one of those deals at all for your editor inspection that sort of determined no matter Matt Stairs hurt bad shape before you closed out appropriate step definite just think banks. Blood you know they'll order of the property and selling is responsible for the condition until closing. And so what are your potential buyer is not really relevant it's usually our yards it's an interesting when your cellar under those circumstances. You. Should ever written agreement towards the mechanic can't do and who is responsible if something does go wrong. I just it's baseball but at the property gets lost or anything steady Matta situation that you should just let go without something Eveready. That's attorney Jo Stanley of Stanley law this has been Joan knows visit Joseph on line at Stanley law offices dot com.