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Tuesday, May 22nd

Joe Knows.5/22/18-Joe takes your questions and gives you Free legal advice!

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Welcome to Joseph knows where we ask attorney Jo Stanley of Stanley law real world legal questions visit them online at Stanley law offices dot com welcome back Joseph Kalin from Ontario recently had a neighbor's tree. Follow on her property and damage your patio furniture. Now the neighbor says it's not his responsibility to reimburse her any advice for. Well but a lot of street is pretty well settled and it might not like it but. The neighbors solely responsible would they know or should know mr. cherry viewers and a dangerous condition are unhealthy air force them all over him and Kosovar. So if you see your neighbor's tree in those conditions you should put have been writing and let him know. But it doesn't have to be generating. Other than that. That's the whole waters claimed. To the cars are exe June deductible that it doesn't spend a fortune valley pitcher lost. So those up plastic Enron deck chairs he got a target probably won't be covered. I don't even their most deductibles for homeowners policies or 500 dollars or belong so us. Get expensive so some outdoor furniture can be very expensive yes. Yes not not mind them. Josh from penfield has been experiencing severe back pain and his doctor believes it's due to the heavy lifting he does that is job. It's likely that they'll need surgery and they'll have medical expenses due to this. Is this something he should seek legal advice on for workers' comp. Well it's definitely his doctor news file the appropriate paperwork so workers' compensation claimant sort of see and give him those kind of client is. Where he does is that alleging a specific injury that at least that based on this. He's probably gonna need legal help to make sure that the claim is filed properly and that the doctors. To give the right information. That's Laura from Hilton was in a car accident a few months ago where the other driver was ticketed her car was damaged and she was reimbursed but now. She's experiencing chronic neck pain and her doctor says it's trauma from the accident and she be reimbursed for medical expenses and potential loss of work. Well action or sympathize with pads everybody New York is Herbert no fault insurance for the first 50000 dollars. The car you were in generally. Seoul and that means and you get that benefit regardless of what reaction to torture fault or not. So all your medical bills that are related to this accident and and potential lost during this 22000 dollars a month are covered under that policy. That is supposed file although no ball. Claim form within thirty days to react to bad so hopefully you did that. That's where station always get checked out right after an accident so you hey make sure your okay and be here no small claim papers get sent at that time itself. But yes that is how the system works. Marisa from Iran to Kuwait recently was riding your bike and was hit by debris from a town construction truck. She's missed a week of work and suffered a concussion any advice for. Well again believe it or not it's probably covered by no fault. It. Because Euro got a producer operation but trucks. And forget identified a town or municipality. You would file claims. It's value it's good it's actually it's your own household or vehicles you probably file a Belfour clad models are also old but I also vehicles. And if he had a substantial injury hindered identified about trucks. I have a lawsuit because some terms source produce can develop the real serious problems overtime. Thought you'd need to file a notice of claim within ninety days against him municipalities where that particular situation that you really should talk to lawyer. So oftentimes I'm hearing a lot from you is don't weights make sure you can't tell your paperwork filled out oftentimes ninety days oftentimes thirty days not to procrastinate. Well yeah I've in this day and age six everyone expects you to know what the rules are even though some of the rules them are really held that. Clear Biden yeah if you need to document document and document again. That's attorney Jo Stanley of Stanley law this has been Joan knows visit Joseph on line at Stanley law offices dot com.