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Monday, March 26th

Joe answers your legal question- Just ask Joe-He Knows!

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Welcome to Joseph knows where we ask attorney Jo Stanley of Stanley law real world legal questions visit them online at Stanley law offices dot com welcome back Joseph our first question this time comes from Lisa from Rockport she's wondering what to do if she was injured in a car accident while headed. To lunch during the work day is this a worker's comp eligible thing or no because she left the office to eat. For error situation they're probably presumed that patches that on the clock for the launch that chicken pox out. Achieve that kind of employed approach to what Chad business so. That would be paid that. Workers cap situation but dose or we strategic. Aware that you are in the course of employment coming and going and during breaks. But if you're an hourly employee a delicate middle Clark also launched edged generally not workers cops. Casey from Webster is wondering what to do with her child was injured while on school grounds during gym class are these medical bills covered or eligible to be reimbursed by the district. Well it is district can elect to have insurance didn't cover their students who get hurt regardless of fault. Most children are covered and they stayed by health insurance. That would be the primary coverage. If there is legal liability is something that happened at that Brussels result of the negligence of a school district of that in. Litigation can be brought to recover the medical bills but you have to file a notice of claim against the school district within ninety days to protect your legal rights. And publish probably talked a lawyer bark if there's any kind of significant injury. Seems we have a theme this week Jimmy from Lima fell on some ice while leaving a local business and has incurred some medical bills due to the injury. He's wondering if she if she should look into having the business cover his expenses. Well I began vet today it. Depending on the circumstances support false god I use our earth that's covered by the ruled that a business it is their properties as a period of brief people property reasonably safe under the circumstances. That's the duty of any property are. City federal barker city Alderman and hospitality are there's all sorts of different holes that they're very difficult to that a notice of claim issue would. Come into play there also. And so. I needed a little more information. If there's a significant entry it happened on the business is property. He should investigate at least whether there's legal liabilities for the medical bills. And moving to post injury Nancy from Henrietta was misdiagnosed with a bone bruise after an emergency room visit that turned out to be a fracture that required surgery. She's heard from some friends that she should see an attorney since dismissed diagnosis has caused her more pain. Thoughts. Well I you know medical negligence or medical malpractice is. The tip for colts. Legal case to bring as who borrowed the threshold questions that any lawyer asked is you have a significant injury that is caused by. But he claimed. Australia could do usual reasonable care. As a position. And missing a break this can be malpractice. But it doesn't really solve blight. There's any significant damages have been Chisholm a preserver or more pay because of of those slight delay a buds. She was gonna need surgery anyways its post got a cases are if they've missed a break and that and that the bad things happen in other words. The surgery or whatever what's contemplated can't beat daughter can't be successful because of extended a way. And that had to put tape significant disability they're bitter. They've delayed. Those Serb attack cases that that it looked at this is if there medical negligence. That's attorney Jo Stanley of Stanley law this has been Joan knows visit Joseph on line at Stanley law offices dot com.