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Thursday, February 8th

Joe Knows 2/8/18

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Welcome to Joseph knows where we ask attorney Jo Stanley of Stanley law real world legal questions visit them online at Stanley law offices dot com welcome back once again Joseph Eric from grove Lynn wants to know what you do if someone hits my car from behind and then takes off another make a model of the car but I didn't get the license plate. There's not a lot of damage but some. He says I think I'm mad just out of principle and he buys it. Well you know it's if you don't have a license plate. It's hard to dragged out of their called. And you know two out of sorts search and buy paint scrapes or whatever it's obviously that's now worth that so. I would check to see if you're an area where very god had him in my parking lot here and there is is that there's surveillance. And we have found to retreat. People who are back back and hit Tarzan may have blasted out and have caught them. That's a great tip at that workout for friend of mine once is well out of the next time from Pittsburgh just left this company to pursue another opportunity. He has a non compete agreement where this current company but quite honestly can't tolerate the environment any longer. He made the move full well knowing that his old company would come after him Tom I like to know. How likely the non compete agreement will hold up meaning Heston in a make a living it's it's what he knows it's it's it's his industry would judge really tell Tom that. He's not allowed to work in the field that specializes. Well those that compete agreement the agreement are strictly construed by the but the depending on what it says. I couldn't tell you it's. But we need to get a lawyer to find out. What. The legal ramifications are they of the agreement are if it's enforceable. And earlier enforceable wintour to a limited time play and placed so. He clearly needs to get legal counsel for that that that's some that he should go often do without getting good advice. Ashley cancel her insurance for her home and cars almost two years ago. The company who'll remain nameless but as a large national company continued to charge her for her insurance every month. It was deduct a former checking account and she failed to notice the company isn't taking your phone calls seriously they just keep transferring her from one person to another. It's not a small amount of money about 2000 dollars any advice. Well it all right Jack had a similar thing happened to Rada a car or make states that they took it out twice and had to be Smart to catch them. That if required I had some of them won't because they were doing the same thing to me at it is it's it's ridiculous because. It's really. That's a bathtub I would have her write a certified letter to the company to wherever. You know TH a new pattern of the company and dropping in New York State insurance department. I'd I'd because the insurance department regulates these big insurance companies and development it's harder it is after the and it's about. You know could it be if you if she did that Saddam they would become adapt. Ergo. Well sure tomorrow pressures are certified letter and copy two who Welch once in New York State insurance department because they regulate. These large insurance company right and the last one Alexi wants to know how important is it to have a lawyer draft the last will and testament document. Her company provides a free service but she doesn't want to screw this up and she's married with two kids. Well you know for basic well I don't think you can go with. And an orgy issue says her employer provided health care presume it's supervised by lawyer. Basic whales and her situation and questions got a lot of assets and ought to setup you know. Worries some of it putting the money. In different. Entities. She should be all right. That's attorney Jo Stanley of Stanley law this has been Joan knows visit Joseph on line at Stanley law offices dot com.