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Thursday, December 7th


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Welcome to Joseph knows where we ask attorney Jo Stanley of Stanley law real world legal questions visit them online at Stanley law offices dot com our first question for you today joke is from frank from gates he writes in I was at work lifting a piano and got hurt. When I started working for my current employer I was told I would lift over 75 pounds now I have a hernia. And need a surgery. Drive a possible case for negligence or false representation. Unfortunately frank Hughes her bullied. Remedy is workers' compensation those kind of things are not resolved Opel and court they think Perez is out of it and of course have been your employment picks up for intentional act can't. Are covered by a worker's compensation so yeah your medical bills than any lost time from work and that's it. Jessica from penfield has our next question for you today what kind of lawyer should I contact to look over a business contract for a business my husband will be taking over. And making payments on. Well I've that's a good question and that's subsumed. It's your involving those kind of things you really do need a lawyer to look at it maybe even had a cal. Two protests from two different perspectives it's. There are lawyers that specialize in business transactions that these times. Somebody lettuce and baby bell I can give it babes of summer you can check at a bar association but it's. That is an excellent thing and it's really accepted it absolutely should do. Jennifer has a friend that had a co worker make a lewd proposition tour and a promotional event for products that are team has been working on. It's not the first time as co worker has made her feel uncomfortable with sexual innuendoes and other bad behavior work. But she works in a company in an industry where they quote work hard play hard and go culture and she really likes her job her fear is that making waves about her coworker. Though justified could come back to haunt her in her career should she talked to a lawyer at this point. This is one of those situations where you really need to act. And you wanna make sure you are doing things correctly I would talk to lawyers specializes in those kind of cases. Because there are certain things employer must do to prevent legal liability on their behalf. And there are also certain things you might want to do to protect yourself to document everything that has not happened so that. You have evidence that is provable to employer. So yes I think that. Consulted a lawyer it is extradite did it make sure you know what to do and how to do it and and also would begin to document any of these uncomfortable situations as best you can so. I'm sure any lawyers don't want to know that. And finally mats daughter is learning to drive they hired a driving instructor and during one of their first lessons they got into an accident the instructor tried to claim against the driver negligence. But the question was. What the standard of care was that the learner driver had to breach do we expect learner drivers to be as careful as experienced ones. I think it's. It just didn't question them bring you little chuckle to create. I've never heard that before but goodness for a long time definitely instructor Chris story just didn't. Well she is covered by ago auto policy in the household to but it's one of those deals that would turn over your insurance company or attempt to deal with that you know whether instructor consumed and damaged or starter or whatever is Spector claims for. Is that adjusting quite steep probably cad. And other circumstances of the accident. And hey if somebody wanted to give created god did it give me a little more detail it a fascinating question America that's something that I have ever seen before. It sounds like something you'd be a very excited to jump into excellent. You know I got ability given I've dubbed as saying that I'd seen everything because I know better every day I am expecting so the new and different. That's attorney Jo Stanley of Stanley law this has been Joan knows visit Joseph on line at Stanley law offices dot com.