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Friday, November 10th

11/10/17-Joe Knows-Theft of Copyright.


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Welcome to Joseph knows where we ask attorney Jo Stanley of Stanley law real world legal questions visit them online at Stanley law offices dot com welcome Joseph our first question for you today from Marco he's been torrenting downloading TV shows and movies online. But he can't get from Netflix and Hulu. Etc. he received a warning from his Internet provider stating that if he continues to torrent TV shows and movies that is IP address and fiscal address will be handed over to the police. But why isn't that a violation of his privacy shouldn't he be able to download. What he'd like and if this is illegal should the company who's providing the download be the one that gets in trouble. What he's doing your Billy Joseph and and it's it's theft of copyrighted material and they can. And turn over information because they're committing a crime so they have an obligation to do that because I believe they've gotten Serbia Internet service providers have got sued by the media. People have the property interest for that power. Participating and stealing their. There intellectual property so it's. He's doing something illegal on the personally to actually diverting it east is doing some stability to also put a question of catching them. Different story they're probably about anywhere within the jurisdiction. The United States so he is. Subject to being sued and it could be costly thing of station went after they can lose more than future yeah I actually can be a really big problem. On the it's worth it to watched murder she wrote her a more data. Earth to get out on the number two frank runs with a small crew for his company seal coating driveways in the summer and snow plowing them in the winner he's been a great employee. Jury said an occasional sixty or two but he's mostly been a very reliable worker making twenty dollars an hour. He's been doing this for almost thirteen years and then the other day however his employer sold the company to competitor and without notice he and his crew were let go that day. He's 36 years old the only job he's ever had. It's not right that a company can just let you go like that. Or is it. Unfortunately New Yorkers say it's. Fire will stay pleasure Arab employment contract carrier remember reunions so it's. Oh. Think any of those her applicable in this situation so. That lets you re an entity with violating in others discrimination laws to Republican did those come into place so it's unfortunate but they have believe Europe to do it. Matt is. Thinking of starting him moving business and Matt wants to know if an LLC corporation is something that he should do. Matt that's normally wouldn't do many things he should think about before you actually goes says that that doesn't move it. Business because there's a lot of legal issues involved. Workers' compensation. To. It's. You know liability for the work you do. And what do you want to be and how close the horse something else is is auction of of insulating yourself from legal liability if you can add and for tax purposes so. And resonated so about starting your business plan to determine what's best for you under the circumstances. In you can just. Possibly do a regular corporation analyses were limited liability corporation vs the regular corporation it's the dollar bench can't. I was under those simple answer if you're gonna start up a business like that you don't have a business plan and talked to somebody who does their cattle or. Because if you don't well you will run into problems that you bite you well and. Finally Max sees mother is in a nursing home she visits are almost every day and has only minor issues some loss clothing bad food etc. But the other day she overheard employees screaming at another resident and calling her names now the other resident has some issues controlling her emotions but she is the patient. Should a staff member really be making a patient feel like that. Well I hear now nursing homes there are a very sad place setup from personal experience and it's it's very hard work. And so column and occasional outburst or whatever it is not something that's unexpected. Question has to do it's it's it's repetitive aren't going to behavior. Two bad patient urged all the patients and Jarrell that it that it becomes abusive. And is somebody can always rooted I'm one particular occasion so yeah yep to treat everyone with dignity were very fair. You know do our best center Vytorin got to attend and it is a very difficult job and it requires a lot of patients. Would you have an off hand joke if someone does witnessed something like this where's the best place to turn. Well there's actually a hotline for personal abuse there's an 800 number for personal abuse report it. So pureed anyone's ever uncomfortable with that they can't report it and it's an anonymous adults don't check it out. That's attorney Jo Stanley of Stanley law this has been Joan knows visit Joseph on line at Stanley law offices dot com.