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Wednesday, January 3rd


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Welcome to Joseph knows where we ask attorney Jo Stanley of Stanley law real world legal questions visit them online at Stanley law offices dot com our Joseph first question today Anthony wants to know if his ex wife can file for child support from a different states. When the support for child support was terminated in the state that she's currently living in. Well as if there's uniform child support active two enforces child support orders. And obviously there's New York would have jurisdiction him when the child this year. If that ever happened and another state he's gonna probably have to get a lawyer I admit that it's who. He can't stop people from filing claims that so that's why those roles. That's that's a fairly complicated questions so but it happens you just have to hire a lawyer and that other states unfortunately pro American alike that information but that's story works. Is that something that differs from state to state has beaten New York unique and anyway. Know if there is every lie every state has different support laws without a computed. And I don't know why this pork terminated and you know every state has a different interest in trying to collect a child support because of their odd social services or whatever they want. The parents are collected. Child support so that I'm not on social services so. And sometimes those things could get complicated. Out which mines many to remind them. Jimmy wants to know what's at the questions he should be asking when hiring a lawyer. He's thinking about going in a business and needs to have a lot of documents created. But more than that he's looking for someone to help guide him he's going to start construction business that puts in driveways. And he's worried about someone getting hurt on the job so when choosing to hire a lawyer way or should he start. Where you held very it is that's spurred course Aristotle small business people there when they start up. They need a lawyer and maybe have financial person because. It is patents. There are lawyers who specialize in starting helps all businesses and they also sometimes our cal conservatives financial background that can assist to. The person in doing that. Because there are many things that you need to know TP brought upon workers count but there's a whole lot of other things they need to do. In terms of protecting yourself. The first thing deserve what they wanna be a corporation. To protect yourself from liability which is what these other questions we were worried about and that made the list is endless. And I would start with the bar association and has a list of recommended lawyers or they can call me at all lawyers that do this work that I interviews but I I use those lawyers for myself so. I specialize what I do but I know enough. To go to somebody who does that prolific. Frank wants to know if it's legal to keep his parents away from his kids Franken as parents have had a fight and he feels it's two tenths of an environment for the kids. Franks parents said that the taken to court if he doesn't let them see is kids but is that even allowed their his kids. Well that blows or transparency to try to avoid from a legal perspective. The bid to put the parents have rights are their grandparents is really dark about answers generally now. And there are there are some extreme circumstances like about a possible but that's how one a bumps. I think he should. Now worry about it in the there what did you take McCrory let them borrow more of their money but. I would try to just resolve the issue and and and keeper has so that is another. Family harmony bat and Andy separate court over whether you can see your grandchildren have a solid and good idea to be hurt anybody I would guess. And it never sounds like it adds up. Becky wants to know what she should do if she feels that a financial advisor has violated her fiduciary responsibility to their client. The financial visor pretty much forced her parents to buy life insurance the 76 she's pretty sure that they don't need life insurance should she be looking to hire a lawyer at this point. Well you sure their skepticism. One that is licensed and certified whatever I'm kind of I'm not quite sure. This is an independent person earlier work for a company I would start what's file -- complaint. Where whatever organization might license dispersant. Or whoever there employer is. And also start with the letter saying. Their your parents didn't need this and they your wife your money back because they're useful but something improperly. If if that doesn't get January door to New York State attorney general's office filed a complaint terror. And and ultimately can contact a lawyer Brit between those things can be very expensive and I'm not sure how much money is involved that would make it worthwhile. It it if she lied some more information should just sit me out to be bella George Stanley law opposite spectrum I can give her a little bit more advice. That's attorney Jo Stanley of Stanley law this has been Joan knows visit Joseph on line at Stanley law offices dot com.