A Job Reference for an Ex?

Friday, November 3rd

A friend of Kimmy's was surprised by an e-mail asking about someone she hadn't seen or heard from in years.

Would you be willing to give a good review of an ex to a potential employer?


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I can't really be this daddy obviously you know like Uruguay and if you spent a significant amount of time with some. And right in relation children that no matter how portly and it if their livelihood depended on a kind word from you you could find a kind word yet. A bank or lose them pull it away. These have Jim Shockey did someone would do this gimmick just Freddie. I mean it's bold move and so I was actually out with my friend like a few weeks ago it's kept getting. Call from a number on herself on the chair recognizes just kept you know letting it go to voicemail and on so that a few days later a few weeks later I should say. She called me up and issues like you won't believe I figured out who that number was that kept calling me. So I guess she was at work go on to her emails and one of the emails that was flagged. What is from a company that she had never heard of OK but the name and like the and subject line was her ex friend. Two she opens up the email and it's basically this company saying we tried to hold the view we are looking for. A selling so referred you on their resume as one of their. References. And we we just wanted to you know get a feel for this person so what did you talk to Andy she dated this person in college and they have not. Talked cents and beat down as a reference talking like 567 at least at least. If you do it didn't really end well but not like terror also is just one of those things rights haven't kept in touch with dispersants eleven they used me. Then there's no way could call any tax. Wife or girlfriend of mine ago. Please help as you did don't you get on your high horse. As I know how all your relationship that you really know read to you may just get your stuff back out on the front line has to do so are gonna go 81 of those two watts backing golf. On the. I needed Q but I needed reference what's interesting about this is eating cold and snow is now she hadn't heard from an innocent guys that's a dumb ads. And she was yet. So issues really shocked I'm not sure if she ever actually contacted the thorny issue why would you call up and and yes. Is a reason there's an X there it didn't go well okay you're right. X marks the plot. Are you remember that. And treasure maps and women you are right and that personally would not least in Apple's portable sold the ticket phone call for any woman that I've ever tease him. I bad word about. The general public you know what you want the truth and give me the truth and Brad. I give ET unvarnished truth about that woman on that horrible horrible woman. But if you kept in touch of this person you don't know what they've been up to in those years it like yeah. Like she's ruins since mind no Jersey segment. There's all bunch of like mailed devastation out there she's like the Asian r.s of women. Maybe but what if they've got fired from a job in like they're just they're not a good worker I need your gonna refer that person that you don't know. It was a good person if I ever dealt a fresh anybody I have I have that piece is a crap bodies of many of them know we're no good for the fund guys. Of course are gonna give that guy recommendation. Friend yes X I don't know now I don't think I would go out of my weights like I wouldn't put my name out there and true and shorts and dribble. And we talked about she loves the guy any chipped it up the refrigerator. I'd talk to you you were within excellent. You have another actually previous and you telling me contingent are so bitter remote and not over your axe him. It's upbeat and our national I'm gonna look at even the playing out that you would say do not hire this woman. Both your taxes I would say don't hire on that you know what I'm not as they don't hire a we're gonna give you the truth and you make your decisions that makes human I'm getting dvd truth truth. At the line features they see in the media that makes you a little bit you know it doesn't think you know I it's called being on two to choose to. Rapids two ex wife and ex girlfriend. To keep someone from work and if it was an anti daylight let's say my ex. Wife one of them. It was a very dangerous job and you know yet been yes I hired a woman immediately and I don't think she needs a safety helmet at all so color your hair she could get that joke because the hardcore chemicals that have to be 22 acre and I he's a regular guy in my hair net on anything different. I don't know you can piece OpenId it's so long it's called getting the that your. Happily married you're gonna keep another human beat from working because leaks to better about yourself everybody is petty. Nobody gets over anything that's a loaded. Nobody does any time you bring up any the old wounds meant people are ready to go. And I don't buy it is all I got over you got over for a while but you know if you got hurt your line is say it's and you got to trigger rate there. You're gonna unload their clips I'd. Metaphorically. I mean you're. You like this it it just. Icy or get hit by Lester I'll have to get so out of her mouth I can't are fed rate it is just our listen. The disaster in my opinion on Gabbert TJ to 6000 machine I am on. Because you petty and small enough obviously rewritten by the way I am what it would what do from helping this a bit harder harder horrible. Horrible woman because you said you would give to just bodies horrible panel and as the woman Jackson the breaker but he would have a brother. And feared back I was manager at a large company and we were not allow. To give references to anybody that works for us legal liability issues and that's true of most big companies. That is Wally is billet. Because they're afraid lawsuits. When I'm confused what went went. So you your say you have to have someone like NX because there's so few. Are you could do until it actually couldn't go to a buddy you couldn't do that any book. They know about an X it's five years old. Away from you I mean I don't I don't know all the as a manager were told not to doha. Okay Abby detectors that pick I'd listed my mother as a reference just said. Tell them your mind Molly does everybody get better assist or. Well definitely it's your on this jobs out at. They don't work for yet the company warrior at. But then the policy was that we were not allowed to give references the browns were taxes why it is Altman's while oberly. Not think there'll. It dictates of the company is as soon as your momma does have a amount some reserve rhetorically. Outs in Yemen. It's a wonderfully young me and QB is a friend who got a phone call out of the blue email out of the blue looking for great reference from guide she dated sex acts it's like and you know worth it gives it immediate. I just don't see if you spent much time with somebody call you could say and finally let's get 678 years ago if you think I'm petting yet but okay I'll I'll Wear that. With what Brian you women are a hundred times more we bring it up to its interest in those cause never go away if I am a guy who has kids my ex wife I'm thinking my ex wife is the safest person referred all of you have kids it's a different situation. Let's say she would need money for meet the child support she's not seen a ray and vice Versa euros ignited. Cut her off forming come because and you got to pick up the slap at apple have kids that's a but that's a mutual destruction that's like when the Russians the Americans. Decided that we were gonna blow each other up because we can blow each other routes over and play nice even though we hate each other's guts. That I get. Did you 6002. As we try to figure out why. Is it acts as Steve referenced the job nick says there are some jobs captive agent that anybody. What's up. Are so what am I very good friends and become a police officer and you actually was required to write down everybody's ready at a absolutely. That's a background check that's generally a reference rate is at the looking for dirt. Or flags in his life little difference. Yet they'll let her know that they could be on here I mean they've basically it's it is clear reference I would think. Is similar think it's okay is this Canadian that's what this is background I don't know she's from a company that she'd never her. I guess it could be I don't know if it takes a couple of appreciate that. Enforcement where they duties back background charity dinner with pop back and. Can imagine I get a call like. My ex wives and women I'd rhetoric engaged to I would take did you be the first people get the job help but that's just like and was it domestic or use abusive to get higher now but they're also crunch and that mouse is an unbelievable human beings are not getting the job. Radiation abate but that's terrible that I keep me away from a good great job because this horrible woman was mean to me but it's absolutely that's good takes it no more if you were doing something not good Schilling doesn't mean he's the world's great has boyfriend fiance going to Villanova who you're talking me. Yeah I didn't phoning them bro now I can tell I was old in olden time. He wanted them scrambled cramped there was a problem he's rhetorical I was a deal they're drunk beyond the and so stumbling it's just a step highest high stick it into that Anaheim Mike it's increments yet that they might like it. They cure itself. Territory and start a village access to jobs aren't just stick out like we've Sox zero. All a big agency like that opened soon protecting and a vote. People in the ludicrous from the misery were right there. Yeah yeah yeah that's what we're talking about like Eddie Tommy's point I think they're subject to this because I get what you have to check the relationship like that if you dated a girl who use screwed over not edit illegal labor just to make I be Duke's way. That totally were sent ice. They really they are teachers are you work or school this huge hit it to our school cartridges. How accurate view it history we are. It. My dad's a police took. Them maybe he's at the monster you paint him to beat the odds like they appreciate it I just like I. Eddie teachers have good opinion of you by LA you like of my teachers general Ed. And have been dead for yeah I looked out that your wife leaves office job that hole that was forty they were dead okay. Don't know what I'll expect the military school to say hi everybody importance it is all square closed forty. Navy officer at separated it. Trades phrased it up on. To experiment in and friends exes family it doesn't matter I'll give an honest reference if you're a Keogh less than don't have mean for you don't be that Dick overdue owners' representatives Google fan I would think anybody would say in the net about family that's the thing that sucks about asking for someone for a for George is listed them is like that power. Goes to people's heads really quick and sure uh oh shoot it. The Tug you would look through did you did you give an accurate long Hillary gambrel such PC go right to treat people on the way up to you to meet this same Owens-Illinois. Anywhere. Richard to save up. Totally listening pieces of crap I do about that guy you don't joy Rudy I would her rebutting and I as a crap budding. But an X. A man have some follow. Up this is there guys were very close them out you don't get along with. I don't think of the guided as a radiation across street look at let's say thank you which one. I know let's say we lose his job and and he's gonna get a job selling insurance he's got to eat her. And the UST it was a reference that tell you are you bury him to the guy. Now we're really dumb and I would tell ma so but it. I would tell the truth I selected manipulative for a guy. Will show up and fart and belch. And stumble through a morning show that these are gone.