Monday, December 11th

Along with the holidays come opportunities to be ripped off, but Duffy says if you fall for this one, you might be an idiot.



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Break relaxes glass cracked and it's expire at the BC that they're scams that touch people by surprise. In eighty stand season Tom Knoll yes it calls for your quote credit card company and can't you argue accidentally given me and phone yet scare you did it still in every volleys cherries or some were frank yeah. And he knows are excusable scams that we'd Arianna but this one. If you fall for this data outage it's pure greed it's super obvious that it makes you ED. And ABC this on FaceBook. It's the lying the gift exchange scheme mean they don't why you during dipped to here's how works on the road this it is sweet deal you're gonna get. It is people like releases like a regular 35 dollar. But but bottles and probably well but this trip to true but probably one bottle he looks 35 in return. Great yeah. That works well here's Richard Newton. You start with a few friends on FaceBook you get involved in this up wind by Daly tell confrontation. Hate if you by the swine you're gonna send one bottle wine out in complete strangers a decision to not only like Keizo one. How great is that we drown and why and how great is that Conceptus somehow works as a prequel they get your personal information is part of the statement Abby Richard I wish you were drunk and Jordan Dave and they start opening up things in your knee they heavily pre. And this is like a wine bottle the month clobber somebody call no it's not even really official like you don't pay any money it's just goes to be just like random acts of kindness of strangers but it's all Greek right now because the idea is I get about yeah about all I can give it to somebody about women get all these bottles back yes this set off some mysterious person to be going to send me want it it doesn't even wore the latest scandal setup. You need to get some and I think you'll also have to keep sharing it too for it to work is what they say so than many easy your friends on yet so that branches out like ten more people and then that yet. I guess I could see it happening it's kind of it's a brilliant scam it's funny so this is ultimately McGovern she's she works for the better business and your age she puts it perfectly as to why he re eighty people aren't. Quote. I've never seen anybody post after Christmas a photo of them surrounded by 36 but I'm. Apparently you're yet but your greed will be the death that you when it comes to holiday ski but it's also wine which. Is like Melissa now that thing right to issue of women like women. May of their line all is set. Right there's like those services you did slighted it likes and you like a case of wine every month you can try different kinds and like there's a ton a different but even like deal on that but I think winds marketed to women for the most pirated I mean I don't know any guys outside assists who uses that drew why I mean there's more or every day. Look we were Crowley who just left and we can build him on his wine and he was a Y it's not what he knew other guys who he would go on drink wine. In. Did those kind of the wine. There are guys that are guilty he'll wind the wind it was I know it's rare it's Kraft glad I didn't think it works for women has. My wife trees wine dinners president and Marlins go in my godly it's cheap take two bucks about a four bucks a bottle during a wing senator for that. So is again it's pretty good price to get a buzz that's it's funny to Stanton is why is very expensive it is you can. Go to Australia went. So why why would you subject yourself to this for free five dollar bottles of I guess because you're getting all of them free bottle back here or not. You think you aren't you ready to do our reps. It's just a ticket or 6001 person that they did this it'd actually Norton because the Better Business Bureau would not beat our liabilities thirty UNC please tell. People stopped doing here. The fun factor or did you know that it is illegal sent unsolicited gifts through the man. Rename you can't just like by a toll put address on it sent in the mail you have to know let players. That's clear because the publisher for deflected day payout sitting random gift to random person. Of address I've never been to so that alone aren't. I guess I could see some people thinking well. How would this be a Stanley how would wind be escape prison got me some one and it didn't pay anything right you're you don't think you're putting out that much information by doing this but it's funny this is actually scam that was one for years and years and years that hasn't been able to run because technology is what are -- talked about this why bottle scam the Better Business Bureau maybe seated on FaceBook and he'd -- we video and everybody. Don't tutors and get you by a lion it you send it to a stranger. They didn't return strangers and you want and just what your friends involved in this state that you're just giving we've personal information to to kind. This is the CD dvd of the month. All the record close with this is a little different because you did that involve your that the record clubs worked a little differently because you just prepare mean you guy. There albums. And you agree to gates said albums every month. And any daylight heated senate back sure. When you but if you didn't you've got bill saying in general yes it's Campbell it's agreed to write like I I can get twelve zeppelin albums for. A great deal yeah there was. It was a deal because she was spending. Seven dollars more per album that you would distort it make up for the Ted Chilton but a but at least for like. That particular date album in the album of the month club it's not like you had to send them something firstly to the argument to send them a record first taken off don't you write yes I think overall it's. That it plays late do you didn't look at the back end of it you're just ignite while getting twelve albums for penny exactly. It's at least outlying we will all ago when it comes to freeze because everybody likes to brag about it a deal. Rate if they very much detail how little they span how they a yell you know they got to got to come down his prize for people love to do that seven assists this works to that rate you're a percent right. And it makes sense to have a tendency like they infomercials. You selling you something like at the very end of the infomercial like and be called out you get. Three more for furry incidents like a little garbage I. Cricket are pretty cool but not get in fort for the price of blood. He's full of crap everybody and I it's much useless to us and a be all that at some point. And yeah I just don't open the vessel was piling gallantry. Airline was it sucks I'm good reason they can give me the second leopard I think it sucks. Up the scale something that. I want to talk on the over the weekend and up and it actually happened the week Graham so. The biggest scam of the holiday season is people stealing stuff off your front audio the porch pirates don't you. YE. Wheat Beers a mailbox for 150 years and we've never update the technology from now. Why are we not putting a lot on mailbox. Is a means of man hours and elegant and you have a key to put a slot. He's put the stuff and they could just. Right there's been a couple of people having their payroll checks stolen or checks rams still looking for cards that look like holiday cards and Andy's take about a year now calls him. How well in a 152 years of mailbox technology. Has done it exchanged. Not recant a sliding can't get everything in a slot here. Of among them. I'm telling you get late does that tell you gig and catalogs in. Master key for the post or Colorado were me I guess it every change that man and man it carefully City Hall event. How does that work like if your apartment complexes have ever had a key to their mailbox that is that he's got a master one right dead in all opens up I Agassi could do it you can't use technology out every guys need the most it would just have a mailbox at the other you would have to have so many master keys. That Iran unless the post office has its I want you never know that he's a guy or a mail box they put out here's how it don't work. Is it dale Hoch called the but the meld mailman is is it to get out of the truck greatly and he can hustle along to ski trip and in their go picture he's got to get out airlock crabby it. Take I got a mail for a week but you're also gonna save millions of dollars every year so this because I've never been ripped off. In my mailbox either not until this new guy rip I got ripped also lot I'll probably Christmas shopping for like I get a call that we cropped. Rob I don't think we've republics exit Hopson and she goes up I looked at it was package came here yesterday and it's not your post is some sort of report I guess on the Connie and trying to carry Wisconsin it's it to the house support would actually getting on Amazon in your house to drop around inside the door you're set to do that either no Isaiah doing usage don't do it. All buttoned up they give your camera and everything. If we had a lock them and that's what it might be open mailbox to say they really got Jake got an I guess we call speed. Exit process. Yeah call the company and he got a call UPS or what the post office. So now this gift that was pretty expensive. I see I think they like all this rip it off. Was is it gonna site is set to protect your rate is like this is a business plan to raid OK they're gonna tail like all these sports bars furthered their grabbing your stuff didn't so now you gotta buy this new system work. You let us inside the door we put in said the Doria the April etc. all works toward zero business plan nobody it's even more simple than that are so like. But a doctor's office right never so you don't have those peak are your boxes with locks on it from a medical samples. He is one of those at least until they ever so I think that's got a caution just a metal box little command Armisen metal box that needed that to say you may hate what it paid bid for the metal box you've seen different staying gonna do their program there's no money in that you've got to. Box Brothers more money than giving you to buy their of their systems right. The other one I gotta buy the camera. And then have I got to put the app on my phones are now they couldn't they contract Maine is and the united Telus gamma liberal I just get everybody whines and cries on FaceBook and Twitter about other stuff got stolen but does he take about it. Critics or too little it's O. It was the same thing like it believes would use. Dues. Each step whatever advisory did you feel violated. No woman was at Philly days Sony's been inside their box get their stuff. It's it is funny how the whole concept of putting a member with Amazon wanted to put the packages in your trunk your car yeah like that was a thing before like the universal locked mailbox that's come and all that stuff kind of where you're they're gonna have access to your card your arm to the kidneys rightly it's funny how your children you have all of this yet all of these other idea I would have to install locks on my truck for Amazon to get into it they give Vietnam pop up yeah. It's people talk a lot got it nobody's thought that up until they have thought about it as the money and it took it to the breaker but see MFA Jimmy alight but it. Are you need. There are. Not. Well liked by. Your well every kind of that locker. Fuel not. Okay here's the danger is proud to continue rated. Hamas that. Yeah help well. We got a picture got. I chipped a cynical about it project here's problem and yes I have a picture of the guy crystal and packaged. You know the police department probably is gonna put all of their investigators non work. I who stole my passing and I should report but that's probably fuels and still this packet yes you see them home footage at. People getting robbed and I want how many times they actually catch that person zero and it ever did a follow up. Right yet and I'll let you ready to solve the camera probably ready for that your credit here. My shirt over my child back. LA and you gotta have a lot of like if you broadcaster voice and I. Well I. Your interest stupid and well maybe we shall go to the store that indecent shoppers that total is online stuff. Tuesday nights we've talked to show a couple of times how important was hurting Bryant. I want to park west all the literature peace. So yeah everybody is shot which is great and some local economy does not that down as people are saying I don't tell us it's fake news broke. I'm hearing band instead it lighted candles to particular case what happened economic downturn due to expire candles whale pride can't lose our way number. Let's candle season. Multiply that it was like I'd leave it as it was easy to get you can't beat us just. Viewed through wounded and scandals and stupid 35 dollars to condemn the man who graduate go highway robbery. He used to be cool your candles to.