I'm Not 'Too Old'.... Unless it's Convenient

Wednesday, November 29th

Tommy Mule played the "too old" card, and Duffy will never let him live it down.


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Angry fast and there were three digits. In question is manhood quest to get insulted the lady. And you can call him old and and every time that we suggest that Tommy delays he closed old huge it's racism basic knock is always universal it's old ism that's not a thing it's O work which state. Because yesterday and Tommy knew it was six and it different too. Us and them where the golden dollars. You and a breaker rats classic rack basics got the BC apps. But. It. Employees of our company and were asked to participate in something called make a difference day here. And mr. Young tool. Decided he was too old to practice but it was like manual labor stuff. I kept I. I kept the stuff in my own heart and he's been cleaned out it was a pot farm and I volunteered a clean everything on right now when they rake in these market out stalled. Hall and stuff so keep it on and a bunch of people who work you went over volunteered for a few hours and get the young backs going do and Tommy was asked if he were going what did you say. My agent donated your age what would he rate on middle age you know you're not you deeds and Irish a certain station in and light fit in broadcasting where. When you you know received so many awards ever timing grade one award on award yes that's what did you say when they sent our corporate describe them not to. He's just happened to mr. There you call me old too old to give up his ass and help you massive. And it wasn't even open your rate can leave clues that help to see how to do that always help reduce weight and restore order leaves now you're downplaying the work everybody did a lot of credit and yet was it even Latvia where acute heart nurse and animals are my gut. Pick and that that dog for a walk you literally got ridiculous that the guerrilla war there did wanted to if we were harassing animals you would have been perfect with the secular wreck that you. But it was cleaning stuff out you said you were too old to play old what would you. Here's the problem and I don't know I can do that it's about what it into all out ahead I think they're literally raped at least in my own yard yesterday Maria. You were imminent re tool at my parents you play the old car is heated. I can't reveal car but it didn't guilty is Charlie if you missed it work. The old card. That's fine what do you typically any old card like your old college your old I'm not OUI gives you can't not know I can still do I don't wanna do what I do too old you set yourself you can never get upset when she played the old car when people start treating you different older you settle middle age old. Like 2226000 what is line for old right now what HT shirts say I'm too old service. Is it forty is 4542. Mile get up and down and do I'm asking now an attitude of forty so what's the line what does the I too old for this line. What I political beat you they Dixon line. To applause but the five plus 5555. Plus I think fifty I would say. Tommy is on the fifteenth but think he also played the I'm too established. For this card. Which is everywhere that's like yeah I'm establish Ed did my time on of that dress like what's or. Wasn't so it's it's called timing Graham an adversary is set the example for everybody as you say the army's raw eggs type grade one of those things. A lot. I'm a solid C minus per week next year. I don't put in good C minus two other guys that are plus the eighty year anyway. So 55 if it sees the age we could start pulling the Oakland wanna ask you this horror and you know it's everybody to to do six. Think that's 122 and you amber at 22 what you thought each was all what age vote yes what was forty. I guess most of my bosses were forty re okay they had why using multiple kids in. The other men took so most of those guys are formulate my store managers from Rio mighty department manager at bank of aggression business so EF forty was like old guy. I told me ask you listen as a guy who has got no view. How does that line Lou it is always a decades what do you think all these now all sincerity what do you think old news. AD it gets a forty year sway for what you would be ones yes so is it all these thirty years away from him we'll keep personal like his. As you wanna hit that number right because. A Toni to you can't comprehend what forty Israeli. And AD is lately you should be dead jerk but once you hit forty you go well. I better get another forty years on this or so now eighties you know you obviously gonna keep pushing and number of these. You don't wanna die it. The one all of our longtime right you receive your kids the grandkids and minerals to get go and I did 22 years old thought forty was cold how do you see it here in your fifties or go on it'll. But tell you this. So all. A forty year old guy gave back in my day is in a forty year old bright today well it's true. It's amazing how that worked out for you. Now what you big you know like my dad at forty my dad at fifty my dad it's sixty. Look like an old man he drew he did he dress like an all man he acts like an old man. He precedent that cool nickname you sure you're doing right you do what you yourself are so connected in what is being groovy and didn't. At 220. You thought he looked like an old and dressed like an old man an act of Lincoln man I'm 31. I'm watching you. Futurists say close. Eight you. Like an old man. You speak like Obama speak it like an old man it's to speak it's not your father was actually. That you would daddy just you proceed to in his old kid and tried I didn't thirty. You if my guys to help look up arm didn't you where you're at compression socks to bill scam in my ankles circular. Just say words that Red Farmer you can call him all. 22 you would have discretion so beds are vulnerable. The panel though. Do you think he's one of your top flight football players. 26 ballots that had serious apartment company Estes two and holly played the old cart tool to do you can play the old cart but with great pilot school clubs. Great risk. The second do you use I am too old for the first time opening the door coming out you punks repeatedly leaves you do it to look at you entry to different look at it that insect but pizza the breaker mansi about anybody. There looked up. Hey. I would caveat it's like I'm twenty years old I didn't hurt yourself wouldn't want to go to do that a lollipop include a group. That's just it would be would've said I eat Garland that's Africa. I'm too old. Yet it is in this like the power based or should he be do an upper other people you know then he put it caught in a data. Yet eagle. I got it easy to recruit poppy EU. But it. That the nine to be sixty next month. Congratulations I get a DD DDB rake leaves with 22 year old wide offenses. What evidence of that rate it's their forties at all. Who we're going to and more position help clean out yet sure what happened to them to animal shelter and it hasn't really are. And yeah 100% stories I've got my own sad story immediately SE question idea of yourself as Ole Pete are. Are. You play the old card yet. Are. It's you to does about you would someone else younger called you old. I don't know I got lake area this really long wait beard come in and I'm due to low. Are earnest Hemingway cannot a lot of commuters or those things and this. Is that it doesn't I don't care. Appreciate it just I think most guys Horry each and Tommy would not be bought by being called ol'. But you know Milosevic called it's it's it's a negative that you guys use that it would be different like Italy or Japan where they respect the older group. I you know the grown follow the other night you this country doesn't respect grown folk. She's the president hat that you don't respect the grown float your lap that he you're trump over his funny hair. He's trying to learn is some news media guys Marcum. If EB right now we have years to give CC I think you're gonna let. All I would like to get to eighty. Stay. It was at my father dragged everything that the 87 okay yeah well it's different cuddled Rebecca de nice I think maybe like kind of like a medium that. Alive by the end of the week shocked. I have to look at your face of the and we got beat wishing I was dead. If I gave you an opportunity zones to be another 25 years since broccoli so right now. You to 22. Live for the tweets CF you would give up everything at your wife you would job state are turning up as you're going back to 22. Mean I think back in time and you get the same exact amount of years with a classy elegant but but I know everything now. But you also have to think to yourself in this position which might argue things have been down no light reading this is that what you see. I know stub to good back. Are going to be a gazillion act and know what this public investment to its users into a young guy it's going to be start mystical place you're gonna get edited about a bucks amid. She's happily elect now. Course I am but I mean as much as you're asking me to go back and likes. Everybody would like to hit the restart by what it's funny because multiple studies show that the older you get. Happy are you with your life which is surprising why he gets angry about it he stable but if everybody but nobody wants to die. Everybody wants you to everybody what's the live forever. Ever if somebody can go hey here's another sixty years ago back. Why would you turn that that's easy to you sold you could hear what I said you only get sick. Out 24 years that's achieved it yet it could go way back and get publishers. Think I think everybody would take that deal. Why because I'm pretty happy right now the happy. Honesty that's happened. This is happening here from the west side. Yeah I guess you're a man whose quality he most expensive talent in Rochester is not happy. Or are you let your lawyer friend would you like to David Richards wanted to. No she's beautiful she's ever complicated and how well a horse and didn't call us let it out. Fortunately those days as we just lifted slightly into additional. You guys you get all that time together again you can grow up to get up but she would also be directed to 2000. Are your yeah I don't you're afraid of what could you what Beckett tiger right would be checked bag. That to what eighteen year old loses. It's. A pretty. Shoot them to be young Tommy. And are afraid that. Tommy played the old guard yesterday it's he's too old Google wallet here will we all involved here and tickets upset we call them old Jake you get the last word brother house ago. I have got. Saint Tommy. Go get some of at all. Through its yeah. We. I think bill liner I think you know our old guy's got a lot. Gotta go grab some Beers afterwards go enjoy an entirely your coworkers and doing a good thing. I Charlotte to my coworkers and sucks. LBJ. You guys are. I don't bet at it that great beer it's pretty but general manager who was some Hong plague Duffy in condemning the make funny it and a stick you with a bill. They will they'll walk they'd. I think they'd buy Beers you I would actually cheaper to see you discount to kick. Kelly doesn't mean carrier person. I see is a pick up anything the take I just took my seven year or so its. Stake it got. The immediately room there with your non make up but the he gets angry group.