I'm Ashamed Of My Pet Purchase

Thursday, October 5th

Would you judge a guy for making his pet look a certain way?

If so, Tommy says "pump the breaks"!


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They're guys you think you. Aria but we don't each other along times on the you're. You will find to be automatic guide instinct you will shock and edit its okay its major but it turns out in personality like it's major Ingraham and a friend mine yesterday at these big. Pets to and what he was doing there has to be questioned everything about the pitch open. I break much it's classic rock many 65 WCI SLI and it. What these big box at source yesterday and and I'd drop off with a pet hotel I was sent in the dogs for this'll my brother's wedding to drop off. Rabies backs out there so a lot about icy body in my with a it's got a dog story it's medically configured on book early to shop in Japan but it's like there wegmans. And except everything there is food or not food it's a book and you know write a so I see this guy is in a couple of. He's every dude plays hockey played football all the stuff we talk about the outlook so. Ask what he's careful entrance of the competition comes to law and he reaches out and grab something off the hangar encouraging or even beaten. To dog costume. Oh upon how we chop it. For the door Erica and so my goal you'd I see this I keep quiet for a second and day. And singled of this gently to implement the league he's looking at the stuff and I'm just silently watching him the 29 year old man. Good looking kid there with a dog very. I am a Halloween costume well. He is single and ticks above that I don't an adorable dog and and a little costing I don't think that's why he wished to. I sold Halloween month after I got divorced by the house and Webster right now indicates communal for the united editor Katrina and Maddux Scotch. So I used to put double horns on his had a reader. So I had technically that guy is ideally yeah but at that funny at double double you'll heavily into the little double. Did that I've done. And over years ago I did enter our dollar Cody and custom content to do as it'd. Into Boston Star Wars. For the which they really cheated man because that was like a couple installer store bought Alfred. He would did the dogs of Chad I hit you need to be outfit now. So my wife got this'll high annual Halloween time to look a little dog businessman. Howell had. So we're taking a dog for a walk or cycle in recent years ago because as we we Cody and better looking at them radius dollars we lost. It is not a seller. Would you predict it. I know but it was fun it is all unchecked at the video out. She'll eat ice hockey stuff like kids should be dressed up dog. Buffett buy it at the bit but like when the kids come over in dogs dirty stressed that the Carriker academy easel double ended for the kids. Yes I would do it we don't chords and a part of their reason they hated us costume contest Cody was again that was advocate still well. Well for the kids got the cost of I dated from my wife and my step and they got mad when you start. So we're so yes that was there was such as camel amend. He's serious right now you try to stay dressing up your dog for Halloween your a one day year you can dress up you pollute your level. Dress up and this is from people planet adorable. You've edited or yes I do. As you know dressed like a are you did what little they on its head it's bodies walked around pigs eat very little is going on idiot not Ghana has to wait excuse. Don't I give it their kids come around to go out carton. Subway had to double or some. So I think they are just sick to double Lloyd's for all their assets at the hole and made the output smile a little kid's face is. I don't of the darted noted Doug Ackerman jump on it can do that the dog eat their candy daily. I usually kills me about you guys both things I see your face to him I think it's adorable does that he's supposed to take it adorable. But you want it to be this good guy don't Butte creek don't do this through debt that I try to fit in be nice you like me applicant will would news dressing up to dog. Makes you more of a creek an elite even responsibly say they sell all that is just create celta Whitman. Critique it. There might be affected it might make this a little better for this guy it will cut is it a small dog herb big dog it was like it was like a Bulldog. Okay. They're telling capitalist yet Edward so like that kind of funny deck is derelict they're trying to end their ugly but adorable same title bold. He had a little Pomeranian you dressing up like yeah that's. That's like that looks willfully make it can be exposed to fields and EU is a man in his fifty's should not be speaking about what an interest I thought I had I don't know why are all week how it's got to cut two years ago okay. Well we are one back because of the area down with the crew the Russian judge yeah. Who conceded just go to trial last year. Both personally don't like no I don't like his as soon as you put that thing on it wandered off. Okay out with my whole bunch that two digits as. Should you be able to dress of your dog probably caused a red flag told you stories but in a pet store yesterday I realize he was buying a costumes for his talk to you man. Lilly you've seen by dogging custom. It is. Jordan went in time on and it caught Phil forgot about that tried to Wear my wedding. My a new wife found that this cut it it does take a closings oral talks you know you two that's three times you just gotten three. Different outfits yeah. I sit I thought a lot three times in a life. So farm yeah. A judge talent you opera guides and have a little fun and a snake you lose your mind on yet you dress up your dog which brought because the dogs a standard ask Christian animal I don't think actually that's. Animal snakes in doubles. Org or that movie that dog look like a double presumably though it goes over their leader I would double what the hunt. 100% expecting you looking to jump straight with me I kill this guy because it's weird. Don't know what else. I would say at this and if you want a bizarre that. I think your weird possibly torture neglect. But if you have sisters have been done for a couple left minister standard stuff I'd phone calls reported 2226000. Todd Lee it turns out. Is a dog Dresser. Tommy dresses his bill occasionally. On only for special holiday let's talk trichet. Gave buddy the breaker let's see had to pause ago. Hey. Back to you every spread indeed judge are different for everything that they do. Yeah I can't I do flashy doesn't have a different. Judges every ever existed is jumping fish like you know. They're actually good are they like nobody. Although a man or to secure this front should put dogs can still owns it if you wanted a daughter want those up educating one's job and its coach you're a cubs is no it doesn't girl or Daria. I just thought you liked Augusta. IR. Let you about a few girlfriends at hand go gonna duck yesterday that the due to a story I know. Talk Auburn then. We're talking about you do stupid to immediately this guy single you're single double dog discussion Dresser dug up like a sexy nurse's Emanuel weird for Halloween. Which videos like time was you'll minority of opinion as a group are you a penny it was a dog I simply to least medical deduction pantyhose once I. Call into balanced that nothing to do with it cost us an isn't it that's a re betting underdog at Shea that it has a night Null and dad and weird they it is Michael sniffer Michaels the break we got a hold club now weirdos there Michael hello anybody. Oh not that weird party that might be brought the dog up at the I have to invite your old girls and be prepared. That's why he can't do what he addressed the dog up by the way as Michael. I haven't decided they've got to make up their mind that. Am. Kits it's children urge that's what I did I did have ruled trucker traders and my wife fiddle contests and then the votes on. For the wedding connect. Does it three major events in and out and guys like they were all your deceit Halloween. Beauty pageant. The call but it appreciated having noticeably okay. Bentley is was but I. Wrong illegal addressed otherwise you do actress appear dogs woods that you do when you put sweaters on them. With. Builds logos well Chris is anchor let's see about Chris glad about it. Tough bill might under that that. There's been pitching. Well you're. Now you have a mind you have them in Jersey once I put biscuits is a Jersey but for the jerseys that they had located throughout our club I Qaeda. Out here and I have a kitchen and you know it was a it's. Did I just smaller Jersey at the beginning it's not their nannies are dressed in a pure black children and white hockey jerseys and don't want your control. She worries into Chris thanks to call Plavix no it's. A sport though it's tightly these and say you know slightly different name it's not if his. You would have to. You have to go ahead you're right of the ruptured. By dep predicted that an out of the way true all right I would tell you this doesn't make it better try to mix well I'm not gonna make fun I still have all of my jerseys when I was a kitten and pitchers is that I put biscuits illicit ones that I had I was. Do you really out of shape and to. She duplicate. A it was one of those old hut she became the whole kit the football kits and only the Jersey pants and you produced at one now. Don't go to mock me for your weirdest dog fetish. Don't credits says all tied it. Here is the break and let's see a mattress a new dog page every anybody. Undergrad are you guys. I've been written it W a lap it up in it. George people. On judge every let's show I don't. I just try to let everybody be themselves than a month that. Who aren't. Pretty big midget race. And it they there was this and push up in an on line. I don't. Quote I got thirty credible that Al. No dark. The object and rabbit. You're taught taught me a job others guys there like he's a farmer. He's allowed to have chickens or rattle us what I would pick up an X I could tell he was farmer Canadian is it's the same. The it takes the call buddy evident as the day. Taker don't judge people says everybody who's judging you for judging people. Did you catch the irony is that right maven it can be would you if you can't well in age you had a dog you know yeah you thought your boyfriend dressed up your dog I would love it. I wouldn't lose any respect no well what somebody should have some passions and. Well policies are used to getting QBs girl group. Of. Able to. Are to be a plus for you did they know he'd be doing it because he thinks it's entertaining and funny this is yet. Agrees Selig a guy with a big sunglasses undertook the Laguna bunny you sound like such an old bit. I saw its class as well and I had noticed okay Chris it's high school but a year ago. It's gonna take a month electric self. Out all the let's alleges that we don't appreciate it good one.