The "I'll Turn This Car Around" Threat

Monday, October 23rd

Has any parent ever actually turned the car around when pushed to their breaking point? Most kids see right through the empty threat, but Kimmy witnessed one parent actually follow through!


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In your life father you early last line of defense and the kids are just out of control room and you go it's America that's really wanted to of their head now about some don't teach your kids police. At two dollars and topic sent a message that warring Shia. If you don't it's a way to get to our deal work done brightened the American listened and got actually deter you look at legal. This yeah. And said for many years. Actually ever turns current it was a month in resident as trip money tied it means to deal with the kids hottest tablet can be witness history yet to be that guy pulled around. Yes so I dragged by bush for not beautiful stuff yesterday like the farms and stuff like that area he was pull the wagon for the kids. Don't go. So we. The whole club but still like this packed parking lot and we're kind of like wedged between duke cars and another carpal look behind us today. Diller for a lot of open. This little kid that had to be I'm guessing five pops. It's prince out of the cart towards. Bike animal at the petting. Area and and the mom gets out of the car chases after him the debt screaming at the kids in the back there's like three blatant about it. And hell and Sunday hell you're selected yelling that he didn't wanna go on the Haiti right to be scared in the other said he. Yes the other kid if he peed it's pants. We have hundreds ads not guessing it's aluminum pop. I welcome mother is chasing down the kid that ran across the parking lot all that debt starts freaking out sand that's it. We don't need to see Graham bloody day were going home. And I'm thinking that their from Syracuse because on the back and they have rented a sobering and I. Hey Billy had these stories every week. But think this family is from Syracuse is on the back of their car they had like at Syracuse junior hockey and I. I certainly throw so I'm Pawlenty than you think they drove here to visit family maybe and that dad. Got everybody back in the car and they left you don't even get out Italy. Eight they just left. Which adds to the tension night. It doesn't work in your favor though because now all big kids or more has started they get to do the bigs that they wanted to do. And what's gonna happen is I'm thinking is that your wife's gonna go we owe these kids that day it was at live with the pumpkins as such we got to go back. He's not about that moment yeah it's a little windy it's about future moments here's what I make is the result 2226000. Actually turned the daily caller route and I expressed mastery of fathers are actually in Deborah because. I would yell like daughters all the time I'm earned his car around and you know I'm not going to go at Depp may date. Because we just utterly equity threat. Because we already bought a seat collapsed at a them anyway. Because his father turn the damn car around people the move from this point not actually don't know the ramifications are this is like. Sit not and regular nightmare yeah. We don't know that was ever done it's we don't know but I would assume that exact moment yesterday were you turn it in car on the big kids now understand crabs can actually. Have to say I hate distinct late he just set the world on fire you've made things a lot worse. Is ever to get single boy a scary pants boy way and out of control boy in the backseat yes. And now they're not gonna get to do the one thing they wanted to duke that it wanted to seated crusty old relative in Rochester right okay is the one thing that they wanted to do. So old. I Jessica like you made it a hundred times or Kazaa your wife is always gonna side with the kids rate. I don't want it to seem pretty stressed out you did you just watch cricket renter a parking lot but does a little boys do what they see that on combating wanna go play the odds most terrifying moment is better it's like your kids pretty through parking by you can understand it right I mean it I site. Old school stuff there's tractors and animals and told his neat things that go run around on a and EA you can't dollar kickback is a five year old boy he's got a he's got a border for this stuff put it this way the mom didn't try to talk to data at a staying on her out of leaving. You try to keep me write this it's harder is that once it's difficult the rest of the day was going to be you have set your bad major bed for the rest to be lights at what I say able to come out the car can't be too. Isn't what I learned from babysitting of the few times ahead if you would moves and just please don't want doctor okay little okay like we have Sam and expert but hear me out. So my second wife she always one to have the nieces and nephews are right so the sleep over it so we only have waited two little boys were brought little rocky was a handful. Is the Iraqis and any unity he was it a door of Acadia at this. You'll smile on his up. So is there a surge turnaround. And IQ here you know him kick in the wall or something you know. And so much of ex wife would play for the time she goes up there you know in five minutes or some pick and Warren sisters you gotta go look your system. Aaron Jacobs tough Tommy chosen to stay so I turned negotiate with a Mike Miller would you be cool. When airing settles down under league he would it be in line to squeeze your aunts may and she's getting on me sort of figure hurt me at editor Mike Richards still is gonna hurt me. So we apologize Israeli. I can downstairs big big win big win rate. To say considering a pound and on a wall. A chorus of stole. I don't know what to do here because like they're back analysts and either way you can relate that kid up or you can negotiate woodham. But he was as exciting news and somebody else's house was at home with parents were around. He take a listen okay but you are dealing with the aftermath of which you're white it's time and you know what she divorced it was great. Excuse several Iraqi thank you coach Tony bucks. QB but it witnessed the first dad at. Actually heard the car out yesterday of 30 it is get we got folks at battle they see their tweets accompanied you can always tweet us at. Had to be symmetrical in regards to turn of the Colorado onetime Duffy is 100% right when the kids are young yet to send a message to pick a spot it due to the yes well. My iPod a costly senate sent messages. Your father sent messages you nurture it went unanswered here that took the current theater my dad did pull a move which led him to tick most of all time tight but that dissect jobs the break group I'd see MFA Johnny white buddy. I don't know I do this all the time on my girlfriend. That might yet but I do not pat their back last week where primaries and not. You line legal debate screamed OK I won't yeah. Told you that the bad lie and I NR AP the extreme to the people behind me today. Which are all the way right down mile. So what does she do the little one. Which you not do it and I don't you cardiac been bad so idiotic don't give Rick certainly. Obama says she was cooler to that. There nor cubicle or. What I look I'm not I'm not immediately. What. Couple questions gentlemen how old is his little girl. Or hearing day you'll get four year old I didn't so horns. Tell if you don't look so bad it Nightline night than people. Roll around on our eye on behavior not yeah outside and I didn't. Four year olds go. All. Your chin down unless you're candidate for a plug it's a girl for deadly this. Your girlfriend get mailing you do that to her daughter. Aren't you all not much did you yeah B yeah. We I don't worry Arnold million organized groups who don't. Speak good guys here is to order a real or not mechanic yet. You've got. I didn't know who would it be that bad and I think. Our idea here is there nobody jurors. I can't be tough to daddy's idyllic different kids it will lead differently is the worst you get that sun is gonna face on it. When you talk to though argues that the editor ice cream. I think in most dads in that case want the ice greens so bad that selves is that they're not turn and run with us soon nobody's getting pizza. Yeah I want that you took over getting pizza which showed up at top of the breaker let's see about eight tabloid Le. Noted that are now when we're on a road trip. We can't act like to open up. And get the idea that slow down or deterred signal and that it. Welcome back. To object to call I appreciate my eyeball with exclusive and my dad's move it's like he just edged jerk around which so we'd be on the night beat. Home I had my belief that my mother had him lead anchor in Seoul we've come a anchored my brother and my sister's back. Yeah decks right and so it stop stop stop and he'd see the rest area that you guys McDonald's yeah. He slowed down or apple rock and it was so mean. Strangers who represented that evident modems the mag though he would get at least thirty miles an. Just about deterred the goal over the white lights get back out and did you think back like this shot. It was just I couldn't do that but that and so got there whether it's. Tortured little fat he's exe Catholic you'd like to give you an accident during that gives them a joke about these and cod area school. It's headed and car doesn't it Democrats of driving with that people recurrence of the train you the academy Q yesterday at DeWitt doubtful thinks yes is a bother for what the first IB history threat to the car around that. Actually hurt the car around for his three young boys flip about Max the great group on CNN payback. And I'm telling you right now their reason senator Carl they had no how all white people. Do you every single one of these examples are. If we back it up like that need my sister all my cousin. How it rather aren't. Do we were begging to get out of occurred in. Clearly any English you'll spill clean where we don't wanna. Work. Man I'm telling you I bet he house. And they're. Making early eight station wagon one that was our back the other way. Couldn't I couldn't reach. That's why can't believe I wish my father would Alter our. All black planet recently Jabar when they had to make you do like the familiar as quote dagger to the article I had. I'd this rule where ER but they're used to kick off his belt while you're driving you had a prayer belt in the car. Those cartels. Yeah seasons and don't wanna broke no it will lead yak it up. Other reached out belt in IQ what do I eat meat eater end up back today definitely have. The make up. We we we ordered real quick there you go over a. We got all of the belt up at them. It makes it difficult receive and that's true and so well. Did you look alike and they went upside that's all right I'm telling you guessed it was balls to do it now would it cost you money. Yeah doesn't think he gets up invested like a trip. Honey go home. Pretty cancels the operator did Lucia deposited you're on vacation but let's say it's a 300 dollar cost is 300 dollars worth the lesson you teach your kid did not act up and even now learned that may be that same show next year when you're on vacation and down. Before by 2226000. Caron I like thirty seconds he got form. I'll while I'd wrecked. Are my father had made it out walk. Okay where you where was the car where re driving. I want water I'm all over it like it but it was dark world. Like I that. Well well well but Beckett did Dayton get away were dropping kids off like I mean quite. I want to outlaw it but. Around watching Batman I need it afterward we also teach your. Students come out and I'm not this year well we were able to buy. Battle eight yet add you to the strip club Brigham and I. Scared they even make olive trees yeah yeah I don't think my kids on the podium. Yeah and I so whole vision glasses and love to talk to his dad from Syracuse trigger yes it only works yet. I say it don't work we'll try with you can't see what happens pushing nowadays because it didn't fear anything anymore. I think if you are not doing the funding that they were gonna do and that was they don't they're gonna get a little spoiled and they listen and as I've as a spoiled kids so I knew like how far to push my parents. And I was so I even know he said he wasn't gonna do it and I know in the end I was gonna win I just had to wait them out. As I know he was lazy. And we had no patience for anything so you don't he what is the discipline my but he did what has been the kind of discipline and cut so I know in the end he was weak I actually Tommy's doing on the show and has been his entire career just waiting it out myths pointed everybody's we I.