If You Break It You Buy It

Friday, April 13th

If you break something in another person's home, do you have to pay for it? You have to atleast offer right?


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I would like you to say what you said before that commercial break Tommy again because when you flip a wanna make sure that everyone heard what you said if you're at somebody's house and you break something. You pay for you don't offer to pay for you pay for it. Listen we and I quote and I would try to whites coworkers house for a party I did not want to Erica he's as they did have beards so I was forced to drink red want. They had a crazy yet be little dog that was all over the place I tripped over the dog in spilled a glass of wine on their white car. Movement and it's done. And I felt terrible. I apologize even though was the dog's fault they didn't control dogs ball and I didn't wanna beat the first place. They said don't worry about it over and over what I was apologized. A week later my wife was handed built from a coworker for a 150 dollars three deep carpet cleaning. To have the balls to look at my wife. And tell her that the deep cleaning up was expensive and it was my fault. For being careless. Really changed your tune from the night that it happened. I told my wife to go back to work in lap or face my wife wants to pay the bill to keep the peace even though she knows it was my fault. Even starts or read about politics in the email for some reason to leave it to their Booker. Bill. That's a gray area. Menorah I would say if you're just being a Clyde and somebody's house that you knocks them there or you're just paid for but. Severed right why don't white carpet who does that number one it's their fault brand and what you stupid. Mutt. Is not under control and he's under football time. I always say I would. You literally just said yeah no matter what you pay for that you broke through and it's a once and have been and never was main. I always I would offer. But I wouldn't feel obligated because of that situation because they had an out of control animal in the house you say out of WP little dog that's an animal. Out of control and an analyst you. That dog got teeth. Again he by. We've got virtue. And I'm sorry you on top of that but it could. But I did listen like a published on this walking through X and Clyde them a Klutz. And I knock over I'll land percent like general groove for him. And I did and I do sound then. I think you should pay but in that situation with the don't have your dog under control. And it's attacking me. And red wine on why carpal what do you think can woman's disguise apps to pages you absolutely have to pay this well this problem is now he's got to keep peace but what peaceably keeping with this. Woman that is paying them first of all. You sent me a bill you. I'd like white myself what it said it back to so you're not so now you pay you wake yourself with a now okay. I had an aide called a hypocrite and that's fine I'm allowed to change reminds for a world. How much. I'm upper hand. It did these people offered pay. No he does they are basically to pol he apologized they said it was no big deal that the bill came off a couple weeks later. CM promising like Abe. If I just knowing it was an accident nine maybe my dog caused it but I would be thrown off the person and didn't at least offer to fix it. If I was the person you re house that what he should have offered to pay for the carpet while after he dropped to celebrate here and I'm gonna get the wave off. Wow what he's offered his resume its I was gonna say I'm not you don't expect. About a thing to see him playing again with I wouldn't think the person would make me pay us and I'd take you have to offer. I have people my house I headache free easy and start. Packed and it tests your eye dog Scotch it was a cocker spaniel and he was a jumping it was he was upon dog. But he would be all over again I can't think how many things that that dog I'd knocked out of people's hands. The note did dumb stuff and I would never dull you owe me and I know my dogs are trained. Only when it's actually true I'd the only time I've ever seen time and you Muehlegg Matt you can also get lie and all that is mosquito what's this guy. Let's wanted to play coworkers how said the dog tripped him yeah villain on carpet he's got a 150 dollar bill that she gave to was like these more complicated than just how it is when it goes herself. Because at some his wife works. What what pure whites worked relationships weld is an icon on the woman threw for just forcing a bill on your let's say she's a good woman but now Richard his situation you know. On AB got to keep the peace dissent as you get is soldier and those into us and pay the idea that it's hours every about it rather than having to have a Cochran really say a us woman now. I am more adult what's this woman I. I would never I guess she has a better party ilk have done Obama I don't know I don't think you should go into C. A fast and loose nonchalant cool man. It can't entice it's just fifteen years old yes I've only seen him legitimately Matt one time he had a bunch of listeners over at his house this is what ten years ago. Irish historic look at. There is this kid there. They were Fedora hipster and who's drunk and either on my liquor there's a mosquito. Good flying around in Tommy's kitchen to keep it to paper plate and tries to establish the mosquito I guess just got the house pain legitimately like a week ago I got a hold them joined up the bottom fly out of nowhere statistics would you agree host pat. What you got to say Hollywood's when he was just. What dad and you know what I just didn't get to get what a bill that paper plate and hit a mosquito. That would let about what's that got to lead the charge thank you propelling the lie what do you. You could tell what is tapping our usual and as soon as you've got a told jokes I. Ecuador but it generally speaking if you breaks a dentist pay for a case this ash Blanton in this situation. And general but if you know if I walked in your house is something in your house causes me. But let's sell it to the house and you're kick abzug surprise has been donating his enemy class a one night at. When you when you can't. Look me in the face and say that's on you when your kids now taken out of his college fund double likened is that when a college anyways entity that makes you should do raise a mid eighties kid Jews. Actually make sort of becoming parents. We expect if the kid had an accident broke something expect their apparent pay little. Yes no no your kid he's jerking around in my house like what we can't just you know. Fell over or broke something like I like OK and my brother's buddies accidentally put a hole there are drywall in the basement. Usually what. Should get around downtown Austin gave the story let's keep valley tripped over something entirely but who knows of her. Listen you come over how she get in the unit to kids them and your kids are roaming rules savages as they breaks of that. But that's kids I mean I wish you kind of controlling your little savage I don't think of the parent I could charge another parent for the damages are that good addition large U but I would expect the parent to paper with the kids broke off off an apologetic you have to go and have a conversation with the parent your kid broke this and I think the homeowner. Guess to spank a child. Right now do you wanna smack their kid. You just brought something expensive. Peters the breaker lets you know take TE LE brother. Yeah. Well we can apparently get together during the holidays and now we may call eight it quite like. It got leaked hammered that I immediately regret at all. Don't or Graham and the man come on now open late daughter Dorian. Well we didn't matter that at a there's an earlier tonight that she broke her door in Dakar. Later she didn't act and the other and if you. Did you pick the tornado hit. It over the body shop in an order you know. And our unity all new doors badly hit. You read our daughter checkbook is trying to right. I'm sorry. Joseph you stooge Peter and I. It's awesome ticket money early Barrett show your body worries shops it's expensive but she actually do it. I didn't do my job now Earth's. Happy days difficult but it has the money in its drug. These disallow wanna take my front it's. Osaka and you're set rules brand group has remained as he's gonna supposedly difficult Andrew I agency and everybody Loria. But he though. Anger out of the bag got the babysitters society to do. If you broke you know you clean it up there and only around. If they don't noticed that it missed her and you don't pay for it. But you know as this incident and that you own out but you're not so it's eight or there one. About it I respect it out that a better data what ginger ass and let out here that I snapped when lag it up. And I would. Jesus vote. I what about on the couch that her government pat the guys say there and I got a bone to pick. Yes it all. About the lag. And yeah yeah. I want to go to that app. It it made me go to war with. And I can't relate right out and pilot waving blue advocates elect Barack. Quick we did a lot of calls on and it's gonna last at bat when he's got to be one of the worst calls you overtaken his record in order. Don't yet know I wish mileage for missing right now. Alicia was like this behind a couch or would that they hear you make these little dead. Did did a chair Martin. I did it happen at an idea and you take you for produce a signal. What that I had to go to the draft gurus who voted as the rest Liu extras like he trifecta. Well even at the paper to direct feed the hungry little background. I thought they can get as anywhere else noticed. I guy goes to his ex coworkers house apart email from listener and spilled glass of light red lion on a white carpet he says the woman's dog tripped him. The co worker as light that comes two weeks later they built 150 dollars he says he 8 AM for the car to clean it Tommy's a huge paper everyday. Which break it's it was a set this one analyst sub dig in that house is caused me to do the estimates. Are you more apt to pay for something new broke in a home that is high end or a home that is bust. Client why. Because I a day of the money to pay for yet it's also a really expensive to date I guess they felt I think I would have more guilt. Breaking some staying at a time I broke to digging your house and you seem to be file edit. An M I broke something I'm mad and they've seen people break things and iron on to us that you didn't charge and what did you when a procurement and start. Hey that was injured troops like just. W ought to be used to. Hot. And that's the paper plate yeah it's you know it. Which to my family now I know if you went to my parents' home where I grew up call my guy window ago yeah I don't pay managers did a hundred dollars of improvements that navy air conditioning art is in the breaker lazy about our product. Are articulate. His or her personal bar just yeah. Perhaps you know it's eight. It's around dies for days about it Doug. Eric. I city there's brains are when are going to be in a carpet as an incentive. Artie Goldman you have units in the days are. Think we see eighty yeah I don't want to Wear the other. But I. I would Laporte move did you do 6000 I appreciate all the calls John's got the last word on CNN faith Johnny how it. Mario. Who have done things in the passes at our broken out by Hillary outside broke some. I'd hate or if I couldn't pay board that I say outdo someday I'll be out due to and you know how are dungy trying to bank. But a lot of equity a do something blatantly. It's just good. Your house let's say but let's say there was liking you breaks at the right I am in the dead as a of the bank of fix that maybe he can give you something all Felix. That accountability real or you're not up. Now but now they are they what are you really can't a look at our in my house and their kid was you know journey to idol ever and Aaron Aaron broke up our mind. I thought they would say they like I go to cover like I'd be expecting. Are hoping that that person would have the same Diana and all I have is accountability for the kids whatever and offer to help out forward. Replace it if they didn't. I'd be a lot more cautious the next time their older. Brett bubble wrap. Yeah he's a jerk and jive and in my living room. Our national and they came over and that's what happens again and that's what I'd say okay they broke up last night out extend an invitation now I can in my house. Just like this like it I'm not sorry it's not like baseball there's no pre strike. All right John you tell it takes the cult and appreciated Johnson like a blast and yes it goes your Kid Rock does I mean circuited giant and.