If There's One Person You Never Want to Lie to, It Would Be This Guy

Thursday, July 19th

Lying about this might make you look better, but it'll definitely hurt you in the long run.

Never lie to your DOCTOR!

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We as men we all do and we need to stop doing this or because your insulting person who has years of education is there are just helping the only job is to help you to my daughter here at the break much class act and he's excited to be seen that you're putting your embarrassment. Over. Your health and the intelligence so many and so and an opinion piece every person and it's from a doctor and it's titled drinkers. Stop lie. Because I know how much huge what does that basket. If you know so much why I asked him this doctor talks about how he sees men on a daily base them and how he always asked them how much stage and he will tell him a number just enough and he knows that they are lying because he can see everything about your body. Right but you know life he just he knows what about you guys actually needed YE stassen buddies laughing about you know went to medical school here I'd in my undergraduate here and I've this many years of experience I know exactly what is wrong with you and I know is causing these things to be wrong with you so you lying to land a little nip midnight is doing it to take the edge are we I imagine that you personally today could we all like doctor all the stupid stuff we are wrong but what I don't get is why. Why do we are pretty honest you're not sure how many Jewish given all America. Richard Georgia couple little stepson Richard I don't know lay eggs exact number. Anywhere from nine to many. True or false you like your doctor about how much you drink known maybe a little bit. Might get even just be and how much are drinking but if you're supposed to be eating healthier or something like that it's gonna it and I think the reason why you lie is because you know what they're gonna tell you and men okay well you need to assert eating more vegetables okay. Tired you know that Suggs delighting you and skip that whole park so lake. My wife's is a court to have viewed during WikiLeaks actually right thing is that. I removed. So but I count that as a drink its it makeup. I trinket that to drink CC says that might beat three drinks. Well it's in one capital accounts is a drink so PS3 how many drinks two drinks. Which really XX and is that when am I haven't seen three drinks and one cup and having Jack as a source and ran OK okay I use the metric system. Here's the strategic leaders. And the east conference part about lying to your dock and let's say you tell you something that he does one hear. He's not to rescue nobody gives our poke and prod to actually you know. Museum get really in Contra loaded up slightly the doctor period on a real open book which are not being healthy is I can do I want to get close enough to healthy. I wouldn't get closer to helping healthy but it went up on but he can't help you if you're not giving him the H Feyerick has. Everything doctors say sucks because it's going to be in dolls and don't is completely counter to tell it. Get a way to get all the that a gunman now on six drinks a night. So what I got to do I gotta go I got a but I got to play the game here's the league this is a completely feasible scenario where you end. And doctor goes much you could be honest honesty problem right six strings and I don't have six story tonight I see a fourth forgery tonight and the doctor Sally Field. Doctors AG cut that back you don't you could say you know what's cut back. Three a third seemingly negotiate but didn't look like you easily get you look at the face beetlejuice to quit smoking or you help or don't like it brings you. Why he's gonna finger bless him and I would like to have a nice relationship we probably does save big pat when they tell you just have smoking I have liar yes. I I I I must lie meal before surgery better about what I was eating and stupid. It is to deal. You go in the kitchen numbers aren't getting an issue new program. If you're numbers are good guys you know that is the big value of our OS is number here. Good bad enough base of the likened to argue well Mike White numbers are gonna McEachern gonna win Clinton. And by the way family history with a drink and very good yet what did you dials. Dementia but surely reminding. My father 87. He was one rubber pants pro sounds nice cocktail hour have to get up as much. Love some rubber pants. It makes no he is rubber pants and it was eighty I get to listen if I could drink guys I drink right now and you don't all right Tom may. Return your 85 going to be a rubber pants company in talking I think Tony you can smoke your ass off. To 85. You get 85 leagues to keep told Reuters voting Ewing taken and I'm saying that quite like the doctor that if you feel you gonna make good on why a lot. It's always a crapshoot remaining in the racecar publicly but stupid head and I that we all do this too and I'd lie to the doctor we think it's gonna make us healthier. Because of a bit everybody wants to hear what they wanna hear it so late. One of the things by flustered civilized is yet only sell probably had a lot of heart issues and he listed doctor shop. Do you know why. Using avert doctors tell what he wanted to be here. Great they key is smoke deck during that anywhere caddie and finally found this one doctors terrific guys think that that he sucked at being a doctorate. And he's probably longer ground now. Clinton doctor Dell for okay so that the conference is basically Dubai putted. Bad Mikey get you started dollars a gadget guys that don't French. Jane spoke to doctor yeah it's like the four are now at the same Barbara I thought I now. In north Palm Beach, Florida. There were essentially my father had a drinking buddy as his position he was our family position by the it's a Dutch adult braces I yank guy analyze these people I don't and by an even dollar French would even say. I know guys you know their went 400 they smoke any port every day. It's kind of explain just undergrowth user friendly doctor in a different look but you know saying yes so like so when I go to the doctor I would've built like me. I'm already and as weird as down amend my socks in my drawers just sitting there like him eight and I want Bill White male hey everybody it's a good report card rate this is like school yes so he always gonna pump up yourself as every technique or the doctor. It's almost like you're applying for a job make your body's getting an interview okay and you wanna see the best you. But here's the problem and like you cannot wrap your head around. If you're healthy and drinking six strikes tonight. Your you got it all French if you're audit policy at the bar later if you want to help. Healthy drinking six straight tonight and he refused to stop drinking is extra tonight but you like your doctor your bat. So life does nothing factory insulting your doctor because your doctor knows the George tricky as much or smoking is Mike are eating these things okay so let's. I got the doctor and yet you do you blood were to dole a crab begins you. The finger blast and this is every illustrator. And I lied. Don't got his own numbers are good. As the numbers are beyond this is leaving acted up in your body and at the residence so what's the problem. Why ask. Our till I get BC's all the numbers you should ask anything. Today I should be sitting issued apparent right from me yeah in my business numbers are good are your parent heroin numbers awesome to. We talk about this opinion article last night from a doctor he says stop lying to us about how much drinking eating smoking because we know we have your numbers we examine your body all your doing by lying to us is insulting our intelligence and keeping you from getting better if you want to Afghanistan okay our last so that you look at the face it's not gonna stop he can't stop seeing you not be our business. To be discriminating always tweet us at the BC a map great group at. Coach's daughter five tweets if I'm more on edge of my doctor I'd be dead body already drastic cancer glow she's right. Well Maria either of these cancer Bulent read Dick cancer. Hospitals they have like these survivors and cancer people survivor easily. You know you don't wanna be me again okay I don't wanna be you're like all the hair might add a little bit but don't give me care politically and I haven't out and you wouldn't know -- I figured I guess. Stupid. Scott design related doctored he had cancer you would you tell them anything is I get this big lump on my neck my could be anything. Some people might even lie about some small thing like that because. They don't want your bad news about Ito that she's quite yet if they didn't even have to beat the drinking or smoking and you have. Two giant lumps that you just Tommy to doctor haven't checked those out. Scott did see about getting spirit carries no secret a light body. Very don't. Pick a region where a lot of people are a liar. It's like in Europe are certainly Q Annika your pros and director. Guy you know turnaround so. Over record if you are there it's in Utah on the dirt OPEC today. It's a whole thing you know negative thought today the alcohol can affect the medicine incidently my father did because he mixes. My father I'm not can the news so you know. But the timing was seventy was on a lot of medication right he would take it would drinks so I get night. My mother or make a mug double burger Manhattan was an extra shot of her moves that's. 67 shots of boos and us amount but he would take. His pills within the ninth hole and my mother would set it up front about fathering get off disaster my mother was set up as pills right. Make it this cocktail and then he called it cocktail hour pills and booze. You can't. Teach science and he would watch the news to talk about how they'd need a lot couple these the drug. He's drug traffickers meanwhile. He's mixing pills and alcohol guys American men. And my mother didn't forum. Going back to the tweet that woman Brighton personal experience tonight dark Angel Cabrera and try to figure it out years yeah yeah there's a such reported her they're still at a leisurely and his book when Jose that are result okay. We all I do think I kind of thought that like you go to the doctor was like being the computer going to be repaired right they look at you they sold. It was wrong they punch in the code that you were good good to the case that's how they do so that they do it's a lot of trial and error rightly guests and hope things work out for the best that's medicine is like. It's amazing had to go to school or trial American beer doctor looked every week nobody tried got no idea if your life tomorrow on good. For everything we know what the human body there's still time that we. The human body right talk to know. What do Y I have a diagnosis of what's going out of my heart and white is your doctor what you want experimental medication why is there stuff being developed every single day. Is that this is what pisses beer by the medical field what. Its dividend to strike a trillion years they have channel has crept figured out speech. I as it chases they want right since cave man times walking upright body hasn't changed right to. Any general figure what are you waiting on let's say on that lives in Africa so yeah you know rob Ohno and churning federal figured out within of one of the did that when McEachern given back taking a pill you think that light is part of some massive world conspiracy. What does she do once a month. Meets with the black new world order are believed to be security gamble they talking about would that put the way doctors to. Same thing dumbest person. Well thank you it's.