If the Experience isn’t Worth the Gift You Gave, Can You Take it Back?

Monday, July 16th

When it comes to giving money at weddings, what if the experience doesn't match the check you wrote?

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If I went to a wedding and I am and what happened to can be spread happened to me I would absolutely gonna happen I'm going back of the envelope I'm changing how much limited to give your poison and now. Works worse I would rather take a food poisons that what happened here because there is some assumed when you go to a wedding right I'm giving you money to cover this particular thing and when he doesn't show what. School grew huge it's under the bridge turn the breaker Broxton classic rock and a six did you see and that's typically what happens your friend. So different sunny. Last week how the previous weekend she had gone to a friend's wedding right if she hadn't seen in awhile. On the with a good friend growing up and if her family is. Pretty wealthy oh so she kind of figured this wedding was gonna be like over the top a beautiful. On and she gave her friend I guess a little picture in the car discussing hey I know we you know haven't kept in touch but. She's figuring this wedding is going to be just extra extravagant. So she got the wedding and her and her husband. Were waiting for the open Bart start. I didn't Neal and art ever started. We have liquor it was a cash bar into high gear. Now hold. Wedding. Boom. And she also said to like just like I guess are a couple different things that we're just not Ryan flow and welcome this wedding she also said that it was a ball face style. Food and when she got up to the buffet like a lot of things were out so like she had like picked it refilled it and apparently not what they do according to her. It was weddings repay for X a lot of people and yeah goes away they won't vote tonight but failing gain yeah it's similar seasons salad in here for Christ's sakes. So yes cutting it just some sides and am looking at what they're Alex Tyler a little at a time that is it is. It's that it's completely. Classless to go digging through and taken the money back so in her mind she was liking but maybe we should we'll take. Some of the money out of a card that we gave so they tried lake sneak through tests like the gift table to pull their card back out. The box was locked. So. Bright move her. Her husband knew one of the Grossman. And she had her husband go ask one of the grooms minute there was a way they can get back into the you would do. Is just me. It definitely not only gave you you look worse you look what you Wear it's. You what the money back it's bad but I think yank it I couldn't Corsica you get tired and got class like she's very am. Budget conscious and they but you can she's if you look. We were sent Dan and his bride. Does his wedding I don't care I am 100%. But okay with your friend take this money back to stop it falls about way every wedding you went to blessed as gates. We ran out of food had a cash RIA data Kate said we've. Everybody out of the hall I had a witty any park and meet July there and it was opened. Mean it was open barbecue Israel brought her on it does. We are tired I don't know I think I put my oats guy I doubt that it gets like a guy not a open part was that by wiper to plot a wide gap is over. Wait. Wait a is that gates open at Barnard lie OK. I can't violate ice night buying cocktail mixers is not liquor K. You know that there was causes soda and and tonic is that it June in time you know there was whose two girls as low wage and tour also and they even a blog stayed away. Oh yes let me go to what normal open bar they got up and but you know like Hendrix at fifty year old Elvis shot. Oracle's. Which you go to a wedding you expect an open bar. Yes that's my soul so much so that you are not even looking on the invitation to see it says open bar wedding. Equals open bar if you cannot afford open bar you're not ready to get. OK that being said okay. Aren't there I'm there now right wrote the check a man at my high on a miserable but there are Danson doing all plain nice chair. There's no way out on my money back I guess what this guy to be a blanket to a wedding it would first thing I'm hoping for. Let's get this done. Don't Alex going to a wedding makes it easier. Drinks can you combine that game entering its bait and switch broke its beef eggs which merit. Urges patent some way the biggest brains which is odd that grown up there she she's this is the best she's ever gonna look. But hey he made a decision should be toning skinny forever but that wreck he needed decision that he is live with for rest like divorce is an option I would like to divorce in my view I did you assume is gonna be open bar I don't I think if you got caught. Going into big thing yeah I think that's robbery. You call the police army please don't. What a year ago called public gosh I got my dad which comes out to people it's an old book puts up Cuba and how embarrassing. It would be. If your wife is digging through the the jumble of paying and that's it of people around and that the places of party house call the cops on duress. They have video you write some security camera. Sifting through piles of distance to get your car back pacing and you're going out and cost yeah. You look way worse than anybody else. I think they thought that they used excuse ul we forgot to put the money in it and I think it was weird. Well it didn't work anyway are you what sucker sucker all of that is what. You get money is against you know that right you give money to cover whatever you did raise and I can't handle it and so if I did it look nice restaurant and I sit down they go sir you need to pay fifty dollars up front this fabulous meal great and they bring out de I don't nuggets and apple juice all. Yes I'm demanding my. I had no idea he would look at the chicken nuggets chicken dinosaurs we've. Pretty so I explain it to. I don't I don't nuggets self explanatory yes. And at a chicken nugget. OK fine let's set and become a chicken nuggets edit out I just need to get your money back yes Claire Bennet. I'm back giving that money to a restaurant as a gift there's an expectation there. I give this money supposedly you are right but I'm giving is seen here's a little money to get your kids started its life right. You well that we give based on how expensive we think this weddings right but the monies that. You're right eight but that's the and we can't say a credit watch. Rental. Rebecca backed of people out of his taken money banker Felix it's a sleaze ball. Caught too you can exploit it for everybody why there's no yeah he's fast and it. I realize to pay for my own list to you violence free all night just days. I pay for it I pay for even a car and paid for the blues broke it we wedding. And it's cash bar for all the drugs are overly inflated the gonna short or you and it's gonna cost a fortune any drinks in a fortune 200 to guzzle and you're doing alcoholic woman. Wells. An urgent as a bit of its cash bar all night I've been angered even if you. It's paced yourself you're took it pale up for drinks like Diet Coke does it cost me a box deal. Slap in the face. Of it is it's not that it is it goes to let it last weekend they assumed it was opened iron because everybody has always open buyer they put money beyond bullet to cupboards that open bar got there found out test. As far. And they didn't really get dinner apparently isn't any to rich people use she said there are other but I guess like. She realizes why there while the looks like a band or something was over the top session maybe not like they spent too much Austin on other things so your friend tried to go back in the boxing at the check back try to go back in the bucket the check back. Fox is locked so they were kind of out of. You thing like they spent so much running on the ban adults her at earth wind and fire there they got the sky coasters and I putted tree in the bank expenses yep but ebony can't go local bandits to my excuse me these would be US. This this crap bands a legitimate users into the FM radio band. Sounds like he's pulled this exact well what's top. Yeah it was aware what is being done. They were the head table without first of course then and are determined to Google able. They had found back up again before we've been skeptical about generational food and once cash bar. I could see our people on the top of the bench. Halt all the Arab now. Act on it at a and number we want to get what. I thought yeah. Quite a ways away so you know these people they use it that you work with them. They'd use staff and they give back to him away you guys who work that you step I didn't work on what we have a lot of critics say catch them. Subs and no one knew it when it came and so what are met would now like hey where's that reject. Which I call. It poses a check T you're a good face no we had this happened my second wedding. On my wife censured this process and it. You know you're our. We've bounced the other checked came great soul she goes so we edit will win when do so she calls a rent rates is under. It's fine remakes of deposit. Weis who suddenly she got hit with those fees forty bucks a pop where you check was only like fifty X two paid forty dollars in fees he would have given as. Us that the bank ninety dollars. Digital release for two. Call personally face it we urge your ticket now which again I know you have attitude towards me you've got in my way you don't pony up on pets I can't. Open I still exist we bolted to its okay make its elegance this arid desert even if there's nothing there I'm giving money OK all while you noticing you're receipt and why look like the bigger person per surely sight out of mind the deal only to life. Did you do is X does it take take it to get back in that body. Understood about twenty years of all along and have a wedding when I knew your feet. It was New York it was a reality and into work. All the people to guard reserves and her daughter Mary I never met you before but we whatsoever. And no it was beautiful. Yet of course our church and all of those he's. It's well Stewart as a mode drugs yeah. Unless you address what it would sure keep. And nobody Orson William Broad road you know minor but it's right on our morality and they had a reception sort of the big rumor the pluralism our traditional script which was an X. So they take did you feel like certain out. So I don't burger there's little little portable barked up so in order to get a beer. And there was so each teacher to border wars and now a little earlier to bring out a couple of which which even crackers and proper order to about the site to a player I server my house. And up to that later apple was on. I am a bit bigger beer accident and broke an apartment electable welcome goats who goes after it was that there is no. Wow I didn't do your duty and actually you're kidding this year and also a big via public got married it would order a little while they'd pale. They have. Of people were left and ended up special orders to bring peace to wage. And I think I ignited cares botched. But I didn't come until people at Merrill theater my Campbell. Greg physical but I appreciate it I needed nobody get to that story. Within. But you can't hate radio and it was Nigeria press. It was wearing or drug Gary. We're romantic a more just vision I don't know it was a roots. But this dangerous though cover. What you think this cost is if you go to your wedding for eggs in the last one was at your back you this was small and private so like you know like what am I supposed to give for that what's gonna cover the dogs boat tough but I tell and I told you don't bring any. We have to bring some probably than that nobody if I would brought anything dear lord durable having that it never heard the end of it we'd be huge step Cordoba house supervision of the Dugard hadn't driven. By the way good luck where this Jimmy. You playing KGB securities and look at it places if they have pleaded and then and an interesting process of our most brutal. A blessing to think it's going to be on some budget we've been ruled the council on drug of the get dressed up wouldn't be nice to people could look.