I Would Only Leave This Once In A Lifetime Event, IF....

Thursday, October 26th

Disaster struck outside Dodgers Stadium and it greatly affected a fan in attendance at the game... but if this happened to you, are you leaving?


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Houston pulls it with the Dodgers last night held again eight home run ace bigger seats World Series record Erica but 76 in extras lass and I sudden you've got. Good game and egg kitty just on the second hour of the stories. What would it take for you to leave your dream about supporting Epstein and this actually ever gone on all that'll be the same and I get exceed everything will be exactly. Opposite go to Olympic him. There is an Alley reporter that he posted a video of you know how they do like that when they're put out the fires in California they'd drop that. The water via the helicopter. So there is. Video of one going over house outside of Dodger Stadium and apparently. That house is owned by one of the fans watching the game which could see this from his seat. He can see his house from his Xenia Israel and Chavez earnings he was his house was on fire yet and he could see it from the World Series game he was ten. The couple laps to India and the giants. Volatility though. It now it's add to that guy gave an update it says that Dutch fans laughed when they can. It felt that it was there how are here earlier than what are you gonna do you rate yourself doesn't have value does not fire are right. It. Even gave all those questions wondering. What concentrate baseball game everything is going up again. Couple things. If you live next to Dodger Stadium houses a dump. It's in a dumping area town political ravine yet and I they had no plague she will bunch of late Latino senator just to build the judge to begin with the true story and it's right next. They Roman nose and a month but that's all you it's everything you all and then restart over OK can the court insurance or watched a game. I know this is happening endlessly the show before it happened maybe 2226000. The event that would have happened for you to leave your dream a sporty. If you have one of their greatest capable part gelatin because the doctors didn't win but he got the eighth home run yeah he stuck on deck out. Record breaking and this has happened for the Dodgers it's 1988. It's 28 years ago and wanting something from Crist are you today. They lose and like India and like you go to this game they lose on top of your house burning doll for god stakes but I mean this asked to have happened with guys pregnant wives something while he appeals gave us that they can be bills run the early nineties throwing AFC championship teams in ball off a bit it's almost. Unthinkable current. Write the bills beat the raiders 51 to three that first day siege at PR Dan and in the middle of that celebration. You find out that you waste elegantly. The greatest thing back then you couldn't write. And you're right you muzzle bit on the moon. A 100% right DC didn't it as was the greatest thing Baghdad and we did even know it dead. Mode this guy can actually sees house. By it. If you didn't know. He got out at least get to join the game. It's always like I like if you go on vacation is set then tragic happens on vacation. I don't want to know about it. Okay but the biggest fear. Eight with my wife now is nick Cody the dog is eleven. So you know Cody son play in the short game saved her biggest fears were gonna go and take take a vacation go away your pro weekender suntan. And a dog dies you know that's gonna Angel was a deer in the dog okay. I don't want to above on vacation. Don't tell me the dog died. I don't Casey ruined vacation you deftly get a road for my wife. I don't wanna know I'd rather not know presented that it there's nothing I can do about it and I'll let something that I'm really invested in I'd rather not now. I understand I don't think they can do I could get elderly parents aren't yet they're in a home. Analysts say you and your life you know you get out there and age and you take a dream vacations so why aren't you go to floor. It really know about my taken it to her for a worse. Yeah it's time to do I think liberalism they can't you're not able and then you get the dilemma of going out there and lets you mother passes passed. By here on vacation. Dreamed a dream trip saved up elect had to take a cruise or semi Garrett. We don't. You ruined the vacation there's nothing you can do very insensitive it's tell. You can be sensitive when you get talent your vacation it's definitions constantly aides said to have it's it's they don't set that that I believe our team is working on right now in mice. 2226 I don't know. Dodgers game last night eight mad at dodger staying fifteen dollars kick in the door pricey house burned down deep he's watching his house burned out he should beds were beaten up. As the game is going on the left what it would take for you to leave your dreams sporting event what are. Then do when you get they're not then there's the big guys this that got that house I saw it it was a goner just to break elements in a fight broke. A gallery. Now that you've got my cousin that the the bills are good and play. Like what is. Pregnant and exit at AP. Huey early exit before elbow Sony is nobody enter. That you're like the labor comfort or two. River was but it was on the play out in an 81 in the leaving early to go. Writes I I didn't think accounts system could those do exist but don't you go playoffs. We beat you can't hear what the crowd favorite USC SI ISI. Monthly sound but it that the roar of the crowd it was a two game. And here you know it's going on you'd want yes you got kids right Jeff. I do would you leave bills' playoff game to collect your child be born. I oak tree just to. Fix the idea is it. Some areas there's I have to there's nothing I can do and you in your having funny you paid all this money you're insane to believe. I pity the poor folder leaves these happened to my old man. But I know which way he wanted to hold it. So we'd just be blocked out. An alliance decided I was on the road comedy it weakened we're gonna drive to Detroit to collect his bills and it. Now the night before and the tigers the aides were DOC. The tigers need one game to win. We scalp these tickets got super cheap standing O it was amazing the tigers win walk off home run to go to the world's Hartmann pants down we sporting part of my head apart. Oh. Ops. Policy related reporting and I don't concerts we get back to tell the complete game the next day. The my dad has police files as well. What it is best friends and neighbor bars passed away hard worker during the gate. My mother wanted to come home at skipped the bills' game and XT Detroit and we. Why would you. My mother was very shaken up as well it was also present my father's very shaken up and my mother is very it's my dad that he didn't go home because but he. I put that on your mom. Only a human you mother doesn't deserve much. The delegates on her and she shouldn't have bothered because there's nothing you can do that guys daddy go home to deal with the they'll rise to the way he died on a Saturday rate. The funerals are to the following week. You do all the agreement what are you gonna do the next day the time you get there it's night so then what Monday. Can't I mean would people get so crazy over this stuff like. They just have to be there and stand around look that's really all your Dylan I think I was twentieth at time when I was shocked weeded. What you what did you get to see the Buffalo Bills the and at that point we lost no no it. Now they you know injured your at this game like how can you really enjoy it that's what's going on. Why interrupt my fun when there's nothing I can do about it because people would want an ally right. Right now days you should just saving them from themselves because. Avaya Avaya that if you if you're doing something that I had a candidate for not on the iPad has been at peace have been pushed okay that I know you distance you can do but I know you're having fun. I don't wanna ruin your fine either come back home and stand and look at a corpse. Here's the problem now. Aids if you don't ruin my fun and gonna post my fund all of her FaceBook and social media here at that age she's having a great time line I don't know those Boller Gramm. You got a need to now. Looks bad but I don't know I don't know the dog died grainy done and it looks like someone know cranial capacity of our armed UG's debt. I'll see the dead body to two 6000 guy who watched his house. Dow and his seats at Dodger Stadium last night he left dreams sports scenario violated by the time he got. Out of his car made to his car over to the house it's a smoldering it. Would you do nothing what it would take for you to leave your dream sporting event Greg's the break room at CMF a great body. Regular. Date a guy but he got. Eight odd code that we can honor I'm going studio are eight and be a quality game to us national TV. Yeah and tonight Eudora bait and never bat I. Had. And mother. It is really sit out not a column. Equally EG at all worried that much at all day. I gotta agree I mean. She had solid there are a lot of ball. I don't want pat rooting. I game or else. Shrouded it's got a six hour ride back home with a grieving wife who needs help negativity here for his voice when he set and ready can't help. All. Like as if it the dream gamed it out to eat it and others are back. I I don't want all. Right and battling and nothing will change by the time you get back if she's gone. Same scenario she's dead you do the morning and you do the burial you do these services that's all gonna happen next week anyway. They. Are you worried about. They are buying going to be citadel or shoot nothing go wrong we've cities or. Eight days ago but he did. To. See. A. Not a bad optional on things pat I know the that you're talking about it since we use in neighbors. That. Beans it's it is nice guy. Yes I'm gonna say about it and it broke also gutsy guys. Can lift a rule and always had a smile on his face you leave the game got a. Kodak charity race that that's I like how Bob but yet that's. At my house is burning down. I would just. I hope that my kids and my docs got out of the house and out tall part apartment on the company Dunkin' Donuts for human eyes and copy and stop it. It's clear. Player like collecting insurance money and also a total loss that sent. And a boy managed them somewhere got to put it out they call it I like to be animals get richer and the big a violate their dead. When that happens. In particular you're talking about 'cause they sought on television the fire him already gotten through the roof of the house select. Even when the helicopter dropped the water on it the crushed the second floor of that how it was god I love how do. How did you show again outback draft Tommy John thousands guy. Fireside its top relays to about ways you dogs in the you know went to go to the apparent storming a more drugs do they hate let's let's be cried. As from him I'm almost dangerous to us. All my top as to what he died tragically. Growing old yep exactly you'll pitch but I would've been on vacation I would wanna know he died. They sell a spirited game yet this union there might be something you could do even just to go check and see if he's OK you win. Jump on that opportunity Tony's old or he's over right over look at what's on your keys right now is his priorities are well they got a special PG what's key chain what isn't. Maturity is it isn't. Out of these have been busy man on a lot of things. But I as a fighter let things go to his Scotch is Collie former dog is his name text on your key case again and dug a discussion just when did Biden on his natural foreground a given I don't wanna know. Did you. Europe that are sort of be a vacation goddess of joy of vacation or gain if you were five minutes of peace and quiet. As a any guy asked for if you weren't so sensitive for him on an even my daughter tell if I was on vacation in the dog dynamite. I went on vacation wanna dog was old. Nice to tell these eleven nephew Jake why Sadat ago. Don't bother you with his dog. Just this is what this is the vet. This is where he goes. A deal when I get home NN here's a credit card just paid a bill and an item and nobody I don't want a big focus is nothing you can do. I definitely am my brother's house to come all the daycare does dog that's already not breathing.