The "I Used To Be in the Business" Guy

Friday, February 9th

Maybe we should be embracing this advice, but it doesn't make it any less annoying..

There is no worse person than the guy that tell you how they did YOUR job better.


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There is no more knowing human being in this guy in Kenny has come across. The I used to be your business gotten the guys have got to tell you. You do that I used to do that. He's got guys did too specific category as those we'll get to a second but so what happened to you kip. So we were out last weekend and I would like a big group of peoples of the sky it was like a friend of a friend basically him and key. Not to because I guess he knew that I worked on the show he knew our first in math obviously when aliens. And he said oh there others apart come right and that yes I am most of Arco oil parent company that most people don't know Latin. And many starts to explain me how. He used to work for a morning show here at Entercom. Says ape. Producers what it sounded like a producer role anyone who shows I'm guessing like maybe like ten years ago but that's when the company bought I'd think here's a big utility guys I've never heard of me I dad Brian are madam now. I having back then I mean he could've been a part time I don't know his side yet but they do it I got to introduce yourself it's definitely pretty was very tight it is annoying if I. Who you are. General Eaton right near it there's like thirty us all towns that have these gate. Your cell and I say he he works with my friend now who does it is not radio all like. And did just said. That ought to give it your idea so I don't hear so she starts telling me how you know he goes into what she used to do here and today. Little pickle you know at some similar to kind of what I do on a daily basis and then he starts. Thrown out advice who who who so then it becomes well you know I listen I'd listen to your show before in the mornings and I guess Selig there's some stuff. That you guys miss on spring and then you start saying let's excuse me. Not only like how he doesn't. Delay the where discussions go okay how we can better plan them all. Howell. Sears certain bits that we should add in you know spice it up possesses this is which used to do listen to this listen to this. These phone calls that I used to make and yeah I yadda yadda and get and it was kind of like one of those things I didn't know how to get away. It can't get well from that guy there is no way to Mecca because. The I used to be in this business guy falls in one of two categories are both equally Gucci you have got a kid we had to deal with the quote. Couldn't cut it guy aren't you what's successful when he was in whatever business and I just talk radio we're talking whatever job you know bright. He was successful but it wasn't his fault and yet. Ideas that no publicity but now you're here so you're getting here each and every one of them this cat isn't going. Because he thinks he's on your level. You guys are kindred spirits when in reality you're not to fight. Really quickly I'm assuming that you did give me. Why this guy doesn't have that Joseph that's funny because in biology that it ever said it Lackey got out of this NATO's military and have a regular to a net. Dishes that show you add it to sort of story that and nobody ever gets out of a good business voluntarily here right the other the other guy MTV's not. I couldn't cut it guy and he's moved on to better suggest this is beneath me yeah I. I switch back in the day it he's gonna tell you how it used to be with the business is different in how people actually worked hard it show respect and I was duet and I. Of doing that job because it to be hard work and about myself. So that's the guy ain't. When I was cutting meat that came up. And was explained to me how easy meat cutters edited that time in how he cut me they would do this all the time he could be a little you. And tea you guys and then that's the guy a when I took his mean. And I am white myself with that and and a returned it to Alec kinda instantly to. Pick a litigious for Paris and I took great delay I know it's a terrible. Gross thing that I did I probably should have been arrested forest. But I think it was just. Like exposed to sit back to that yes I had it easy guys saw QR grace yes please don't want it to yourself it's here's the problem. Role guilty of it to some degree do. We we aren't we years coming up you don't get a leg back that they people at a lower rate as a every generation we all really aren't that guy or that person when you run into somebody did that site. To you to use organ of that ice cream story yes so that's OK kid straight. Yeah lesson that this actually happened. Kid came back in I was like well that's not the size that it used to be back and I were tired of it but we ultimately could you rented to a kid now that start orbit to an ice cream parlor high school. These are telling you about its value is well you know back in my day it was way different is yet to count the change you know and this and that and people used to come up with that money that was you say I think it was out of circulation is just money from that night to exit brawl that. Personally I know that's that's even a different guy like I ain't saying it used to be different when I was there is different then. Let me tell you how to do it. I don't think so because of their reason they're telling you this is because they really want to brag about when they were there. Maybe I just can't ever see initial subpoena and fuel are all guys are back on. And you're the guy that has cut meat that you wouldn't dare go to Richard how would tell him he's doing something wrong I used to do it. Now but I guess I would actors would reminisce though about one I didn't winning did feel like a guy with Gillick and we feel this deals so much at the bad. Camera's nice to block out what the majority is yes you do this by the way did you say you can have discussions that the guys that the kneecap her like that yep whenever you go to do you. Like the guys I know they cut me it will wegmans they've been doing it's it's like when I was a kid like they used what from high school to cut means oh. I can talk to those guys have I I've I betcha I do it. I think I did but even they Selig or the businesses chase trailing the balls to justify okay well you know but it. Digital music that's Pataki about the I used to beat Bjorkman isn't as I can be it diet bar but we can go he used to work radio so he says for the company that we were an important it would ever heard of him and starts giving keep me advice on how to dish out the worst part was he star David. Telling me things to do that we don't. Wiki that we would never have a technology has moved on happy access to do and Alec he's a pretty well. I think your station duties hole re branding and Ed. Searching how we should change the music stuff that like. Oh like we don't we don't do that were classic rock station what you wanna so I stupid when you talking to you talk to Timmy can get a mile music suggestions and complete. But it can't get to test. To be worse for guys working trades plumbers carpenters contrarian the old timer comes around wrecked or even got either the old tiger does tough laws are even worse the guy couldn't keep the job in that business that let's tell you how you're supposed to be doing you were Joseph Biden and when you work for that guy when you're in neckties home your stop. Yeah because he's your client that you need to make him happy and can't come after you sell for the like he wants a guy that could have. Hack being a plumber tell you how you should fix his. This is almost been spend their retirement brain. Yeah those guys say they say you were for forty years you had a cold or Java that was her whole life trade yeah I mean men get older. It's worth over the drug trade so when you retire. You know I was a plumber was a roofer was a sales guy you know. And my father uses a whole time when he met salesman. You know disease sold differently back in the day you know and I think every guy Hayes is what you because you're holding on to appease your past you proud of. He quickly here's a big unsolicited advice and is the worst death every guy pay and every guy is full of this. You walk ons advice from other men and why do you think it's a good idea vehicle sub. Explain how things work because mine is good bye and good advice here advice about always very good. The other might actually be someone worse when it comes to this get to dissect it to two to 6000 Joe's in the breaker mansi MFA jelly out yeah. Hey I am sure totally what do I do oral boards to storage for my career this is why are we joke. Now. Retired firefighter right right brighter and I am not make you any news stories sort doctors are all our. My girlfriend always order a greater storage you're dead you're dead. HE all doubted district there's idiot stories remember the time the guys are probably make or nobody told me a group burst. Yeah. We're. So ugly that are your memories. Of those. Well that's right Bob play golf. It's not true. Joseph thanks to public you know Bradley gets this all the time. It's coaches. Everybody thinks that they can be a coach even if they were never coached they're gonna tell you how you can do that only their kids coach yes. There has sort of deter anyone that's ever played a video game thinks yeah coach lightness how I would do it this Nellie did do when I was played ice some might coach did it. I. Maybe worse slapped in the I used to be it your business guy. I went to college for that guy. Raymond I haven't agreed what you do but for some weird reason they wouldn't body couldn't find a job our field there are more annoying because they only have a basic knowledge of what you do but to think you know every day because they pulled 30 GPA when they were college. Right rebel hero and went to school love for little did for bird concur concur. Like it's not just that we give anybody can watching YouTube video want carpentry the carpet and getting these business particularly anybody that as a podcast is the same thing that we do which really could show and Merrill my axis and roll up. 35 minute once a week podcast Scott we do you did Terrell Willis and we don't had a different. But yet you eat well you know I got a barbecue last summer is what I did a lot a lot. Well that's another place where guys really like details how to do is to grill outside like if you have a if you throw a piece of meat on a groan you gotta party. Having guys that tell you how to cook that piece of me. And if you tell you he marinated it rankled their no Rio blankets over us like. It is a naked chicken and their own Astaire analogous to that Recco. Wreck but don't. But also well. They're qualifications up in the in the work he got a digit for example been like that I think the place was called law owns a restaurant near Rochester back to my dad and high school in the kitchen lomb it. And that would be his right kick up yes check for one summary flip burgers just now dedicate some it's up. You know I don't know it. It worked a lot aboard the group and the. BC ideas that too. So when I was in military school when you've got to temerity it was an hour time you had to give back to this school. So a lot of times and a working in the cafeteria. So I was kept Terry workers so Arnett I washed dishes and do stuff and brings lettuce and all etc. so late. I do this in my life now that that's not favorites lettuce is how you cut lettuce is how you do this to Heidi hello you know back AI learn from a professionals in the cafeteria industry well. If you wanna be that I am OK with that but then you're gonna do that from now line because I don't wanna hear you complain about how like Ireland and I just finish I don't know monitors that much game to its got the last word and see a map HPD color. I'm sure you're you're right about that pat knob and and that I mean that our guy every type careers I'd I'd help out people because. They don't so insecure. I didn't have a job so you go LP book I don't should do this and have finally I decided. I got so much of what I am I hope not but nobody. It's tight. Now I'm not so you've got retires they want to get to go to that your family. And then glued to a stand up thing like maybe once every three months just thought. Are out of my chair of tragedy so now I went out and I stay home. Don't do nothing to nobody because you've got a sweet and stop the porn sweep everybody. Out to the Bible broke that it deputy that is a great old man spun saying the president and Robin who. Arrogant guy today he realized yeah yeah yeah well after a while Rodriguez to feed into is infinitely Atlanta PD is a little bit.