I Swear I Don't Know How They Got There!

Thursday, October 19th

Even if you're telling the truth, you're still guilty in her mind!


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More angry response we're getting into this problem yes the more I realize Wii's meta know what you were talking about when it comes relationships I include myself in that. I don't had and very well Q like a relationship NBA all star in the breaker box classic. Six but WC IMF so just to recap really quick and he's a western woman two weeks ago it she just wanted to talk to a man about a situation room trainer long story short her husband gets a really bad car accident he's fine cars totaled he's given a rental car to drive around for a couple of weeks a week and a half after he gets the rental car his wife Cleary groceries. The car that he bought by a pair of paint he's a bad this bank gas rich she confronts him with these panties he says it's obviously something that was stuck at a rental car and not I did nothing wrong she doesn't believe him she reaches out to us just looking for an opinion we'd be going back and forth for two weeks whether or not this guy is guilty which you'd think he is Soria got defending him. It's become apparent that there's nothing you can do to fix it and those errors and I see you guys are out there are some ideas here which might work right. But it comes down to the false accusation that ruin your marriage and it's much you wanna blame women for not satisfy a man and that's why the cheek or sorted and the reason this woman has the idea her husband is capable of listen is out or fault and we. The statement you just made before the commercial and about how low men will cheat when things goes. It's so warm and but what she'd do it and I can satisfy their marital Webber's the other than what data there's not tees sentence that women are open. As faithful as their options because you've set multiple times show manner rounds okay. So when you say over and over again and when it. Look guys who cheated go acts that happen. What's your wife supposed to think when you're in that situation saying one person ruined it for everybody what is this I'm guilty of Tommy's guilty on all been guilty of it when you treat. A guy who cheated on his wife of multiple kids with kid gloves what she's gonna look at you would say you capable of doing. OK so it's our fault and I can't get upset with wit and what we eat is for them but you know I mean maybe you shouldn't be forwarded them in a ringer in the sack. It's into the hole it up a little bit Darrell iTunes the saved him you are as a hallways again even the Toledo and you know. And again when net. Out creeps into your marriage whether or not he did something wrong to creep it's over 2226000. Is anything this man can do to save his marriage ages in the break room on CMF. Each other. Guys are going to smaller. And it's just I just like take a polygraph. Mussina and TV all the time warrior and he's well boats and all that just take a polygraph make her happy and in all it'll prove his innocence or yeah. Peter Cabrera. Ten today it's only as well and it's still tonight and prove anything year old later. Just what would have to believe the results of a deadly helps your shouldn't have to do anything in her mind. Let me. Virtually can't I can't at all. Polygraph question on our duty gets and the military background in law enforcement whatever yeah you got it now hold on hold on average guy I don't. So if she's accused me cheating and there's east bank has nannies. Underneath the car wouldn't sell my DNA be the most pennies. Possibly yeah. And the money virtues. Americans weren't that. It did not like DNA is on on panties. Maybe M maybe a minister looks like argue that she took them off for UT and he showed up stupid. They abuse us and no worse. I would UPD open mullet say I would listen I wish I did lend. I'm down every firm put your pennies of I'm going to be rub and on you. Over your pennies to make sure you rated Iraq and we play stop it and actually remove them breaches ever again so actually. Walker probable series on after the dirty deeds are done and picnic at the net as an army. Right. Calls comment pre K take a polygraph test easily too with the labs and night. I got thinking machines and they're yell at just imports went on your trade that was the polygraph test. I didn't doctor if you were cute guys situation if you acute issue we're done a Polly as I'm guess who were done it wouldn't take a test them out. Well. Now an easy she's sort trust me on mortgage interest banks even if I take a polygraph I doubt you'll be you'll probably if you don't believe I'm the sheer. But you can't even if I take a polygraph the back in your mind. Well he's a really good liar he could be dead because he he. He knows analyze despicable her it'll only help your case if you pass that test not necessarily and what is polygraph cost you so let it looks like it's around 500. Get a hundred dollars down for like daddy he's getting at that guy and everything in it is sit there and limited edition it was generic. And hesitated and then what was expected questioned the blue. It's just I don't who's put them through February 2 duties except. The best idea or get to bed. She ain't gonna buy it anyway Charlie's the breaker mansi that they jockey with a product. Hey what's up man. Bulky watts opposites good option or. It's quite possible link and it. It sits around rental car I step our I want Eli wants. I came back with the air and he's in the back of my top. From the back of my aunts. They were mine and it was I Errol I I XYQ would it take at least no way I'd brag about it all. The. I cut cap status even credited stable situation a hot bed down for you brought your life seized two pennies attached do you. So that they might at dollars so you don't like it. The F sat at. Are all she did Charlie how could she believes someone is Charlie got a good. So why showed. She'd need about six or southern most site to gather around her at. I keep the problem is that the attitude. Blizzard of Chucky puts it. You're. Immediately right now is capable of cheating on anybody's capable of cheating that's your fault. No that's how it literal they should I be mad or when that anybody is capable of cheating. It healthy way to look at relationship is that the person that I love the most well at any moment Hess. Look at at least it's it's. Built into the vows men. I think how you get married they drag you refer of god. All your families can be watching it and then they dvds listen rules and regulations. As they know what a piece of crap men are. But. There are. Two. And I tell you what you wanna keep your man happy got to do your wife Lee duties given what even if you have a headache or you don't feel like you're ready tonight. You get a spread him and and hollow and up in the sector your man to keep them an arrest is just a game we get a player that's all. Everybody has seen a pounded derby for the died. We have three John's whole Erica too. The three jobs here again just to recap real quick guy rental car pair hades I'm ready to passengers are being his wife reaches out after she finds the clearing groceries out of the car he says there he's at it said we've been going back aboard for two weeks and finally says okay could talk about this on the air you don't they are names. He could be innocent but the trust has been broken and this guy do to save is ask Jon one putts elegiac. It may. I heard there you go record your number Gardiner. Don't wanna go all Colombo on match go resolved all right there are about is that all mad about it. Women don't know the eagle threw itself. Which brother goes global locations and old everywhere but in the early hours. And org. So what your actions or some other brought no policy no damage just a bit of that while it got. Out. Don't get over. Well John there's a setting up if you cheated that yes he's got to go. And I mean obviously he wasn't satisfied from jump street so what are. So whatever John Mikhail that I appreciate it sees as a woman immediately with a seven seconds that he backed up for work. He met when were down eight or necessarily IG I don't think the location thing proves anything what. I don't get a job you have if you're roofer. Pretty sure he had dragging your mr. supporter of an eight guys would do EC has review was on a on the says over here. Yeah it car we have a guy who works that think this is call Joseph is a story about how the one of these guys was projected on how. How's it she said that's your payment when the work was done remember that story and got to bring them to ruin their riches could shoot. Yeah I do what you learn how are certainly not he would does that really can't link they gave me. How much memory so I could not say now I have a selective memory. Keeps oppression. And the problem is a clearly if she thinks anything happened she thinks it happened in the car so when matter where he went through that OK so John one says he screwed up maybe it was delegating that got out of hands let's go to the judge to just to know everybody. Doubt that. Well here's you know one thing that no matter what you do I was married for 28 years. Ones are rich they looked at exactly. 200 years. My wife partly watching porn on time which got really upset. I would I got talent playing. I went through all of hoops that I possibly can go through it is that you could even imagine. And no matter a lot. It was brought up as an argument later on it we are are in disagreement over everything. You botched armed. You knew you would account and respect now the dollar on that and here might point. My point is you cannot play thought. You can give polygraph. You can check cellphone records you got the raiders are all the other vice. If you do all that and as long as you are actually cure events and I am accuser. You'll never ever ever ever feel like that spot. You cannot win here you can give John parent no proof that you are. Well not return our turn to ensure. Right from jump street. Caught yourself or. Let's go thanks for the call buddy have a good look at out of his pornography. When he your marriage she blows up porn site and there is something else there in with him unnecessarily and lots you're right triangle Sheila out of by the way we don't know what Kynan Forney Republican Aaron that's what I think you're an idiot really discussing tickle born okay so to attitude John say no chance to save it but like I don't know any. Trust worthy Johns even in history we Cuba John Wilkes Booth okay. John Kennedy two pieces of crap John John Baptist. Huge piece of crap got six hold final Josh was even baptize you are hearing his phone and in. Johnny what's going on brother that. Corrupt fellows. Who did this John theories that these. Are absolutely Carrie and mr. body tuba and we don't look at it he keep the peace summit site get rid of effort in an acre get wherever you rebel. Catchy you're not try and so are. Look this idea to execute to the speed your match disk it. A chip on your life what. Exit exit appease the site is gonna be any better you're just gonna be the same situation which they say putting the pieces in the C bro so they don't find peace that attack. Do they hate it there's no hey I'm net stop the blues. Exactly. Yeah does it home to you that you like to use I'm not. Mad yeah. Yeah we know you are not made to feel less crime. One note that can order a very warm mobile world. And I'm going to heaven a lot time now and it is. Voltage on it by the way that's gonna hang out with productivity. And it. Okay you go to heaven and hang noted Christian Dan I've got a steady and that's it'd be in place attire to Dubai and.