I Love You, But I Won't Do That!

Thursday, March 1st

Everyone has a different definition of what a "celebrity" is. Apparently one man's definition wasn't enough to impress Duffy because he was disappointed by a picture hanging in a local restaurant.


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Got to meet his men witnessed it bothers. What's that you were secure and figure that you go to the grocery store or distort whatever and I would be if there's certain skirt things I don't want to deal with what is particularly. That's your job which I don't measure to go get dunks what you do though now like in my own dollar solar wind has picked up a prescription for you. Madame anything. He's tempered like a regular payment. At that had to do my ball. Underwear which bought and she never by Hewlett boxers satisfy us that the girls that's coming your thing you like beef cattle like nothing really bothers us to be difficult to control everything so you. Human controller all organized usually something nice for an elegant US that's would you say the pitcher's night. Aren't these something nice for what I want to do its own it to you dominant laurels and everything about it but if you ask your wife to pick something up for you don't think she have a problem notable to break her rights to classic rock and he's excited to be semen shot it's a story can be found about a guy who went to stories of girls and passed by lake grow what freedom is clicking slate gets us sane and now and stop this leggings and I knew I kids yeah pants doctrines no. McCoy who does it. This is why did you notice this dog. Which he insists he points to. Are are you Joseph salaries don't I don't torture you shot exclusively at the Sissy boy Stewart on main street in Pittsburgh. Sissy boy I studied English outfit. To Wear stockings in this room its yield was dark comes freshen sucks those at the closest thing stuck it usually. It is text message exchange back and forth about how we built together and she's getting frustrated about disguises go back to do whatever I don't blame him I just took it to 6000. I just shoot 304050 years old if you but every that you know probably get tampons or creed I'm not a rank and I'm not on out on ranked run I don't do rag rug and now here at the store already know. Get them later by the way why Iran and out. You don't get Needham. But like this is the official pace car of whipped if you got the rags in the cart would go old lady you should you will be too. Its lead to leave it would be wipes each you pay you'll Levy down there I'm not about not she said. Yeah. That's the reason they go go by its habit to edit how for a week to that writes I. Just like happy to askew but if there's again love to wanted it to go away. Of put another brick in my bag this slow me down which is can it be true rule me I'm sure are a natural shot I don't get control problem while the act as free baby. Is that the only thing you want my fairway for is there things to him. Gibson. Like it great if greens don't like economic Powell. It's Robert Doughty David Friedman. Judy curry be ticketed doctor. It disturbs Atlanta objective now is guys like how to treat sort of put everything to Rhonda I kind of give Tommy outline because like. What do I have even as a woman that would be uncomfortable but that's why you would take her husband's could you wanna be seen buying stakes give them my life and I don't want to brits AM on the Viagra pitches and so it's up on by at eight and Ira Romo and on picabo. And I know. Cable lets us play your little scenario here and I just let her run out yet and we're gavel while weekend millionth wow we can implant so like a baby. Oh when you're at the we are Whitman's bring the pharmacy. And giving Miami Viagra so when you get up to this we got to account as a whole which people are you think Agassi I would meet. I am my husband. And he's his nine under Schilling is stamped your ticket of course now they go little dine and I go donated to dissident in. Paid by. I'll idea body out of the bottom line Viagra. Backed off me you drive through and pick it up or are gonna went into the drive through our bench a lot of. Women because let's say somebody sees you with the mine I would have now I don't care that means of damage has gone limp Wheaton. You've merrily we leave me are totally agree that is there somebody I doubt they're kind lean leaning gang unit that snaked down there. Could get it what does it need guys with a flute an hour or are they can freezer miserable few years Viagra or use it once. Say. It's a bit harder and I don't get mad and don't get old you could somehow be able to prove it. Well I think it most of a do not want to be known that her husband's on buyer. Of the supplement get a four in May it may I mean you speak but you don't know you right wouldn't that might be embarrassing thing to see your husband as say you were disciplined to hit I don't know Artest but it's different argument. Right most audits going out and getting me something that you may find embarrassing to duke it out because the embarrassment will be strictly on the mend them for people like you perceiving that she's not attractive enough to have a husband make it. I. Domain got a dead doll and every woman needs ponchos I did anything wrong perceived as a man by assailants as nasty tasting program and it's you know it's okay but it happens it'll sort of to come murders tonight handy I think I don't you stop by I think Eddie guy with that. With the daughter. This needs you don't need to think twice about well I think on your grocery list. A smell corks. To did you 6000. I didn't think it was two men who were embarrassed by this but Tommy's fighting hard giants in the breaker bouncy enough patron. Good morning. We predict air attacks on April and are on you or you did it. He's the man who. Coach talk to. Fred finally I Garrett CIA year community it's really frowned upon know it yet it's like that are the most popular guys out to LA still argument. That you won't go to court threatened me went up by my wife and on campus. Point Tommy thinks he is apparently asked us not. All the music I'd ever heard earth wind and fire goat. Did you meet up and put out a loan from Eric's. Oh. Yeah every day to end Kubel that would give for every pastor that basically nobody else I'd tell him. About his culture I did study the black cultures until the kid. You so when you walked into my house it was ago it was a black professor. Dazzled by figuring. Which was my wife and a veteran editor of the likes Lieberman. And Ambac OK those are people that black catcher. Electric departure. It did it is it that robs the recruitment CNET. I. Did it. Or. Isabella well. Goats standards that it has stated he's right he would be very. I realize not that aren't that bad nobody I am about what you shot. People cash based CEE. People. The doctor pepper to that one guy. Public gut it out. Everything out where they got some cross dressed in sizable base that your efforts. Here's a U of the Al's top is so arrogant that he takes people remember him what he does all this dead. He thinks they let your groceries Lehman. Another record on. Social. Rock. And you witnessed him I'd card buddies. Me. It. Better than you can't run giant locker room. Oh. Yeah. Rob I galaxy validates the call I appreciate your revenues are 2 to 4. O'clock to got to got it. Like her are so much brag runs slower I guess 89% of men have no problem merry men by temple at the argument I let you spew out these facts like you know so much you are the only man that has protest this. I don't do it or reverend OK but you never got. This is a hard thing. I just nobody likes doing budget talks your talk. Two quick simple way to do what I do. I guess I have about a hundred liked it out I say when it was really embarrass accountants and you're gonna have to deal with this and there's no way around it. Soul. I'm with my mailman he's in you know he's getting on and yours is in his eighties and he's in the motorized scooter and were aunt mom Wal-Mart. He needs diapers. And my own man. Has no filter. So he's talking about the diapers cities asking questions about the diapers or how much is is holed a much goes it was kind of an embarrassing man like a senator. And anyone say the big ball pace so. I can't fitted in the basket so I'm walking behind changed my father. Where his diapers. Going into the lane and Danny's I gotta wanna go and Elena looks too long battle to wish you bushes don't take too long so like I'm walking around with a. Diapers at the exit into mocha and I'm sorry but it is embarrassed takes effect a life man my father pope's is pants I've got a hold his whooping riches. Yeah but it's a fact of life sucks some tax a White Sox are so they canceled a -- girl's got chubby guy attempted to 6000 finally every woman it's willing to talk on the show which ran aground Tommy refuses to buy embarrassing stuff for us like the grocery store 'cause he's insecure parenting jet has NC a map might do a Jenna. Better area. Now. I I have a sister and we are the only two children that my mother brought her out and I know for a fact that. You know when I was younger my dad has under the current Doran picked up only ever met let with a three wood in the house you have to imagine. That there was that at least eight are required. I can't detect. Okay. Larry. When I got older might want to ask me if I could just call on EDS and fill that urgent or Graham. I it would spilling his actions don't you know complete a couple mad Tyler. Spelling all legal ones that need it it felt I had BME battled and I don't mean I was reading them cute but that didn't. 11 Seattle. And she asked me she asked me you know. It won't amount and not a word you could eat more and look I am. Daughter I'm telling these. Historical at all. I don't get busy days we could would grant volatile beat Akron advantage. I'm telling me that occurred they don't know I really don't know the you know whereas. Didn't bother me because at that moment I was like you know why can't pick up camp on me I can Ellen. Well needs kids at that column Jonah that's not it is magic at the dirty action now. Got a dirty mountain woman would huge. Bucks to be fair to 6000 people BQU returns on the gym is on your site here agency you're NC Matt. Payment. Every weekend and you're you're worried about being judged in the line getting are judged it right that they are these or whatever. Also no sir I don't care what people think. We tape guy can light up a guy for having the wrong Jersey on the wrong day. Wearing the wrong numbers will freak out but he's fighting picked eggs filled to the top with the duke but vagina products. Yeah. Georgia but are you bet isn't letting people get my feet beyond the. It was a bad per person for many reasons not to shut chimp. What that would judge we forgetting tampons you would judge me for tampons. What I understand why am Georgia QIQ. Thank you everybody just isn't and yeah it's important that people that I know. Lest ye be judged you Judd just. Which you do it but you're you're saying nobody cares. You care about stupid jerseys on people you don't even know cuts do you get mad when people think you play for the hammered with when you block grant and a Jersey well liked by. All that stuff goes I. You just pick and choose what you want a job. Doing it you judge me for grudgingly he beat Joseph. Not only you're never gonna win we're going to be right there are to be well with so happy for my and a good judgment that bright. It's audio video red. I.