I Let my 16 year old go on spring break

Friday, March 16th


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I overstep my boundaries and I'll admit that I did brokered. Beer may have played a part in this but there is no way that this guy friend of maidan could let his sixteen year old son. Go to Daytona for spring break with his 1819 year old prince is gonna end in disaster I looked at least they did. He's gonna have the right of his life and it's stories for ever treated. It was money yesterday watching basketball Leo and before I tell you the story I had a lot to drink or go to try to to judge and running on a my people got together is it plays hockey a couple of teenage kids is all this being a sixteen year old son. And doing the whole what's going. Do you he tells me aside is going on spring break well with these kids get today revealed he's had you in high school. He's got a seventeen of the summer but he sixteen years Ole. And his father it just keeps getting worse and worse it was yes he's pretty good hockey player and replaces older kids he's got to eighteen in ninety buddies. Sub which are colleges which are high school and his father. Is allowing east 1819 year old boy who else would take sixteen year old son. Who Daytona for a week on sprint brand as young buck is gonna ride it raw are you all of your mind bending experience this kid's gonna get a no cement like pretty sure no I do not know. Have you ever been like the youngest in a group of guys because you're the most susceptible to something bad happening to you get. Because you're gonna be the one getting picked Donna kind of almost Hayes to. Blake then they may enjoy it by neo hooker and the X did you hazing is. Man. We have man you get the iron you're getting noticed. Bridget sixteen who cares what happens go have fun OK early young ones when you listen. You and I we're gonna get this kind of expect I'm jealous as hell came. It's too much form political have a good memory I need to look at me. We're not talking about it from the point of the sixteen year old jets' sixteen going to Daytona with your older but he sounds awesome what I don't understand. Is a man who hate. He's pretty conservative father this guy. Isn't it is like maybe he's 98 tackles and two there's no I don't know I'm not fit he's got. That's your budget hockey players on top of that writes yeah animals filthy animals he also said so I'm now that the intelligently you can't do this drunk and very well you can't rule ornery because I'm worried about his kit. Like he blow what are we going to get organized gonna meet girls maybe do little drink don't do little drug and have some fun in this town in this town. I think most parents would look at high school keep going into spring break and say there is potential for disaster at least what happened your years ago yeah. Right but that's a girl it's a different situation I oil these boys you can digging up and break a little bit at a map so he can't talk and by the way I've taken like. On that when neck I say this your body when he's on his deathbed. Let's say hopefully he gets to that point at wipers are all man accused killer bank him again night. Like it's going to be I can't believe you let me do that at that age all the school memories Erica bike that I had the can bring it up his funeral. When it says it speaks to their sons. David this is this is one of those moments. It's like him a man and he has. All his fees GS boobs movies yeah it just necessity to have boobs booby beer. Bombs. And get a bun B workers get to. Therefore if you. These kids his whole life to go on spring break this year's college did you break the evidences like go to my school seems like the most dangerous like Eddie every stick it. Every scary story ever heard about spring break like growing up with Italy's. The deeds and you like I didn't there was one point where. A group of guys. Were packing it up they're gonna have to called his kids parents to they couldn't find him for a day he would passed out random car in the parking lot just because it was open. It's fun it is funny if you're looking for that kid that it's terrify you don't hold that was one I fell asleep on the hood of my car. It's pretty cart that they knew that was a nursery through a horrible I was doing standup comedy director at a Phil's lead in Amber's it was a he would spring break yet generally spoke drug act passed out on the front of my car. I don't like the thirty tourniquet that story and that was sort of car opening bell on a road America the story. OK two to 26000 how young is too young for spring break is the parents listening that are going to set a school children with their high school friends down to Myrtle Beach Toyota or Clinton or whatever. Explain it to be a little bastard I think this guy is pissed me. Our delegate good quality was a bad parent he's being the bad parent you what being a bad parent very well I pulled back Eric hard because I know what subjective but this is bad parenting these bad Arab sorry buddy list and your grandfather. Right well it is particularly when it's your grandfather 'cause I guess that's what's shock. This guy is ego rather he's very conservative when it comes mr. so think about same pat. He states Somalis say huge mural lady is just in general ray. Yet to two little lines you get a little way get you going down to the parade and it is pull this way Guinness at a dreary and she's grown and are nag mountain. That's just Saturday erased earlier today it from the get go run here run there and do all that chair. I had had this awaited the day basis Sonia shall yeah. Then you could finally look back. When I was sixteen that went down to Daytona Beach and four some pants. And you would take that away from a young man you. Do it 181921. Because I started succeed and go on an epic run of asks you can't handle it sixteen you can handle and how you got. Bro and I never now how much are you could have got you jump own it you gotta jump on a Tonto. Don't own it. Can't tell. But of course I got art road at best and don't sixty old spring break with 1890 nobody's quite recently due to the spring break is a majority college and what was when I'm Rebecca my idea is here's the facts were. Can't tell you get a sort Tonioli is that fell out the window and it's the young ages the old age what old page house eighteen to 34 year old wait 340. For spring break 34 legged editorial friction. This guy who fell asleep on his car expert regular I was working no we weren't actually set a if you're 25 spring break is over the biggest. Out of college re Catholic colleges did you cut a deal with spring break between grad school OK okay again but here's one thing appears 34 new could pull it off you know you know no no no now you creepy old sad guy at that point. You know the but yet what are your Arafat by block and this Boris you drug corny nineteen year old girl your creepy old guy mr. of the strike at tourism money in the mail again at some below are now again I get it and recurrence from below what previous thirty year old is going to Daytona Beach says that NATO can't beat that kidney that's old right. She and people imagine leukemia. It is not doubted spring break and I kids but it can't stand every kennel my ankles and. At 830 something year old women going at all like do atletico. She's right. I can't imagine going to my boss let's and I defy office giant twenty years she's gonna pay gonna eat the last. It's going to Daytona Beach for spring break yen dramatic TV it looked at it there and grind. It's you know got to have remembered I'm still loaded with six report. Your astute those Alatas kinky girl at DBX shaped your view of spring break growing up and it's funny because it might. And we were I was like twelve minutes they were doing on spring break so we went to Myrtle Beach and on April. So was fifth we'll see you at a hotel it was a construction because it's expensive so I expected to seat murder and reached the stage just slightly Jane we. It's always embraced color and it's freezers at a hole in my hotel there. Missiles again desperate race yeah. Fights what is the H minimum cage to cage go on spring break or you're saying collar IE past freshman politics it. I mean I feel like I mean I knew kids in high school that did they survive so I would feel like kind of like hypocrites saying kitchen wait till college stereo worst stories that get fell asleep at a car. I know the worst story is got three kids went to jail on their dad had come down drive down to Myrtle Beach to bail them out that's a great story pro we just nobody likes to do with that day and just told you the bad story can keep bat. We all you know it's only ultra also get fun to play good focus on the negative I have a positive lyrics have to focus on the worst possible scenario do. In this situation in particular I'd be actuary to to get that this is the younger. The younger kid going with older guys so they're already. Doing things that he's probably never done before she's gonna get those throwaway chicks during the make the content. Usually that are trying to the end of the bad except us this we business or their own set this like you could do none of this like that's your client model that and his kids a lawyer that's what it is like you're saying these things yeah ever actually happened because you never actually at a position because you were ever cool to go strictly look at who's a well the school bus to you were 88. This to us. I. Wanted to bring your current I don't know it's just out. The question I feel like I I've made a mistake mr. today you did hero and his kids of year that Rudy keeps year when I say duties. And how far should you go. Tell buddy he's making bad not your calling out you know you're just calling a bad parent I get access to his face too strong should know once they're I was struck. I'm concerned about these candidates on your business she should remind your own damn business there are some others ever lied able to cross NC listen you're making a huge mistake like I. I'm pretty close to discuss I could tell by the look on his face that he was upset with me when I said yeah I don't think about a lie I mean listen if it it is news. He has a wife to dial him back you don't need to be the wife is uber record magma is likely to island that's their problem that thing right. In a worst idea I mean I know you think this gig to die here. You lost her. Boys don't go lost girls get abducted Angola like let's or heard like some young guy eighteen I'd be way or miss and I'd be Morita who I I'd even be worried about my kid likes of self harm right because like you drink too much yeah. Demi you don't know your limits it 167 unified them all the way from my parents yeah eighteen I 25 but are drinking limits. Parents. Well they didn't know I was tricky with you Bart fifty years old has no idea I was Lichter no. Parental not even close to your guidance counselor no one yet short creepy assurance that the drug days at the baker let's see and I think Dave politely. Right now and I got a call art art and that's why a little bit and have never seen. Seventy years old I was and Holler oh first year and now we all decided that it started they caught up in a U haul truck. He told the little. We Leonard you ultra premium Mexicans hide in the back yeah it's exactly what we hope. It's our guys are extremely proud and bet all stock would generate free now. Eat ice. Are out there aired on the plate off the beach. Set up shop and or local art on the back door opener reports in their. Including the police department who are are which it is you all and later aren't very sparse Okur or outlook hours. Every hole and I walked out every day. I think it Dave. I don't your seventies in the story but your front at a college like different because Qaeda broke you broke yourself in a little bit Bosnia Gerri college for. Like that he had broke our alt it boy your art it's there it's. Just Geithner Eric thanks. It's great memory by. It cops and you know I earned it and aren't their already hurt but police are. I ordered a bit like that your kids do you have kids. We are. We. Award already are one party out there at least forty. Succeed yeah. I. High school would you let your kids go to spring break by themselves. Early. Dictates the governor of Regis. Let's say let's say kids sneaks up on pulls them again no we don't expect I have a buddy who did this high school and his parents stroke on. Humiliating. Grow these PS starts ago he said no he Carla is Peter Clarke he got the car drove to Myrtle Beach how cool is that yeah probably not fun because you had come home a day later. I think you look indeed getting rid of him like Dick. Personally its supervision like dale immediately return a mistake yes I think so quick I can't got a controlling the watch him. He can't he can't dole he's thinking the then current thing thank god universe kids that are gonna man's do your homework should read your children French have a sixty. Yes but all your neck on down there with them. Never bring guns to and asked him who. It is not a great and I think we should definitely the others two and Assam to restate cubicle.