I Legitimately Fear My Wife

Thursday, October 5th

Sometimes you have to admit when your wife was right. It might hurt, you might never hear the end of it, but it's something that needs to be done.

If you let it sit too long, you'll live in fear... much like Duffy is right now.


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It's fear. I don't know what the word it was hit it but wouldn't marry men out there I don't tickets were scared about our wives. Should it may be extreme concern. Kitty who is an urban married before probably never get married because of the issue to address them. Is deputies out a dead from out of from an outsiders point of view it sound like you're scared. He's getting it went on us. When you should be issue it. Fear is a a natural thing that architecture you rate it's a protection mechanism a so what should know not to go too far. Did you get hurt right it's like when the hair stands up the back your neck you tackle what does it do that. Because it's a warning making business telling you. Stop leaves shot up by great rooted as they did yeah the breaker ratchet classic rock. Many 65 that you see that's so understand I guess can be like you'd think that it would sound like Sweden and like beer yeah and it's no leg feared something you're avoiding it's something you don't want to happen because you're afraid of the reaction okay I'm -- reaction OK and yes no it's not the looks like. So my hockey. Europe and that rights. Ease hockey before right yes thanks in hockey helmet and just make sure filled little ending in Helmand so we played he knew where those full pages or nothing at all to alternate bear phase NY. Little glass I should I Wear colorful okay China's cool and bad and and Mitch so my wife was a dermatologist is meeting the state of FaceBook about the what to logical problems hockey well one day similar profitable that lets guards and and take approximately you've got it and he's got to see what took place so I. On Tuesday to cellular puck to praise from. On Tuesday it has never come up before he shouldn't ever ever ever. Before leaving for hot each it was pat. Why don't you Wear a full okay yeah you've grown ass man. It's just wanna be husband would have the mountainous and to be okay all because of directly talk to pray tell listen I've I've I have one basket decades didn't it looks that I've never take anything in the face is that it's been ten years it's happened very funny it's fine to worry about it I know what I'm doing it she's insisting pack go by on a night put not a what you look like this and I'll be very condescending. Does it go around it the and let god you got it. Tuesday night that not only three hours after this conversation happens I didn't hit the face with a pledge from an. Every result comet or she was at the Lagos I gag you cracked just get off my dad it exploded like Kennedy in the limo I. Haven't slotted. Mike's face swelled up but my teeth were thrust a little loose the back my patent something is seriously wrong update might might which does I don't work itself. Well it's. So I don't think the first thing I think it's one out that hurt to Clarissa has got flowers who. Here's the thing. I could've hit it because you got beards or your jacket to see the bruiser senators' letter there in your head is so. Late Colombian night in which stated that as an avid solid form. Yeah you always slow you always look like you've just taken by pucks to the things there's a dynamite team whose mother works with Erica so. It was getting back to tomorrow and I knew it and I didn't wanna be little pitcher group. Two words were uprooted and so if you do so yesterday I just knew I knew it was coming. Talent can be like I'm dreading I have this feeling in my chest remember when your mother do beaten. That it did something you'd you know the hammer was come you're afraid because you know you should get out head a bit lower if you should just let it slide hope nobody said anything so I decided to wait. It and make sure you are you want very myself and so she walks up to me last night the hockey rink and she touches my jaw. Are. What happened last night and told his mom Gretel a case of it says to the telegraph where she lit me up last night. Crush me tell you that that it just stay all over the historic but it was clear. I don't know what it was but it's not feel with say you shouldn't use it something else what are you two were dread okay. Same thing it's not I don't feel are two different now you're like ancient well I think in the back or they're selling your fears of progressive thing. In the back your mind you knew it was coming so maybe you're just anxious and you want to get it over when I'm eighty that's it I was anxious these events a little bit of fear. You're only runs the show they run the show that the boss. And you were afraid to (%expletive) off the bus. And you it's again it's a work of you screw up we try to cover ups of the Boston into the final sample and nobody particular picture of your treaty. Every guy is afraid if it's it's inevitable because you've used your partnership now rate OK in Europe and she's the president you're the VP. Did you six outs or are you afraid of your wife is telling EIG tickets fear I'd I don't think it's the right to hold all the cards. Just stigma to us she can dude she's physically. Now right and she doesn't need to physically hurt she kid. Crush you from miles away and doing it. Are you for your guilt to feel Stiller music killed on you like a weapon okay are trying to still used to children on you like a weapon nine. But again you're just North Korean man stared at the United States running your mouth. Little tiny marry in with a married man that'll watches barreled. Taken pucks in the face with little argument that she's got command of her so bad it hurts it. But we get tough and a remote mobility shut up my bugs which of them are too tough to promote. Just premium interim Parker's. So it looked this up last night I define it will be looking up. Why I fear my wife. Look I mentioned wife that's like glue and feeling there line but I have I got all of the murder stories for Freddie massive study done. Asking every men and women what they're most afraid you ready for the top fourth that is better afraid America. One catastrophic disease. I literally Croat go to this is for you personally aren't so you're afraid of any catastrophic illness to prevent unemployment aren't three for ten wives and got four. Yes well are we as a matter more freight. Our wives that Dicey out ring of death consequences right Joseph Greg's death I would rather die than have to deal with because what that's like it. My wife. I don't say this idea though insight into marriage that you do and have yet. So. I have an ex wife who works here ranked so for right the first year. I work here is when I came over your shoes or to hear him. When I would see her and hallway. We get anxious. And you still scared a little bit and it took about a year for that to go away. It for about a year's still it was almost like when I saw her. I got nervous were you afraid the awkward situation I don't know. And now as I knew she was there and I knew I was gonna run indoor and everything a little bit as Sumpter again. In my mind. And I can't put my finger on it but it would have to be a sense of fear like so it was like a danger warning going off my head space bullied there's a woman. And here's a woman dead because of my Q you don't like her so it's like a cat a dog seeing each other you know the hair goes up and making controlled editors goes up the back under. Neck we can't control that stopped us is that this is hard wired in. Lindsay and Tony away. Guys. I am actually very much are you are not terribly clever and that I. Ever played or the dog is. It. And I can yeah yeah. Poll this team entered the big Tony Bologna should be fun. Well I'm that are cute well. It's it should watch how. Big an impact her let her buddies. Sometimes I don't like what you actually so I'm actually without. Let god sort it I would networks are ordered to. I'm also rose 62 over sports pouch packet you opt. Out. I just don't know the actual crew had this goal. You know collection set about how much or not. About this will have at least and that's what we're. And well. So I. Stat sheet each. Row yes. That's not all men one a little bit. The day a seat is giving. It's fair use that I Olivia belittling your man Perot bomb or a year a year. So you got a dual is intimidation. Tactics. If I do they don't notice shot up every woman and I and I say yeah that me. And I don't think. We realize. What that what you're for like what. I think my boyfriend being afraid of some of it does that mean yelling at him or me being upset with him but apparently accord you guys you guys do fear tonight I don't know when and where that happens. Like its other interest in part on the road wasn't right so again it is faced with a slap shot that only three hours after it tells me to work each and on either do not. So I'm hockey on Tuesday and I'm not gonna Wear this Canadian and my wife is getting this has gotten us out of it. Hit in the face again and averaging one pot to the face every decade it's pretty good at our right. Like she's getting hit switching lines I'm not wearing it on its despite with the hockey team that are beater this information. What's gonna happen from that point on. I can take to she's gonna read into what you're doing. You can't put on that thing and make me happy you can't one little thing Diane should do is where that where that cage over your ugly ass face doing in the world of favor. And he can't do that to me here I am I have a doctor's degree I bring home the ITV this fabulous lifestyle that you would have never had without made. Once the blood thing and it should do is protect your face so you don't scare the children before Halloween and you can't even do that that's what she's really. Okay here's what this is like this is why it's such hate it reached a point because like Pete. Hockey is the last point right at the command and I don't like twenty can't have a final at my boys which is free skate that it did not like this would be my wife's intrusion into my last. Asked Jim Manley as his current four Abbott. Haven't they take it all happened. They are never satisfied and are gonna take at all I would rather take a pop to the face every game. That have to put dictate Jon and let my wife know that she is not sorry I've ever taken into his seat because that's a little bit HUB ultimate token. You're used to do you. Google had good yeah real men play on Tuesday night hockey league takes effect. We get calls and somebody simply said that are conditioned to fear their wives because of their mothers. And. There's open there's a guy once a mommy a little bit in that wired answer I was scared might well. Hit it what it does play well. Well you mean news. W your mother didn't have. You you're you're you're fairly dynamic back that was very old school your debt pretty much. Didn't the you're that was like my dad my mother had no opinion my father called the shots and it would replace right but that but that but those days those marriages don't exist anymore or less. There's some kind of Italian there's a my dad this is it's actually are some minority though I'm not aware but you standard as white home. It's even Steven now. When did they what is your dad always tell you don't tell your mother. And there's a reason he tells you yeah you're right if that is the oldest sets its entire humanity I doubt we got to move on I really appreciate the calls.