I Can't Name My Kid That (part two)

Monday, April 16th

What names did your wife veto that you wanted for your kid?


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Joseph and Beck and his maybe your kid discussion of vital story to be sought on FaceBook on Twitter guy finds out that his son is named after his. White spur slots ex boyfriends it's a very unique game he was shot coach out in a grocery store she refuses to talk about Fallujah and Tommy. We went from him saying they don't matter all that negative and he would divorce this woman immediately. Obligated to attach to dirty child at the break much classic rock and it's expired to BC and I was asked about York kids naked. Every kid has the story behind why their name maddening and the fight that you have with fuel whites with the mother of your child over what it's gonna be there are rules will be to dissect David but I'm all about ten minutes they date a white brother. David yeah. Yeah dad asked the guy. Out. Let opt out lawyer called I ordered by opening it up. And Hartford it looked bored and I thought pay out neighbor Arlene that would be cool. That wouldn't he walked down the street every pirate Paul rader partly made it on. But I don't pick currently. Read edit get so. Yet it up the gap belt that was like or. Thank god for the mother future yes David thank. Yep elective or should we just about a motorcycle and kept going odd that you there are a lot of motorcycle and color games for all. Idealist and Alia. Harley that's a title Harley's edits that's got an Internet yet further east you go we're tickets from the side to mister. Can learn. From marrow. I just. Right I never medic marrow blood sugars and let people save those kind of names like their pets. Like you when she named your dog Hartley can't go and inherited Hartley and I know it I don't kidney Dakota I was up that was dodgy but apparently Dakotas person. Erica iTunes what about. People he knew that rubbed the wrong way from back in the day lake you get a New York kid who say name is a leader in high school. Erica has kept them but it is. What it will be my wife thought lately it would be for. Clinton right yeah well when I was kindergartners is girl late Le whose lives were released snapped it's more. Her school pictures. We would you go to schooled me T on she. Like these puffy like along with the dress is two schools really that we evidence when he. I couldn't I could not leave my daughter lately as I would be looking at that we your kid. Why the rest of my life I saw my daughter it's Stella yeah which is totally done a total late in game yet. If you talk to any teacher somebody worked with kids there and they have like a list of names that have forever been ruined for them just because of the kids they've had to deal with because they don't ever want to look at their kid and feel like. That other like doubled child custody they used to have to deal with as a kid I went to elementary school with need Lennon. John wanna know it let's dispel army and then when it was spelt LN and I looked really good guy coming to the USSR. I know commie name he can name their kid after Vladimir Lenin. Did not and then wreck and you can't get around now I. That's like a Hitler. An occasional threat I did you do 6000 rides in the breaker Muncie and have it right away about it. Hey I yes there are gonna say you know of the rule like. Asking Tommy is somebody Kerry during that subject security and Medicaid over me and I like we had discussion. When their name and our kids that we want named after people that ignore that the. Scorer like 9 o'clock. Cooler chatter well we had our daughter named. And when it came out that day that Jews aren't. We had met someone in the hospital. Ellis the most annoying person that we have ever met and shoot the biggest bitch and whole entire world. And CNET T Kimberly. We could they're daughters named Ed the last sector and we edit kicked her in a moment like before she even see. So we at your mind works miss you look at the. Ask your kid would like I guess that somebody like and don't about it that day of your child's birth on top of that and yet you're it's gonna look at that didn't figure into your. Exactly you're always gonna be reminded so I don't think it. I don't think it's abnormal and I want to name their kid after an ax because. The oil look at your child a girl the bring you all this joy that's your light and get reminded of something negative. You know knows sexual attachment to the name. Let's get rule rent some collectors like evidence that's almost impossible overnight that I know you bang somebody named that dude in as well you won a name that dude. I'm against that you shouldn't bring that up it's it's it's it's insulting to our marriage yeah. A guy port Jew we may decade that that whoosh it's named after somebody a minute to two Ted Kroll but it's so weird so I made or to my A cousin Tommy who died like fourteen I refused I he died the year before and pour the freaked me out. Giving child the name of somebody passed 88 through my aunt and uncle lust or kid like treated me like gold toes you know that was a big honor. Italian house they do get name gets into debt relative. And we mean the thing she did for XP too because Catholics or bay would hand down a names. Really even a juniors and having to do junior anymore when the divorce rate is that of 40%. So if you are a woman who goes yes I will need to Steve junior if you divorce Steve you're probably hate Steve how your kid is the same name as this guy that you despise for originated make him. Would that do ray I don't what you're used to clone him your ex husband's name it's the same exact thing ran right. Back in the day the neighbor's old retreads. I gave my father's name Michael Jerome mule I sure. My book my eldest brother is Jerome Michael new life. My aide. Told my other brother is Michael Jerome mutilate junior really there's a lot of imagination and a fan. Well mega fight my Aleman is Lance Patrick Duffy and I'm Patrick Michael Duffy hit let's take it that's the Catholic Irish Italian thing but I think there was an assumption that Michael something I'll look back in the old days to all those dangerous kick. Retread around. And then one day somebody broker some jerk ass name. Some Gunther Derek. Holland there I can be different tennis you gotta go back to the east side or all of these kids are finally. I I know they all live cores the breaker McCord that's another leg that's a new name like there is dealt history of cores I TV go back in the Bible. And Jesus said done or. And I. Can do is finish you'd do she. Greatly guy's agent is a successful rapper bow out and young adults. And his first name that you 80. Adolf. 80 OK oh what a decade even knows the history that name doesn't know Hitler man some people may lake. Oh yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. OK till now it. Is pushes the court icicle appreciated eat it easier on me I'm sure. Has laid back in the day when it was popular if you're rapper now locker on laid up on got a question if you're young guy he made I know who that it lays local now. We solve the ball. Who was at the big gulf again and oh. And know which you can is that which Iraq say yes I did CI young black guy not knowing that laid off Hillary okay they may god is staying. Just that pale. Well Jimmy listen there's things I know that our household is a QB does in notification of her excellent Canon. Bigger than most of those names fighters haven't heard some of those things I would deli you don't know calico and topple there was a pillar of the New York Mets okay there's also. Other piece of FaceBook shouldn't be cute little gesture well hey. Some. Of the things are gonna start an out of control all forgot Sikhs they aren't gonna teach the kids down things they're just pull them out of the you know what. They are Soledad. This is on its final it's not created. Hey somebody somewhere had to make up these names at some point I agree Almeida president so they had just come out and aim it. I mean. You do kind of burden your kid of its animal whack like. I don't know yet allied now again it's got to be really hard to become a doctor. With a name like Madonna and amid Melvin her name is guys guide and roots in island magic and things correct. Up legit. The name not my wife is not a Namibia she's a doctor so please tell you I there was a Jamaican he's meted out a Jamaican word NASA Jamaica were when he will bluntly you're locked down you speak Jamaican. Moms. Why don't they speak energy guy pays big Jamaican tells senate to have their own language right it's pop slides at literally fell at the language of the coconut. Percent during. What is two weeks do you name's toll your your wife is actually pregnant. People have names for the tunnels and have them picked out like. At a time girls seem to have a bunch of names in her head that there. Only mole and over I think guys YouTube really especially if he yeah yeah yeah name me I don't have an aunt. Matter anything now I am not even thought about it as boyfriend. If you look at this Boris ESP does is we haven't had that Kardashian. Jeter earlier this week it TGR I got here absolutely. He can't it was a new Yorker named GM after Jim Kelly. And Bruce after Bruce Smith Andre. Reitman. Of their household name to commit a third excuse double servant deputy to Thurman Munson and you Thurman Thomas. Learned over the Thurman. Yeah I don't think I've even if I had brighten the day to think especially appear closes their community to commute what community the black community that would are. Since a white guy with Thurman Thomas it. Is not black Maine nobody. But Thurman Thomas is the most famous Thurman around here. I would I would make an argument. For Thurman Munson and Thurman just as he passed away and I had to say I did it but. He was captain. Bunkers he lights it up and wanted to not let Terry Clifford W talk additional comedy kick your arrest within a thousand years old they are not Yankee Rowe I'm not saving you from Terry Coulter she loves to urban months and she will come kick your wrist. There was so Brit by a guy killed OK and Johnson. Ladies and Israel Dave Johnson its current Yahoo! a job to Tutsi about the the last word brother how's it going. I erred on you have heard it's Friday event not the number yeah I got a few months trying to loot and blow it up there in their Brokeback. Not some of their kids. Slow god expand. Yet expand. That I got. That they had spent a punter Ben. It but. B I end. Not out by an I fit we have an old school they its command hawks in the and it's been at odds and Eric finish at her like dollar and yet and again. I play so justice Johnson knew that besides which Thailand. Are relevant at all. Up and it just was at a ski lodge. This is called radio day thanks but it resident those are some whiskey names Korea test. I could hit the slopes passed its head out there. Yet there's kiss him that's been out there. Like 01 and up and coming names let's find a lot of people right now on FaceBook that they need their kids after police were conceived. Ellis. Backseat just. Barbara stick.