I Can't Name My Kid That (part one)

Monday, April 16th

What names did your wife veto that you wanted for your kid?


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It's gonna be really interesting to see how guys react and wanna hear from you on this to deduce terrorism because this is the lead most sacred thing you will harbor your child. It's an eight. Jordan team is everything Karen who would you find out that name came from a place where you who didn't know it came from and you actually would not want to play them. Com from you ditch your name no it is at lake. You dig it up ahead and grown and put it on your head inspired by some UB interest to see you feel after Regis to broker the breaker box classic rock and 65 to BC madness gone viral maybe you saw I FaceBook or Twitter over the weekend. I rights anonymously. Send us five. But two days ago we were out shopping and ran into a high school friend of my wife's. She's catching up which he told me that her friend. Patty sun and the old friend asked his name I quite hesitated. And I told her lately asked yet excuse me he wrote this where. The guy asked what their sons and his wife hesitated he answered immediately told there. She estranged daughter face when he said well. He's made to. Where her ex. Yep she. Had an ax. Is she any shared shared via. The X is named after his guys are get a divorce. I would do were so alone aren't they align our son's name is very neat to the point where I've never met and the purse with the C NATO does your fees to talk to me about a feel betrayed discussed its like switch was flipped in my mind I can't look at the same equipment before you explain anyway getting a divorce what's yeah yeah yeah. Come from anywhere with earlier and having a stroke there. Because she's probably having an affair with this guy. Are you still sleep around this guy or she still has feelings for this guy I would assume it's the third one I'll lie. Like I have a Micah makes a B Tappan I guess it he'd never seen this before we know these guys because clearly you haven't seen okay does it mean she as a matter write them behind your back home. What's what's an ego I would be put aside what why it. Because that means used to feel for discount web would you need his name on my kid you can't elicits up my kid it's just to name Tommy use exchange student named there are no rules today. It's easy it's it's told. While this year. Dual one of them people. He's doing Bob's. We've got above and up and down on Bob then I got a problem with the the Bob's still we could discuss possible she just liked it ain't always approve of what the ticket down to swab does Mel also adopted the DNA store okay you can have that she's cute I don't think it's his kid that's highly this is ice let's just say she's still. Harbors feelings for disguise okay I'm desperate daughter and doesn't she just like any applicable difference Hadley high school either college or something interracial many years and years going on with FaceBook of people my age. Is going back compliant and it shake you missed out on. 3040 years ago you still harbor feelings for. It should still go away I that they say the origin of your first time as a reason for that it was a no it was an unbelievable percent connection stays with which. The assuming cheat on this woman could adjust against his name not cheating you know you look. That if she said this is my taxes name that she would gulf port so she can sing but she still raining for that guy can prove that. Why no you're right but I'm done because now I have no trust in new your dirty wanted to missile from beginning of his greatest dirty child for the beginning of this break you went from a name doesn't mean anything to you need is making you divorced or it's almost or child neglect. Because that child has. Has your filthy whore all over his name Peter said the same thing happening heavies aren't CS then. He. Or you're happier I am quite Orly dot. You can get where. I'm at it out at army chief ally. The I don't want it. Police are feeling bad or it might everything OUNC. Dated. And I got it at I would act and an even after anyone make you watch. That ultimately and it lets you create one that we want to lead in the doctor I guess my. I hooked it Parker was my rant about. So like it was it I don't want them he's got my hat I like it either. Let's say after the fact you found out that the kid had the same name as when he went sexes are you getting pissed off beating. I don't want to be big I don't know that I'd like our that I feel that. I'll talk radio I got to distinguish what Bobby Allison in there and compete they don't let it. As for the day take our. Rules that mr. there are no rules to navy to try and right. What eliminates names for your child consideration the X his name is definite that yet anything new pork or you were pork on even if it sounds good even to run into a candidate with some great name. Went with it sounds so good was its its own good name. Patrick it's great football days ago. Can't so no girl you've ever been with all six of them in your entire life can leave their child Thomas. And agree with it's much easier is viewed a report somebody you can't neighborhood had dealing I have eyeing the port deal with a pork or that it's a difference and -- we know what I'm saying you know let's just pass the globes. No the year of the past the love of somebody's don't know passport and never look past I don't wanna like if you told me like. Oh lucky you Gillick as is gonna happen to me so oh. My a second wife and we're trying to advocated she won the name decayed gauge. Date whereas on the dashboard placate. Go over to gauge I Joseph leakage right people that's his last day as the first thing that gate was cage. Turns out I was in some movie. I don't know who it was or what her favorite movies back in the day that her her boyfriend used to watch your daddy secure that you would not allow your coach out to be named the recessionary era movie huh. This game and it's gonna be on my kids. I'll look at you man I don't want your soil passel of my child. Secure let's say it like it's gonna burn and help because he's a half breed. I just a little bit more secure must. We are secured all wide open man. IE bat like you varies. For awhile like a lot of people named their kids actually give their celebrity athlete or something I think a lot of people might. Stop doing that now that like we see how bad can go further on down the line like. We don't really know everything we think we do about people. Mansion this who has their bills through the you always drool over him when he was run it Chris Hogan he sets I have a list say. Well let's say of the buildings being the same name it guys doing it again and your boyfriend does you think Chris Hogan is attractive. And you have a kid you and empress after Chris noted he's he's your favorite I know it let's put stretch god for that bright because. You find Chris Hogan attractiveness and that to don't. I is gonna wanna sign up for that seeking even just athletes set as a guide you admire I wouldn't name like I wouldn't I'd be. Upset with my boyfriend and he won a name again after an up. And he makes a good point you know to treat your children like bridges and statues when you need your child after a famous person there's potential that twenty years from now like for example. There are people they William after bill costs because people of 'cause he's all right you don't know decades they Willie because of Bill Cosby but as a parent you always know what does keep you might know that. Here's the thing. If you Disco standard as staying she could say no resources and you would know now but that decay does it need to know people don't you know. But let's say you blame your kid LeBron OK okay am I say the Broncos yeah. How much you know that day came for all people need it off that were me before Adolf Hitler I think all eight host I don't think there was an eight Oz at the eight off I think most people changed at no I'm saying okay to be changed the name. Armored bank we know people that Boehner kids at their boos yeah actor actors at the famous this that the other day you don't make any sense I get it but. I would say sustain your own stay with normal last names don't forget all creation normal cast that or the last then you know. Regular all the time mildly windy as it Neitzel Peter Pan and it's a normal last name now normal to come up to neat so you go to C and now with what. I don't wanna say at all why you be that guy but sometimes diamond mine and I wanna say. Are you about that lagged his and they cashiers to get the name I can't. This to convey my daddy right in spite of the doctors. What's that just lets its people working grocers to really get a name tag don't want to say hey you mean like doctors non Namibia. Who might about. Called if physician yet. I've never met another none and it may be in my life. I know he's never run into that problem of her being named after somebody terrible now the governor did not that's an easy one not not okay is not an adult is that the navy at pars have been honored name tag of. I'm just Scion. You can't sit a year ago. Or do. You would put a lever another AS we all it's got to be Wikipedia. And look stupid it's not insist Tommy. He any kind of other tossed salad at nine year old all the time that's great what is 119 year old Erica there lights up a room. Collection and I. There they would a nice girl walks in a row where lights up a room failed bombing we got to take a break don't touch a listen to two to 6001 of the need his. The rules that you have when it comes to naming children because there are a bunch of things that you have to think about I want L. For you guys to use it to did you 6008. That you had that you white shut down and why.