I Can't Afford Your Wedding!

Thursday, April 19th

Kimmy's boyfriend is being forced to get a second job to keep up with the money he's dishing out for his buddies.


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This is something that I thought would not have been a big deal for men are right because he went into the relationship with each other and when a woman gets narrow. I gather all they all on high alert and a car alarms don't go off. Until I found out. Hurt Tommy was yesterday I didn't. And I would have thought we do this to buddy and they would have cared but appellate. Mean even your little bitch. Or it was wrong can they have the breaker Mets to class Brockman a 65 to BC and there's a story this is complete coincidence yesterday in the New York Times the poster some think. Told the story about a girl in her twenties who was in so many weddings. Over one somewhere she was forced to move back into a parent's house keep bankrupt and pay to pay for the wedding just so we're laugh about this you tell. Us your. Never different in three weddings over the course of like spring summer right so he's in the wedding news of blue went in part part of the wedding party United Media. The suit. The bachelor party in that big daddy's big gift every you know all that stuff. So she's been trying to find like small part time gig over the summer to help pay for all this tough to get. I don't get a job and I was telling you guys he's a teacher he's up in the day. Who's gonna get get a job to pay for the eastern wedding yes eyes on you guys you he's not even doing like everything for each wedding etiquette yet to pick like one of the bachelor parties Utley took three are all going to different. Cities I take a bow so I mean he's not even paying like the full prices. Some of his other buddies are for some of the stuff. That would do just days we have a guy top he normally would have any perspective on this but you are living this right now because your stepson is getting it right you're seeing things that need to do tradition you didn't know about like for example. Why sue if you're in the wet yes I had the radio resorted to rented that Cox and now you gotta buy this suit. And it's a cheap and you get a get the secondary guys got you dead to rights are used to put this so try to do my Brothers well yeah I had to put Johnson's great. And it's hundreds of dollars you're fighting to that almost every bachelor party now its destination matchup there the start because. I get brother went there about the abilities that's a destination. Let savage it's got an address in a Mel but yet you're making these fly aways who can do all this and even the line that is local it's going to be expensive I think they're going to like I'm one of the casinos in his nickname for the weekend they're groomed doesn't pay for anything right so you got it Natalie as you're as party and you also got to chip it in his party's so that's an added expense on top beer party in it yet absolutely. Seoul edit any any wedding invitation. Is basically an invoice. You know. So much money please be here with that on such and such a date publisher X just the invitation does not being in the attic where so after you say this Tommy can tell the story with the boyfriend Heidi get this attention it's gonna bell ice. Well why don't you just you buddy I wanna be letting you out. And I go so I told you Tommy I didn't wanna be wedded you'd be fine with that well because we await that were tight. And it would be an honor. For you to be in my what you get upset us. Unused since you're a little cans are public you pull it drinks that you were a crappy deal. But if I can't afford it you got hurt you said I cannot afford to stand up. Here's the thing. I guess similar. Yeah. He is that they get the other obligations you have undersea in your obligation to make itself the trade updates they don't like those. I would say well you don't need to be in that is let's say you can't mobs in this amendment three weddings. And I got to cut one insurers are gonna tell you you why the only deck got a guy's a jerk covers a negative that I've been close in the U enact guy. Are you gonna go get that guy you might be hectic and in my fantastic wedding but it all comes to who got to be for child yeah I would say I would oversell my event TO. Frank now I gotta cellular and beat in my wedding. Well. Use its head held it up I know you're right they're party with that other guy OK thank you for. But yet that's the thing I give you a hollow. You'll email hello. They know that you read chosen and the problem with a lot a lot of these things like my boyfriend all three weddings isn't a lot of these people know each other exits kids that he grew up next so it's not like. You know you can't hide the other one and fairly well you know that's when this. So either go all in our all out. I needed you don't do any or you do in all of them into nobody gets hurt at all loudly to all the isn't possible because I heard every now we have made no bid but that's true too untapped. I don't have the point and so I don't wanna you need to be straight up of people out are beginning at their wedding but you can't. Just like first volley get a 5050 shoddy and stay with that life. I actually like 33% and met ever. And I am a map to your personal let me just open you the before that you guys Steve did you what did you want there. Obligation of politics yes right yes so that was as second winning fact Tommy's been buried so many times. Slam any sense that he's headed a group homes into Philly full 64 man roster from the when the play the raiders next week though well you want there which would be offended divisive and could well because you know you ruled by a committee really in a wedding right guy. A wall. And I went this guy here. Its image of a violent this person and then today even you don't like diapers you accept it's I get my guys I have one guy in my wedding in my second wedding. That my wife did not want. But I knew I had an ace received if she had some body item one a pain but only she could even make an argument about the spurs that they were that that. But I let peppers in concert and had this guy M answer you negotiate OK okay and I tell you worked out that network country. They are well that's six years Powell personal but so far also. Appears the breaker let's see about eight TD alloy brother. And I have. Back at widget gadget geek is. Highlighting if you wanna pop it out that our economic bother at all actually are. How dumb are you were you pick two best that sucked too good does that would have won best man well. Only we only right tied directly to people wedding party right now. Because everybody it will delay or tiger got the course. That's the way it goes though you don't want to this men. Can I talk like the previous engagement that I met. Married and I know. The call appreciate it take so. So here's what I didn't know you could say no to I have a friend he said noted his brother's wedding. Because family because he's getting married in the same year and couldn't afford to fly out where his brother lives to be in the wild that's. Obligation I can understand I live that's the legit excuse him you know. Other than that I mean I think it is going to be straight up of people if street WE should butt hurts no straight up with Blake era. But I will say this have you lived in the same three month you're gonna be too annoying to not mind a rear got to tell you emulate your. You're the last man on a guy you're on the basically says you're getting cut its and have you and he's boyfriend is standing up at three weddings on this spring and summer it's costing so much money he is looking for a part time job trying to afford at Tommy took it can't be the wedding in a result we did it you. Virtual iron. What did you get older. What the average second marriage occurs at 38 years old in America merit so here late thirties early forties it's still that big a deal to. Have to stand up Oregon now. Now second wedding and I had a second wedding and it was funny. Is she had only people on her side chew it and letting them on you know back then he had everything had to be even Steve desire to get guys to do and I felt weird until guys actually well I. Well most because you know like I don't go to my Brothers you do at a flight effort for brown to. Yeah I mean debt yes. I felt weird about it because I kind of get like a saudis have Jesus Christ as second wedding you know pilot back. My second wedding was I looked to my first wedding set point ire of full fledged Italian Catholic bay against god father kind of way great. But that there was a number two for me first for her. Enemy in well say it is at all if if I I don't couple again America and it's round two for both of them. On that on nagging crazier re all you've already done this once so why the big wedding again and rate. It comes to the wedding is it comes to cluster of Brasilia for example you'll the first one you just like it's a search center to right so that's why I kind of felt a bit better about it if you had a full of puberty had your big as young person wedding. And now you're in your forties and you do wanted to game gimme a break. It does make me scratch my head see guys getting remarried there do what a man guess I went I went to a wedding where a guy had me as you put it on father Italian win the first time. He didn't get the second time he let his father in law pay for. It or right meet him that we're at it but how do you like look at yourself in the. And editing is like if you're getting married late line of till. Amendola excited we know Garang now no lines that he's in his late fifty day he's my age yet and first time ever get married first time. That I Escude had to be in its budding are almost more obligated to you've had a longer friendship now I don't like god damn man don't you kid knowing. Mural that's. UA even making key is still the first time coming that they novel idea abetting late. So I can get you get married now OK but. What are you excited about. Not down with him make up as it outside ledger get married you die you gotta companion good for you but it isn't like. Hey man he's gonna have kids soon to make some grandparents happy you're an all the talk to once you're grant Garrett killer first. Did that with age you believe comes wisdom is that knowledge Wright has risen enough to note that sucks just like you know I give it 2530 years old he's a big weddings and I remember forever regret anything is the only you're gonna have new late fifties you've been to enough of these you needle Borough and you know the value of money. Right so if I have I have a body that's. Don't have a body now it's you know been married before it becomes attorneys 55 it and get married again ask me how to go cerebral. Does he would even go period are we go be a part of it. I would go but leg they Glen when I'm done with is that all the church stuff like appear again get married for the third time game and you're still walking up to Jesus donate Jesus sorry but those other two. I'm not going to deter I'll go to the reception and that. I'm not go to church uses polonium two point you get Eagles in light of the lord again. It's right it doesn't make everything's kind of BS like if you're doing this for its UBS. Yet but like. If you're attending a wedding and it's like you've seen this person I get married in a church now for the third time I had a couple of obligated to go. Brent. You guys trying to get got to go to church. I brought I got so much church coming up this year. Yeah I got like four church. For Ford shares are up for church just generally if sure yeah sort of budget by you know me and church the it. And it says I didn't into a church how many hurled. I'm looking around a journalist church to bring that out hot kind of numbers. Public I get the same it has taken us on mom land based version of its a nice day outside. One last question before we bottom let's think about this if you listen for the rest of the parent if you don't stand up for guys letting them does that end of friendship. And over. Probably is in my total Utah. I know I gotta make serious shallow groom now for a guy comes do you tells you. I can't I want to be but I can't afford to be at your wedding and you break up the friendship with the guy ex he's too broke. I think that makes you look shallow but Dicey we make fun of women being rational around waiting times listen from what I've seen with buddies over the last couple years I ski just as a. She also guys get all brief Bebo marriage you'd just say that you would be hurt if I know that emulate. Well only if you were lie about you I would we heard about the marriage be heard that you live with that other guys don't get horror around and look at us wheeze as we first. Oh please go. How sharp drop you off I.