The Holiday Bump

Tuesday, December 12th

Tommy is upset with his family for blowing him off during the holidays. Why did they cancel?

We'll let him explain:


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So all season coming and there are very few things you can use an excuse to get out of seat say yes right I get asked to be like somebody is Don and kind of stepped. Are you even if you want to get out of seek family if you care about this family member you're going to lied to make the excuse bigger than it actually this error and if you don't care about their family member you can what happened Tom DeLay yesterday needed to put two more regret I'm here would be tough rule. Dick they are the breaker rutz classic rap and six by BBC maps are you go see family coming up. So I got a knee socialist out of Philadelphia it's my sister's oldest kid mice no longer on this earth. So I've got and I've ever they've lived until don't twenty warrior but same time I've lived here and it never got down to see their home. So which gets too little lines and so I figured again had doubled his upper and holidays a minute drive down one night. And see the kids and had dinner with damage come back the next secret turnaround they go down on Monday come back to Tuesday during a holiday. Its soul it's gonna sell. I get an email from weren't going to. The king you changed the date. Only to that works work well that's that I thought I think and MIA. You know my wife and stuff I got a little one volley I do organized a reason why. Your family Landis and had to drag their kids to black hockey practice but we all have stuck in Little League admittedly he's going to make shots family does love and so. I goal. And would you will what are you amid dope. And shooters can you come Sunday night instead. And I'm gonna okay she is because we have. Tickets to see Star Wars and I guess they repurchased. Did get like a month in Iraq and I'd take it exceeded their non refundable materials was the buy them on his hands the money. Like how much are movie tickets. Expected but if you're tied for the whole family does for people at twelve months and straight forty. Bucks you saw get bumped for forty dollars. I'm video houses 44 years ago phone for forty loves dollar satellite. It's not like the premier late and it's not the night night and it's slick so popular with people that you had to get them and it like even for that weekend and maybe even weekend after this and have fun day yeah. Now it's to and I didn't do and of the people that sold us. Trip for you via its six down six back in this weather so I don't even know it's going to be decree when I drive down like can be pretty Dicey. You go on for just hours. Your Q reduce costs you an argument that. We're now because let's say I say I can't come down I have to come down that Monday at the more than a little ones are gonna hate me because dating get to go see Star Wars are gonna meet this person yet I would they don't really doubted. Yeah I don't really know me. I have a cigarette once it's there were like I haven't seen is that once it's the right really little guys like baby baby and other 898 and five I hear collector set at the same page six apart about distort and they've really easily could have liked. Think every church and something you work LA nobody in my field ever as church they actually jetlag easily blend worker and where. What this girl. Your family thinks so little of the that the Fed did she told she would rather simple we couldn't really see any kind of. I Dallack gifts and stuff like come as a gift basket to bring the toys that are rolling nice and by the way these are not easy people to shop for. Third there vegetarian. Hippies like she tonight she raised think they have they have a goat. They have these these data beat keepers they do what is right they get chicken it's. They would have been having their very like begin a you know. Distract. You and you're going in there because he accomplished what I can I can I do I gotta go. It raises an interesting question Tutu to 6000. The family bump what. Allows you to tell family members either they can't come or you're not going to the heart holidays family comedy you might be traveler looking movie is definitely not a good thing I'm good enough payment. Especially for family that's traveling in to see you like I could feel like he's had planned the Gramm Madonna street. And bad but it's not as bad simply altering their travel plans. I am by the way I'm older racquet die any second you don't wanna see me maybe the allegedly receiving regular hoping that happens before but it is the period between steroids and what you're supposed to go. So zealous use is working number one. Does that come up with the kids I guess is there but there will be met like school stuff but this is the Holland they're not even in school X is dead so it would have to be either work I go man or illness yes kids being sick is the eight when you kick or anybody sick and hours ago word. Our tragedy gathering is a tragedy might ask. Death the night I sale lake is that might. Her her husband that is. You know if you are 10 PM if you Dagestan let's say ice tonight his mother passed away or somebody's dad is truly an ardent backers of the tragedy works to tragedy work work. Or when it comes illness only to kids being sick works because you would be expected as an adult to. Let us like you have like let's say day you know like a very old relative you don't wanna give it to them men. Like it's a trick daddy I guess you'll cop on the ammonia. From the kids. To thank her son and television pool you can rate it kids and you can go somewhere else you don't. It'd be strange thing that you could argue that want kids to pass on anything what is the locks Alex used to teach a lot of seat families to early Star Wars. Can starlet but knowing this is like this seven African Star Wars movie. It is like a city with special our name like super into Star Wars I will there little that are Aden fine so maybe they wanna see the storm weather girl I think garlic starring roles like everything in hand. Girls like Star Wars of the public princesses you know I'd like he's isolated dot ID to get in her seventies I didn't give him a Star Wars Star Wars people but I guess we start where people get your kids used were diagnosed I find it funny to that independent women are slightly cross face right now because they're girls that are at its fight if what you say. It's also because you'd have to go a day later this cupid but it's not important. Day told that he cannot visit Philadelphia go see his family. Because of them gold Star Wars and go to. They're adding insanely KN ET coming out urgent we have to go see this movie you just stick around like they're telling you know I can't do that I'm not gonna drive all the way down at a sit in dark theater not talked to anybody for four hours to get my car go home or going to the darling be doing it for a few hours that point 3 Alamo me what am I gonna do we stay where he can entertain yourself for three hours I had Bob was a center going down there if you're just about I'd go down there and you're gonna leave for the night what was dissents are only going down different ninth but probably got a new silent about it but at least offered linked. And it's Hewitt take yet. Become its east wars was gonna I wanna be in that house by myself to say too many weirdest animals against snakes against spiders. The delegate menagerie a weird stuff that they did. He's new owners and some branch and relieved of jokes just what. But it also Jesus was born in a menagerie. Aren't in both. Faced as accommodating you know he's just at the BC event or the break room FaceBook page me excuse and cozy family just tell me you're not coming be it adult. Tommy's family did right to be honest with him move back or don't come no big deal. Ian yet to meet the way you currently they think it's not a big deal for you to come down. Because like it's not like you're like a very love be lake. Can't wait to see it kind of person yet are we about maybe they think you feel like you have to do this Ers on which is also coming out is over I like this like it now you're gonna judge me or my motivation. Uncommon to see you on bearing gifts. Now gathering added to Irish open the door Jesus Christ man she's right now she now writes it wouldn't invite you to really get money because of my sort of walk today doric a busy with gifts and I start six hours ago I didn't know. For instance over the summer at a. Party apart that fast and I did invite you because they didn't think that you would want to come I don't act that we do stupid go football league girlfriends but to us that the that you were delighted. I respect you should've invited me. Short of but I can't say I did as of from the viewpoint of the family member may be Tommy just does I know he's going to be miserable here maybe I'll make it easy form like saying hey you don't have to come field. Here's a cent leave you to tune in now let's help my family which. I'll mennesses one believe that are not like he gets worse for me like on the top of the pyramid baby yeah fake made you cut me off you'd done. I got bad news on and I got the news. Every single person listening to the show and six there the nicest and I am a nice is like and accolades all the time. Yet you family since your face nice things. And insist you faced ours is more toward the future heavily to neutral quick what this story does illustrate to the deal to see them. It. We want to you know what wobbly in the bigger person. And I noting we get that's what kills me I'll be the bigger person to let me up like him a piece of crap about being the bigger person I know I'll get it out I am impressed that you actually gonna go like I would have thought you said while block. I go Schieffer well what time you have. Holmes just for you to stay in desperate and I am so. A way that I have a high and gambling like to think why that back total ways this person is a six hour drive away you are 24 years your bars a cites two hours from the ocean your Brothers and clutch real lazy every summer causey has a hold you to stay it for free. It's water to deduce six you have four water for you know property he had the great group a CSF are you. I'm doing great I don't want to imagine that you're a big advocate ever heard in my life that we the tell about Tommy a Tommy's. I'm young you enough that he merely those wanna go up an actress that the big deal but you'll block your daughters are illegal blocks are in us. His brave killer or applaud all of it pretty or did you broaden his story. In Korea just months yeah strategic struggle and and you don't tell you are wonderful period with. These days ago but it is no longer. It's it but this is that something might my parents always said I never understood until now until I got older damned if you do. Damned if you felt like god is so huge I don't. Plus and it's so true like I did understand the genius behind my stupid as parents with damned if you do. And if you don't and no good deed goes unpunished. As on fighting don't you ever do any good deed what supports your audio. Or supplies you reach you don't appreciated. You looked down on eight. And hearing titled are you smile like I'm pretty generation thinks that you deserve this up for summaries are you implying that you're niece doesn't appreciate your presence I think your whole guide game generation deserve appreciate crib you think it's as that you're supposed to get it man uses up that all up of these angry. Is sensitive only man who doesn't understand the world to see whites. Thinking Padgett are being family doesn't want you get smug Mel seek fatalistic yes wise ass and help you all you guys do it was a wise it is a wake up call for you see it at all. It was a right wake it up to. The fact nobody wants to be due. OK okay and and amateur Chrysler quail it was RIC. Need sought to Daniel all come run and Madden. I can do and do for you but I issue for one thing and I get that you're just repeating what you parrots said. I do do real enough an amateur friendly and parents. I don't know an accent there was a new.