Hijacking A Family Announcement PT1

Thursday, November 9th

People make all sorts of announcement during family parties, you just better make sure you aren't hijacking someone else's big news!


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He didn't seek come. Let's talk about vita Turkey not to have the stuff I don't. Our conversation from that gets what is how. Happening now seek out that seemed fitting ending to get attacked the glass is standoff that we've all bet there right excuse me you have an announcement to solve all around a room would say what's going on or and I. YE. Especially nowadays we feel it necessary with social media make it about Darren corona who stupidly would not talk about late trading day you have to be conscious of one. Natalie what news announcements can beaten because they I'd cite you it's all sorts of fourteen err again lol I don't. Clueless that this delicious visited the great thing undoing it back the day was the only way to alert every member of your families to Trujillo is that the town crier but you also have to be aware of how important your announcement is compared to other people and that's what's causing problems that you were families like front yes yeah. Breaker boxes glass rack that he's expire at the BC after Kenny what is drumming is fairly right now. And so. My second cousin and I know all my cousin of mine and the Italian and she posted this long rant on FaceBook. Because. You. To make the story a little shorter she is pregnant. So she decided that she was going to do this via FaceBook because somebody. Ruined her big family announcement that she was going to do on Thanksgiving we need. So her brother who is a year younger than her I believe it. Just about your younger she. Proposed to chew Haiti's. Fred. And now she thinks she has to do this this announcement on FaceBook instead of that Thanksgiving dinner because everybody's only going to be interested. In the the new. Didn't believe. It engaged couple. Bush is wrong. And it's DeVries interests and that neither related. And she's also pissed because she told her brother ahead of time that she was pregnant she's going to do this and he's still that the priest until I got a bang and that he does that sound like you like planning on getting this kind of a spur of the moment. So yeah that that her announcement was brewing as she put it in like not rolling Demi she could still make that announcement to do it can't tell you can't great stories at one dinner and you can't because now you look like. Addict for one up wind up being the guy who just got engaged but here's the here's the difference you literally have a person in new. So that would trump ring on finger. Somebody being. Cook it inside again and again you look like a jerk for doing this and and they're that this is their time partly just stop all this crap. Only stupid announcement tonight I Asian river the marry a one. The family letter. But people used to send out all of -- still really committed to community count it bobs up bring it down you know he studied abroad here's a good friend you don't have they lost over all the bad stuff you know I mean if it was a year. Ranch did or even two and you knew it I don't hear any of Amanda this completes women care we don't care but we mean to you this stuff up let's go around her own it's also we're thankful for excellence and so yes this that is as another game monitor closet on the talk to anybody for you does it matter is wrong conclusion matters to people rolled her here's the thing too and everybody was everybody lead everybody talks crap on everybody okay it's such a crapshoot. All right. Kenny is rightly. His girl shows the Reagan congratulated discouraged by the way up to that person to be asked to take the spotlight off of that spot. Gates immediately. For solar and you know what satellite time they should probably get four more rings in a lifetime so much or sister. Winners and that we would be here by sister stories either join a fourth ring right now. Up. I mean it's something you have to be. Conscious of especially with these right on the corner and families getting together and. Everybody thinks they're uses the most important news right so when you're tied and I heard it is it's a problem becomes an issue would you want that problem to rear its ugly head at. At your thanks so what are you gonna do so let's say sell its own says. Bombing gays I gambled. And so is who were having a baby. Why can't I mean if you're really gonna be cool about this'll be why can't all these NB blessings that we can celebrate bolt the exits like. Oh no I said my diapers you can't have that they've ever you go put that baby eagle look I think. The vivid picture of you go down to the march at dodger killer baby. It's long and an opposite of what can go to our diocese abortions Cano Tony Dolan dive to pay for the import your immediate. March report abortion statistics that. How awkward for the speed of but somebody stands up gives its announcement and then twenty minutes later is so BL stands up gives their announcement. Hey you can't do that like that it just doesn't hour. You can and by the way here. You're a jerk and you light up the person for saying the other thing OK everybody should have what why is it like one person gets the steal the holiday presents a big recording deal on their. Earnings of losing their vision probably get the Boris YE talking situation with that. How they felt but he photo that you were QD EG decide to Gillian in the breaker I assume they elected for me. Nobody else could building into the. Yeah it's straight out the stupid story looks at their. Right grip which went back on hold for his accurate and he's ordered a worker flown not only do you have to be concerned about where you're announcement faulted or who's making what announcements so much pressure you have to be concerned about how you're going to react to announcements that could show. Up front and what do you want that pop off the top here. Well relay guy a little Bobby's K okay well and he's any brought a boy a to dinner or little salaries low as bone now and now she's got little little Vicky is cell layers do in. Holiday look for us. Case of gay gay it would be on again normally have either Agilent. Yes big and about. That change and a gender. You guys that's a new one that is that's what did you beat four as I transition right manner treat them does not prepared if you don't have that thought you might react to report yet Japan where nail polish of the debtor that violence was was with with the men but it. Wanted to listen there's a reason why these people make the announcement than because he sees it coming. So you need to prepare yourself how we react somebody has got to be cool really need to do is be cool. No matter what anybody says at this table is skeptical to say argued. Now it's the drinking age of mashed potatoes and shot up its initial look at your face the initial reaction to seek it because as soon should throw out an opinion you'll. It's going to be a disaster for the holidays so I have no opinion yell at it now don't congratulate well. My opinion is congratulations. Night I don't wanna go into politics I don't wanna go to the history it is that it is that right or wrong so I don't want so you say congratulations (%expletive) off the night table does agree with almost Arnold can't show you can that argue all he once connected into the middle you are not stable. But I am open you know backers and I've I've I've said before America discuss that. And it's a way to play OK but it's not easy to use it to screen to match it's very he's. Just don't participate. Did tick is still wanna keeps pushing his idea OK aren't I saw many alternate on the cool man I'm cool winds. I need non patent an object to drink two to six month freeze all the hollow. When you make what you need to be prepared for the boy that you need to be prepared for it to that second shots to break mansi imitation. It. I don't. Real quick technically guys in this situation and a brother. Just didn't take one preventing you get your sister Gloria and you don't worry about Cheryl. Seats are much kitty is a cousin whose brother or he got engaged this the other presidents right that you say EP gauge let let the pregnancy take present. Just can't get deployed there is a guy figures just regarding call had been. Debit debts but what about the chick during gauge Tucci search flash and ranked around. One another well goes out. She's gonna drop that green right there at the table on I got engaged. Let gays and you don't even have control over your proposed it's too late I think he can't just don't want to propose. It they won't get the torture them. I say get your sister in law. I just basically called but I do think that you could no longer duke it's already past that. I'll answer people delicacy you it's not always good news sometimes it's like I have can't. Hardly do them no because you don't wanna tell the family individually some have everybody together at an announcement ruin the holiday that you tell a ruling Hala yet you're not to say hey you just run dinner for everybody now but like at the you have cancer. Why would you go to somebody's house says it's a joyous occasion writer. Food and failing for it to chill out about and so far I am by it away so enjoy that of these better than that burden among fanatic he's right you have everybody there you don't individually tell everybody liked issue individually told resistance attack. Taxing emotional situation can. That I don't want at that table off classics that sucks so did you understand that I don't feel that your breast cancer your polyps on you but I don't wanna hear about it during dinner. Peters of the breaker closure of six blues who have read pass a grave next to people why don't care if you said at Thanksgiving Day. Hey you know I could have finished a unit of be around port going to be peace KP it's gonna buddy Hillary. Aid sides agree with apnea one so she did. You know market pregnancy trot. You know on issues that is that there aren't black cheering around a lot Keener drop not that picture up the heat that and that it was a very good at that might. Because we gotta talk misery contest I would sit did a dinner though that B Anderson a. Maybe not a thing eight I mean is it. I think that the more bigger bigger and out and at grant it that visas but not used mobile brotherly people. Table I gotta feed IP BSE questioned Tommy include team meals on accurate. So this is and American dream story we're married couples have a baby what if that baby is out of wedlock baby does that trump he can. Estrogen around. I don't know he's a master Jesse Diego it's a slut child for any shot slut child and in my house. I sit this fine Christian dinner open and that hold hands and pray and you got to slow baby can criticize you. And it's a slut dating Santa baby takes the call but there it is edited on baby baby it's it's his soul is slip maybe of what. The dividend is a thing it's a pastor channel. New active. I do agree on college that did a and a plastic surgery reveal. For Chris which is what that Iraq great there noting noting Ellis unit would jerks your nose job. And like it was like her big reveal that her charisma her family's Christmas card which can I pull a mask on Ehrlich pink shirt. Like that Kara that there that's why I care about that. It's gotten a job that's Eric that's there yeah I judo tennis and so beautiful and make all kinds of announcements during the they do everybody. Holds it tight tight if you couple phone until I wanna hear the announcement you didn't see coming out. The fans get to prepare because there caller. And it'll we have that touched on the couple actually that you need to be prepared as there is complicated and again. Your initial reaction will dictate how everything was fourteen B airport we are here for you from it out here again to did you 6000 awkward that announcement 182 takes a break up.