High School Grudges

Friday, February 16th

Do you still remmeber that one guy?


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I got really excited this was coming back. Because I think is very relatable for many new thirties and forties and fifties and it will disappoint my find out what it is but the fact is this if you played sports when you were a kid. With a 3040506070. Years old to this day you still hate each your childhood sports nemesis. Mike was going. Public lively commercial break gas so you know it's funny about it this is in New Jersey. I don't even think this guy ever would have thought I was it's now I'd like a lot of. Boys here at voted for Doug really does what it can be the big girl chair terrible time to be read the border check it out the great group on CNN did you say he beat teaser trailer yesterday. For the new Karate Kid I cannot say it now so here's out of state Hillary is so date you'll son. He's an adult now. And the Colbert hi Jim is being opened by one of these former co writes I Williams after the blog to kick Corsica the path this is the audio from the teaser trailer yesterday. They just don't know why you'd ever want to bring that over time. We got Cheney merciful here. You mean Hulu. And none of that matters in this event and. The preview. It has to two men stand negative political agenda going you know if you do this it's going to be a problem. Critics it's B movie turns out to be YouTube series it's kind of sucks. Because I wouldn't. That's the because it's very relatable to men of a certain age because no matter what you rages. You remember the guy's face remember that guy's made you remembered he battles what you did do you. Even if you saw him as grown men. Thirty years later. You would still hate him there and you thought the so personally. Yet and and I was in New Jersey and I did not see that. And I don't know what happened to him in his late nick knack I've. Well when we were kids playing sports. And he was that he was a really good athlete play. But he was just back and I suspect and his dad I've given credits that looks basically exactly the same as he did forty years ago auto knock out that app and it's the guy. Maybe I saw that dad all his act is a guy gets elected Michael not a I. What it and an. And I'm the only one I mean this diner in New Jersey and it's going through my mind I'm sick and at practice with my mom and her church friends and go oh I kind. And it says they're gone. That they got and that's forty. Years forty years ago. He's funny I was I was about his last item because I have that guy in my etiquette that is it about I thought I was a cycle that would bring this up it would say it was crazy if you immediately go off late Carlyle yet. To do 6000. York sports nemesis when you work at it when you see that guy again. How do you feel because us. I haven't seen this kid in fifteen years he's made was. GPA increased best also patient would be best westside rest Breck basketball league. And I just. Scanner and X does matter. Light is like we've beat this kid I would just battle. Right anyways angry that was pushing it shot it would cursed each other like petty little things. Skip hated this kid I have no idea what's become of them was a great guy all you knew him through was basketball. But to this day like. If I wanna see. Except shake his hand and say hello I would will be will Tutu and a giant took its mortgage wife and I still despise this guy even though we could be placed at a planet wonder though he thinks the same of you like it doesn't go one way street probably does he probably doesn't even really know me yet Brady only be I don't know biscuits lasting images that was first name I remember when he looks like he'd addressed. Like a jerk. Revver Greece back the date relate there was no Monica hats and giant baggy jeans leases that wouldn't try heparin may get it. It is true though that he may not have yet here. Either doesn't remember it that way Orton never thought of view is that a couple tried and I believe I'm in that circumstance I'd like to hold on to a little of that hate. It's that Jersey filling in the. I think all men pulled want to register it's funny we talk in the show all the time a lot of women are petty woman hold grudges. I'm convinced that meant or a thousand times worse than women when it comes to holding on to things about guys that you hate from back and. I'll I'll agree right now he might you might not show it but it's still eats away at any somebody that like it's just it's such a sports site there. It's a perceived disrespect from someone you met on the first day at the job it's neat sentence that was said that was maybe off hand at one point in it. It may first couple of introductions situations a guy treats you leeway that you don't think he should have been treated. You'll never liked it. A 1000%. Right yes and it just registers in an art dom brains. And you cannot get rid of it. You can't. You try to and maybe eventually echoes you do. And what makes this even worse as men is like women hate other women and talk to their friends about how much that goes habits like. They don't actively campaign against them. As men. We will actively campaign against the guys that we hate to people who try to tell you there are good guys now do you ever do this like if your wife is saying to you about somebody a woman she doesn't like. He ever used the phrase. She's always nice to me you'd. Neural net. And that's like the answer coming. It's just Haniyeh. You're supposed to be united. Well I 08 you have to pay advice yeah but I get the other eased the nineties just. Well I'll tell us he's the nicest guys was closest suck it up but it might might whipple's she's always pleased to meet pumped are you. And I dare you judge my character in the people. Nausea at my boyfriend and I are always on the same page with whom they like their people I don't really know. These line. I probably. You at least he acts like it but. Eight I mean they're people I don't really know that well I just know what he's told me about them and now it's like not like guys that jerk even I've probably made its. Okay Blake sent that it is that I'm. With you on because you don't you've you've never met them or you don't know them and that way and you're only going by his perception of them. It's just sometimes with other people that you both are now or they've known well and you meet in my Patrick you meet them in a setting. And the guy just comes off and it's. Hockey whatever it is and Jesus like Anna why he's not in this. He said that while he did this and he did as any game this and he gave you know he takes care of kids in what do. Like drove you to take carrier can. This coach. I get up. Other voice you hear it again. That was this year in the breaker Tommy RQB big girl chair terrible time to be on the board were talking about York youth. Rival sports rival he played sports if you 304050 years old my catalog just tell this story you were a Jersey aria rated the father of a guy. Who was York I didn't talk to that I didn't make it up. I just looked at him and again it's it was comical I I actually had a reaction in like sit there and I. I'm in breakfast with my mock. Why do I care and I don't care I Kiki I kicked it I can't pizza the breaker Muncie MFA PD a light body. Good morning gentlemen great value. Grade I played a fifty years old. And I played sports I saw red there was an airport rent my. But I got beat. RP I'm sorry so do you have one particular guy that sticks out in your head. Yes his name is correct your domain. Being young. The young but I airport. That mean that police. Battle. How did you had do you see this guy now is an adult Peter ABC that. Anything I saw him in high school. And then I saw him in college. And he literally. Took him over in college. Ball I mean literally made it all right dominated yeah. Got people give us if we had Ron Amadon called Michelle from triple a right now would he tell a different story that you're telling right now. Award because. Ego. Eighty days and nobody does it take you to keep brings up another good point I've seen my dad do this so my dad went to high school at around clay. And he still hates certain school yes. And 'cause something happened to basketball at that place or that person art but it but he still hold on those rivalries. When I don't even think they're relevant right now. I am and quite as graduate I despise. Everything Quaid yeah I have lots of good friends of mine that went quite. And I hate them in a weird way the database and general manager of the restaurant express beat kindness may let me your life god bless his asked as great job. I hate makes I hate him because he's mr. quake that caused the waitress is weirdest exude good opening day. I hate Sacred Heart High School in New Jersey I. I haven't closed fifty. Celebrate when it close that was kind of like yep I know this guy I. Is that there are guys now who went to McQuay required mr. bishop Kearney who still despised Carter moody high school and that's as close as 1981 yet because your memory of it is still hole. Brash and Hitler you know there there is another guy we have to talk about here he also resides in this room. It's sad pocketed I was sad man for holding a grudge against you can I played basketball with fifteen years ago. Activity he holed it on you still hold grudges against menu play your league sport to get that. Is there real thing and it's actually looking back out there. Right now pretty embarrassing but I I don't care like fighter in my eyes and I see a couple certain people and I don't know when a flight I can't beat him up but it I have I have the urge. You played nearly cocky you played beer league softball am I missing anything. Not anymore OK so. Really nice plans and hockey team and there are players that play an attitude that keep in mind these guys have children and jobs lead normal lives. It Timmy will just lose this happened I like curse at them from the should poke it with sticks stick you man. Made it's it's only on the ice Philly cup. Upstairs after like regional bee friendly. Not those guys that can draw whatever. I can carry conversation with a opponent. I just don't like your licenses its. A winning mentality top seed that's why don't feel bad about me. Is because of guys like technically is not as bad about I hate to give voters whose team but I read it to be it's grown men with mortgages because they played purely hockey yet it. It's it's slightly different because that still somewhat going on bright moment like Beck as being a jerk now you're hitting a fifteen at worst hate to keep backing the David Timmy right now it's different like I still have this feeling about a person. Who probably has. Macbeth and at that. Right and I haven't seen him in forty years. And it's still there he's out on the ice he's a man can actually it would be all this if like I walked in that diner and started out like epic. Here's a big. Men who had high school rival did twenty years thirty years that you any. I don't think it's out of the question. That there would be an awkwardness or an argument or you would try and you know. A harder handshake or a and a sigh comet to try and equal to it and try to bring something not yet especially if it's a positive for you yes somehow the steer conversation towards. When you know when your case and declined to speak acquaintance you would. You would. Like and then a person comes back with some analysis the next thing you know in your wife's the connection like are you. You're really talking about that win was this game rude crude. What that guy doesn't remember you that you can't even do anything about it right you then you have to album nevermind that this kid that I hate probably just yet and and here it is. Kim's right. But I'm gonna just pretend in my mind that he does remember and he feels the same way. And it's always bothered him because I knew he didn't remember any of it. And it would really and with so I'm just gonna need that in my mind and you bring this up debris and so I get a text from Dan Mason Jim Shaw wrote it. Quite disputed plays its last night Jews footage viewed a yeah. They didn't care but can't care for hockey too so bad riding high. How does that feel not good not not right now is the basis of little appeal to your best public debt. Two curiously does grown men on a man who I. I. Odd jet is the breaker let's see that they did a hell are you buddy. And it's good that actually they're here terror group let's put that factor important anyway there's one kid who already did you present we'll let. And don't let them anyway if you anniversary coming up so once wasn't agreed to that have been. And what my body as isolated. Walked and walked the dosage is mine and I'm. I'm types and it's been the key. Okay I'll I'll let that we had to duck dead he said you don't hike should guide how hollow what year reunion is this how did not. Your. We leverage when you'll that would not yet. August 30 years ago for the sake of the argument that thirty years ago he still waited so much you're gonna hit him in the mouth when. Oh my god look at what god I'm gonna walk in that you watch them are bad and once. I spin one who took. It would to a Tokyo when demagogue. A passionate Jimmie thanks to go out did you edit I wanna criticize them. But let's say that you play basketball and yet if I want to play basketball and his kid that I hate was also playing against meat he started something. I show him I cannot say for certainty that I would try to punch him. Rabbits you would probably elbow to something whatever yeah that'll be game but. It you you you you you wouldn't want to flush into the complex that guy I have played basketball with few gas and a much better okay. Up but boy it's a little frustrated and it's like mystery book and it's not out of the question that the key to a certain point that I had the guidance as I would never throw a punch the putt I could grow. Here's what it's every guy knows at a certain age when your in knack. No one's gonna punch anybody you disk and act like you know that is my favorite part of it because I know that I will never get hit that's it I will never. Ambulance ever I learn so much she did today if any ran awesome it is he's no great guy my size can do what ever. It's like there are no question nobody's ever hit you and you can yell to your teammates hold me back. Only back and you're looking around but please somebody's dad I'm so gaga and.