Hiding History with an Ex (Part 2)

Friday, August 10th

It's amazing the things that Break Room listeners are willing to share!

There’s a woman who’s wondering if ignorance is bliss when it comes to her dating history.

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Everybody's got it Lazard as well over the row there dummy gets on base but it is it up with a great group FaceBook page. And there is no right answer here but we commanders currently going through there you right now I got the break much to classic rock many 65 to BC and I've just to recap real quick to be join us email from a woman we got yesterday afternoon were calling her Stacy. Peace even. Quote my husband. But that is getting new boss. We look them up on FaceBook. To my shock and horror. He's a guy went on a few dates with and may have slept with a few times multiple times I think it's a troll under I didn't say any day and I haven't said anything to my husband. I'm trying to figure out even when I should say something it was over ten years ago but I'm not sure how my husband would handle it. I don't think I'd like we're in our she handles if you will Hogan. My husband's puts it she admits that her she wouldn't be able to handle it but again she did nothing wrong this happened ten years ago what are the audience Monday I. They are more careful I too have been talking about this for twenty minutes every which way possible everybody has had advice and it's horrible advice all the way around there may not be good advice. But when you live through a situation. You get your perspective just the controlled by you on C and that's what's going on. Similar situation like all of my you know energy and slow. Current work or arched girlfriend and our secret report arms most mug or a mobile Internet and. Stop caught a bug. There. Do want to note that is. These Packers return to our typical or at all. What are you here. Around here what ritual for our motto all right Jeff Casey your fiance is working under an ex girlfriend you up with. Yes. Created this girl like a week before or not much you can't solutions. Three years ago and error almost. All bought three years and four months so arrow a year ago. Cheers sarge take a job were mart. Such Earl furloughs or 100. Who they didn't have any problem at all she's sort or just what Fareed. Earl and try harder and there are certain beer in there also. And I Jeff what you're girls for your fiance took this job knowing this girl was worked out front. Our our problem. So that's the difference she had ability Christie repair self exactly did you get a good choice yet. Yes so oil or China or else just has that you are her husband. Where no information there are so does she ever bring up the boss this inaugural issue works with two U. Now. Natalie she lied when he should would you guys do. Are you are reluctant Marines are rare performer so parallel burger or slot or Iowa. Our wasn't it you wouldn't do that sort of red river are very familiar very there'll really puts out. 00. Mark Gardner right and today though had you given alone don't religion or race girl. We're no less or no pro Moscow march trailer. I can tell you Joseph I like to call money average pilot this year applications that could draw I needed somebody leaves thank you very beautiful I love you give it a no load. I tickle fighting it out and it feels so good news. Fighting out years and there's a man on it's completely he does that was a good thing to Joe's wife. To just story like Eva in this kid has no idea what's duke it's different scenario it completely deaf threaten. Why does everybody have such horrible advice that's why they. That's where relationships are such disasters. As we none of us know how to handle this stuff. Do you got everyone's unique and different like a snowflake rain cooled you do yourself like a positive sense yes it'd well and you and you know when that's why they're all tire fires that we have some people can be able to smoke some people can't. We have someone else unfolds we know out there and she says she was in this situation as well real this is Mac is on CFX our oldest is Matt Light. What's going on. In some. And year. I'm moderately there he is. When we're out together. And in Hartford. You're out they had. A little direct they'll get on the bag okay and I have one of my number I 98. I got a call from her and she had. Well my time. And big and they're not here and. When she tells you this that she had your bureau husband back in the day. I don't roaming. Wii's at the way you would have preferred. I'm. Right now I mean I'm mean and you know you're not in and around. Alice and we'll let it out. Well for about what Elena on. You know Brad and what are you into the act of Elena. It's a city that. I'm aware. That your near near our Sony actually I was eleven good looking. And he's a legacy issues like sculpture. Now and I. Mean everyone says that Al. That's a genuinely curious mr. Mac what's worse that he sees a clear that she's better because like if she's. Looks like use settled format and if she's that you of these securities. Well I totally Internet underneath and I wanted the story. Line. Ari do everything by NASA dot. At the end of the day we have nothing really that I'd let her and circle and later on. You know I was able to work but a little while we're Mac. When you're lead. Your people have bag and you can understand things happen where you can't unseen so there's got to. The ordeal and how many mistake and you're you're at. Absolutely right you're a 100% right and that was a very mature stage that you did I just personally would like personally I don't think I'm that mature I don't think. I don't know I've greatly and I don't post men are no but. I'm not it was clear it was really clear. But our kids I beat it out I'm out at a good or bad. It really bother me too like at the idea that other person was nothing like you rate. Yeah that would throw me out to race well I mean I'm just expecting the call I really appreciate it like this is in my head of eligible to on the first black they're still quite got. I played is ever dated while. What I mean. Sure there deficit. Welker played for my race over here but it very aria. Well now I'm weird me out don't like it might meant. Yeah that would bother me at first leg of Italy now. Yet nobody I would like Clinton's marriage out of flight you met the guy music clone of you would know. Comets you know and very similar like leveled and why did you leave this guy to come to me for the same person now. That's it we're gambler we are too similar. Did you ever play I told you like I know somebody that she called her husband we're gonna pour in but it was a late. Asian war machine Asia and I uses to do another look at an Asian bullish UN today histories Asian Asian AJ you're gonna make it bother. Not only is it a par but he was looking at something that didn't look anything like her. Dad so that might play in my head a little brain. It means to people types anymore. My day he east you seem to anyone you talk if you had excusable and dig people bright colors right so I mean so that's might normally you're asking me the sun in my day yeah. If I've found that out you know there was ago a black person and better and passed. It would Wear me out knowing the culture of the day brain nearly all assassin everybody back in my day everybody stayed their own language and mix. To see that he wasn't sorry you had it at you had a valid explanations he finished up with everybody student related bill makes it is part of why would know not totally makes it even Americans. We have the worst piece of advice doesn't that is coming on Twitter talk about this woman who love the city now says that her husband is now working under a guy that she slept with ten years ago when a couple of dates they look them up on FaceBook sheet. Has not told them. She does she should tell them she says she knows about Herman it would bother hurt the shoe was on the other foot. From Joseph Duckett on Twitter feed at the worst OK okay. All siesta do you was called the boss button meet up with him and tell him not to say anything oh yes that's an idea. Then I might have kids that just brought the but let's so suspicious. Give your goal behind my back down had no idea of this a little secret behind my back. I'm thinking your back on ninety year due back the knob and many offers us all use. And that's why advice sought a hole. We're gonna make it. Worse. And three I think the husband gets a hall pass with any woman she works it actually like them. And that's gonna happen. Thanks heralded it. I have just wanted to play totally Porter on opposite I IC that was an figures it out tedious and America's. We have passed and we slept with women. Yet but men have disgusting process. Well. Tell me you've been in this situation before. Where you walk into wegmans and there's the women you date eighty years late teens early mid twenties whatever and women that you had a couple of dates with the use up. And you remember that adds you know at that time and were there were yeah I mean I will not yet elected a little more promiscuous back in the day we always did it take more risks we addressed a different plane as it tried to attract each other he'd. Really freaks me out when I see what they dated or slept with with her new husband holding a child why it's. Wake toll blows my mind now I told you about girl said when I started in radio this is Howard it attic control. Better now fat moms and that are Christian and then have by prayer chains on FaceBook does when she got to launch about huge home. Row. She was the one day he's to get revved up in the morning and her car yet that things get dressed to go to work is now she's got like a prayer chain she's on FaceBook she joined a church. But this chip was like at a controls off I ran into when I upshot IC just on FaceBook I can imagine. Subject that I was getting crazy wood back and they are run into are now she's got a husband and two kids it did totally delusional. Like it was much we don't change we don't seem to change it to your right is much he's been a judge does well when you're still just I follow with two kids lives so her husband. But I did back in the day I shot release you're still not funny. Read that's stuck at least that never matured him. Still suck. We will oracle remove do I don't know at this is get a bank that didn't look all horrible days well for twenty minutes which tells me that his advice is the best advice or has nothing to do all that. Maybe get ourselves Stuart Davis and that's it. All right let's. Sex with a woman it's like eating pizza even when it's. It's still. You know what I'm OK let's go dads have oh as a meat is a marvelous. Night. This that the guy down telling him that she dated in the art and he didn't perform very well. All in anatomy was that it. OK again and there's more bad you can't make you feel little not a thousand dollars or value bashing place being in the bedroom. Which you are there experience and for some reason Dade decided that there was some sloppy pizza and mills. Pretty mega Papa John's over here you eat and sadly that's the first Placer mine goes to great Saturday in a matter I don't wanna go there with my wife and now you at least know that it was so bad that bush broke up today today's point he's right in the. The Reverend Wright mean. I need a real they're saying it didn't continue. It's the best situation it's best choice in a bad situation I think I think he's got a better bad choice yes because like if you don't tell us or bad torts if you don't tell gets back to back and your relationship if you do talent and he asks questions I mean this is a ballet dancer that would make him feel a little down in the bedroom I don't wanna be in the bedroom you gonna be in that broke the talent is gonna happen and I don't it. Do you look they you tape that was actually the best advice I appreciate Juli thank you. There goes Dave take care seem finally call not too far Kirk took us five years are out there and it's always the next great I'm.