Hiding History with an Ex (Part 1)

Friday, August 10th

It's amazing the things that Break Room listeners are willing to share!

There’s a woman who’s wondering if ignorance is bliss when it comes to her dating history.

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It is old volume ever stop paying for this and easier pastor and be true. What this woman did was sent. He's got a past like this and and abroad that number I mean you had sex with women when they were Singleton those were good women's horror. We're not we view but other men. These ones and really bad spot and she didn't do anything wrong but she could do something wrong by not doing the right big. Right stylesheet there yeah or how many did she do just this classic Iraq that is X five WC MF all right here is the scenario and I'll say it again. I am at. Constantly shocked by what you people listen to show want to confide in her right what you'll email us the story that you're looking to tell us it. We don't give good advice as we don't judge. You're gonna judge is not our. When helper here's an email. From a woman that I got yesterday afternoon we're gonna call her Stacy she asked me changer and ignorant are you ready. My husband found out he's getting a new boss. We look him up on FaceBook. To my shock and horror. He's got it went on a few dates with and may have slept with a few times and hope. I didn't say anything and I haven't said anything to my husband. I'm trying to figure out if and when I should say something the incident was over ten years ago but I'm not entirely sure how my husband would handle. I don't think I'd like working under a woman my husband. I had had sex with. I wasn't promiscuous. By any stretch of vehement cheered have you Dixie she's worried I was not a guy you break up with a chick if she didn't sleep with the by the second dance different path. But I understand how this was looked at my husband and I would worried that he would think I have a different past and what I told them where I was completely upfront and honest I'm looking for any idea as to what to do I don't talk we will call me a dirty woman I'm fine with that old deal with it to see what listeners have to say and then she goes from of the show America. Was it and I held our reviews supposed to do with this situation what's under your control it's okay well now you can control the situation. I mean the night this thing happen I mean yeah what can you do have in. Erase can't get there has been quit his job or anything but you can't tell him hey we have a past that might not be great idea. Do you. While it's probably get them if these were their lone worker long enough. I was gonna get our little boss using it to say that I disagree you think ideas they like military relationship with guys can say hey I've got a life for himself not what does that say at Christmas Charlie we have here an. Your significant and also the almighty god. I remember when you give me that sloppy knob of his Charlotte pier one night. It can be remember the break we just had been about how will see secret love Ricky deceiver the possible not saying anything to reduce the bosses and even know yeah Eric is he says that no capacity or another name you'll find out it's gonna how. Happening just a matter of time yes it is beginning you're right this possible not go up to this. It's husband eagle I'd enjoy life but you scenario where he's hanging out with the other guys in the office he has a couple of drinks and happy out and it comes out and bat. We'll get back to this woman's husband. I mean I think it's almost 100%. Sure proof positive these guys will find out suggest dumber anyway or. Or. Do you know who would you rather hear this from your wife. Or somebody else do you want your wife to look you in the face and say this guy who would now has power over you work I slept with him. Do you want her to try to protect you from. Yeah I don't wanna get out of bed hooked up I guess the elated you might hear yeah I guess. You could if you heard from somebody else you almost feel like to trade Billick she didn't say they're being put down I don't I learned on the streets and it kind of looks like suspicious like well why didn't she wanted to write me that are you still attracted a lot of bang and it's pretty obvious that. Dude did obvious what you would want to tell me yeah but it's still I have to yet but when you're the one. Who's. On the other side of the senior and the one who's the secrets being kept from you feel like. We're supposed to be partners here like you're supposed to be open and on an irony. So here's what sucks about this situation vote the year she's hurt. Now boasts Marianne. She did what he's wrong. How did she do that strategy should have been run around talent issue but as you'll. Leno community better dated people but I'll. David is Dayton and in Israel and Iran out predicts that the guy and she was on top of a million of them immediately tidbits dating for some people yeah we don't screw up. Three dates so I just say hey we're gonna have some sexual contact yes yes yes but that with a life well but that's actually tumbled. Hampshire her husband doesn't think like she was her first two. Person she's ever dated at a sailing Tommy says my first play and love on out. You abolish the she did anything wrong here she was just living our life and who would've thought that this guy ten years later and beat the I'll play on your 'cause they knew this yeah Agassi at the tone tell my that. But Danny gonna make it any better think about this man not only did this guy have your wife and he's in charge you view race. Like he had your old lady. Any tells you what to do so he's having year old lady getting you gotta watch now what Beckett got a regularly Dow you literally have this guy over you. He's seizing control of view it's it was like he's in the room when you're banging. Eddie that's gonna getting your head when you're having sex. Rent. Begging got to think about that Dow right. Bang and Larry he was eatery Ben there looking to engage debt debt. I would bother me more while work with about home I wait every time I saw my boss would probably think about that she really may be like at first it would be like that we can get another way early and then like after a while it's just comes in Orszag gets in your hand yeah stay there right. She was on Amanda and third guys out there whose wife for girlfriend maybe had a relationship with it's a friend of Ayers at some point rather eat at some point you have to get over it. CQ how can you know what can you do eventually get over I think that you died melt but. It's different here can be because like this is the guy who's in charge of you work so your manhood. As far as this guys considered is already compliment your. Every dot eatery had Jordan Obama. Every guy will have it out with their possibly want to bother me an argument there will be some kind of friction. Now argument and all he has to do it was a huge ago I had sex appeal that. I have to say these are right I just. It. The relationship ended a serious question because it's not fair. We were places like they have their baby on Matty here. I I I I have. I think you'll get in my head. And I don't think I can get it out of my head did you know how I am and I know how you're we just we do well yet been too well and Dolan duo. Some things well the results are losing already about the old and up off. Our the voices coming in and Stacy you know we wired you're listening mean buckle up I don't know if there's a situation that works here to let this woman righteous mean yesterday she finds out that her husband you Boston's above on FaceBook that he looks like. She slapped with a certain she went on a couple dates with them generally nailed she had sex with a ten years ago he's just a few times actions yet. Mean she came back for seconds and thirds her husband does it now. And she doesn't know whether or not she should tell him but she also admits that if I found out that my husband slept or if I ate. Was working on my husband's up with I couldn't handle that I'd like it to that that's a little bit different Mike is on CMF Mikey how anybody. Hey guys I don't. Want to actually see a column I would out just because it goes before they. Now he can't handle that now. Buddy Mike it's easy to say but I wanna put you want to put yourself in this guys shoes right yeah yeah of applause I'm assuming. Okay do you like your boss. Okay would you like and after you found out he was bank and your wife. It was you or we'd better. Daily you know it's up while you're going to be banging year old lady thinking about that do it this is a natural and I think to buy a ticket I dudes what bankers played. Well that's just that but I didn't think about six when he deployed. Dudes what's. It. But it's that they disable your lady and it is okay. This guy is a really weird situation in a worst situation but it's like I cancer would be better rate now you can't get manager whites. She didn't do anything wrong true bright I don't look at what. That's certain that he's gonna find out and what is the emotion that he's got to be feeling because easy to Paris. Is what is the opposite of pride. Taking pride away what is that called. Embarrassment he says that it would be embarrassment but can't be fairly prepay image came into this house on what she did she was in an even though you know what down. Should always be aware of your actions. Because they will affect your future so you should head such as anybody to your husband. Yes so now apologize that you wouldn't have had sex ads you've got products and you have to make you look. Thank you did you all right everybody is ready to wait and hear that notice Stacy sorry whoever you are out there and JC FO agitate. And I I think that she should column. Here yes you gotta be up front what am I mean who has a no longer on she's married her husband. Should not married and don't even though that earned a spot and that ought to have history. All of these I hear you he didn't know it. He should know well no this way if something won't come up and get money should he gets an Internet duck I'll stand up. Big bus and under the Obama yeah. Okay all right Jim thanks to call but I appreciate it listen you're using logic here logic is gonna grow and that's so complicated about this is viewed on he's gonna react and you need to when he didn't on which you guilt or something maybe you should feel guilt for something. He screwed up by not telling you to look at the FaceBook may roaring and you just got past our cats and dogs living together it's mass hysteria all right we have heard from a woman it can be spoken but again we haven't heard from a woman troops. Paula is on CMF Paula how are yeah. Yeah. I don't know. This is Paula and. Torre it. I wouldn't. Be. I wouldn't mind a triple. And it was content for mayor reached that would make him uncomfortable. Having to work with his spots it's I just wouldn't same thing. Regular Saban it's got to get out eventually you're gonna have to deal with that she's saying like you just kind of it doesn't but debit that's never hatred happenings. Could things get back right so Paul asked this question let's say don't say anything in your husband and finds out six months from now what you say again. Obama. Changed. I didn't even recognize him. He was way hotter back in the day it will now. Hey there. Well it's horrible advice thank you particularly threes. Aren't we got one outlet opened and let's talk politics job by their right. Jeff I want to story I got to take a quick break can you wait for like three minutes or what are right. You do not wanna go anywhere is it seems as if Jeff might beat either these exact siege LaMont now because it says air. It is that I sit tight with Jeff and I want to talk about two which is it weeded out. Would you run into women now that you slept with ten years ago and their moms bush and they're professional women. Because we change our EA EA get pregnant and that's in those people it's it is certainly all right keep a miss back -- seem not as the match. Top what I'd hope that we'll get back 280 seconds next that's at.