Hate Mail Of The Week - Your Kid's Music SUCKS!

Wednesday, October 18th

What's the hurt in bonding with your kids over their taste in music? It's okay to admit when you like something from a different generation!... Unless you're this guy. 


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Probably fight unbeaten with your chocolate. Did attend a bond to get it discipline no that's not true to put a fire under their hats that's true you're hanging out and you know groovy with their rat. The dirty rap. You have a Draper writes this guy's rap music and I have to BC a map it is Wednesday every Wednesday at 8 o'clock hate mail of the week and actual physical letters written. I've folks at Telus would know that aren't sick to us or our corporate people upstairs without a fight again pretty proud of our pilot pen full of hate mail and up but this week comes off of the depth of Tom Petty. When it comes when it happened two weeks atop president. He's a generational musician yes where you and your child could together pretty amazing talent yes and we would not about what different you know that who The Beatles and apple. And towards the conversation we talked about how there are fathers who get into their child's music and bond that way. Well that really eat. Made one of our listeners irrationally any I can sink their goods and it's a flag it's always a red flag warnings. Sit back enjoy we present do you two days. Eight out of the week. Dear Cammie please pass this along to Duffy and Tommy the idea that you can enjoy any music at your kid likes is asinine and it's the guess example of Paris trying to be friends of the tickets not good. I get your kids enjoy good music from the seventies and eighties but to think that any adult with tastes can get into any music from today your kid likes. It's just plain wrong I have a fourteen year old daughter and last year I ticker to a Justin Bieber concert in Canada. I saw hundreds of parents where Justin Bieber T shirts and singing along to Justin Bieber songs. Acting like teenie bumper as grown people the only reason you could like this stuff is because it's good it's because you want your kids to think you're cool. If you need your child to think your cool. Guess law. Your pathetic. Duffy seems like he needs his kids to think he's so cruel and do the map be apparent not a friend warmest regards Alex. Okay man who took his daughter to Justin Bieber concert calling on there apparently for one cookies that the goal is low right guys yeah that's that. It's not out of the question to Julie music that your kids are exclusion and enjoying it just doing it the bond that ruling day event as you would have found this on your Ernie didn't. Out there it's all over replacement in just pick up on around because I wouldn't see each which exposed. Let's see it's light this saga but I know that that music exists I don't seek it out Brazil I think it's these days autos doing it would be just relate to a kid what you don't seek it out because you don't have 5713. Fifteen year old and around Russia not allowed to bylaws. Let's I find myself. To my kids my kids listen to top forty station which is all a bunch of like little girls screaming into a microphone makes super it is in Italy all of it but there might be at. Being here today at you enjoy your can get into you and yet I am I root my question nineteen year old slips on stage where I said I met a kemba cube kid. But a look at year aerial grind the loop with that are cheeks expose our watch while driving like caller hasn't you'd think about it bush you sing and I could pick this changes everything looks like a Pollard and can you microphone which is your face right now and yours. And some meals are Americans are. Say this I think the populace lately maybe not admit it. When my kids in the car is they're using it but it is and it held its catchy and catchy so I found myself listening to radio stopped. Sounds cute like that stock at least it's like it's ridiculous like it's it was like you remembering and watched. Are you generally dating game. Mean come in your singing some of those songs and then they get second my head yet serie so good again apparently. And he said ticket who says it. Looks cool it's cool. Which effectively do what you're doing it to try to beat cold your kids to relate okay. I don't care do you like their music matter of fact. They hate that you like get their music thing is everybody wants like that thing to be our thing and now you come down in a Knight doron makes. It. You might get into it because of your kid but it doesn't mean that you can't enjoy it once you're exposed to it so lake would you like your favorite music and negate your prairie girl. Lake all the boy bands like and think so I get your that was it walking around my dad played in the car when we Ehrlich would lead on road trip since the advocate I would. Ahead right shall longs wrong bad parenting to statistics out of you wanna jump him talking about state level we keep your apparently your kids' music you're trying to be different your terrible parent so let's say he is casual watcher to deplete your cool. And why would you not want your kid to secure cool. Continued to it because there should be. A level of fear and respect. From your kid to get them to will bay that's your job to get the Mo base it'll get her to your father. Instill fear and respect and said. My situation was a little bit of my father try to instill fear and respect. My dad's. So you're if you're when a debt by the U got to. Seattle there was a cozy were at some point it's. It's not about how you did you really comes to individuals each each between a father decided I was in the I don't think locomotive indicate that site sees me as a buddy. But you're dead Mota reached yet he's way. So maybe radio bit OK he's a bad example parenting in general as you try to do it at a phone and in making. But I like these hands on dad to me I think you gotta be a little bit of artists like all these guys in the NFL. When you talked about their parents prepare for hardest Helena has guy but turned him in the NFL player and you think the criminals like pants. Just certain ones most of the difference. Everybody wants to be the greatest feel like that you would stand and these little ones speaking in the strongest smartest funniest coolest guy in the it's toxic eating like I love my academics is bad that makes you selfish just. That that makes you basically doing it for yourself more than for your child yes because I think that'll generation of like. Dole's bill schools say which children were meant to be seen but not hurt OK you don't have a voice in this house is is that I did democracy okay great but I think that'll change and that's when you got a bunch of bunch of that says these are probably should wish it was really urge each time that I look at you see that phone year old ya ya my generation bent that. You'll have to do with a my generation OK. Let. Great generate. These generational debt is still between 25 to Manhattan when he gets started you on your II issue got to get out of that house for a few three can actually invent something besides lazy I'd Steve Jobs it is people about the five foot eight years before he dies in his fifties. They're you gotta you gotta throw 2226000. Bonding with your kid over there were music. See guys in the hole. What about that wrap wrap wrap wrap and exclusion do you like all is sitting stuff all of it. Election Delaware which group metro park. I'd mention it wouldn't be mentally you know passage of a distortion like us instantly put the basketball few. There are dead Macomb food. They're dead now the grew up with rap so maybe that's not really an argument either we had a discussion while talk about Tom Petty how he should he's a guy called up its shares NWA when these kids because that was his generation. And sent the inward investment since then limiting guide them group did did is 6000. Tyler's in the breaker and CNF HIR a. A white. Guy. And he got. I think there at the plate and and the pain at being a disciplinarian at the same time in our. Oh or Eric Wright and I'd straddle that line playing pretty a brand but they. Didn't buy out. OK I had to do you have kids. I am yeah I'm the one month old daughter. Okay all right guys it's difficult thank you he's one month old daughter is not peace committees roll around on his back trying to fight with the what but the bonus. Feels a cramp in his pants. Evita OK even if you don't wanna get into your kids are into it basic educate yourself on what there are we had to know it and maybe say stuff like Ellis into it just on your own just maybe you'll like it maybe will open at least you know. Out again by here at the N word no there is some bitch back coming out of bedroom you got a problem so the case of the of the prequel is on modesty Edwards with the. It's not inappropriate to keep chasing the feeling. Of your kids loving you because listen Mike I'm likens the perfect age my girls went your way do they think that world I know that heroic job I know what I know and for years 111213 years old when my seven are older it's over so. If I've already had that feeling and I want my daughter still love me I guess I'm gonna try to do things that she's in two to bond because listen. After 1413. Fourteen she's not going to have respect adoration forming again till she's 25 or thirty. Maybe united and then the judge shot it one of radio guy. So why would I not fight to have that with my daughter it's a little selfish act. As your putting your child. You're putting your own feelings and your child's wish regular at the same time as a way out of place at the same time I'm also there for my daughter I am their little girl. You make it better for you when your kid our relationship. Aria better than ignoring it. Urges saying upfront it sucks you father did with your sister and each killers. Three years later she was 57 as a slow burn men believe I ever ever being vacated. And I think we all had a hand in my sister's death at oracle and all of my father. Arab. King did. And when my parents would tell me that something was trash that sucked like we didn't even you even know you need to listen to it. That they've that they had that it Strachan at second then they can get a few facts about it I would've had no argument she's right rupiah. A ticket to success also deal more hate Belle of the the week if you lead enjoyed music it's your kids modern music likes drew Chela edit trash Perry that you should stay away accordingly gonna have a fat Sissy boy but according to a man who took his thirteen year old daughter Justin Bieber concert in Canada. And pot kettle black it's got to the breaker bullets in their face got eight politely. Morning guys doing good it was to help I'll put my eight. So my cute songs on my phone. Because you know they wanna hear minutes are somehow but Bennett played a good listener like a magic dragon then and Tom Petty I'm next to my mind music on their. Do this a real dinosaurs sounds like you. It's got to tell your kids might. Well in case you're doing the same thing I'm doing what you have that pop music on the panel Sutton that young seeking to guide it sounds like girl gets you re expecting your head. What's that one commercial that she commercial their plane and media believers sides and it's a pretty good start you know it sort of makes you go and look into that and and they are some other good song but a lot of thinking I. I have to have your economy a little bit some of the nursed bounces. Three weeks. OK for a while I got the look that aerial grinder rate area. And I who cares and I look at their public better photo shoot she looks at a little porn stars of the summer and brought us so well that he's relevant so like Hillary's I would listeners 'cause she's given me a rail. But that right right well I can order it out to her image. It. So little smoke ships and Scott is a little Barry Bennett but. Pace a series of dig in his case is give me is stepping solid the father from footloose. Again. Which did choose to get distinctive programs now we have this job it's going to Easton town Alia that he was like around it's different. I just don't understand the problem with wanting to spend as much time with your kids as possible. As I don't think it's always you should do it that's been a problem for years is that father's announcement and talk with their sons and daughters in and we did an end of the what's the by prior these kids now. You can get a man as opposed do you have complete psychopath ultimately six got out of hours. Say what you want a bout me I would get out of my parents error an eighteen. Eight they can go do whatever they want to because I was out that was also hated your parents in depth but it was a healthy hate. It's the way it should be like skating Connecticut I don't know how she got to go stricken on your I could go to some that okay. The really. The hang around you tweet morning 930 years old and it's all because of very. Well it's the music is the bonding is the diapers the print is I want to protect my little baby no no you babies now 27 in fact. You're a big fat hairy baby. That would do great leverage billions of that very vigorous. They're probably is some band like that out so it's. You can't to form their own couch. Its eggs.