Hate mail of the week - Take Down OJ

Wednesday, March 14th


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8 o'clock. Set by listeners don't like us very much and either Tommy giving myself or our management usually try to get this fire sheer. There's a very upset you any man that you've been taking up for really forever on the show true American. I know actually. American food or an alleged true the U I would. But OJ Simpson. Has been the news a ton. And there's actually gonna petition. Online to wipe him out of the NFL's Buffalo Bills history books I ask you before we get to this letter and if we did that. To beat the this is not true he did exist he did these great things that you all cheered and gave money for you I. Late in the breaker boxes class -- many 65 wc and upset. OJ Simpson. In news again on Sunday. He did eight chill hypothetically if he committed the murder what he would have. And it's sadly given beating drummer Derrick pretty much it was very wild and we were talking about this. Before it fair I'm assuming that this guy get upset with sit back and enjoy today's hate mail of the week. To management. I am so sick of hearing Tom anyway defend OJ Simpson. The man murdered his wife and Tommy has every excuse in the book as to why he should be Revere what so what I have to do to get wiped out of Tommy's book. Of aberration if it was up to me. Everything OJ. Would be wiped from the NFL and the Buffalo Bills or how to see him on TV I would not to see commercials for TV specials documentaries. I would have to hear about how he. Might be innocent the world would be a much better place without OJ and anyone who thinks differently in this is a giant. Makes Tommy John. You're counting hump until the bills wiped out OJ from the history books. I won't be of man or spend a dime on the bills this goes for the entire NFL and until top admits that OJ is a murder. I'm doing the same with wc in math so dearly. Justin. Ask him to be looking like the that it petitions got several thousand exciting it's him. Caught Steve Nash. OK we can totally digital. Pre screened board yeah it's just screwed up. Rounds two to 6008. The bills tomorrow. Decided to white OJ Simpson out of everything Buffalo Bills how would you feel I can't beat that. Well first of all he's the most success. Oh Buffalo Bill. Ever number 11 of the most successful running backs set records jerk aren't yet and this is a league that has a lot of despicable people and at that have done amazing things on the field that they still embrace now. Granted if you wanna believe that he did that which most people do how do you justify a wiping him now with the other guys said. Beat otherwise speed after key aides. Accidentally ran people over to route wrong I mean. What he's on the line it's a lake if you go down this this row where you poll OJ out. It's almost like the act confederate it's statues in the south. Because you're gonna find out like a lot of people got a letter after their pass that you may not like and don't where do we step where does it and sat. It's a valid argument I hear what you're saying I guess the point to be made is this was such high profile because let's be real. OJ Simpson is long purple ball player in fact he's been a football player since he was sitting in the courtroom and he is an American it is for this icon yes so. You hear about OJ the football player maybe here. OJ actor a lot of most times OG the guy who got because it was so far better and with the Emmys about the confederate statues I mean you had a lot of people protesting that because they feel part of history that's which stand there. With OJ thing how many people are going to be. Protesting the protests against the I think you eat you think there are people that would standards they know that name needs to stay there I do but for what reason I guess I think I. As it happened it really happened. Eight this is the re agreed these edgy feel like passionate about it players can't un ring a bell rates that you can't go back and say well. So indigo was the first person to break the 2000 yard record does. Dissident these sports are nothing but about trivia and stats. It was some guy we don't know it wasn't him anymore he doesn't exist to some were OK but there's definite Blake that the confederate such a thing where it's like will we need to remind ourselves that so we don't repeat history right. Who cares anyway at the lesson is OJ teaching us what here's the thing you do you're not honoring what he did after football that ring of honor is for what he did on the field at that time it's a snapshot of history. And at that point. He was. An amazing athlete that did a lot for his community and get a lot for Black America at that time. Become an icon for black Americans was try to death. When OJ was setting those records. Brothers followed the bills. Just for OJ can Brothers around the country were cheering OJ on because he was an amazing black athlete that was representing. Present or represented right Joseph. Tokyo Tokyo. To select boil accountable simple oil out it's T you're telling me and Vick because it's part of history. And it's a new year only celebrating what he did on the football feel OK first. It sends us a lot that you can't get rid of something because it's history can't hide something that we all over the country calling out for centuries. It's hit people away that have done great things because they have to sort. I have a tickle operation picked that topic. The government prepare for those you don't know operation paper clip woods after World War II the Americans gave a bunch loves. Not seat yeah fake names and backgrounds of the could bring them the reason we went to the boat and is because we brought in Nazi scientist to guess there head. They did it for the sake of national security can Wear the Soviets are gonna blow us up and I get that the fact of the matter is there's a lot of Nazis whose names you don't know they did most of the work to get us to the load and you'd never hear those guys need so don't give me if I can't who brought us the orders recognition OJ needs. OK Deborah did redeeming Nazi stuff he killed two people or sudden Nazi stuff. Okay. Like to. 810 different people who had significant. Contribution when you know history that we never hear about is that we're bad people but act but what. What were to happen Nazis happened ultimately happened maybe three Nazis who worked on getting past the moment. Space do there was. Speaks to what's there. Characters facing golf. It's space from did you did 6008 a week angry with Tommy forward talking about Jay is great and on him off the Rio on there's a petition was several thousand signatures circling the block OG taken down from the wall and buffalo gals on CM FA LO brother. I. You're forgetting one small piece is does. He is he is acquitted. Of murder. So what you think I'm down. Her it committed murder his technically he didn't commit murder. Regardless that your in my opinion. He's not guilty of murder yeah. That says you have to be found guilty of murder yes honestly honestly you personally do you believe OJ did. I I think that the overwhelming majority of people do you pick wrong believe OJ did it got OK so well I need the NFL's business the deals are business. Would have held late but that seems like it's hurting their business I'm in last time I watched the bills on those seats were full you know chased neighbors or their soul. Here's. I get no jail break it on leaky treat them like they're gonna just as a mob figure. I think it would create. More disruption and it's worth it. I can't really got more attention might be on the set out thank you for the call appreciate that they take it down with the auction off don't you just. I wish I had shocked shocked reassurance in the PC with a eleven to Dixie crystal. I can't believe that healthy kids it it's uncomfortable I mean. You go there you know it's there every time you see you never can never just ignore right. I mean I mean you go every Sunday can you just that there ignored have a look at it I get a comfortable right way to look at it involuntarily to like it's almost like every week to prove to myself it's still. When you see guys that K now why. Walk round would go jays Jersey celery and Jeff. He's not allowed though there aren't a lot there are a lot of guys are OG agers as he was the greatest billable time out. There's nobody even close to what he accomplished I don't think they're doing because he's the greatest ability to do it for the shot. Either way it works for me or does cause you have analogy agers that you won't Wear anywhere. Lying down. And keep these. Have big. He could be a new order. Did give. It is very easy way for the ghost town is right if you take it to others disruption puppets in the autopsy today. Take it down both fell off. Tell everybody don't make a statement about. Just take it down the bills don't have to issue a statement as to where it went through right but this going to be an issue with the bills don't comment on it it's not an issue of it's a major seated okay that there. Or we could deal. She finds you take it down you find somebody wanna replace it with does any kind of look like it Dick Burke. Precedent protesting at being taken down to put this great guy up there right get your how to look like you're gone against the guys named Elena. You're a 100% right by the way the bills are a team of second chances train. They always have that but he's on his third but I'm sim lake but he's there but but we you like reaching card meego. Was it was the face of bullying you write this country right. And we gave that. Get a second chance he really turned his life round he stews Roche did give a second chance let's let's help. I wanted to know about. It's yours if we let's we do lose OJ let's go to go sooner. What are we losing to tell his humanitarian. All is records have been broken. He's not Gretzky he's not Ruth he's not Jordan and honestly I wonder when. If he was never a trial for murder in how much we'd still talk about into day. He would be Thurman Thomas. Would be a media high profile. Because and here's it was so far removed from the game. That was the 60s70s. I made by the time I graduated high school he was done me well yeah. Do you. Billy Shaw is. Under the name to split the bills in the sixties right before it. And Shah as a revered for both Leo he's ask of them. But I don't Eagles fans know who Billy Shaw is he's pro football favorite sit OJ was way higher pro am the C state some ice. If he was never on trial for murder. Would people still. I don't know like I valued you know better than and is anyone really be household name as much as part of a guy is telling around star is equipped him yeah locally but Nat nationally I think. It only the babies injured at least are eclipsed him. Was because OJ was such a right and I'm sure Jim Kelly went on his friends would object. Janet DBC it would be text and talk hockey and I like it is like the old school new school that you meet the alumni and anime is still talking don't know yeah it was weird and like so I was listening John Murphy show which is on our sister station assemblies. They have an odd couple months ago and they were talking about Jefferson. He started talking about how key was friends with them it would talked before the game. Thurman realized that conversation. And talk to accept a pay cut out like object. This of course he had yet to. It is a thing about it opportunities he's so god and charming why it's so he is. I keys still knows how to sell it like it down even when I watch that interview on fox agree it was 2006. But there's times of watching him I'm laughing along with him when he style like these funny stories of anyone he's talking about. Well you know I was trying to go one gets so and he's just very charming. Back to did you 6008 week OJ Simpson. Or so what Tommy were defending OJ I get sucked into his charm but it. Petition circulating allied to remove OJ from the wall at new airfield gyms in the breaker mansi and that's what today. Geithner talking revision sister OK and if you want to remove because the minute at CNET and I'm. Then you remove every. This country whether Boehner and I need it like enjoy it appeared that ahead. General who killed you. Go back and change history because. We did something about how it happened like I'm glad it happened in history ignoring it only can what. To be elevated and Zoran. Eleven to death it's stupidest argument heard my living here's why because Jim all of our. Our history. Is revisionist history everything we have ever learned in high school into middle school in elementary school. Is revisionist history to make America look really good and I did that. Let's face facts right where would the world what what what more to let the Soviets right but you figure out there and it'll it could do it here did you. Every Israeli jets we have to go ordinary street boys out he did. You get district of people want you to know Jimmy so what's different at this. I'm back here saying I revisionist history is yeah. History is written you disagree with out written because that to make it look like OK so what are you working your vision of revisionist history. Okay and other people's lot and. But that's it that's just did it becomes what the community wants right Jim let me that's why there's revisionist history people look at this decided we're gonna do it this way because this works better for us. I don't feel people decided that we're gonna do it that's what I don't think they all eat up the entire world population that. I want to handle all of. Are you sure though as we can have space force backed up nightly news militants who are they call explosion yeah I'd have to rest today.