The Guy You Can't Take Anywhere

Tuesday, February 27th

It's a once in a lifetime party that you WANT your buddy to be a part of.. but chances are he's going to ruin it for everybody


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Deal lead India. As men and when we get older we'd mature yes it is stupid stuff we did in the past to become fathers and husband is magnified and it's a responsibility yet. Guess you match crush you. While you across a guy who even though he's older and the mistakes in his past keep following them around would not talk like armed robbery in. Like Dubai maybe it's what you did to turn. This very scenario. Is making things very tough four can be at a few of her friends or. Thirty one's lifetime opportunity and that Abbott saved someone from my time. Yeah I greatly practices classic rock that is excited to BCF I what's different. Actually so it's my boyfriend's body or my boyfriend is any wedding coming up in the summer to button and he and the other grooms men. They'll kind of grew up together so they're they're trying to plan a bachelor party for the current eyes gonna get Z zone so with her. It lets you do the old you do that every day. So they wanna do something you want to do anything big he is gonna go anywhere you just want to do something local here in Rochester OK so they're trying to. Planned like kind of like Ed and a full night of activities like may boys jump around from place to place far up. They're finding that they're having a tough problem they're having a tough time planning these things are high it's one of the guy aids in the group. Has had a history around town so he's got a bad this year Ed to from bars around. Yes some some of it's that some of it's just that he's just nuts when he treatment okay. Alone control so that attitude that the consideration and then they said well maybe maybe we'll go to like a casino or do something like. A lot of the driving to dinner in can't do that. Because a when he is drunk keys obnoxious and they don't wanna like you know Dick kicked out of the place to the they have nowhere to go okay. And he also has had a gambling problem without. Kennedy says. Political loaded that Roy admitted that even if the he's a really good guy when he's not drinking he really is he's not unlike. You know he's just your typical dude so some guys have a switch minute that alcohol hits and it is goes so they're they're kind of Blake. Do we still in the not in the bridal party he's just like a good friend of everybody and it ain't so. They're kind of thinking he's gonna rooted for do we still invite this guy but you can't like Havel local bachelor party. And I mean it's got into know about it yeah it's not finally gets an option but they're they're really having a tough time plant evidence they'll find they have to planet around the sky. If you get a babysit somebody agency is gonna suck the whole night bright as our everybody nobody can have fun because of this ass way. No meaning gotta get gotta cut him loose. And at the situation re supposed to be partying and having fun right majorities in a city you can't Alex romper room everybody listening to the show has that front yards right you have that friend who he's great guidance and good father good husband works hard busts his ass and when he gets this awesome and he's really good they have it loser it's just so sometimes can be where the -- shows up. What place strangely he's I haven't appear at Red Robin have a cheeseburger if you take that tally bar to exit the crazy red. It seems like the older you get the less patient you have cancer I have no harm. Why would you want as you just bringing everybody down you wanna be at. He'd jerk doodling or on time this Big Brother to tell Jody jerk all night. I grabbing strippers and and taken only behind the ball hit what they keep what you going to extremists and got so we were talking about this guy you don't know what he's going. That's a thing he's unpredictable rights problem is also you also unpredictable and and it's unpredictable you take leaked by the bar grabbed strippers asked when we look at drunk and obnoxious you I certainly. Occasions etc. buyer you what I drinking just started insulting people to their face has happened people we did out. It was you who I was actually not me what it was you at a wedding of our good friend at that time you cleared the table. But people got up and left started it. That. And at that remembered Richard too drunk this week. Well I just kind of where we think acceptable. Because of this guy is a terrible acre where the line is too little. I might peak handcuffs on him. We're for that happened but it looked sort of telling jokes that you would have to sit on that had been in and beings jolted. Cool wet and can you trust your body to be mature and it's harder than it seems as it has nothing to do with age and everything to do with siege two weeks. Here's the cutoff is over you know you cut this guy out. If the conversation is who's watching him tonight. And Connecticut getting irritable. I think most people keep an entire round to make you shouldn't be right eight produce as you don't guilt. You keep based on hold you've known him or he's helped you out like you AV did you is solid here's another thing I Greg guys that are really gimme some solids. That and their pain any has to deal with some type that you get a bit you know you you'll. Yes it's just stuck its loyalty well yards gilts sweat equity. Sweat equity. That matter but it is guilt really it has at the dual loyalties really is killed there's the goat you know we don't guy. Is it is not a good drinker to be any time. He likes to remind do all the things he's done for you that's what you gotta keep around but if he told a guy. Hey main hero you know we ties have helped you out member I helped you move. Merits of I drove you'll be you had too much right began to come on let's go like by ten to babysit Europe right. What are you gonna say our but they ruled but here's the thing they rule in the ninth for everybody and that's. That's what Sox I give you're gonna take this guy out spent all this goddamn money on a bachelor party. And it's just like last night they get his jolly news. In this guy's gonna roll on it it ruins it for everybody like you're gonna spend all this money basically to babysit his jerk. Yeah now that's soft persuasion of loyalty man and any staring down the pike of fifty years of marriage thank you think this is the last nine he can have any fun what is dawn. It's all bats of party is. Rain it's an amusement park for your dollars like sea breeze Pudong loyalty. To its very late for you Don you gonna ruin that bill last night. Yeah Malan and other got a two boys to the guards get married. Today but I would but that relationship. And is this is his 198. I think the thought of a lot of guys as well we'll just we'll talk to a humble make sure that it never works and I put in the back of their minds they know that it's still possibility that he did you know. Go Lofton to to do 6000 how much you on the hook for the older you get right because there's this idea talk about Kennedy's boyfriend's friend bachelor party or trafford. What they can do with them they can't because he's meant for some barges really bad trickery to wild start fights put a good. Route normally we had when he's an actor and it's fine so you or early twenties and their back in the day if you. How would you boy and he got a fist fight it was not a question your company benefits and an edit he got arrested it was not a question you were bailing them out you were doing which. Jeddah responsibilities back Darington and heaven only eighteen K is it mortgages and taxes answered when does that go away what all that's. Would ever all that baggage shows up. Responsibility. Sucks. So get used to so you're telling me and if we went to a bar and we a couple of drinks do we know. Yeah. Stupid face. So I'll ever. Get witty comebacks or group at a guy swings I make that jump event. It's the wrong. I know exactly do we think I just need to know that he would be at the loyalty of hey absolutely commitment and a man on the digital artillery bombed bouncer media nominee you know I'm in ice disappearing down of this and elbows. It's easy easy. Let's rested and you bail me out. Now much. They'll go. Which. Question it's the first of the month that things are ruled short or some come into the fifteenth should. Yes I'll bail me out I will somebody's. I'll take my puzzle gun and shoot somebody all right bill you're. Let me out so what is what is I obligated to tell my body while you're there. You're at that age thirty know Europe that he forgot because of your age be because of what you have going on your lawyer wife has a very good professional job. Which is very rare it. You have two children and you have you have things going on here I like. Those are your responsibilities now not two but. I would argue that now hole as did he get the more import duties take everybody liar I don't bail him out of jail his wife's gonna kill it he could lose his job penalizes married chats is from all that's. Boys while. All. Happy too bad. As we own we all own vagina is now we own them and you know what they own. Dawn which is why I would have to your ass you know his. Our dawns are. Now home under locking case. And I got to listen to the jailer. Brand deal ladies get to jail she's a jailer okay about that OK it's like your account and locked out. Great get it you don't weakens. The caddie locker. It's a lot of marriages man you can't be you can't be matzo with Joseph jerk over here. As he decided that it would be really funny dude see what happens when you put it can't gasoline on top of the gas grill. Sit back what's the fun if things go bad it's my responsibility to make sure to candy -- what does not find out that is meant to you are okay. Here's what I found out about that dumb Woodson could you say you would age. She's gonna find out. Damage power. Minimizing damage brilliant if she'd have to go Belk Joseph asked out. Well I guess we shouldn't have all of you source shape. West I'd bet that this is this is what subtleties you don't understand any of the. That's why can't he could tell the story you have the book would sort of look at where there's conflict can be story yeah because these are west side guides to help you guys. Some of emea are mostly less like guys. And I mean the thing is too it's like it's easy to say yell lauded. In on a weekend basis and probably not gonna go out that guy he's gonna get himself into trouble but this is kinda like that. You know a moment that you'll only get a couple times with your buddies so it's something that you would want him to be involved in Great Britain can handle it. Okay you can handle real excited home now disloyalty it's really chill values you're east side boards. Yeah. Sheet view of a sudden revelation to me at all I throw up a couple OK and yet at what age you longer obligated to bail out of body. 30405060. Because there should be LA and I think yeah I think is you are there so third now. Who called you arrested. For total lawyer okay. You have to get out. Well we. Historic record of two. This is where you from Mayo also do pretty it don't do it second you know evidently not me. Get your add your own ascended jail there are extenuating circumstance due to some time usually means OK fine but. And this stay I'll have to bail money nobody. OK good to exit keep the pros under bush addresses.