Graduation Party Gone Wrong

Monday, July 9th

These events are always tense, so it's odd that things like this don't happen more often!

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I am surprised we don't see more incidents like this high school graduation party of at least that long what is the big bowl graduation party. Ingredients that could lead to thoughts and in a few ball real drama in the break at this class it's it's not that easy maps. Here's the information we have about the incident that happened out in week Wheatley and on June 30 graduation party and you street. A victim was arguing with a suspect. The suspect was allegedly drunk and quote being belligerent at the graduation it disrespectful to people attended the party. The suspect suspect in the head several times recently felt the ground. Suspect and ransom a party was found nearby by deputies taken into custody charged with their degrees out it would need to cap and not a lot. It's graduation party that could invite stuff like this that we. Really think there are always very tense. I never been to a and I do is always takes a credit drama or tension at every one I've ever gone to I think attention conscience and you never realized. Right. Graduation party really. Hard. Is all about. And but the problem is. Everybody it's like everybody's fighting for this spotlight yet it. Mom and camera by the spotlight because we do do you BK it was spy like his I grad I think the grandparents only get in on me you know and sisters feel missed out because it's his big day in the you know he didn't do right by me he did more for him like there was so much who needs it. They got that and then add. Add to that the bright you know she's nature among the right look how great my kid did all the great thanks Mikey is going to accomplish he got into the like universe where she graduated with a three point nine grade point average that make you feel great about yourself and order. Or the job that your kid did and throw little booze and there it can Mickey do and say ace. It may profess that what you give me another drink. Salad boy and you are unique college I gave up my own way. Maybe you do is go to Cornell which is a whole literally knows it I want to their god yourself these Asians on. Cornell Cooper put. Ultra Sina tension happened due to you planning your parties on the same day lull my kids got to go visit your kid even though their party's got you know I don't need night. That can Gaza drama. Getting an act prepare for a rate yet prepared for any this 'cause it's it's raw emotions just pop up in ninety say you throw the alcohol in their riches fueled the fire. God. Com stem from something else we talked about earlier this must MM well the over the top parties and gets right leg. Afford something awesome for your kid. And he went up at a party where a kid gets a catered celebration and a new car you might have something to say about that and it was probably won't be nice things all the sudden. That would punch each other. So we went to one when I was them. Is dating my now wife square. A car showed. BK got a call OK I get I think car men have big deal on it sure is F this. Like I was like so this stuff that might cells. A man lake. After much harper decade. Dixie like their nightly music knows time can't have a college. Currently the first family and had no effect of adding that a college and you know it's car rules are colleges right. Like I. I ever go home like just really has attacked kids don't know a little jealousy a little let's. Todd Jones people can't even that. I know I had a boat at Penn you know but it was a run about it a smaller engine design just a simple enough shot I predict that I could even about what to count could dig a boat. But they've dug a canal that day and thing goes go to school in Venice I'll tell you what pisses me off the most of its graduation parties. The kids it seems like not impressively awful and the party is to beat you 2000 dollars cash. That show. I.s who wrote in the departed. And is another one of my aide. For an rich friends and really nice but displaces swanky dank. So you know I'll my wife is precariously jesus' super mom. So. This case comes to sit down at our table Bora have moved hamburger and she's like hi honey now where you indicate don't talk to me he's. Don't talk to. Yeah thanks pool won't. Meant fewer men usually does but yeah I'm gonna punch of fourteen year old kid in the face because his brother Gabor needed dead of a derivative and of their clubs in my. But I'd be like this little snot men. Faces I wouldn't hold together towards that what he has done. It yeah I would just dating and excited to Obama obligated defender Rodriguez. Has decided noted so much at that point slipping that's and yet to do it in a skin shell would you want him authority to 11:14. Am. If you Rhode Island of a fourteen year old because he's having a rough day because it Brothers graduated when would expose the though. Talk to. Cool. And I was even there they noticed them. But I let it and it happened out weekly in late Jude just showing up in the news now party on union street basically someone got drunk got a fist fighting and I didn't fully deceit they've been charged with third result but it all went down at a high school where we are part of an odd. Over the top we get when it comes to high school graduation because it truly for the adults it's. You're right it is the needle. The reality of all this is high school graduation is expected. For kids you should be graduated quite woods but it should you will graduate from school if you don't. It's a giant embarrassment. So why do we do these big things for kids with me just did something he should have. Because you find you got him through. As as a couple right you made these Steve made this little one. Andy got a tubes I think that's like that really notices with my ex in laws and their daughter graduated think she was like the first one. Of the Greinke isn't you know that group so is it. It's like viewing your life cycle you know wiping year old is graduates you're gonna be like. We did it's going to be your life's work is sitting right in front of you in this little human being nets known adult got there yes years I think that and I so I say it's all for the adults. Accuses the other critical run off with their friends and have some fun and you pay for NASA the bank artists what he and what's your buddies you know give boos don't. Big party about something else then what do you think eighteenth birthday party just that's fine with that border that this is an accomplishment eighteen is just gonna show up this when you had to go. You're you're gonna be eighteen what you tried to organize pro and now we did not really accomplish OK but it is it's not you you wolf feeling you know feeling yet because your nine. United in the thick of the battle yet all. Who had no children are wider front row seat to a man for Russa you refer receipts for all these two years ago throw football. Which you but. Your other black because. It's a listen. Are here to toll would root I know agencies say one thing you see the other. I think yeah. You can't go big for. 189 to celebrate there is you'd protects you go pick for the sixteenth in the sweet sixteen kind of thing got you bowl played just funny a depression we put ourselves lack acrylic cube gone all out for that it. And their problem is if you do want it reviewed over the top for one what you get too rank so you do for one. You gotta you gotta DB just like the other because you're gonna hear what you did more for so and so you get everything he can Steven Selig and blowing past the idea vote is this even think you should be celebrate restore your right is shouldn't but you do because you had a handed so. Apple adds a BC in the break room. Is your kid graduating high school and accomplishment because with the overwhelming majorities the school districts in Monroe county and city not included but that's a whole other argument let it doesn't graduate high school you scarlet letter true right click it's not wildly did he graduated in public. This guy a guy who really weak graduate I hope you as well if I hadn't graduated. My dad would've been the biggest schmuck Intel's current. I got party is at it originally invited their set parental pride. Rank what you should join year old lady and we did this in no no matter all the bumps and bruises all the effort at least we have we gotten done okay. Okay. Early yesterday. When it comes of these graduation pardon the kid graduates of the speaker right manner it. We letter are that your kid. From a dead skin wasn't even gradually rising donated big debate graduation party yesterday still catered party light entertainment paid for by his great. Parents. Mean I don't know what tips to that is really weird to envelopes of cash to every kid without asking to see their grades. Natural well I got to know who's got dom kids like if I go to so and so's as I know he's an idiot. I'm not gonna point shape though I mean I'm gonna get death I'm gonna give the same check the siege to a kid like themselves as to evidence at all because of I have buddies that communicate then you know. You know you eating give this a needed that one I just keep it flat that way I keep peace between friends okay families right. So I have my standard my wife stayed a little bit higher the minds of had to adjust the numbers. On. Yes because I hear you know with the dumb kid and by the way it did dumb kids and idealism and on the dumb kid you were dumb kid yeah you know we got to support our people to think that this a nation of idiots out there who we are part of kissed of those guys man we were those guys okay. Pro. I should have gotten any give some mean I was going I should actually handed pieces month. People sick about a house or should I had a basket a hundred dollar villas at thank you thank you so much thanks thanks for neck culminated it but I literally was. College I mean it. Okay yet I still people show up and electric park and analysts kept watch. From what tradition it wasn't for books it was a from I don't all funny and went to beer and gotten like all of my friends gave me Malia and cancer thank you put up. It. Really is. Still a chance but you have to. Bring them meaningless in the damages done re okay yeah. A couple of putts aboard a bit and exercise. No I mean with the dumb is already set to basic cement what is hard it's done right that you patio. So. He set Zelaya itself but you're stupid as stupid as that. Say you're black it soul whatever agony do insult to injury like I can't honoring that bill. You're an idiot so here's honored dollars and fifty bucks whatever. We're gonna write a debit card debt is as you'd like to. You let your pet rock would eyes.