The Graduation Gift Off

Friday, June 22nd

Have you ever heard of a money cake? Apparently if you don't get your kid one, you might be a bad parent.

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This weekend marks the final graduation ceremonies for the high schools the greater Russia on up on and it means the official kickoff everyone's least favorite season. Yes graduation party season lows ideally. This is a time pride for the parents of the kids graduating a call patient all the hard work you put in to make your kid a high school graduate and set them often. But it C news based on a cold we got out of nowhere yesterday for a listener and a bunch of stuff that we saw social media last night distress is only beginning. And if you take the time to relax now and think you're done here you rule are a. Eric is very. Drain every thing I got to give this kid yet the sacrifice. Of all let's sacrificed not enough to mean nothing now. The breaker putts is classic rack. Six back to BCI. SPS it's something completely off top program gets a phone call I'm against these guys is angry confused. Just yeah he was he was wondering like he wanted us to talk about it he wanted to know he wasn't alone but he said that right now his daughter's age. Senior in high school and so she's just getting ready to graduate or has graduated and he's feeling pressure right now because her friends. Their parents are getting her friends like. Ridiculous gifts for the graduation. This is on top of the graduation party at one gets it actually presented. That the graduation date did together something you said one of these presence there that is I call it brand new car great car one of them was present it was our prices right Edwards. But bill car. Our pockets of like jalopy the Atlanta to new car radar. And then the other one was the most extort I had public interest and add up to let it big as as the real thing that he said one of the girls got eaten money Tate. Which I guess it is a I get tiered cake it looks like decayed that mile closer it actually made out of money money roll call planes. Dollar bills things like that so we looked as of yesterday it's not edible it's Tia type thing is made out of money they'll communicate yes it's rolled yeah I see you. Kennedy meant how. Over the top of noxious. Are these party's gonna bay it is yet you're rubbing it in everybody's face at the party get a load of me. Which you know what that means that if one person doesn't. If you don't do you look like to do coach so we. The discussion off the air yesterday you I hear kind of on the same page Thompson we should always assume that for the parents of the graduates Pete party. Why is there present right because he's part of it catered food in the music in the pan that got to put up and in the chairs and everything else the average cost high school graduation party is now hovering over 800 dollars and. The house party. For 800 bucks. An ice we can you literally separate out of box with its average debt is at. Average bit rate that's that's combining zero and we ridge do issues yes and. And I what you think of something else and to graduation parties just a fraction of all the money you spent. We call it senior high school. Listen this sizes Sarah okay. You skipped senior pictures between she and prince average of 700 dollars your kids senior class ring which they have to happen they still do the ring he's doing good note guide the hammering that a lot of kids still get at them and and yes I mean what good popular and thousand. Everybody got a classroom except for meet with your hearts go I am Klansmen that already run 200 bucks the average cost of probably is now 800 dollars per kit so you're looking at too great 800 bucks a semi can probably get Lee gets. You're looking at around 2000 dollars you already spent an average this year and that's before the grand party yeah. I had to get them a gift as well and we asked kicker of all of this and. All the money coming to the Graham that the grad party in going to write your kids pot Gloria there's no relief what you spent thousands of dollars in a matter eighteen months and eighteen year old kid. They graduate big envelopes full of money and they get to pot kettle. And it's going to happen for three straight kick you back up guy. Is up. So lightly my AA. My now wife is win win issue is when Kirk has regretted her son and myself so is credited waving high school. He Dayton would they did a great thing they just want to part with for their families deserve the boys roll body's organs and get a group graduation party. Good move. This lets you invited to that because now you're two for four doubles yet but you're gonna be invited to anyway get a that a delay but away. One day dawn isn't going to four different weekend parties. That it didn't break and you know my my wish to have them on picture issues raised these kids on her own chosen it's intense and put all his money out your your numbers right. You. Can friends girls chin so you could pull this off to I had friends. Those camera work there older Mans up and politics. Pays salaries graduates are here. So here is really shy boy I've got a. Again we thought no parent needs to vibrant you don't you don't need to we throw up pencils again indicates gonna get all that bank. Are great dropping off fumble Lopes. We do about social media. You lastly did you get a graduation party for our graduation present from your parents if so what did you get and we got hundreds of responses to redeem all the wrecks and all of the people said they got presence and it wasn't as young kids for guys my a guy guys again. Yeah. For what you could tell kind of Selig based Elena graduated is there's like Sony but disc CD player a boombox for the dormant a desktop computer. Mini fridge iPod Touch MacBook. A lot laptop's death. Money and I NN and jewelry. And then there was one woman who said that she had triplets in she got all three of them a laptops. Yeah I in my generation to resume graduation parties. Again you may might have been like your parents idea I'd like to raise and uncles over me your mother made a cake but that was about it there was several night. Radio site go to somebody's house and everybody's hanging out take your brother made was made out of money. Now so it's a bad parent was made it a lovable mother. She used greeted from your siblings they should take the so the bottom line is this based on all the response as we gotta all of the stories we've heard if you are apparent. Not by AA president along with the graduation nuclear kit and the president has to be good based or hearing you look like a piece of garbage you after all you've done you still look like he's got a. You get a present it different everybody else but it Dick move that is like about that some graduation party it's some pumped. Is being presented a car it's better than my collar white man that the kid at the ten while at the whole situation. Especially at Delonte alive if the parents pull that movie only pull the carpet the blow on a brand yet it indicates is trying to. Nonchalantly. OK you guys added new. That's not gonna happen I'll die you know you can forget the two car Dick kid out there a better regulate Pittsburgh. To its third teach Telus misery and it will navigate ticketing. Because it's not happening. Did you do 6000 if you do not get a gift for your kid graduating high school on top of of the red agent party you went out it'll look like a Dick we brought the money cake earlier yeah tickets on CMF Idec. Good morning and yeah. My daughter. Just graduated. I don't wanna say that's cool I don't know it is and Reggie says look look at what my friend also got. Besides the brand new march saying. Here's thinking of mustang a couple of Bob Marley. So be got a body cake and a new car. But boy it sure out it'll just it can't seem. What I wanted to get a piece of it. Check it don't get obviously it's under par and Wilbur and cold. What do they pirates. Look it was apparent. Major courage it is particularly bloody advocate after the date to a life here on the west side and you got a car for graduation I guarantee their car was involved in a crime. It's a hot car they junior the Saddam he's commodities keep it's key to TARP on radar right. Here's the thing I don't think that this. Discriminates as far as how much money people make I think debt. Now which is sad because if you're working guy try to keep up that we can't print it breaks here but putting their retirement in ninety just think it's not a guy that pushed this absolutely elated it's the lady right it's always well lodged at our Washington bad would my it would miser in laws to decorations the entertainment to tears of the Yeltsin the emotional moments mom is what dry she takes him she takes over the operation Jessica wants Betty eight. So my a knees are doomed to Mexican matters she was graduating so. My brother line dying and my father in law had to go over and put this tent we had to go to the rental place get to we're told like all this drought or great road east. So. And the mother daughter fighting inside the house over in issue rate. Hand you know she was to do this and that in the bad habit but only the band was playing music for us. It's like seventies funk rate and my age you know youth to Earthlink for a guy. They just give was it there isn't any is having music victory. Fighting fighting for access them by the mother comes out such conclusion that the at that the pup right so we we hear assure wreak. Inside the house is OK own own wasn't because the daughter found something that really has dropped. I can't believe you did these guys marching out of the house for the cookie. With a cookie. Was her face. Yet these big gigantic sugar cookies. With her back and look beautiful like it was a look at a photo made at a icing on this I don't know what she's penalties things. He says she's like throwing it in the yard she was so pissed off. But it's good that that's the proof Bennett's eyes mobs that drive this doesn't think as a father tell your wife do a lot of mirror. So you just walk I'd open up the well there's just coming Oreo what the ice where you want the chairs where you want the tables. And you gotta keep your Russia which culminated in his tweet us at the BC in the break room from ZLX 98. Looks like a mom and daughter is great party is over 800 dollars and it's at Hampton beach gets. Cigarette out probably want those pavilions out there on the beach but that's but that's not even like which reason. That's such even worse because you have to truck everything. Which would you do your house it's there. Now you've got to transported to another location they have to deal to clean up and yet a screen up right there I would rather do it some more. Yeah I know a lot of people that did not anticipate any answer as you get a truck it someplace like. You you've got to move it twice like you have to go get it took his literally he'll do it to have been through this. She's gonna run to BJ's were these things they'd get all this stuff seeing gambling almost like palettes are crapping garage. And then so you got to take it from BJ's to your house your house to the beach backing European pitcher broad out just like. Just a moving company like a party where house let you do it army doubled we get a clean house before it comes over clean after I'd rather tell him clean all the evil yeah hard to opportunities he tells you which one is worse series. She says at a time you your little ones are ready god knows what to gives issue great show up politic about this right now. And and it's you've got to be right of one of them fancy circles. As you know the doctors yet Leo because you're always doctors she knows doctor for kids so you gonna be gone to them high pain and you know champagne fountain share based out here geez he's out there and back client doing wrapped up. TWO. Two teachers who we just hired you got a pretty good record or Yang. I've replicates it. Is that does that we talked. Graduation parties how we are finding out that if you are not buying gifts for your kid on top of the graduation party and it needs to be IN yet you look like a bad parent we valid dads realizing that they look like pieces of garbage. Good to me to get the money to keep is that CNN employ about eight. Well by then deducts and I am a big key leader. I had just graduated from. Say the only. He loved the little gift I gave him it was a leatherman too delicate that's what I did whether I. So the girls are still able to engineer. Philly usual we're talking high school that's college it's evident that we've gathered college graduates gets to middle which duper high school. But I didn't illuminate it. Don't party or anything. You want a party he wanted to go hey I was frenzy what are called noted that podium it literally demonic thing is always good content can. I gave my job he school he could work for me to start too little business and when he's not doing Mehdi virtually pulled amenities guzzle relentlessly. In his bedroom at. Yes among other boy to another street right. So keep just declared between the graduation of ice on assuming it's great pretty good in high school we got a authority engineer rated RT one of the best engineering schools in the country after all of that impressive run by your son. You go learned to Asia. We came out of Pittsburgh schools is no way I would compete with our name. Or you're trying to be asked I'll tell original ball you'll when he dinner right now they get her right Q congratulations to grab Garcia friends we have really seen him miners might. But retains get a kid is that gonna be living in his basement. I generally well well I can't let it breaks which has yet particularly social and holds. Don't stress you leather body politic for what we talked about the cost of everything behind the senior pictures the problem the class we took a snowball money distances in a role review thousands of dollars or 2000 dollar just finished your senior graduation Joseph says there's a cost to Dick about his he's not see a map right joke. I'm doing good hey you missed a big ticket item senior lecturer at. Yeah yeah the Huskies don't go on at our I think there are more than 701. I did I'd tango. Well we also did it gets negative commercials and a senior trip just what to it. This year 600 bucks or Webster's trader at a ago. Austin. Austin. Yeah now withdrawn Albany. I got Iraq. XTO arguments Tuesday at six or perhaps just set about LA. Signatures are nothing but your kid's gonna get in trouble distill. They glide doing it's it's just it's just to sponsoring entity decades setting up your daughter I don't know who else you need and makes every you don't have to get felt up and it's gonna get drunk. That's a senior trip I can appreciate it because you bloodied kids' horizons there's this though. That's a lot of clout and doubters that north church now I'm saying he would probably will never they don't care to try to get to your daughter. Can data about out of this town before similar move. More accepting today. The student and a 101000 dollars a private schools are yelling every facility all the kids I know like up here that used to go on these ski trips all Thailand these kids that you're dealt. What a page and I like it's time. The only deal is I hope each other with a budge on trips. I do with the paper report for us ideal it's more call actually because Bob hello good idea one ultimately CEO Bob you got the last word on CF Matt how are you brother. I here's my idea and that goes for prom and that goes for graduation party. I have offered my son a deal where he would get cash he doesn't have a party doesn't go to the problem. Nice if he wants to go to the property taped app and everything he watched the ditto. And I will give him catch it leaking news search college I'll probably get him a laptop or something that he would need to or school. And add to get by. Without the party you'll have cash to take with them to school and we want that this all that app and throw that party. Hey Bob what are what are your plans for when he doesn't pay to which you went home when you're dying to be thought about that yet. That's all right I won't be around I'm I idle about our lights. These heavy drinker it's. And you don't realize party target for now a liability and drinking and driving what I at a press call I went acknowledged might get with a typewriter. And I I'm 51 I got a site where that was good for about a year college and computers were everywhere else I. My current old school. But a part of my graduation party that it will boost my parents put full bar out there we have key people were to open up the group into a sport that will do a belly flops. You can't do any of that stuff now. Dirt you know accused that you're doing it spurred the people come over and give your kid money and kind of the cash strapped. Shelves and you're paying for. You write pop it's called. Appreciated law to take an example of groups that in March and make America great again getting Bruce for football's hall.