Get My Kid to the Olympics

Tuesday, February 20th

A mother contacted the Break Room with a question about ice time for her future Olympic star


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Alarming has been chewing up in my email in box on our whole you know the Olympics wrap an upbeat figures he portion completely Oden and there are sports parents to got a sports premiere sports parents who let their kids to joining sport to get exercise to me confidence for him to have fund broke the blob. Exports parents who want their kids to join sports leagues because they think it would lead to eventual glorious exit aisle Dick parents and yeah I just feel like two parent show up my email. Grade B these you know old Noelle we have a break much it's classic rock many 65 wc and after the beginning of the Olympics all of the glory went to figures or nurture and you have these people that you've never heard of becoming national stars for two weeks and he won it was it was that kid at a grip on kid. Oh yea he's been like all he'd. But Oliver at egg like ads and everything for the Olympics do so like five emails from parents and a very because I play hockey and I mean at the rink a lot it's parents asking me about figure skating programs they answer hockey player but figures into an element the ring gives you some. Because you're on ice decimated I see yet you spent time at the rink maybe you've seen some thing about. Sign your kid up for this guy. I have a triple axle which can you do a triple axle just an honor you know sugar but there's one email that really really bothered by the moment I don't wanna see your name but. She starts talking about how her daughter at seven years old which is my old sage is extremely athletic and where the keepers of the deport Korean. What are quote the email right now Jane she seems to have the genes of a champion. She's very driven whatever we tell reduced she does immediately and I believe that she can excel maybe when we. We can see during the Olympics so. Wait let's just seven my question is how much of investment is it to my daughter and an how many days a week would be. For us to have to be there for her to become a legitimate successor figure skater she also brings it CC Padgett who works channel two meteorologist bubble talk about that later but. Or just weren't do whether. As you wish didn't figure straighten. This woman. Is investigating for her seven year old what it would take essentially for her to beat champion sick. Your skis a golden opportunity for mr. golden. Rule madam yes I can help you we need to study need to send me a thousand dollars. Let's get the ball rolling you know so I got to put some feelers they're you know you big special kid. China to be overly dramatic Cuba are just it's just can't help that woman that woman's insane she thinks his seven year old. Is gonna go be the next Tonya Harding even Willis is gonna sound bad but like. I feel like kids Starker. Earlier than seven for this type the stuff she yeah she might actually missed the vote on yet he too late that these credits savages Ellen yeah I stood up because later on indicated they washed up. Then by the time teacher asked kids. Think it's possible that these kids are on the ice and slick top and toddlers. She'll get seventy still got to show I've seen you be the mob agreed amongst all my issue huge computer at the champion if it is easy to get sector. Which you'll. So you don't have to figure stage and have fun exercises to day basis can hasn't even been on the ice his cells like you asking you by association Torino about. I don't my kid's a great athlete but I haven't done and hear what. I fear for these kids like if you're for mother has dreams of Olympic glory to drive Brinkley capsule for stake what's is kicking I have to go through and writes a little girls kids it's seven dated her full energy rate yet Alicia gathered completes slow to bring kids so. They every get like. Every kid's a marathon runner it's seven rate because they run all day their little idiocy just play and play in place a unity and this is he began anything on the ball. Except he had seven and what have fun. Jason ferries in new records around here. Leno causes this too is I bet somebody said something to this mother. Like maybe like it coaches somehow resort for the Olympics are on right now are great but I think like if you can get your head easily like while maybe my daughter does have the potential do this like she not she's like the perfect size twos start doing this corner you know regular maybe somebody mentioned that they saw something in her now it's like why don't wanna let. Echoed wasting or something else about these chicks sports. Blake especially figure skating and gymnastics. Ties to both of those sports to another us it would rods though in particular guy. If you fill out at a young age you're out of the sport he's direct and big hips you're done men kgo. Yes that is Alex is up Mankins you got to rat yet to have certain body type same way Eddie you don't CAD. Tall girls in the unleaded is now it's seven you can put all this money into this kid. And it told she hits puberty and up boom baby goat this voluptuous little thirteen year old they can't do it included done without that yet. QB your point about past Texas the so what tiger does two NASA is huge good gymnastics I went electorate they all are at five they did good job but my point is we should also she wants to be a Olympic chipped misspoke I know she's gonna be like 575 ray because I'm also cannot be huge it's it's over we don't see it. But is it because price to get shifted in sports ray. Is the more you develop. Get out of the league like. Guys had to go hit the weight room to get big chick gets big forget it right there are a lot of sports that they reliance size for female gender norms. Look easy -- that from people about what the orders to become figure skaters like particularly if it's very very alarming about her daughter it's the genetics champions national security approach every and so you know her mother does not have those to better think they get. Caught athlete you because like a division one sport did you play or your husband very rarely talk to these guys deals typically an example all these guys have fathers that were coach yes or play play college football right. Her look even when you see a lot of spike even Olympic athletes like the highlight somebody tell you the background or professional athletes. Played with their mom and dad were always like extremely good athletes leg kick combo to make see Brad pulling in so I needed it says not every works man. Yet again sub posse and ray Horace. But I that I get a raise or straight. Flat. The other thing about figure skating in particular any of these which sports that we can watching over the last two weeks of the Olympics are. They're very hard to succeed because that figure skating for example what there's. Fifteen men and women from the US that go to the Olympic soccer here rewritten your daughter's going to be one of those people at seven brought Stacy passenger Mary she's a meteorologist for channel. And she was a world class figures program which ticket she. What to Detroit and lived as like a fourteen year old girl train to the US Olympic team and she was great while I don't know is that hard to get a job but generally I. I hate it. As great as she was and she made it as an ugly alternatively a general idea what led us to get her shoes then I don't think she skated in the Olympics. I'll tell us these experts here it is Judas DC Padgett as meteorologists say if you Stacy pageant as world class Olympian. Right that even if let's say eight your seven year old daughter. Overcomes all the odds you write this knowledge and deep and she goes crazy shows the Olympics. After the Olympics are done. So is your door now go to CI escapade I just. Want to Disney on peace initiative really one of those little. Skater but I didn't eat three figure skaters important at a grip on kid via Tonya Harding because she hits a one admitting evidence Syria next year exits and ended up talks on a biofuel was smoke show and also that DW like those that get you in bed immigrant doesn't really be dead I only know four figure skater won the debt adjusted three because they had issues. Yeah right so the need to your points a last name whenever watch in. The pregame she had on Anders is bald guy talking about and their talk about statement. That was the time. Okay I I know the name now but when it he was talking headed up who they'll want okay. So sentiment though is that she does at Augusta got a heck cancer ago. I I could like that I was like the number one guy he had cancer he they will hold off one of his balls. And he's still what skated even faster Knox could spin quick but only one ball. I forgot about that guy sure it was like at the height of his career and I couldn't remember his name to your point all we was a distilled the ball guys. Only reason I don't is famous because South Park did an episode the second song called what would avoid bright which honored to America but it still I don't know him for his skin cells and that's I guess that's Kate a lot of our. Get on the Wheaties box. Hi they get a ticket so at most Olympic athletes you really don't remember those people until it comes around and get us for our years. And then everybody starts talking about it to get a ride here principal oval tour. Ginger sure there she's like the number wandered too early to and it's very Kurdish Russian brunt. What are don't. Even further that thought Kathy turner from Hilton head speed skate believe she won a gold medal Olympic yeah okay but that's legendary you come from a small town like dad. Nationals six yes successfully she did. So we were at this event. 48 cherry softball thank you inaudible there and Cathy turner is invited his celebrity guests that she should be a national Europe for speed skating program. One of the reporters walks Cathy turner. And does hold really young kid you know he's such ask your questions and she thinks he's asking her age the arrogant anyway down debt. She's kick returner Danny was okay what's your name and you could almost see your face like him who that's the way it goes Bennett's. As the agony of defeat I did but that is success of the top level to put short kit with what these kids off obstacle it's yeah. If we're seven and torture me it's hellish child abuse I agree you see like what these were the it's like 4 o'clock A Morin. Ten year old kid at a rink. Before school after school weekends summer and training I think both those kids are probably like. Home schooled basically no aches a kick out of regular school there'll straining but this is way it is right economies are so good at this. Yeah because your bailout Kamal yeah they basically it's like a log the ship them off on a trained as some doctors take an area Russia. And they train and and that's sort of eliminate don't see their parents probably. Hardly ever again via. To give this woman a little bit of a break and I will see this. There's something about the Olympics that makes a state we can hold to those sports. Because we've never tried those sports and gently when you it doesn't look that hard if you watch football is a man a lot of guys have played football and you know hard football can be dressed top level it's a hockey basketball baseball hitting the fastball right. I've never cross country ski shot rifle the same time. So I could probably do that McCarron I've never slowing down a hill with skis on but it looks like every gizmos who worked so I could probably do. Item via anti appointees I know people that do that like locally that ski and shoot and do those things like. You can see you know lady in a park. In a winner time doing cross country skiing for exercise distribute it sections on nordic track but really I think basis on the eighties but they were you just set there you just burn all the way to. There's also like you have the athletes the Winter Olympics like there's a guy who's a curler for Norway I was watching this last week in and he used to be an Olympic Alpine skier our. But pretty far but I look at that I don't know do you do to Olympic sports and I have to look at this it's probably buy things I hate it's possible that this woman doesn't understand how difficult that is but the level of competition it actually takes to compete. Plate keeping kids out of it for God's sakes as she says that she's big guns ablaze and one run and this moment the region and designer up running into earnest guy. Odd man it's like your problem. At this point though if you wanna sign your kid up and they have fun with it then it's still worth it earned evidently thought or draw while mechanically. There's gimme it and equipment that is everything given to at least they tried believe QBs like.