The Geneseo Fugitive Theory

Monday, July 23rd

Callers helped play detective on Monday, as we all tried to figure out where the hell this gunman on the run disappeared to!

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This is the craziest thing we've seen marry in a very long time the etc. her overly because this guy is not from here Brett teed doesn't know anybody emissary Sotomayor yet yeah. He's been missing for I think five days mountain and all of a sudden he's got. But there's has about a break in Adelaide. Phone action note trailed all we know. Island that they can't find them so. Breaker. Watched us practice five WC MF Davis like David Clayton right into my computer's been on me already is the gentleman. Who. Was pulled over and just seal plastic. Medics to escape the police officer there were shots fight are apparently well we know the story is still with a hazy took out his girlfriend who was in the car arrested charged with some things but he is collide and it was admitted over the weekend. But he Livingston county sheriff's department. They haven't had a sighting of him not him but I sent hundreds of police officers in tactical camouflaged the year UN military vehicles dogs all of these things just searching around now this Jerry and Janice seal there has not been a sighting of of this man since he took off from his caller who last week and dares no explanation as to how this is part. Be along gun making great a couple of theories here and it's possible that easy B Cooper to get a job that a plane had ever found and again it's at least. How well when he. He what's been now 56 days are ignorant and it was sent bar it's possible you're better prepared in the eighties while the country the fact that he needs to eat and drink the fact that he doesn't have any shelter but Delhi can only do find a salary they give these dead. Ray unless he fell down somewhere and has been dead are decent people people drive their cars in the Lake Ontario in the wintertime and they go missing too we find a way to get the snow cover businesses like every wide open almost he felt and it has some Greek wedding to a TV guide that weightlifting and we could be debt. Give me Neil cricket. The old town creek the fact that nobody has seen him lead to Masur leads me to believe that he might be dead are thinking he's gone he's longer aware how how eatery jumped on trained Brabant demise are going to emanating. Okay we don't need another landscape over I would assume that he doesn't know where the heck he is or what direction to go in if you're just. Ron he's not yet he was just sliding through this area it's yes he's a self he was imprisoned in the north country and all the sudden boom. He's got refuses to go to LA and natural survivor. Tape we do you think it would shared that with us right because like maybe they don't know OK aren't. I guess in those southern geyser have good survival no I don't remorse regret what my best friends a southern guy and Ike he would absolutely survive out. I got outdoor skills program that you dealt. By the way I'll it's a rivalry good eye on that stuff you laugh but you got eight you don't like. As a whole forces foam broke berries and nuts and delicious granola I've got us back to last me select a month he would die in three days could you settle I can so I it's been twelve southern skills meant. There's another theory that I Russert is that this guy is hiding complaints though it guerrilla theater well Powell case which at the house would have found them. OK UN hounds. You in the hunt took the hounds kill them. I'll home. It's possible because this guy to golf it was. We see a stupid idea of the cause you're gonna take credit usage government before but if he had planned to hide in plain sight it makes the ideal less due to his arbitrary or something that we would be out yet I mean like he has altered his appearance was get a job at Home Depot just got to splendid when you're branded apron so Webber calling lumber somewhere between the -- The Home Depot job he's changed appearance that he is hanging out in the area and nobody knows it's him. Here's a thing like if you're on a run you right. You you're not clean urine shavings stink I think is very hard to blend in when you look like he just crawled out of the wilderness right okay. So that's can. But I mean you have to almost be up a tree a Barack somewhere up the Mountain View and I travel in a Holler you and I traveled to comedies right and you you were on shaven and you stop the point I'm trying to cash this year act. We were manually with places to standing but it was a while we would have Savannah art car and you go our way east to clean yourself up and look good to get on stage do we show. Sikhs and finding a shower somebody that only goes so wobble when your days on days okay with nothing. I'd like you said no food no water. Thank you can't just drink out of her treatment you're gonna get like the trot dismantle died died so did this kind of algebra it was not that nailed -- we stop with the humps and it's possible this guy has fake I. Up or you just hauled us in the world he thought he wore off for his arrest so contrary I have to have that on a moderate to travel with this stuff just in case something bad now there are ready to go I need to be a very buttoned up for a little bit of these uses old true ID like yourself but in addition just wanted to but it does but if that's your idea to find a way to state freaks -- speaks to sensitive with the exception of him being dead. The only thing I can think of that makes sense the story is that he's hiding in cleats like because he went back and sweat. The guys that broke the debt more present the savings of those guys drop them being up there and if you or dais kicked out. Places that they had excellent ending sure this guy knocked out. That was probably more wide open called rural area that Livingston counties rhetoric and another guy could be laid up its amounts you know some summer cottage join. It broke somebody's budgets no one would go up there you go over the weekend in cedar place like what is he jumps an hour but again nobody's ever reported that -- my houses but broken OK there's been nothing. There's no food missing. Yes the whole things were actually killed those delicious high school on the silver farm house. Yeah on a second wave it around seclusion nose under Drudge Rebecca and in the hounds are behind on amounts to a house like a good bye to did you 6000 escaping and Genesee still run spent almost six days now the that he's got a sheriff's department admitted they have no idea where he is there's not sighting of him you're on the series Buddy Ryan Julie's CMF. Generator. And get me out I. I'm. I'm not a main route 63 and that our soccer's called that way I can maybe it's like. It's possible but the pressure Contra go away. Nominee to own the trooper. Out. With shooters. I think to be locked down so quickly at that speed possible and all that let them but have to match up which is most truck drivers ain't stopping for HI yet to. You like it is possible I mean sexy lady like you with that darling boys you can get picked up main tracker. League Tommy might be a news he did you hanging. There was an assist from Winston's. Costs Tom maybe march Billy thank the caller ID EA. I I just don't know in short hopped a train like you said aren't we jumping a box car. I don't I'll never get done bush kept digging trains going to be very were searched by police office yeah yeah I think so. Yeah and some they would notice that two it was a kite who trained unit to jump optimism and it's all very desirous of here's my question. Everybody's on the lookout for this guy but the longer this goes the potential for something. Ought to happen exist bird with Matt is sweat going back to those guys again to skate on the debt more prison for the first week everybody want those guys cotton then after the Lyle. Folks all this amazing thing we were doing and those guys coldly killers and the researcher inform. How long can they go. Paul clarkin they run. When Eric gonna hide I wonder how long it is before we studied people in our area cheering for this guy who was on the run to six Gary's art. Okay does that mean this can really cannot go back and sweat or murderers they killed people but they didn't have. Weapons on the problem. Meet the they didn't know yet they have no idea they had it taken greater greater. They get Bonnie and Clyde romantic situation we are their people how to do to 6000 that are cheering for this guy to get away. Because if you haven't seen him in five days you do he Pennsylvania. EB there's a real worry apps anywhere in the whole world can be rhetoric and record but that's the scary part he's your right. But he's got could've just been sitting behind each curious some farm Boris Said number and realize oppose one of them must city barns farm army united may be at the farmer's daughter out there. Seven is what four I don't know with a in the back drawer I don't know if the farmer's daughter that's a thing because the house probably column. It did do is X does it let's talk to you caddie he knows what's he's gonna fix alloy. Now I am doing well. Listen I actually went down and our volunteer to assist our search and I slot or Smart guy. There are speakers that day I mean I certainly learned a bit on what those nineteen and sixteen. The days of searching for fugitives and changed this guy doesn't need to follow me know he doesn't have results. But it hit right archer and I. You wrote a VoIP application you can make all it. He schedule Litsch earned over driver. And because we don't register the Mac addresses of the Lugar drivers songs. He kept semi driver around in the truck that would via satellite. Does that mean he jumped out of a car had an iPad with a more computer or access to one to get. I carry and I kept saying sorry to my own domestic air right like you spoke with my mind that he go to any. Internet can't say go to any library in excess of an era in order record. You know like I say yes he would have been spotted though right I mean and think about disabuse battle road. Sleep nor I I did from candidate where it would have also Smart. You know cancel out there and thought out there and I I've worked block or limit technology backed court are so the bottom line. The way to attract celebrities changed we know to get booted out with powerful. But that doesn't mean that needed unit architecture and the Canadian border in May have IP like is set. Is the guy Pryor's service it is prior service behaviors and don't battle about the work like that. I also all right called midnight or one example correction a car. It was brand new that was headed great work to try Airways are third street west okay they had no text whatsoever. At legions ticker right window the right spot in the eighty. I think changed and that they have weapons at. But what I called and then 911. It was a disconnect between three jurisdictions. Are market reduced their pets. Does badly but I get what you say and so it's as simple as it sees our guys a lot of variables. They cubicle. Every you to thank you. On him who's your religion and it was. Like these guys tell him about all that stuff would have to be so pre planned. To a random jump out of my car hauling ass and also these guys. All the suspicions McCourt that I downloaded OK I there are couple there's a couple of things on it beats him here is this is at its biggest story panel somewhere sure the jet our eggs you guys all I want your theories on why you sake because I keep laughing at everyone harder. Then the when I hear afterwards and I. Actually Torre has a very good point when you say all the BC left the lineup isn't quite right in the same area to test just like you're not right because there was a guy who ended up on the other side that we talked about nobody doing its. That's 382 Texas a break of 965 to BC WC to have. Get mad and is David Clyde Morgan a sketch of the man still on the run in Genesee a nice sight of him since he took off from his car Tommy peaks just pure coincidence and all I'm Dick Cheney's got to have a plan I think we're both wrong here because we have examples Saddam hold. Two stories or Arnold our area where people went missing. And nobody no matter. And there are not gonna gonna destroy the theories you know the vertebrae met's classic rock and six by WC IMF we brought up the guy is from the data more prison would be able to run for 24 days but there were sightings of them along the way what's unique about this is in five days six days. Just been released accounting nice single cited no disappeared without Trace this is a story we talked about a couple months ago. And Torre is on C and ethics are old Tory Gloria. Oh he got them. I was saying. White mountains higher seed who disappeared in Japan right now on the new York and California. A structure that can land there was eighties. Arianna I'm rat and that record I'm men and they're like yes absolutely. Not well see here everything like that wouldn't be at our lives at least these. Some early on a broad set on normal I think. But this guy just disappear he didn't do anything heinous he just disappeared which is different because as soon as this thing happen. Cops are on it. I'm saying we're ranked I mean you not really looking for bright away sure this site they've. Brought out ain't everything hours. And hours at a moment. It was armed. Torre about it just just from a news standpoint ten minutes after this happened. It was on the the army showed up mode of a sacred people in the area knew right likes he would have had do you have jumped in aid truck. On a route where cops were coming to try and find him. And within twenty minutes. But I would like that and David rocker and then on that made it sound like you know they would pick up and I. Thank you for the call I really appreciated. Evident today I would think that the truckers would also know what was going on commercial truckers his camp pull over the Ryan Duran. Baywatch by the company they don't whine like a bomb hauling stuff and not paying it on a host of village to pick up desperate people. While you're trying to deliver much good this much is Tommy is try to be picked up by a sexy trucker got that out of grew 63 Genesee hill. Alas. Struck traders have been added that period and in a clone trooper. Ambiguous. And but that other one this traced. That that person rappers I see about grammar. Good morning guys and I will at least. They elect and the odd man like him either it is thought that it was. Bought or. I tried this and grammar. Yeah I felt like you know by the vehicle are properly in their apartment their ordered by the about earlier. I don't know what you got your commitment that they are not taken. In as well. It doesn't matter what cute that but I now opt. Everybody thought Obama. That is. The girl on the holder with a group of five days. There was less than a month ago that mom then got on the bus got off easy ball and he's gone for a couple of days and showed it. Remember that story Tom. Remembering. What it all away a lot lower than but it. Which he can be in white resentment cucumbers. Good read Pat's mom would probably Oliver thought it was too elitist and have that kind of time. The eleventh or how would you know. I. Know you're a burger wherever you write that story. The story the mom went missing the father filed instead Wal-Mart with a solid matter right. It. But ultimately I'm. Is that remotely thought it was the other you know demand. And about personal and nice Jimmy beavers. Avail lot awful place where everybody you know. I'll about the country or dump her on terror in salt on don't get a notice Republicans. Another hurt or not everybody of what they're the radio or are you being eaten all Bob Dole and I. There needs to be stricter. Like little. Kurt go to Nevada to item it will vote. While. Usually goes it is back not that they can suddenly got a candidate now. Those yeah right now I'm talking about. And they're over all of the things that don't supposedly regularly get a gut and Hoover a middle of nowhere. A lot of people write us at Facebook's in the same thing hit a look at depict we next to maturity yet split. They curator of a biennial anyplace right. And like the idea that. Okay grammar is right now everybody is completely plugged in the media and alt hi and this was such a major story right it is in new and such a tiny town and yes right. Were involved would spread baton what happened on Twitter and FaceBook and the news. Men. But I guess we're seeing here based on this case right now five days six days no siting there based on what happened out Victor with that mama teams her dad again story where the guy went from white face amount California nobody saw on. It's week easier to disappear than we assumed. I don't know I really you've got to have a mean I don't know if I I just. It's if you planned it out but I think randomly just jumping on your car hauling ass. Into the woods I wouldn't think I would like that when I had him almost immediately. Isn't really sound like woman found at Wal-Mart landed out very well let's not necessarily trust go anywhere what she did she debt. She reliever Joba just kind of Lleyton and nonconventional way. She doesn't and I remain one tonight what's that she was hiding like she was out of plain sight it still took people that on finder so here's the thing with child we haven't heard any updates on the story that's really the described senator I get it but I do distinctly remember at the end of the last article that I read a couple about a month ago it's that they found some things on computers and issues yes so maybe there was to be a plan there and even with this doctor. In why the fire chief and wait face Montana to California we don't know if he could've had a plan to which leads into my original point this guy had a quick escape plan in the hole. But he has an awesome one plate if this is altered they need delight. Hopefully they capture of a find out his plan because. It's never a loser jobs or LE six. Somebody's head's gonna roll. Because everybody and it shouldn't but I this our human nature is somebody's gonna take a hit here. This is gonna have been so fortunate as he got to wake somebody's fault Blakey. I understand that but they. They're gonna blame somebody because everybody's got is specially designed horribly which we over doesn't that but they don't economy. How do you got a dangerous guy out of this this trip could really go south clicks O. Somebody's gonna have to take to have Torre isn't nobody is gonna let this is go lightly. You know it's interesting you bring that up the may be somebody should be flavor for what happened on face the west is common and again as it is at the BC amount of break from FaceBook page Stephen writes. On he's still on the run because Tommy said the first day that he would be captured by noon and everything that are not the opposite happens if you witness. Today eagle microphone he would have been captured. So I say something the opposite hand yes it's got this job for a your mosque you to Garland. Experiment distract right now I just dead and I don't just wait a way to say that microphone and they won't catch him by Friday. I Idec they have to get them by Fries say no now does that got to wrap it up but it weakened by these guys got time common what did you tell you are you finally. There's that doesn't think it. These town budgets are small okay. And mrs. Ike a ton of overtime to catch discuss how these counties and WD. Diesel counties don't have that big of a bank and drawn out. Armored vehicles and helicopters are yeah I guess in net the tabs committed produces. We don't have enough money for the salt to streets so I just to do you favor say a microphone they won't catch him by Wednesday. They want had this thing done by the Greek. Anti royal opera. They're lie I know you have confidence but I wanna see at the university and so that's it. Do the exact opposite of what you set Christmas as you just look to talk my opponents say they will catch him by Wednesday. Can I see possibly don't know well. Possibly one eye catcher all right able that catch him by Friday happy taking my yes it was say Wednesday and sit and actually works all right then again I get picked Allah matter to. You'll of that catch a Marlins are now we're just so easy Ed said. Yes so we'll see especially Dana have both like to date tomorrow that we know that the universities so much everything used to live microphone the opposite so what happens if the you catch a much different than your birth that. You know and and charity sent it yes it's done you know get him multiple things it's over. So multiple. We take the break.