The Fundraiser Obligation

Thursday, November 16th

No matter how long you've worked with a coworker, or how close you may be, Tommy says, you don't owe them OR their kid nuthin'!


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Everybody I was gonna tell. It's a whole outlook let wives and I guess I had my friend to work every day a very did that is more guys who calls herself my radio pop I am I who talks to influence he's been in my life my children's life. And let's drop. Broad done for you. If you give me to talk yeah the breaker righteous classic rock that it's about that BC about obligated to help with their kids fundraisers. Apparently everybody's a progress 'cause everybody comes around this crap what you delegates to question the candy bars the popcorn the coupon books. This is an how even question that you would not. Give money to media give to my daughter's hockey team my seven year old who plays house hockey is due to chocolate bar sale and I've brought the chocolate bars in to sell chocolate bars. And company which. How Lago how many I am I public know and has lied so I don't get the job I address. Oh here look do you. Should see. How does everybody I could ask you BI. It takes 50 lead by rule you got holidays you doing which is even worse for your convincing other people not to buy body to not only are you not. Buying from his kids. Under RAZR you're telling other people don't apply the record for Christmas outfit. Imprisoned substitute jokes on news to me what I had the presence of. Give it wants five particularly for two years now don't use does fifteenth so how many chocolate by as easily too by. For. Yeah that's that's or can't these are. They got eight dollars all you're gonna QBs and her thigh. You'll clearly. As long as you work every how many do you think pressured by I take that up twenty. That's why I asked what you judge me by and I BJ's wholesale outlets. He's got to get Reynolds of that place and I can't buy love so much. If you like daughter twenty dollars for hockey team. About a regulatory functions is no way I two dollars judge Victoria I keep god did things get worse every dollar that everywhere heard of that brand of candy which solutions I never heard it night angry at anybody I know it's I know the local candies are held high execute these. I'd averted by angry case is X a knockoff. East chocolate are very I'd look at this town for 24 years on the Niagara Falls you driven to Canada never saw the Niagara candy bar when is the last time you candy bar. Ago it's been a hundred years so light meeting opened up right if she's happy it was noted is now chuck is delicious. The question to 26008. Are you to buy based relationship with peppers right sadly I consider you Stanley Tom. Oh we L when he what you want mall while how many times he's called to your radio pop. While all alone. If we all have done feel my right Jesse you pretty much you to step makes it sucks man because I guess it's another thing. Everybody's come around our oldest crab and end. Then you got the cattle of any get that the homeless and then let's speed this young group over here and and open door mission one son did teases I mean. All your longest take take take take take you don't let. I qualify pretty open door mission to route to die might get done. It's you know pat you know educated now but this doesn't stop because there's that thing especially inside the building is descending in neighborhood once you do for one you gotta do for mall right where you bought pac chuckle bark what about my kid yet. In the worst of one the worst offender. Of this is one the boss's kid. When the boss walks around the candy bars and you have to buy from the boss. It's such a shakedown obviously what. Also he'll become around here we're chocolate bar not gonna buy a bus lady chuckled fire and I got a lighter chocolate bar. Should be spread globally that your kids fund raisers family or friends. It actually have to step up bigger than mom dad grandma grandpa aunts uncles and grandparents probably get hosed the worst yet it money they're fine. The Eldorado fixed income added. Shut up Greg not like you're rode my record for. If you can regret regret what retirement because I would to immigrant can you attribute data get -- criticize your father to save your sister all to look like they show this that your your dad turns out that Mel is a genius and reason genes is it that we're re Brothers did just. Apprentices. Yes they haven't yet selling something you most likely also etiquette its own steps you need to talk to push we just hit if you Obey bagel big you also have to go big into this is where on shafted. As I don't have kids so everybody just columns to the old Noelle evidence sucks because I don't I I would love to semi little rug rats over gimme gimme give them. You've had years of disposable income from not and yet you Qaeda and you know guy and it's for me to disclose that being god damn black cocky kid team you're expected. So let's just say it was no problem split yards twenty knowledge subtle pitch he barks twenty god in candy bars. I have an eye toward candy bars and then you. It is legalized incidentally round here you know who's gonna grab them. Thunder thighs. 2226000 physique I Tuesday's six I see guys hold on Larry King give your fight out originated noticed that I trust him in Bulgaria and interest you prove. I pay. Mark your territory doesn't it would've been touched it but let's yeah I did while letting go all causes bad reminds me of the jigs and Bobby when I was fifty. Yes that was that was awesome exit I seventy year old and is a split hockey duty chocolate cell fought race brought by a court to seldom Tommy said he wanted for community before callers from right now he wants to won a little bit out of a support to blunt little black Panthers on icy go under kitty cat he's got out schedule and chocolate bars and everything going to compete. Thanks for it makes you even a like a bigger Dick because if you hand him a five keys to give you doll always he. Actually do that to dig what you what you are went in my power coming by five that make you hope you can anyhow. They're not a. I agree kid he's it's inappropriate to sell your kids' stuff at work is that appropriate. Apparently because there's no rules against that day as they don't stop there is is it to stop where we get. Them over here is the breaker but CM FJ rather. And it up on the gone back like. Thirty and as I was again third or fourth straight. They account at the school resulted candy bars mightn't bother working it back. Automotive factory here now and then bring a box to work. He would sell a box in and night. So it got a point or eco light marquis and integrate to retreat box historic. Brand that he was working at some guided by 56. And then I would buy apple I. Fabrice is apparently that title. That's awesome man that's a good second day that's a good father let's paint areas in order. You know that I went on us. Our viewers you know this soapbox short or spring or by the you are actually silk boxer who looked at twenty years. And aggregate candy bar a year. Old good calls for fifteen you'll be sixty dollars. Does that come out. How did they still appreciate. Appoint a guy who claims that he breezed V and what is it you never give my children Christmas present. Now because ever done my obligation it would. I get them acquire does that give I don't get is sell lettering brylin outlines 2226000. I got to go to Africa is stored at the equalizer here there's a huge in my house by the way about whether or not like two bucks can't we have to self there's one the other ones at home. About who is silly to Katie my weight is very against what's happening with the folks at Goddard there's no quite the opposite Bible talk to Steve first Steve I'd rather. Good aren't married or. Well first or I mean there's mr. now because Eric chocolate or are. Everywhere does this fly by night. Now we'll bear. You are razor keen you are spinners sold which. It's right or. And tell you would understand Pete date or Steve takes the call and there's good. Pollen tear chuck I noticed that there are chocolate brands will be sold you look at eagle on active and by the throat late night which are now one of those Joseph can. I never meant to be tornado. Well a bit of business. 137. I don't know since the civil war out as long as you've been yeah. It's the breaker let's see that hey Pete how anybody. They looked up say how many tech you know and now all of a sudden you got money now he's brick or pop. Score and you said don't oversee that counties. They runaround when flooding urged. Rotate. The same way owners think I'm many times a day you called him stupid idiot a hole. ICloud want to get Adrian I did not count. And as the first hour to show it to Sully you talked about you just respect brick group are elite and multiple. Yeah anymore right right here I am an international war reporting Brody yeah journalists. It's a winner comes back the other way remain. So anyway thank my mother are trying to help you. And help you mother who. At least your mother still do you UK yeah she did I do. That's basically nobody underestimate did we put it out as a big. The big debate. Dow right now is whether. My seven year old should be going around selling chocolate portfolio for takes its safe neighborhoods she knows everybody I might like he's dead set against it I teach the kid. Responsible. Because I mean like Girl Scouts due written at a young age and totally out of his costar. Shocker urged. Like elementary school. It's that some conflicting gradient go to school and if I. It isn't going Elaine thank. Percival like this hockey. Get up by the play hockey what I want which is gonna go for guys at least he thought people turning to mark the Paris is papers apply. Don't you apparently can't afford it so they do I tell my age you don't wanna know what it cost to which are Keating Epoch. OK don't see with the the armor complex every guy here is what it is so like everything's gonna be an organized event everything's got to have a team merry. Probably Kansas also imply you do it right now turn it upside. Yes I did you the most selfish person I like you've never took things this is. His two kids should be taught to play innocent on these organized sports you can't have for you he parents to get in over your has it all these god damn sports are all like it was there that. Racing and are hearing in my door bell because now you can afford it's at now you don't notice what's the that's welfare always that is a big box of chocolate welfare because I dare you bring down the black community by pushing your child to do. Welfare I'm not coordinate welfare should not be tile on the welfare is because my daughter is so good you exit the stage for your leaders and a few minutes ago. I don't offers for your daughter whose athletes authors for you as you want my money to pay for your kids thing that you can't report. Well for he did take my money and how you stay healthy diet. Or none. Of cult hero in their bills. And terrible until it looked awful you're probably die right now. Alex welfare it's welfare blah fear the politics blog avoidable my idols Lama bars sell my daughter's hockey chocolate bar worst can be offered by five. Tommy offered about four. I notice that does fifty working there every day we are good friends and he has war bowlers. For. Get the last word at CNN has gone rather. It's gone get married on its. Math person brought a lot of bags to opera are Obama. And second of all. I don't worry you or I would your buddy over there don't be greeted by two factions. And third of all of our kid nice so were my school. And I would sort of being at school I dig a large man I only real sort he's normally. The only needs are great this when this guy a fun little mountain man. Everything Erica fight. David slightly you know he's very good chocolate tell. We could just tells the list you work with a little creatures eat chocolate on chocolate sells itself it does really gigabyte file. But she's drove affordable care bars. I would never do it I don't know you're government chocolate. We take it.