The Friendship Walk-Off

Friday, August 11th

Sometimes you have to cut a buddy loose, but this is definitely not a reason to do it!


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There W don't talk to him and usher friends and family members at a cluster and there's a whole myriad of reasons why you don't speak I if you go back a look at some of those relationships ended there were very stupid reasons why all of them that this one of friendship block out the reason were coming up with a friendship walk off is because it's the dumbest guy did that number. Kuerten because you know as a man need all the friends and family can get. Or did you keep losing them. What I want to begin dialogue that they plan I'll make new friends gave us our targets and China meant. I got a tad and entrant. Just you say that sentence means no Chinese person. They could make fun of him for any thing questions appearance and his family's lack of comedic talents. It's overall. There's one particular truly grills and you've got off on the show before a mess and you pay out the breaker rats classic Iraq in six Ida BC and that's a depth why are you so angry with decent named. Its eyes I got a relatives lived goes on that from years ago realtors all over the country and wegmans. Is moving into there ARIAD to just built a store there have in the big grand opening it and you know for years I've always when I talk to my relatives. I was awake is young men that come here are items taken the Tonya on the way grins guys a lot of Rochester people brag a chariot. Suffering years. My when that owns mentioning names niece. Has been hear me brag about wegmans rain today so it opens up near her talent. And she goes and I've even told my wife is I was at the kids you know gift cards for their birthdays or so ago. The critic actually get Earl Weytman scarred down to shopping get stuff for the kids ray can't. So I do said thing. I send the gift card down OK okay. To follow caucus and never hear back a little disrespect polite and you would get caught it never hear back and that you know your fingers broken can dial phone. She starts bad mouth and wegmans. Okay why because eyes and this is the dumbest reason too busy. She went on grand opening she gives Erica the final place apart shooters of that line was it a mile out. She because I had to wait forever to get into the store I go how the subway his fault that they are so popular yet had to wait in line what does that tell you about weight ms. So she starts Almonte. I go did you use aggression a site she goes out of the gallery is the gotta go wait in line. To buy a car day exam like kiss my ass Borman. I know I've been sending your kids birthday presents for years old and guess what your mom can't because she passed a lot I. Yeah. You just unloaded. Flash try to stay away. I always try to be that good brother because my sister's gone. I was gonna make sure that these kids guy gives from the olden with the older sick to my Brothers don't go so I was doing rate. And on behalf of my sister on and this is how you repay me back leg you. You'd UBU you wipe yourself with a nice just to recap so far. You this great and you invoke a debt other conversation. Because she was. It's upset that the lightweight yet this is just now. Did you watch what the check your ass hole. He played first of all you gotta just on the class thing and said. I'll love to use the card thank you so much I don't need a play by play how you're dale is. As appointments is so. You about lakers tape must be pretty get a paper stated in line to get it ended jointly to show our ability go to as sloppy Joe's over an ever nobody goes and indeed bad. That they old baloney she probably told you that you don't buy her another gift card up she doesn't wanna go exactly. Asked her she answered a help wanted out of whack and. Quotas are one up leaders are what free food. You're raising two little ones okay so how did it end Tommy I just said you know I gotta go I don't need this around up. And by the way forget about the birthday presents configured editing on a children's rights as a mother doesn't wanna go to Powell's. Now are bound on a dollar and this is our regular try to be good guy that is it okay. First of all I brought up my sister. And I didn't bring it up Blake in them in a negative way I just. As. Your mother's gun my sisters got on doing this MB I did this on behalf of not only me but also. Of the kid's grandmother because she's not here anymore okay that's how I meant divided communities she's dead even sing it like that is offensive. Was upset. It's. You until I was doing a good thing it's just how is big give you a gift card abet a like hell I'm I I I give you I give you something I don't hear back so I got a call okay are going to be the bigger person here. And then huge asking you to answer. You know. Crap all over 2226002. And the friendship the family walk off there was a stupid reason why you no longer talk to friends and family there's a stupid reason why you didn't talk for decades years whatever and you don't like when woods was too long to Tommy got angry because you. Idolize you Seattle I. How might that what is being generous. Can remind harder and working morning to you. And this is doing tree tonight. I don't think it's possible she didn't use other gift cards you've given her. Why would he knows them. This may be should just it's just inconvenient chizik gotten around you don't get parade it's convenient how does that give carte inconvenient. I guess Arctic guys I think it's free. Back could be bothered with three go do it on my own Mon man you can Ted may and if you just joining us Tommy's yeah I got the shaft Tommy is yelling. Because he sees his niece lives out of town is still heavily into town when it's gets darkest and you know what he's wait until their light. There are events yeah I'd be people have been for days it's is slammed. Tom he yelled at this woman I didn't yell at first I take it I I got this as the conversation. Forget father. My main sister whose parents are and I'm doing it in her on in earned hung up the following and is not talk to again because she said she went to the line to talk. It's. Dooling did. There'll if Amylin are tailor what she apologizes. That we can have a conversation apologizes for one please don't talk to your goalie you don't treat the elders in your pillow or does she talk about disrespect to wake like that your saying but she basically crap on again. Free food. But I took that gift card Africa then I'd be dead tribal thing. At the African wegmans yeah. Your question. Tears. Leaked it to you so and promote Garrett. You like you limited. Did you look dips at the moment is so what's the Russia got that it would result conversation let's say ten dates and you guys know each other pretty well and these are invisible to the right direction you go latency there's a lot of good exit tops. Deal breaker. Ego. This tops great grocery stores well. Lets people up top there are lots of people listen and show the don't let the top because whatever is it for tops anchor. Would you have left your wife. So he set such a relationship just ended the relationship if she said I'm not a way to its I would have kept her relationship with cheated. I would have been at play this kind of like set guys that would come home smelling a waitress. Named Woodward you makes it ties lately isn't recall merely to meet tests I. You know all right be texting wegmans you know behind her back which it was at a room. And to teach I'd sneak up on long weakens and wait but do. Is it 2000 Tommy has ended a relationship with his niece who your Friday and it. She can she get you listen to what he went apologized for sure it's a show us a respected family. And she's beckoned by loving ones and now I just apologizing for the way she conducted so. The friends and family walk off that stupid argument relationship do you look back ten years later we do here Toms at the break in Muncie and everybody I don't. We did this just recently happened and I hope that Burleson and we gave it now view are our paper is currently eight car. Yeah him. Yes and he wrote for two years and then finally intense inspection. So we sit in their yard and take care of the damned thing. Well it and Iran you know line. So a lot since idol and so they couldn't get rid of it but no one would touch so I did get rid of or program. And then there's very little money given orbit are they thought it was you know you're gonna get this big money for sheer. I got like a 125 dollars or in her you know knocking down that door to get that fifty dollars but it. Supposedly I oldham or you know. Right way you gave them a car that you had to dispose of said car and they want money. It's like this time and story here that's legitimate reason be upset because they're showing their true colors is sleek and appreciate which I feel his pain and broke and just. It's just I was. Due to ask down because he criticized its LPG rapidly she basically said I'm not gonna use his car because I'm not waiting in line like every day he's not going to be a light out the door you'd Collins. And and all I agree I agree the cars were so my and I agree. But trust in every given this get a car a case. And technical rather rejected its this generation like it's my creative forces loyal. Gimme gimme more do for me as. If vehemently are all pretty close Neeson. It's hard Jesus I don't I thought you just expect. -- site ice and you things. 6000. Excellent she's no longer talking season because screen says that it's any different way he wants to like gift card disrespect but it's like it's the truth hammers the frequency in fact I don't. I don't like characters they did he look like he just got fired these look at who's color well when he. All over him and the I agree 100%. Army took the time. Google buys something purposely let it ever look at ports in the bow and that sustained. Mr. Scott. Money. And he did in common bank. As part of this generation of. Followed by now they think this latest falls out the sky and a pocket amateurs that that here's the thing. If top it would senator gift card for the Cheesecake Factory and she went Cheesecake Factory atomic as I'd like it was it was great at that go back to me like I'm sorry that's too bad. It's witness camera it's wegmans. Every aspect determine what I'm out of a tree spades for money and and up it would thank you Robert come the other part we get. There's nobody there well. Sick you're dead dozens educated but I do also by dead sister what we regret that I didn't. Outweigh I've met like because it's because they're grandmother is the deputies Kate's I'm doing is that just for myself but also for. My sister who's the kids grow its border crime that's what's Cooke's goal. Tommy when you do something very. Don't bring about. I would doubt until she sort of present my bonds embryonic seat you know she's needling me I I would go to that stores too busy like this why well this you don't say anything. Does not mean I either because you hear are the site of the. Okay thing. You pick up a phone two minutes ever ultra patient uses the kids well it is early in sneakers Exeter cheesy she gets it I go what did you comic. You know using comic. Well I'm very busy armories and too little she is all I got lazy people that hide behind your kid through my job or your passport and Asia in your electric crews. What's probably asking for a I expecting a thing Q she DiLeo read back to now I didn't even get a thank you I haven't tracked that down. To say when you give a gift you can expect any evidently you're right man I'd call it recycles recently we take the break.