Forbidden Attraction or Overreaction? (PART TWO)

Thursday, November 30th

For some reason a woman needed Tommy's advice on a family affair.

She claims her 15 year old nephew may have been trying to make a move on her.

We want to know, is it really a forbidden attraction, or a simple overreaction?


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I negative is banging your pet discussion there are real quick based on us from woman's issue was watching her fifteen to twelve year old nephews over Thanksgiving she's divorce she looks very often usually apparently she's at the FaceBook says that their picture taken juniors get Guerrero according to this and you're fifty year old nephew she knocked on his door to get him ready for dinner and he'd be ready to go he said come on man he was standing there naked looking at her she believes that this kid it was tried to sexually propositioning her. She doesn't know what to tell his mother who would be her sister she had to say anything to him so you said your solution. No we're trying to take credit this is eight. Well the kid and indicates that. Built up issues of sexual urges he needs a release I. And he's attracted to you you can't yet. My everything was given a couple per your pennies for a little catch recommend ways our little secret Toms in the break on CNN tape. Cree Berkshire thank you low. Or because you when you are niche and you. In your thirty music trek from what was your sisters I heard your your white Victor. Anger management. Sister audience and we Omaha you turned out. But I was in my twenties amateurs old it makes a better way different or. It validates the golf buddy of risen today just like it relate okay. But I think you do to correct his behavior if if this is of the can't create a hurricane corrected her stretch okay but collectively urged display. Or released because it's gonna have to be released are right. It's energy it has to go somewhere usually threw you down to two to six dollar home energy. Is being attracted to your aunt as a kid a common fantasy because we saw pornography these kids according to this woman said this happens there's a ton and on nephew porn out there Steve is in the break room see that's dvd you do embody. Updated. Eight I'd get a better solution. Christmas just a Christmas come and seek a picture of nick full size. At. Give it to the kid went and deacons but on the law says it and he can do whatever. Or Britain or your mom wants prisoners sisters little wall. If you didn't. People. That there. Okay stated it takes the ball but he day care. Advocate. And you can have a trip to. Syria doesn't Olympics it's you can't me Null. Uncle 'cause you see the family. It. Gotten. On a set as our fathers don't go. Digitize a super fun sort of want to run naked from. Yet. Right something else within the hour what does this say about what these fifty year old kid thinks about his M wide pitch he would be willing to sleep with a fifty year old. To that she'd be horrid up to just walked didn't see you naked guy to all home. But you don't know it or six I remember is so to give back in my childhood so my do what I might as business partners and Iraq had to stay at their house for some reason because workers are going away so and I remember. But as does a starter was a very attractive woman. And I think I was like thirteen fourteen. And I know for sure. By the rug out thinking about her. Town hall and damage as they get older try to woman knows my dad's business partner. So I mean I was completely attracted to that woman but that's soul okay. But at that I don't know that woman looked like Miami there would've felt the semi ought to do in anything. Just a fantasy I guess I'm getting NL's Ali Abbas but would you be fourteen who you were you this being a guy. Losing my virginity and even have XX after that girls my age was still a little bit nerve racking surely there's excitement but there was also lead what's gonna happen and he should be into an amateur or the right way. Like if I had that feeling at 1415 girls my age yeah I don't think I would have evened. Close to the balls. To sleep with a grown woman at daddy tried that. Girl one and talks to you differently than another girl. English nurturing show honey how are you gonna make you like Blake she's very nice TO she she share issue. She gets your attention okay which grows at that age may not like a pretty hard to get to that generous and voice whatever but that woman is showing you injures she's nurturing. Okay thanks so when I was in his hold his house for a couple days I she made me food she was dies. Yeah they tick out to dinner or whatever limited budgets Upton at the you know to play with it whatever sell like. They're nice CO. So there's of that barriers gone OK. Now let's get it all I got my hot wheels David. Which your pizza or a spanking would distract you because he's committed to this news and it. Her fifty that you exposed himself to her Shaq can't dance and a who'd she intelligent politically she's in good look at. Isaac and I had a similar problem with. My nephew couple years ago he never exposed himself to make but. Would cut my breasts whenever we hug an elite pitchers I had to sit down and tell him to stop that he said he questioned me. But I never told his mother father would have created to LeapFrog fans weren't easy it's. And he's gonna grow out of their way it'll work itself how to I don't mean the more it becomes Matt Lauer or Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey our readiness our name I don't think it's a gateway. Texas tracks. Bring and I think like boys go to phases you know was sex. I think it's it's stages in the you know like everything else who as you're young man we're learning things now that these might be different than we thought it's it's evident for go go boots on selection. But at fifteen like that's the prime time to learn it's great Nat and Britain wrong did not what's the time to start experimenting and of your gearing right or wrong. But it says this kid in this case is experimental and expose myself to man it in yet but yet figure well okay that's bad. Get told in the. Okay due to these I was sad but it was so he was risky and it was fun great. Because let's say she said yeah she ain't gonna say yeah. His mind like man this works this is the greatest move moves in this Google kids had to do to 6000 of them asking is pants being common sexual fantasy. As a kid. I'd love Chris says and but it sounds like he's gets Mel's body away it. If this morning. He that you're never tracked it looked at remember what did you almost bank account and. That's different story that. It's a puzzle without an Elvis did Deng clamp the long story short story is Atlantic opens that report and she's very attractive we started talking about our families and and I have a third cousins that sport and I thought Chris for a second. After write it out with her that she might be my cousin but it turns out. Was not I'd record for so I tried to anchor Chris different. It. Or be attracted to cut grass. Well just oh I feel smug Chris spectacle that it 'cause a different thing they're Eurasia going to dissimilar things you're hang out together they're comfortable with each other. So I can see that happening like lines getting crossed. Actually then don't ask you can. There's been a huge push to T state ties. Cousin marriage in relation cousin cousin action yes 'cause the only deal that was that your fan if you have got a modular kid a kid with. Issues ago curriculum sort of sea turtle. Andy show with a cute the size it's only marginally increased to include a flipper to Cuba flip this what's documentary about cousins a button. Was very like knowingly that they were cousins together they can't like a normal jobs each open to justify the Subaru is. It turned out fine print the same last name he did this Atlanta. But like their people out there walking with signs to legitimize cousin cousin Brandon. And. Though this old planet started anyway. I Gillick had simply be the beginning like I really asserted or would people others like. 37 people some had to be relatives who were betting right so every all the productivity so thirties slightly soda number eight united. Can we did sort of like a million people on a plan to start I'd. Two things crawled out of the water they bang that bing bang bang bang and innings X I get a human family to Cuba trade. They make some kids say it will dang it I Adam and eve. Had two kids. Cain and able OK and that was it on the planet array and then they got married to who. Too distant cousins story that I was always told us there may have been other people which is Cain and Abel were the ones and our cousins they had to be okay. They exit decently. And whatever there were rumors of oral product of and sensory lack what's weird is for all of their view in exchange. Killen and that's in its. Yes it's not a singular or anti. A few AN HJ is that the senate except sit toe obligates Jason it's not the excesses and is that sex is that in says it's nothing it's like shaking hands you do miss a really coming year. I would say an HJ or pay any action. Is Madison if you think David H jays got to see it at no big deal the boss would like to see you upstairs. Nobody wants to go. The other one bought. This one hour but it is my opinion. They report about super late at thirty seconds brother what do you got for me urgent bank. Every. We showed that and and are our sister's. I she says my sister yet she says my sister. Credibility and oh yeah look for loopholes. That the artist maybe eight or how big oil related to horse it's got to be smoking. Yet I await a court. Are you Jimmy takes political play residents if they are you just comes in the caboose and it's cool that pile months ago everybody the whole has reasons related to work.