Forbidden Attraction or Overreaction? (PART ONE)

Thursday, November 30th

For some reason a woman needed Tommy's advice on a family affair.

She claims her 15 year old nephew may have been trying to make a move on her.

We want to know, is it really a forbidden attraction, or a simple overreaction?


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Patients that we talked about yesterday morning yeah my comment in the grocer where it involves the very good looking woman there late thirties. Her nephew Lou and he has sexual error means is possibly towards some gains and the VI. Break about glass rack many 65 to BC it's like it is FaceBook message from a woman. People will confer height in the three of us in right because this very weird disturbing story. She problem raiders FaceBook message asking me to ask you at all of you men listening if this is that they that happens. To protect her identity so let's call urging. So Jay writes in all ranging up call a quota TJ. Love the show all the not a dirty woman called pitcher. I need to get inside the head of a fifty year old boy and I figured Tommy knew they was the perfect guy attitude. But there are two sets are 1512 young nephews came to spend weakened with over Thanksgiving. They changed their sheets Arlen their parents went on vacation man GT. Set I did get to take the family general that stuff she's at a little now I'm divorced late thirties I take care of myself as she meets works out I saw a picture FaceBook she took a very important finance so she said Friday. I visited the boys out to dinner so light knocked onto my fifteen year old nephew's room tour. Us that he is ready to go. He told me to comment. When I opened the door he was standing there facing me completely make. He told me to comment that made no attempt to cover himself up standing looking in the face to go out our. I led Audi to yell and I shut the door he got dressed we all went to dinner and we didn't speak of it for the rest of the week she said schools. I get the feeling that he did this on purpose course again he sic comedy and that he might have a crush on me or something and this was his way of trying to he's he's got a rail offers it to a sexual situation it's the only way I can explain what happened in my head now let's face it the following questions. Is this something fifteen year old boy is due to their aunts. Fifteen year old boys just walk around naked and it never do it in my over. Exaggerate the situation like tell his parents what happened. If this was it to his attempt to try some big it's not good for a few reasons she says I'm sad it's disgusting. Two he picks this is something appropriate to do to limit and that could give him a lot of trouble with he tried this with a girl he is H. She goes on the end of the tank it's basically his word against mine. And I'm going to guess that my sister would be upset with me if I told her I think her son is trying to sleep with it ain't. Any advice you guys ornament listening would be life savers she was set up an app. Since what date it was getting dressed know should he watch what you're standing naked. I can't believe it may be getting dressed sun dress whatever is changing clothes. OK but nothing happened. He still tickled doing something happened I Wednesday. This day going in she thinks he's gonna be some like little sexual predator on girls I doubt that's a. Bulls move like. ET if he sets up what he standing and make him so his. Milwaukee hadn't seen him naked in his head that will initiate a big sexual Casilla fifty year old boy thinking but that's she's right it's dangerous to try that with a girl your age and. You set yourself a little flower and maybe if you're this and maybe. Is that it didn't sound like she'd gotten any other vibes before this rate are pushing me dad thought anything was which we you're bald now I get to you notice something else that maybe you have searching something like if you realized while okay this could be a real. Feeling that he's having but to that flight I mean as a grown woman. With Jordan nephew who you up when we probably diaper at some point her even if he was sending out signals you would see them because there's no way that you would pick this is pop. Read brighten the ACC half off siege eyes they don't do any thing is it may go away. Okay and yeah it's hard for me. And I know it's hard for you. Few different perspective there's who would bank. But I don't think like if I had like at the gonna trump solely rate but those your hands. Yeah she shows of the house would delight that I jesus' smoke showing your fifteen. I could see myself went out to my room. And rub one out about it it's different Lebanon but but then maybe take it at a step further. Raid OK you she's in the house I'm in her house. I don't know how does a fifty year old boy having to deal boards are just little SCSI herbs they don't know any better I mean I don't know the boundaries get. Completely team now I. Navy Q is younger vets think fifteen you kind of Knoll. You can read a Boehner. So boaters do things he brings like I told you right deterred you would to something else at fifty you know you're not just be attracted to your aunt great. David does it matter like did take right now that decade can go on you porn and Google. And okay. Nephews. Oh without their yes you can sit. So like he can really can work on these that is he's out the next thing you know like hey she's down the hall thing. Maybe Zinn do it she. She dresses pretty sexy she doesn't look like everybody else is that you looks pretty smoking maybe she wants to do to 6000 does this woman tell her sister that her fifty old nephew. Why had walking him naked and she stood and said something to him directly. AK this is in cool. You know I I'm flattered. By this is is something that's normal you shouldn't do but I don't know what did it right there OK there's the assumption part yeah and to also put yourself that it dangerous situation. Beat Escude is his word against your word but does that mean hundred to seven this conversation again I don't if you if you embarrass him. Who's to say it. He does something happen. Right. Out accusations people throw away locked up all these the last how to she in trouble for what he says that week. Mean I mean. It's just takes 150 kids get back embarrassed to say it's a question of if he has a decent relationship with this kid. Maybe she guitar tone goes you know working out but keep in mind everything you saw pat with his kid is now blown out Tuesday to make adult. Well as in every about compromise. What you suggested compromise. With a compromised her kid Dakota prairie paintball. Call any purchase an injury his britches assume you have fun with them but after that that's that worried knuckle what terrible point you watch. What is so wrong with AP uses here his hands panties as a catch for a and it satisfies our Imus say that back tee which just took Reagan and recently regret the phone interest group what is wrong and wish your cat. Giving you her panties as a catcher nothing of it and that's what you. Say you're still audio violate the through Hulu look let's it's easy six so it sets of this and easy to be sexually attracted to a lot of pretty badly about Adelaide that pay any stay here it is I tired. You can have a pairings Danny's grand. And user it's like it ever worry your take curious your uncle's house and there are certain toys that reader towards Europe to fight with Italy and as you know we have a too little basket my panties over here by the that we come already comply with those okay no. No this soil into his panties I get the basis solely of Zurich fiasco that has the ball and these are the standings. They get different flavors. That you're encouraging its encourages that. We get back to stop the mannequins guys that got the Kansas fantasizing about you. That Tennessee's darker turn off any time so to speak to your sister mace stockman and attacked you that mom and dad have to see that kid down. They go what are you don't look at enduring it. Again and it does that mean you're just gonna go away anyway. But at least you'll be put a situation we are standing with your fifty year old nephew just tell us it's just that his house man. Such. Cuts and the ticket to do morning and that's a bad kid if they can't as the balls literally and figuratively to stand there and make it different it is at what does the balls to Turkish. We can't. Eric right to did you six. Well I think it might be special in the I don't know she doesn't say that read she doesn't know maybe maybe a kid's got a screw loose to do to 6000 outlook and work at the end memo will work colleague Jay she writes that face the west is long story short she's watching 1512 your nephew when things are getting sick that bad it's just her those two machines divorce she looks great would not at all she said that she got benefit to your nephew story go to dinner he told to come and he was standing their looking at all painted. She believes she immediately she believes that he sexually attracted to where she now wants an 02 crises whose parents she'd ever said anything to kids you know you got to see the middle Ritz is the breaker let's see about eight Ritchie a rather. Good are you guys. I I didn't get there are. Hundreds if not thousands of those similar videos in or in the mean you do if you do in Spain and there are. You know and in Q walks in or. Or east or she's sleeping anymore. And I how this could happen it would com sale watchers how I'm just sooner I would cute but yeah I do you know you know by OK Tom. Debt does it fix anything. So I don't know the complexity of Saddam Hussein and fifteen he was fantasy and children born and it if he's in his profanity NN. May be fantasy a reality can confuse it blurred for the kid as a camera all of us. There and take a maybe there's a spot that literate this. She shouldn't say anything I don't. Thanks to call but I appreciate like IE he might have to say something what do you say hey this was the situation I don't know what it means but I want to make you aware not accused of anything it's Kandahar because he was naked. Bring it gets his action that's action. I know would still meant that the kids get out there have a conversation. And it's regular all right keeps the break at CNET has gone by hole. Okay pat. Get I think in straight because she had a golden opportunity right there to make sure little Tommy stand there and upper pulled this again if you keep open the doors lead and then there are Google aren't we she should just. I'd left and that looks a little maybe when your man get dressed and gone to dinner. Also say do what you're older I you can bet your ads keep. Do do most of my points he would have been so humiliating he would never takes that we eat out Hamburg and listen we would eliminate one Tommy out of besides I did I just went on. Porn OK and I'm looking and in videos made it to skid when to get into right. Up to what about. On a hot hand banging husband's nephew and and Mallory. Secret visit. Discuss its key technical whenever it's sexy and apps nephew I mean it's like oh this is the best one yet and nephew bangs hot Spanish and leverage of a Spanish in tissue as your uncle went overseas I am married. How. On tuck Latino Spanish title explains excuse but it is in Ottawa cougar ramp. Paying virgin stepped. Step nephew that's because it's not like I gotta put this tepid to make it okay got. You the worst idea ever. Have you bank's commitment to replace it does is to say there's a lot of regular DOC is like equipment mr. Could quit before his pitches. I don't I don't. The worst idea I've ever heard from this program ahead Zurich's 98 and retreat is at the BC and a great group however trying to prove some holly document what he's doing almighty god sort them. I did her photos she can't. Who noted that it is more I. Never ever ever ever I ever got ahold sit tight because we got the most important part of this is this a common fantasy for med. We don't like man what a bang their mom yes we talked yesterday. And if this is your mom sisters is another version of your mom gab maybe hotter version grade rule hot. And it sucks disclose our. Answer incidents due to dinner 6000 is the AF fantasy a common digging for men and did you ever think we can't we are not and would you even consider that gross because it seemed like he joked. We're right back and it is in the breaker he left.