Football Friday with Buffalo Bills WR Jordan Matthews

Friday, November 10th

Joining the Break Room for the first time this morning, Bills WR Jordan Matthews


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Drew Brees to say that they don't team Drew Brees threw touchdown pass it off who spoke on Tuesday night and he does not local iTunes at its factory say it's not thanks time. The break. A man who broke his am supposed to be out six weeks came back to business bulletin. Secret you two example offer at age but it. Offers congratulations on her debut peers in the recruitment was pretty sight trio. Are here. I'd Jarden. My out my post on the and I have been arguing the last three days about how tough it is for teams that play in domes and warmth to clean coal you're from Alabama you played the SEC at Vanderbilt pleased to Michael how's how hard it is to go for warmth and comfort to all those toll at 3540. Are yet but I am buying an early speculated that a lot you can do in practice like you know background noise. And they. On account out he might be more athletic director Lloyd Wright quarterback where you can't lose that they elements like so. It is that department we've got me have you know if you have its day. I always thought you weren't you know is it they have their opening game so I knew we were current talent pool pretty much it. You know spread out across across we always look they look for one event. I think it's always a deadly one apartment. Are you think thank you wanna take a guy from New Orleans off his game. In your state had the girls to the tops well not but they're used to that and so that's Soria. The yeah I think being down there robotic. Suggest that. What's really using those stories like cities like New Orleans beat party cities you did you probably like that where you know players who can actually called Orleans flew Jordan we're out party don't might enjoy the lifestyle could help the city got to go play on Sunday but you seem like indicted doesn't get too wrapped up and that kind of thing. Yet not really they got our our regardless of you know it was lot elect the way the game you mean net net. We believe was an app or not it was more debate about ball and they look at the market Hispanic. I think he our social media. What are two of the oddest thing not being got to not yet that would legalize. Two Tibetans say that feels like receivers with he went to Vanderbilt Tommy the Harvard of the south temperament. So much Jordan Hamachi will give that speech at the highest SAT score of anyone else in the locker room. Okay I'm not when I'm not really wanna bet yeah out in Gregg got sick of football. I look back in the US credit I'll make the big thing about our real loud got by got martyr when I got Vanderbilt but really what you. Class where you're more just but I don't people understand the world better on your view there was. No I part of the top 1% you know that small cubicle and good yet CNN embark. Note that economic well there really to help meet I learned in the world how to be more picnic. About how do you see it is an eighteen year old kid common for Alabama no sense that he got all these Smart kids surrounded you can't relate to anybody that's got to drive you nuts man. Yeah yeah yeah. Yes you are bound by like a lot more so I didn't say. Marty integrated. So Kelvin Benjamin make Israel's debut on Sunday Charles clay looks like he's gonna play how much of a difference honestly does that make to this offense against saint. In our opinion I used different not think the biggest thing that everybody mentioning the other. In India on bank page you know op Desmond got. Lights are a joke in the lead duke that would not being able to go to. All on so did the and we you know opposites do those situations where they have that opportunity you know that's the big thing by our office in the habit loan losses smaller. Or worse in the arts stop I think last week. You know to bet that we weren't it would into a rhythm related medical you have out there. You know what immortal words. I think that I just gave prospect practice and he knows it should be noted so the nature of it. It would need to do off I think it was a bit on the rest up keep that rhythm don't want to be accountable and it got their place for. I Bjorn I know your beat T guy you're excited is he was getting healthy at the right time you know to display offering here but. Is there any disappointment honestly knowing that these guys coming back Charles likely back potentially Kelvin Benjamin showing up could take away from some your targets. I mean I would say they are always going to be syndicate don't always want what all you know it may sound let. You know that are off brands like this right. It and note the open man when we get the ball though it would take when you never know who's one of edict there's political make plays and how Olivia in a week of practice. Where Andrei are out on all but one ball right. We rated it worked at the yard says now we're really going after they buy it at all. I don't know how many of them they did because it's seen game in and we really do play it. The court like so under accounts argue out there we work our when he Bob ball right. And we really got its target but we feel. Stop and what do you tell us. I think that I think I don't know it's sort of practice against rubles. A well. Darman as you want god like pat Clark our ability McDermott went to Vanderbilt you go to bed. Well you know whatever America. That we Geithner greens. Yet but as a bit. And that you know is it it's potent Darryl want to have a lot of move. Who do understand like hey you know I'm a great my number's called. Is an insult dog in the wind who spoke on how. I was that it seemed to be out and is under almost you they got it. Get us to catch up because of the listeners really quick I totally wrote me to crack on the game the other day about yeah yeah we couldn't tackle. I'm really offended that started ticket shots Tony Romo admits right. Yeah a lot and it is not much about and it's nothing or even Aimee on the periodic. It was at its written by rob as we decorated career but he said that one reason why the outlook they would go. The link that he would put all of them. At the bit that only to have a championship now. So it is we have like we're really doing today was about win. About audience and just so no we depart about targets are out there applaud a rate goes well bulges sensors so. But I yoga block the vote on that about I think got there's Byron now so lightly count arsenic like that. Receiver Joseph Mathieu sit his debut appearance in the break room. So Jordan Jordan and we've not okay are. I directed us to Tommy's been call you air Jordan all week talking about the get the ball on the do you have a nickname because it can't be or George diseases is old guy that sits at just makes Easter everybody we would like stop being asked to stop what you're Jordan appreciate. About it's open. But it's Margaret years. I've been out of the right out right lie about it bought it always has also. One you are Goodyear stores don't Hamid stopper like shortstop but he didn't come up with a lot on it Barbara. Flash Gordon fleshed fish are because of the yeah. Outside aid Atlanta stop. All right let's move by Jordan and it's hopelessness that flash as a target this you had a crazy couple of days over this let's just recap this time to remind listeners so Jordan you're traded from the Eagles are blind sided by this trade over the summer. You come to a Jordan that your teammates were equitable he's played across new couple days later he tires out of nowhere. And keep these three shipped sternum injury that hurt. How does a guy like you deal with eight tree a surprise retirement to injury all a matter of five decades. A a great you know. Might not ever necklace a lot lately honestly you know without incident C they're by state you know I don't. I don't really sensitive to things that I go to like now you know suffering that you aren't a lot of got the erotic complain about it. Odds are have the perspective on life I'm certainly glad. All we're a great. We're around me that it plays and it felt so you know yes I'm happy and they like I'm at at first but not in Haiti have been asked if not the real stuff. I mean we're real people go real broke it means you're not being comfortable up load. You know I've actually seen old RB it is the united man like there's people going to have real bomb the world so little modest that Iraq plan or so are not so. Again I don't want it would not back post all want. 88% of people. Don't care about default it's 1% of people are glad to have so erratic old vehicles. It anywhere so I do not always a pop up that are a little update page views and keep going. I you don't have very selfless guy it's obvious talkie it's obvious what he plays Rosie Jones Eagles a topic is they have it's stop with the names for god sakes out. Jordan say at casement drops early on but he is coming out party was last Thursday against the jets that the game. Don't Turk comes back doesn't get how much tried does a god like view works with the ski every single day how much pride do you have watched him succeed in times like that. Now look you know all I was the despite what a similar situation I was with a with a guy who are you forgot the lead and now struggling to air about you. In this part on its biggest thing it always on a separate. You know it's dictate and from reality. I think you're always and I think it's so they don't. But the reality what were different art you know I like your work regain his aunt I don't think that there is one of these some sunlight. Failure ought because wannabe some mishap outburst org and you're not realistic just I think the biggest problem is now we have to force that. You know yes vote mean got bad football area I think that people and the parkway that. Similar to a lot of got. The class golfers here that the not a reality most people also seem to make some relief. If you do not believe in their third year. Don't know when that reality I'll feel like you would get more realistic expectation. In and they can be more excited when a guy that played like a good that war. They had a break like that. If you got what I thought about but you about on the job in better. I think of every damn right and it appeared at receiver in the league so I'm excited he's been broke. Like Jordan Matthews he only got to Vanderbilt because it was football according to him he's very excited it would dissolve its to do he's passionate defense of his teammates Tommy at flash it stopped. Yeah yeah write about a bad about a boy you've got to drop their belt what child comes just. Right now so I got a month out. Jordan you know. I bring that out we then I ask you one more question we ask everybody. Comes in during the season this question and thus far Jordan everybody has answered that question to you don't wanna beat that guy question tickets are you ready for. Art I Jordan. A sister. A you don't give it female cousin. What you think that girl 'cause you have Eric. RE EDT may these bills TE that you would least want to find out is depleting your 'cause at least. Or. Who grant. Osama court. He lies. Are we can't tell us why. On a if where we're. On buyout. It had a party I mean who doesn't parties don't yet at par I would habits they are these credits applied jointly present at that. Thank you glad you but it did lucky it's saints we did it takes habitat. I don't receive adjournment he's been agonizing to download the flash his Goldwyn scores troops won't. Bill. It's 8 o'clock lied on Sunday here at C about pregame starts at nine we will be talking to our bodies from our sister station 957 ESPN might be a jerk team tag lea from the sports bar orders rather hot. Double that of the 9 o'clock diving catch that every day three to six and any type seven ESPN.